A Death at Fountains Abbey (2020)

A Death at Fountains Abbey Antonia Hodgson A Death at Fountains Abbey Late spring and Thomas Hawkins has left London for the wild beauty of Yorkshire forced on a mission he can t refuse John Aislabie one of the wealthiest men in England has been threatened with
  • Title: A Death at Fountains Abbey
  • Author: Antonia Hodgson
  • ISBN: 9781473615090
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Hardcover
A Death at Fountains Abbey Antonia Hodgson Late spring, 1728 and Thomas Hawkins has left London for the wild beauty of Yorkshire forced on a mission he can t refuse John Aislabie, one of the wealthiest men in England, has been threatened with murder Blackmailed into investigating, Tom must hunt down those responsible, or lose the woman he loves forever.Since Aislabie is widely regarded as the architect of the gLate spring, 1728 and Thomas Hawkins has left London for the wild beauty of Yorkshire forced on a mission he can t refuse John Aislabie, one of the wealthiest men in England, has been threatened with murder Blackmailed into investigating, Tom must hunt down those responsible, or lose the woman he loves forever.Since Aislabie is widely regarded as the architect of the greatest financial swindle ever seen, there is no shortage of suspects.Far from the ragged comforts of home, Tom and his ward Sam Fleet enter a world of elegant surfaces and hidden danger The great estate is haunted by family secrets and simmering unease Someone is determined to punish John Aislabie and anyone who stands in the way As the violence escalates and shocking truths are revealed, Tom is dragged, inexorably, towards the darkest night of his life.Inspired by real characters, events and settings, A Death at Fountains Abbey is a gripping standalone historical thriller It also continues the story that began with the award winning The Devil in the Marshalsea and The Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins.
A Death at Fountains Abbey Antonia Hodgson

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    363 Antonia Hodgson
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One thought on “A Death at Fountains Abbey

  1. Paromjit

    This is the third in the Thomas Hawkins series but the first that I have read It works well as a standalone This is a historical thriller based on real events set in 1728 Tom is a man who likes drink, women, gambling and who recently escaped the gallows, but remains haunted by the experience He is involved with Kitty, who will not marry him lest he gambles away her money The story begins with a fire set by Molly, a servant, at the London home of John Aislabie which has unforseen and devastating [...]

  2. Susan

    Having enjoyed the two previous novels in the Thomas Hawkins series, The Devil in the Marshalsea, and The Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins, I was delighted to have the opportunity to read this It begins in 1701 with a fire in Red Lion Square, London house of John Aislabie The first is started by a young maid, and the repercussions of that event come back to haunt Aislabie in 1728.John Aislabie had been Chancellor of the Exchequer during the South Sea Scheme when the bubble burst leaving many ba [...]

  3. Keith Currie

    In the 1720s Tom Hawkins, rake and hapless bon viveur, has been sent by the queen on a mission to Yorkshire to recover an account book relating to the South Sea Share scandal which might reflect very badly on the royal family While resident at the house of John Aislabie, the man who had been Chancellor during the financial crash, a series of violent threats culminate in murder Hawkins finds himself investigating the threats, the murders and uncovers scandals which are familial and personal as mu [...]

  4. Essie Fox

    I ve enjoyed every one of the novels in this series Tom Hawkins is definitely one of my favourite fictional characters Great charm and a rollicking story in this fabulous Georgian mystery.

  5. OLT

    More welcome adventures with Thomas Hawkins Tom continues to get out of the scrapes his way of life land him in This is Antonia Hodgson s third in her Georgian historical mystery series featuring young Tom mid 20s , rebellious son of a parson, who lives life fully and recklessly, with gambling, drinking and womanizing not so much of the latter since he is with his Kitty , all the while getting mixed up in trouble along the way Book One THE DEVIL IN THE MARSHALSEA finds him in debtors prison wher [...]

  6. Lauren J

    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant I loved this every bit as much as her first two novels This novel has a fantastic historical atmosphere, a cracking pace, a good mystery and it is witty in all the right places I just love the characters of Tom and Kitty I really hope there will be many novels to come in this series Although they are somewhat different, these novels by Antonia Hodgson are filling the gap in my reading list that has been left by the absence over the past couple of years of CJ Sans [...]

