Forever and a Night (2020)

Forever and a Night Lana Campbell Forever and a Night Nathan Davenport is being stalked by Isabella Ravini the feral vampire who stole his human life over a hundred and sixty years ago She made him her fledging a slave for her dark evil purposes hunti
  • Title: Forever and a Night
  • Author: Lana Campbell
  • ISBN: 9781682070536
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback
Forever and a Night Lana Campbell Nathan Davenport is being stalked by Isabella Ravini, the feral vampire who stole his human life over a hundred and sixty years ago She made him her fledging, a slave for her dark, evil purposes hunting humans After a few years she released him, and Nathan reluctantly learned to accept the cursed life she d foisted upon him Over time he amassed a great fortune, which toNathan Davenport is being stalked by Isabella Ravini, the feral vampire who stole his human life over a hundred and sixty years ago She made him her fledging, a slave for her dark, evil purposes hunting humans After a few years she released him, and Nathan reluctantly learned to accept the cursed life she d foisted upon him Over time he amassed a great fortune, which today has made him famous worldwide Isabella decides she wants to be a part of this world of fame and fortune Nathan created for himself She s determined to marry him, and love has nothing to do with it His money is her primary target, and the fame and prestige attached to being the wife of one of the richest men in the world wouldn t be so bad either In an effort to evade her until he can figure out how to stop her, he hides at a safe house he owns in New Orleans One Saturday evening in NOLA, he decides to have dinner in the city He chooses a quiet little Italian bistro, never imagining this night will change his life forever The human woman who delivers his order isn t a server, but the restaurant s sous chef, a beautiful ethnic woman possessing the most delicious blood scent he s ever encountered The moment Mia Peebles arrives at his table with his plate, tasting her becomes an obsession Mia wants nothing to do with him because of Nathan s reputation as a playboy So Nathan enchants her, feeds from her, but his lusts for her blood and body play havoc with his thinking Nathan finds a way to bring her into his life as his personal chef and quickly falls in love with her The trouble is Mia has no idea he s a vampire because during the enchanting episodes, Nathan blocked her memories of those sensual encounters How will Nathan tell her the truth without losing her and keep Isabella from finding him Or worst yet, will Isabella discover how much Mia has come to mean to him
Forever and a Night Lana Campbell

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    Lana Campbell

One thought on “Forever and a Night

  1. Jane West

    I love the story It s a story of the heart with twists The characters are engaging and I adored Mia I held my breath for her and Nathan Isabella, I wanted her to go away But then that wouldn t make a great story The story is rich with layers and layers of intrigue The plot is just as thick And even though this is a paranormal romance, the characters seem real as anyone The story is worth your time I enjoyed from the beginning The author Lana Campbell knew how to draw you in and not let go until [...]

  2. Heena Rathore P.

    Forever And A Night by Lana Campbell is a decent paranormal romance.I enjoyed reading it because of the writing Author s writing was really good it flowed smoothly and made this book a surprisingly quick read given the total number of pages.I did like the story too, but at than a dozen places I found a lot of resemblance to the plots of other Vampire novels I do enjoy good paranormal romance books, but while reading this book I couldn t stop myself from comparing to the other books in the genre [...]

  3. Sissy"s Romance Book Review

    Forever and a Night by Lana Campbell is the story of Nathan Davenport and Mia Peebles Mia is a divorced women with three grown girls who works at an Italian Restaurant as one of their Chiefs One day they have a few servers call in and left them short handed So Mia takes the initiative to serve also that night to help them get the orders out This leads her to meet Nathan who she knows that he is a player but later learns he too is one of the riches men around So Mia sets her mind to avoid any per [...]

  4. Laurie Beemer

    I love paranormal books but this was far above anything that I have read before This is a vampire paranormal that has a mixture of romance, mystery, and suspense and keeps you enthralled from the start This is an amazing start to a fantastic series Mia and Nathan come together unexpectedly and each tries to fight their feelings for the other because secrets that are kept can cause the end of what they have Mia cares for Nathan but sometimes things just might not be meant to be or do they There a [...]

  5. Francis Coco

    So, I have just finished Forever and a Night, and I am so glad to have discovered Lana Campbell I read her other book recently and thoroughly enjoyed it and I loved this one as well The author does a great job keeping the pace going I didn t want to put it down and when I did, I was thinking of the story and thinking of the characters, like they were real Which, I believe, is what a good book will make you do I loved that Mia was a devout Christian, I liked that the author brought religion into [...]

