When Angels Fail (2020)

When Angels Fail Michael Benavidez When Angels Fail A collection of horror where disaster is painted in reds and blacks throughout the stories Blood and sex blur the lines between victim and violator In each Hell takes its shapes in many different for
  • Title: When Angels Fail
  • Author: Michael Benavidez
  • ISBN: 9781532301834
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Kindle Edition
When Angels Fail Michael Benavidez A collection of horror where disaster is painted in reds and blacks throughout the stories Blood and sex blur the lines between victim and violator In each, Hell takes its shapes in many different forms These men shall witness the failing of angels.Follow a priest as he lays into the bosom of temptation, a husband on the road to a breakdown, an artist cutting the canvasA collection of horror where disaster is painted in reds and blacks throughout the stories Blood and sex blur the lines between victim and violator In each, Hell takes its shapes in many different forms These men shall witness the failing of angels.Follow a priest as he lays into the bosom of temptation, a husband on the road to a breakdown, an artist cutting the canvas open, and a captain gripping the barrel of hope Fourteen tales where hope is lost among the depths of horror.
When Angels Fail Michael Benavidez

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One thought on “When Angels Fail

  1. Lily .

    How much longer can he hold onto the brush when it should be a blade in its place A collection of short stories, all tackling various aspects of sin and horror, with a consistent theme of angels in various incarnations and often in the most brutal way That s the deeeper meaning in When Angels Fail by Michael Benavidez On the surface, the characters are ordinary people who present everything that allows for sympathy Michael writes in a way that allows the reader to feel the priest s pain, cheer f [...]

  2. Jason Parent

    3.5 starsWhen Angels Fail has moments of absolute brilliance Benavidez can conjure up imagery that invokes the spirit of Poe and authors like Laird Barron not dead The pages of his series of short stories are filled with surreal, Dali like artistry and often poetic verse This guy has talent, but and here s the but his work could benefit from another edit 5 star work is sometimes paired with stuff not up to snuff.The theme of the short story collection is not masked by its title, with the last st [...]

  3. Sarah Brocious

    This book most definitely kept my attention It gave me the same kind of chills and whoa moments I got when first reading anything by Edgar Allen Poe in a modern and twisted way Amazing job Mr Benavidez

  4. Quentin Wallace

    Okay, so Mr Benavidez revised and reworked this one until it s basically an entirely different book I will say it s still a solid four stars Benavdiez has one of the most original writing styles of any indy author I ve read It s of a literary style than most.The stories are lyrical, filled with dark imagery and haunting visions I see a recurring theme in the stories as it relates to religion, but I assume that s where the Angels come in I m not sure of Benavidez s religious background, but the [...]

  5. Michael Benavidez

    NOTICE Last and final Update WHEN ANGELS FAIL IS NOW LIVE ON However for those that reviewed the original 4 story release, the below still remains true I feel like I owe you the real book after wading through something that I went in knowing nothing So I shall be republishing this after all I ll make a blog update in a bit, however just wanted to let this be said Those who have read and reviewed the original book, if you re interested in reading the updated version before release from 4 stories [...]

  6. ★Moonrise Books

    The characters in this book of short stories are impacted in various ways by a supernatural undercurrent weaving its way through each macabre tale The author s use of imagery adds depth and a striking intensity to each story, drawing the reader in, and taking them on a journey that is both chilling and profound.The stories felt a bit disjointed, but they weren t without merit Out of the four stories, I particularly enjoyed Andromeda, where a ship s captain, lost at sea, begins to unravel as he w [...]

  7. Dan

    This was one of the sickest books I have ever read If you love gore, you will devour this Its not my cup of blood, but those who delight in the Macabre will dance on their graves in glee over this.

  8. Alissa

    When Angels Fail is a collection of short stories that lives up to its title Each story is gruesome, marked with death and horror in one form or another These stories aren t simply gore and shallow scares even with their emphasis on horror Benavidez provides certain insights into human nature which dwells on the dark side of the mind Those insights make you pause, consider the meaning and serves to pull you farther into the story You become invested in the characters laid out even for the short [...]