  7. P.D.R. Lindsay

    Antonia Hodgson s first novel The Devil in the Marshalsea won prizes, awards and popular acclaim It was also the novel in which Tom Hawkins first appears As that era 17thC is usually depicted as all bums, tits, fuck and curse by most writers I find them irritating to read There was a lot to the 17thC than the jolly squire, outspoken spinster, mealy mouthed parson, goodhearted prostitute, and lovable rogue gentleman I read A Death at Fountains Abbey though because it did actually look at the Sou [...]

  8. Kate Forsyth

    This novel is the third in a series of witty, fast paced historical murder mysteries set in Georgian times in England The hero, Thomas Hawkins, is a rake and a gambler who has spent time in prison for debt and was almost hanged in Book 2 The Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins And when I say almost hanged , I mean it He still carries the scar of the hangman s noose in this, his third adventure Sent by the queen to investigate threats of murder against one of England s richest men, Thomas finds him [...]

  9. Mystica

    Thomas Hawkins has been sent on an assignment, blackmailed into accepting an assignment or less John Aislabie one of the wealthiest men in England has been threatened with murder and the murder threats are foul and frightening Told ostentatiously to find from where the threat comes from, the actual reason for Thomas s visit is to find and return to the Queen a ledger which holds incriminating evidence that threatens the aristocracy, even going to the highest in the land the monarchy.Aislabie hi [...]

  10. Anmiryam

    Didn t love this as much as the first two in the series, but Thomas is still a wonderful, sometimes perceptive, sometimes obtuse rogue while Kitty and Sam still win my vote for best scene stealers in current detective fiction Too bad this series lost its US publisher Fingers crossed another house picks up this, and future, installments.

  11. Levi

    I had this for months before getting round to reading it I put it off not even realising it was the third Thomas Hawkins instalment Silly me I really enjoy the style of writing and I love Thomas as a character he s so relatable and such a loveable character.

  12. Bella (Bella's Wonderworld)

    Rezension Das S ndenhaus von Antonia Hodgson Beschreibung Tom Hawkins ist nur knapp dem Galgen entgangen und nun reist er auf Bitte von Queen Caroline, K nigin Englands, zum Herrenhaus des ehemaligen Schatzkanzlers John Aislabie in Yorkshire Denn dieser erpresst die K nigin mit einem Buch in dem die mitverantwortlichen des Finanzskandals um die S dseeblase auftauchen John Aislabie hat w hrendessen ganz andere Probleme, denn er erh lt blutige Botschaften in dem seiner Familie gedroht wird Tom Haw [...]

  13. Minnie

    Wieder ein richtig gutes Buch in der Tom Hawkins Reihe Ich kann mich nicht erinnern das letzte Mal eine gesamte Reihe hintereinander gelesen zu haben und ich bin froh und auch traurig , dass ich es gemacht habe Dieses Buch war nicht so stark wie die letzten zwei, aber ich denke kein weiteres noch hoffentlich folgendes Buch kann Das Teufelsloch schlagen Und wieder Tolle Recherche Ich habe viele Dinge und Umst nde ber das damalige England erfahren, wie z.B der Vorfall der S dseeblase, das ich nich [...]

  14. Simon

    I have fond memories of visiting Fountains Abbey and the water gardens at Studley Royal with my family when I was a boy and later when my neice was little Now a married woman she has given me this novel which is set at this very place Strictly speaking, despite the title, Fountains Abbey does not feature much in the novel, most of the action taking place at Studley Royal and its water gardens But I enjoyed revisiting these beautiful locations through historical fiction, even though I found the p [...]

  15. Vicky Tazzyman

    Absolutely loved this book I m a volunteer at Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal and know the area very well, and this brought it to life very vividly I want to read the others in the series now.

  16. Dawn

    I received a copy of this book for free through First Reads.The first thing I want to know is this Why haven t I heard of Antonia Hodgson before I must have been living under a rock for the last few years A Death at Fountains Abbey is Ms Hodgson s 3rd book, and also the 3rd to feature Thomas Hawkins which I wasn t aware of when I entered the giveaway.I was delighted with the fact that this book works beautifully as a stand alone novel.The writing is absolutely superb, with a thread of humour run [...]

