Valentine (2020)

Valentine Kimberly Loth Valentine Three kings will arise One from the land One from the sea One from fire Hazel s entire world is turned upside down after her brother Rowan goes missing Everyone believes he was eaten by a dragon Every
  • Title: Valentine
  • Author: Kimberly Loth
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Valentine Kimberly Loth Three kings will arise One from the land One from the sea One from fire.Hazel s entire world is turned upside down after her brother Rowan goes missing Everyone believes he was eaten by a dragon Everyone but Hazel s sister, Aspen, that is.Hazel has never heard of the dragon prophecy before She knew about dragons, of course Her sister, Aspen, made sure of that even tThree kings will arise One from the land One from the sea One from fire.Hazel s entire world is turned upside down after her brother Rowan goes missing Everyone believes he was eaten by a dragon Everyone but Hazel s sister, Aspen, that is.Hazel has never heard of the dragon prophecy before She knew about dragons, of course Her sister, Aspen, made sure of that even though Hazel would have preferred to stay ignorant of the vicious creatures But the Hazel learns about Aspen and their family s connection to the dragons, the less she wishes she knew.Val never wanted to be king He never even considered it a possibility But now the prophecy s fulfillment has begun, and it starts with him His journey begins by training with Obsidian In the process, he learns secrets from his past that shatters everything he knowsOn the way to mainland from Hawaii, Hazel and Val s worlds collide and will soon have to rely on each other to find Rowan and prevent a human dragon war.
Valentine Kimberly Loth

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    318 Kimberly Loth
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One thought on “Valentine

  1. _Blues_

    While I still find this story to be interesting, the author is kinda losing me with the insta love and the unbelievable circumstances especially pertaining to matters of national security I liked this book the least of the series so far but there are 2 to go hopefully it gets better

  2. Da'ad

    Meh Not bad or anything but lame ish in comparison And that heroine is a cowardly slut Ugh Yucky character shudder

  3. Chrystal

    This book was just ok Meh To be honest, the only reason why I continued it was because it had Aspen and Sid in it otherwise I wouldn t have read it at all First, I thought it was about stinkin time that Theo got the gruesome ending he deserved, second, I adore Runa She is so funny and thirdly, I felt absolutely no connection between Val and Hazel Hazel was a little slut actually Just my opinion but that girl had sex with any guy she so chooses AND she had sex with her ex boyfriend after she got [...]

  4. Sandra

    2.5 stars I enjoyed the progression of the dragon storyline with the prophecy coming to life and I was glad that they FINALLY figured out who the stupid man eater was I also liked Valentine but I didn t really care for Hazel much at all She spent a couple of months hanging out with a guy when she was 16 He told her he loved her then disappeared so she decides to never have a serious relationship in her life again Ever Fastforward 3 years and she meets a sweet guy they talk for hours and share a [...]

  5. Stephen Dahlin

    Dragons Part 3Once again the author has produced a book that you cannot put down until your done It took me two days to read this however that is only because I feel asleep while reading the 1st night Just has you think you have this whole thing figured out, the author continues to keep you surprised in suspense The characters are so well developed the story is tremendous On to the next book Skye P.S Dragons are awesomely cool.

  6. Rachel

    Nothing spectacular and worthy yet I m still going to continue Not because of Val and Hazel, but because I m still curious about Rowen and Skye I m hoping for something then the temptation and resistance monologues that seemed to be on loop in Hazel s head Fingers crossed the next is better.

  7. Strawser-McNamee Family

    BamIn two weeks I have went through two at this authors series Amazing work Great writer Now I m gonna read the sons of sand series Love that these are clean reads so I can share them with my oldest daughter

  8. Mary

    Love ItThis is a continuous of the Dragon King Chronicles I feel they need to be read in order to make sense I really enjoyed Val s story but there should have been just a little of something I can hardly wait to read Skye.

  9. Liza

    Yeah, didn t like Hazel Val was a sweetheart, though Darn, the killing off the good dragons need to stop However, man eating dragon got what was coming to him Next

  10. Jeanne

    I gave it a 3 It was good but I honestly didn t like hazel I just wish the books were longer On to book 4 hopefully it s better

  11. Andrea Heltsley

    Five glittery stars Loved meeting Hazel and what happens in the end Looking forward to reading the next book.

  12. Michelle

    I didn t find these characters as compelling as Aspen and Obsidian I think the story suffered a little from new characters and covering a bigger expanded storyline Sometimes the pacing felt a little off However the cliffhanger is a zinger and will leave you anxious for the next installment.

  13. Lyn Mckenzie

    I cannot believe how frickin amazing this book is Kimberly Loth is such a talented amazing writer with the ability to really bring her books to life in your mind, it s like a film playing in your head I cannot rave enough about this book and the ending.wowde me smile a lot.If you have read my reviews on this series the you have probably gathered how much i love this series and when you think that the author s writing can t get any better, you reach for the next book and are completely blown away [...]

  14. Nancy Mc Donald

    Valentine was a fire dragon and was not supposed to be a dragon king When he had turned black he was totally surprised and had to learn how to walk and interact with humans He had been observing them his whole life while living in Hawaii he was now headed to Yellowstone to meet with Obsidian and his Queen Aspen He had to fly back in an airplane even though he would have preferred to fly there as a dragon instead Totally afraid of flying and getting on the plane to go to Yellowstone to help find [...]