  9. Stuart Keane

    Horror short stories can either be badly done or excellent crafted Sometimes, in a collection, you find a bit of both In When Angels Fail Tales of the Macabrel of the stories are perfectly crafted.From the outset, the author is clearly inspired by Clive Barker and Stephen King and it shows in a good way By proxy there is an element of HP Lovecraft in these disturbing, horrifying words which makes for some tense, graphic horror Michael Benavidez knows how to create a disturbing, tension filled sh [...]

  10. Heather Blair

    Very dark and dense There are vivid strokes of potential in here, particularly with language I loved the writer s use of imagery, especially in parts of the surrealistic bloodbath of a short, Hellbound my fave.However, there are a few technical things e.g short story collections need a Table of Contents Preferably one that links to each story There are also far too many fragmented sentences, and the sheer density of paragraph structure can make this tiring to read, which is a shame because the s [...]

  11. RachelvlehcaR

    Four short stories I found each one very different from the other and a great read My favorite is HellBound followed by The Father and the Harlot The Father and the Harlot It always starts with a priest and a prostitute, doesn t it Gory but much needed The Chase What a chase indeed I wouldn t want to meet Sammael HellBound Females have a very strong power over men Our bodies are our best tools and weapons to use when we want something It is sure powerful to be a females How very dominatrix of me [...]

  12. Justin

    I heard and read a lot of great things about this book so I thought I d check it out Turn s out the author has quite the sick imagination and I went for the gruesome ride and it was well worth it All the stories had a sinister feel to them with really no character to be a fan of and I don t mean that as a bad thing I mean each story had a creepy character that left you thinking, wow this guy is something else The author s upside was also is downside at times, description He was quite vivid in hi [...]

  13. Rachael

    I received a copy of this from the author in exchange for an honest review Thanks so much Michael This collection of short stories is both creepy and tense in equal measure I enjoyed each of the stories though each one is very different from the others.There are four stories in all, the second of which is Fantasy based and reads like a snippet from an epic tale hiding amongst the truly shiver worthy Horror based tones of the other three.The characters are skilfully brought to life throughout an [...]

  14. Laura W

    Thank you to the author Michael Benazvidez for providing me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review To say the least, this book was very dark and almost slightly depressing However, it was very descriptive and left no stone unturned This book is a collection of mini stories basically about the dark side of human nature.I absolutely loved the last mini story It definitely has potential to become a full size book I loved the first two stories as well but I was a bit confused while readin [...]

  15. Ember Shane

    When Angels Fail is a collection of 4 short horror stories, all written with varying amounts of gore brutality to each Andromeda, the last story of the collection, is my favorite I thought Benavidez did a great job with delivering an almost poetic type of prose dipped in creepiness Written from the POV as the captain and a crewmate of a ship lost at sea via journal entries, this story stood out to me as a job well done in the author s ability to write horror on both ends of the spectrum The horr [...]

  16. Jason Crawford

    This collection of short stories shows a lot of promise What I liked the subject matter was interesting and the general mood generally very creepy The stories are varied and don t pull punches, which I appreciate.What I didn t like the first story has a LOT of sentence fragments I almost put the book down at that point but I m glad I roughed it out There are grammatical errors and spell check mistakes scattered throughout the whole thing another round of editing is needed.Overall 3.0 5 I don t t [...]

  17. Anna M. Watson

    About my review When I say scene , I mean each section where there was a break A bit of general stuff I don t normally ever read this genre, so keep this in mind I m very pro dialogue and action rather than internal thought, so take what I say with a grain of salt as an author should always do anyway because this is very description and internal thought heavy This is fine It s just not what I m used to Below begins the reviews of specific scenes.The Father and the HarlotScene 1The first paragrap [...]

  18. meghann

    This collection of short stories was full of the stuff of nightmares I found myself repeatedly grossed out, but in a good way I do wish a couple of the stories were longer Hellbound was the longest and also my favorite of the four That one would make a hell of a movie I would recommend this for any fan of horror I was given this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  19. JasonMorton

    Very well written I ve enjoyed this book, had fun it was written so beautifully that I had to highlight passages of highly recommend for all fans modern horror

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