  17. Karen Seligson

    Love, love, love these Thomas Hawkins adventures Hope there are many to come, please I actually hope that they would make a movie with these characters It has everything for a good movie adventure, mystery, a likeable rogue and his feisty love, sex, humor, drama, historical period piece,etc What do you think Who would you cast as Thomas and Kitty

  18. Helen White

    Thomas Hawkins finds himself blackmailed by the Queen into investigating a threat of murder Before you know it there s dead stags left on doorsteps, houses on fire and bodies in the garden Hawkins, Kitty and Sam make a good if somewhat strange team Fingers crossed for another book.

  19. Bookpassion

    Nachdem mich die ersten beiden Teile der Reihe um Tom Hawkins sehr begeistert haben, wurde ich hier bitter entt uscht London ist ein beraus niedertr chtiger Ort Und ich vermisse es ganz furchtbar Vielleicht war es auch das Vielleicht war es der Umstand, dass wir nicht in Londons Gassen und Gossen wanderten, der mich dieses Mal so unber hrt lie Wer wei Aber fangen wir von vorne an Die bersetzung war leider nicht gut gelungen, da versucht wurde, einen altert mlichen Touch reinzubringen, was jedoch [...]

  20. Sammi

    The third adventure of Hodgson s charismatic rake Thomas Hawkins moves the action from the treacherous streets of London to the wild Yorkshire moors John Aislabie, possibly the most hated man in England, is being threatened and begs well, blackmails the queen to send help The queen, rather unimpressed at being blackmailed, blackmails Hawkins to go to Aislabie s estate, not to help the man but to retrieve a green ledger implicating her and many other high officials in a scandal that could topple [...]

  21. Margaret

    I d describe this book as a romp Half hanged Thomas Hawkins read the book to find out what half hanged means is dispatched by the queen on a mission to Yorkshire, to the disgraced but wealthy John Aislabie of Fountains Abbey Aislabie is being threatened with murder, by persons unknown Blackmail is in the air There s a lot of death, brutishness, and dangers seen and unseen There s also a lot of humour, and the story of Tom, his lover Kitty and his ward Sam Fleet fairly races along Hodgson has don [...]

  22. Carla

    I didn t enjoy this one quite as much as the last one, but it wasn t bad What bothered me was mostly that the ending was quite obvious to me after a couple chapters, so I wasn t as surprised as with the last book I also felt like the characters weren t quite as gripping or interesting as before It also bothered me that Tom seemed to be reverting into old behaviours of being daft and trusting just because he was in the company of gentlemen If there is ever another book to this series which would [...]

  23. Torben

    Wieder als H rbuch Hat Spa gemacht, eine tolle Serie mit einem nicht gerade sympathischen Hauptdarsteller und Ich Erz hler Kunstvoll von Hodgson arrangiert und wenn auch nicht so wie in den Vorg ngern mit verschiedenen literarischen Stilmitteln gespickt Nicht ganz so atmosph risch f r mich trotz Spukhausanleihen Sch ne Kombination aus Historie und Fakten Hoffentlich folgen weitere B nde H rens und lesenswert, man sollte aber mit Teil 1 anfangen, auch wenn diese Geschichte auch ohne Vorkenntnisse [...]

  24. Kali Napier

    This is the third in the Thomas Hawkins historical crime thriller series, but I didn t enjoy it as much as the first two, which had a real sense of terror and a ticking clock This one meandered a bit and there were no real surprises as Thomas is sent by the Queen on an errand to find the green ledger containing the names of people who conspired in the South Sea Bubble But he arrives at Studley Royale, the pile belonging to the ex Exchequer Aisalbie, to discover someone is threatening him There a [...]

  25. Helen

    This happens to be the third in a series of novels regarding the main protagonist Thomas Hawkins, however this is the first of Hodgson s I have ever readd it was a hit Fountains Abbey is a much loved family favourite place to visit and relatively local so I know the ins and outs and little tidbits associated with it and it was this combined with my love of historical literature that made me stumble upon this book.This book is a great pairing of history and storytelling, with enough twists and tu [...]

  26. Paul

    Great fun and a cracking read but I missed the sights and smells of Georgian London Glad to see Book 4 is in the pipeline

  27. Jane

    I love the Thomas Hawkins books the Georgian setting, criminal underworld background and, in particular the character of Kitty makes for an enjoyable NY read.

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