  15. Lisa

    I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest review I am rather late in reading this book due to illness and upon finishing, at 2 00am, I am sorry that I was not able to get to it sooner It was that good Ms Loth has managed to create a very magically world in a compelling story The characters were fantastic and the story was exciting Once I started reading I found it hard to put down Valentine is the third book in the Dragon King series and I have not read the first two Therefor [...]

  16. Jennifer

    I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.In the third book in the series, Valentine or Val is the second dragon king to be discovered The plot twists in this book are hard hitters I couldn t put this book down I like that we finally get some closure on the human killer, although it is a little sad and I still wonder how it will play out in Book 4 since it was revealed in Book 2 that he was working with the witch I also can t wait to see how the third King will be rec [...]

  17. Marie

    Valentine Book 3I really, really should not have started this book immediately after the 2nd one of the series with the extra long and busy day I d already had, but the story line was so intense and engrossing that I couldn t stop myself So while it was already late when I began reading it, it was far later in the dark morning hours when I finally put down my Kindle Considering I had been nodding off from sheer exhaustion for the previous hour, I managed to read the same couple of paragraphs at [...]

  18. Donna

    I thoroughly enjoyed Valentine It isn t exactly what I expected It is better I haven t read the first 2 books in the series I didn t need to read them to understand Book 3, even though there is an overriding theme connecting all the books in the series I plan on reading the other books Valentine combines romance, intrigue, mystery, and humor into a compelling story It is the first book I ve read where everyone knows dragons exist For me, that was an interesting twist I also found the importance [...]

  19. Rabid Reader

    The third book in The Dragon King series is just as appealing and entertaining as the first two It can be read as a stand alone but you will get a better understanding and from it if you read the books in order This book has lots going on, the second Dragon King must find his queen, the hunt for the killer continues, war with humans is looming on the horizon, will the third King emerge and what of the prophesy The story is well written, has humour, action, intrigue, romance and enough twists to [...]

  20. Cassandra

    Oh My Valentine I loved Obsidian, then I loved Aspend Now here is Valentine Wow another absolutely amazing nail biter Val meets Hazel on their way and the two are hysterical and have an instant connection But time is running out for both of them, for different reasons The prophecy is coming true, but who is the third What prophecy Who will survive, you ask You have to read the first two books, then this one Love dragonsis is a book series with romance, humor, action, adventure, and much

  21. Beverly Laude

    I loved this book The series just keeps getting better Valentine has led a very sheltered life in Hawaii when he finds out that he is a dragon king His main goal is to find his Queen so he come into his full powers for the impending war.Hazel has vowed to never get involved in another committed relationship, but will that change when she meets Val I loved the character development, the world building, and writing style One of the best compliments I can give a book in a series is to say I can t w [...]

  22. Leona Bowman

    This the third story I have read of Kimberly Loth and I have enjoy every single one of them when I first start read the series I didn t know if I was going to like it but buy the end of the story I was hooked and still am this story was amazing Lots of little surprises and some twist but I think that what makes the story Kimberly keeps you on your toes I was given this story for a honest review.

  23. Desiree

    I received this book as a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.I just recently discovered Kimberly Loth as an author, and I absolutely love her creativity Valentine is the first book I ve read in this series and I really enjoyed it The storyline is interesting, and I found Val and Hazel to be extremely likeable characters I can t wait to go back and read the previous books in this series I will definitely be following this author

  24. Norma Reasor

    The second King is foundVal is the second black dragon to become king He finds the woman he wants to be queen but she hates dragons.Aspen s twin brother has gone missing, and their sister, Hazel, returns from Hawaii to help look for him, but he is nowhere to be found, and their parents give up all hope This is the third book in the series, and the next book will continue with the search for the third black dragon to complete the prophesy Looking forward to it.

  25. Laurie Murray

    Another great book by Kim She writes in a way that makes you not want to put the book down until the end, then you are sad once it ends because you want to know what happens next Valentine is a great book that continues the story of Sid, Aspen, and the rest of the gang but is written from another point of view In this case it is Aspen s sister who has come home to help the family in a time of need.

  26. Debbie Rodriguez

    Ok I love all the books in The Dragon King series Honestly these just keep getting better I was waiting impatiently with bated breath for this one I don t know how Kimberly Loth does it, but she has another excellent new release in Valentine Oh course this is the story of Valentine and Hazel I think I feel a little in love with Valentine myself Don t miss this one It s a definite on your TBR list A must read Waiting on the next

  27. Tanella

    Oh yes I ve been waiting for book three to see how things would go with a second king and see of Aspen and Sid Lo and behold the second Queen is none other than her sister hazel and from the ending, the third king queen is from the same family Officially committed to waiting for book four Hopefully with a bit romance Excellent book

  28. Laura Percy

    Holy crap this book was amazing It focused on the second dragon king Valentine and the search for his queen I can t say much because I ll spoil it but the ending will have you freaking out and desperate for the next book Kimberly loth has done an amazing job and I can t wait for the next one

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