  6. Jasmine Warren

    The book was short enough to finish in about three days, maybe two if you re not super busy 21 chapters A creative explanation about what defines a vampire and the myths surrounding the species Instead of demons, in this book vampirism is merely an evolutionary disease of the blood So that explanation leaves room for a possible cure to be discovered Maybe Chelsie would find it in the future Lol Mixes modern vampirism and Christian Catholic faith This book would be a great discussion on a religio [...]

  7. Rumer Raines

    This was a wonderful book I am normally not into Vampire Romances, but this book has totally changed that for me I loved the characters and I loved how the romantic pair were able to reach each other s minds Isn t that the power we all wish we had I will def purchase another book by this author.

  8. Peggy Daniell

    Although I don t usually follow this genre, I decided to give this one a try, and I found that I liked it I m sure that has a lot to do with the author s skill The book was easy to sink into no pun intended and kept my attention from beginning to finish All of the characters were compelling, and I found myself caught up in their stories and lives The world of the vampire was made totally understandable and believable for me by the careful weaving of details throughout the storyline which was exa [...]

  9. Lana Campbell

    kathyduncan 1019This is a book I read in 3 days It rained alot so I took advantage of the time It is still with me I feel like I m a part of this circle I definitely want I was drawn in the first chapter and reread the first 2 to wrap my head around it Sensational writing, captivating, beautiful love story This book gets ten stars from me Can t wait for the next book to come out Highly recommend this read

  10. ★Bookish Girls★

    Nathan e un vampiro e Mia la sua anima gemella, quando un vampiro si innamorae per sempre.Nathan e un ricco uomo d affari ed anche se immortale il tempo passa anche per lui e se non trova la sua anima gemella quello che il futuro gli riserva non e cos piacevole.Mia e un sous chef, ama cucinare, ama alla follia le sue tre figlie ma il suo cuore ha delle cicatrici profonde lasciate dal suo ex.Dal primo incontro il lettore capisce subito che i due protagonisti saranno al centro di una turbolenta st [...]

  11. Romance Between The Sheets

    Forever and a Night has an interesting story line of faith and love It also has a mix of evil and obsession.Nathan is a vampire that wasn t sure if he would ever meet his lifemate He had given up on the fact that she might be out there Watching his best friends, Julia and Dimitri, enjoy a life together made him wonder if he would ever find that happiness Even after he meets his one, he is still not sure if he can convince her to spend a lifetime with him.Mia has deep roots in faith She is unawar [...]

  12. Michelle Hughes

    I was given the opportunity to review Firever and a Night I could say I was hooked and enthralled from the beginning Mia a single mother who moved to NOLA to start a new life was making it as a sound chefbin a small Italian bistro in the French Quarter She had a apt, great boss, and three daughters who were coming to visit That was until Nathan walked in and stol her heart from day one Nathan was a vampire that was turned by a evil feral female vampire name Isabella He was under her control unti [...]

  13. Catherine Imbeault || The Reading Cat ||

    I received an ebook of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you Lana Campbell I want to start off by saying that this book has good bones It has the outline of a great story The actions and events follow each other nicely, and coherently So, no issue there.Where it gets sticky with me is with the characters I didn t connect with them at all I just didn t care about what happened to them I found them a little superficial and two dimensional they lacked depth The main [...]

  14. Corrie

    This was an interesting read for me Very much a paranormal read romancebut here is where I think I stumble a little Vampiresrmally known as evil, soulessd Christianity.I still don t know how to deal with the dichotomy of the two concepts It was good The story line was greatfantasticfabulous But trying to wrap my head around the two meshing together in one story has me confused.All of that aside, Lana Campbell did a great job with this story I was pulled in from the very beginning There is nothin [...]

  15. Tina Creek

    Vampire RomanceForever and a Night introduced a new twist to traditional vampires While Lana Campbell s vampires contain most elements of the usual vampires, she has made hers human where being a vampire is equal to having an incurable disease, allowing them to eat normal food as well as blood, to age but at a reduced rate and have the ability to become pregnant I enjoyed reading the novel and getting to know the characters Mia was a bit back and forth for me, and felt a little too judgemental [...]

  16. Erin Daniels

    Forever and a Night is the vampire novel for people who don t think they like vampire novels Like everyone else I can t say enough about how amazing the writing and world building is I think for me the best part is the fact that Campbell took the time to carefully craft and immerse us in the vampire culture to the point that it felt authentic This is the only way to truly get into the story and this accounts for the fact that there were no jarring plot weak spots or gaping holes in the narrative [...]

  17. Jennifer Zamora

    I really enjoyed this book and am jumping right into the next book in the series I really like this authors style and the flow of the story is wonderful This is the story of Mia and Nathan Mia is your typical middle age good hearted Christian woman Shes been through hell and back with an ex that is a real bucket of worms all in his own Then she gets caught in the cross hairs of a feral vampire who has decided Mia is a means to an end.Nathan has lived a long life and it was made even longer by be [...]

  18. Billie Kowalewski

    When I sat down to read Forever and a Night by Lana Campbell I wasn t sure what to expect I will admit right here I am a huge Twilight fan and am often quite partial when it comes to other vampire stories Be that as it may, I gave this a shot and I m happy I did I enjoyed the different take on the vampires and their rules I found this story very entertaining and refreshingly well written Lana s characters are well developed and relatable As I continued through the story my attention never swayed [...]

  19. Erin McDermott

    I don t often read vampire romances but I loved this one Mia is such a strong minded character The hero grows throughout the story He often hypnotized Mia in the beginning, making her forget about their sexual encounters However, he grows as a character throughout the story and I fell in love with him Also, Isabella, the antagonist, had a developed character I love when stories give a decent amount of background to the villain, and this story does the feral vampire justice I would definitely rec [...]

  20. Theresa Wade

    This is the first book I have read by Lana Campbell I found the author s writing to be very good, easy, and smooth flow I found the story to be okay I was surprise to find the vampire s eat normal human foods This was different from most vampire stories This isn t the reason on why I didn t care for the story but just found it odd The author has talent and I plan to check out other books by this author to find another type of story.

  21. Sandra Loves Reading

    If you re into vampire stories then you ll LOVE this Nathan and Mia were fabulous characters He was great with the deception and she was a mother and a half When Nathan realises Mia is his lifemate he goes all out to protect her from the madly evil Isabelle, the vampire who wants to marry him Isabelle will stop at nothing to get what she wants.Fabulous characters with a great plot Lots of action and drama Great read.

  22. Debbie victorino

    AwesomeThis was a great book It had everything you could want in a pnr book This author had a fresh look at vampires Yes they were still hot, amazing, sexy, rich and very romantic But this book wasn t like other books where they killed and murdered and only came out after It was such a great read and yes they do love and want happiness like everyone The love story in this book was great Just an awesome book by a great author A must read in my opinion.

  23. L.C. Taylor

    Another Fantastic Read This is the second book I ve read by this authord it didn t disappoint I couldn t put it down There are a few formatting issues, but they do not distract from the story The emotional heat between the main charaters keeps you enthralled in the story This is a must read for paranormal fans

  24. Nidhi Arora

    A must read for anyone who likes this genre Get ready for a bag of turns and twists Lana has done a fantastic job in captivating her audience and taking the readers steadily through her story Her characters are interesting, to say the least and makes you wanting This was my first read of Lana s creativity and I look forward to reading .

  25. Pam

    I really enjoyed this book I love the twist that Vampires still eat, have heartbeats, and still have babies Can t wait to continue this story It s well written and the characters are lovable.

  26. Connie Shipley

    I normally never read paranormal but this book was really interesting I liked how she intertwined faith and love Good, easy read and a nice change.

  27. Lenzi Wilkins

    This is a great book for anyone that enjoys vampire romance and might be looking for a unique story that ties religion into its characters Twist and turns with great characters and a great villain with the horrible Isabella You will end up rooting for Nathan and Mia to find the love they desperately need Can t wait to see what s next

  28. Kenneth Preston

    Forever and a Night was a pleasure to read Lana Campbell has done a remarkable job of developing a set of characters that jump off the page The primary and secondary characters are well developed and vibrant.This is the story of Mia and Nathan, two characters who appear to be destined to come together but are prevented from doing so by Nathan s secret, one far too shocking for Mia to understand or cope with.Campbell does a remarkable job of giving her readers a thorough understanding of what it [...]

  29. Jessie David

    The book Forever and a Night by Lana Campbell is an interesting vampire story Bit lengthy book, so it takes sometime to read through the book, but the author has managed very well to keep the flow going smoothly with interesting twists Characters are built very nicely in the story with interesting twists, so kudos to the author Story setting is good If you like vampire stories, give this book a read I am glad I purchased this novel Overall a good read Nice work.

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