Witchy Sour (2020)

Witchy Sour Gina LaManna Witchy Sour Book of the Magic Mixology Mystery Series by USA TODAY bestselling author Gina LaManna A dark stranger A deadly potion A school for scoundrels Lily Locke has barely had time to sink into her role as
  • Title: Witchy Sour
  • Author: Gina LaManna
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Witchy Sour Gina LaManna Book 2 of the Magic Mixology Mystery Series by USA TODAY bestselling author Gina LaManna A dark stranger A deadly potion A school for scoundrels Lily Locke has barely had time to sink into her role as The Isle s newest Mixologist, when a series of events sends her world spiraling out of control Her vampire cousin is overtaken by a serious bout of blood intoleBook 2 of the Magic Mixology Mystery Series by USA TODAY bestselling author Gina LaManna A dark stranger A deadly potion A school for scoundrelsLily Locke has barely had time to sink into her role as The Isle s newest Mixologist, when a series of events sends her world spiraling out of control Her vampire cousin is overtaken by a serious bout of blood intolerance issues, and the key ingredient for the antidote is missing.Meanwhile, Zin is training day and night under the watchful eye of Grandma Hettie to break into the elite, male dominated world of the Ranger security force, but it s a constant uphill battle Then, Ranger X turns Lily s world upside down when he breaks the longstanding rules of the island and throws both her heart and her head into a tailspin.Hooded strangers, dangerous potions, and a budding romance threaten to ruin all that Lily s worked to achieve Add in a stolen spellbook, and Lily s barely able to hold her head above water.When a body turns up on the beach, Lily must catch the murderer before a true battle beginsWelcome back, Islanders This novel is a full length, humorous cozy mystery featuring a splash of magic, a handful of witches, and a dash of romance It s rated PG 13 due to mild language and some romance.
Witchy Sour Gina LaManna

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One thought on “Witchy Sour

  1. Joy Novel Thoughts

    What a wonderful follow up to the first book in this series Lots of ups and downs twists and turns Heartbreak and swoony moments My heart literally leapt in my chest while reading this book I even cried some happy tears I will be anxiously waiting for the third book

  2. Ksandra

    This novel keeps pace with the first one Romance blossoms, secrets are revealed, and magic thrives Lily continues her training as the new Mixologist while still learning about her past and her place in the future of the Isle Just as fast paced as the first book, this one does not leave room for boredom Be prepared to squeal from cuteness, stare from shock, and numerous other actions.

  3. Jen is a book hoarder

    This series is greatI have really enjoyed these book They are funny, witty, sarcastic with a little bit of romance Perfect blend I can t wait for the next book

  4. Gaele

    AudioBook Review Stars Overall 4 Narration 5 Story 4 The second in The Magic Mixology Mystery series from Gina LaManna is the first I ve read in this series, and believe me, there was plenty to keep me guessing Already a fan of LaManna s snarky, sarcastic and cleverly plotted mysteries, this was a fun opportunity to get into a new book Lily is learning to mix potions, and her mentor is than a bit demanding But when her spellbook disappears and Gus goes looking, she s completely left to her own [...]

  5. Monique

    If you are a Gina LaManna fan, you will know that she is a very talented young author I am undoubtedly enjoying this series It has a perfect mix of mystery and magic put together, with a hint of romance.In this second book, Lily is still studying hard as the new Mixologist with Gus racking the whip everyday Her supernatural cousins are around, although poor Poppy has been feeling under the weather with her blood issues and Zin is determined to crack the Rangers test Things are a bit off altogeth [...]

  6. Tere Fredericks

    Book two of the series.Something is going on on the Isle Someone stole Lily s Mixology book Things went downhill from there.People are acting very strangely Not only has Lily s spellbook been stolen, but her mentor has disappeared while looking for it One cousin is acting strangely a potion she needs, the recipe for which is in the spellbook Lily can actually make it, if only she can find an elusive ingredient and only her missing mentor or book can explain Her other cousin is getting quieter an [...]

  7. Shannon

    Something wicked is going on on the Isle There is the presence of cloaked strangers, a deadly elixir, a handsome stranger, the missing spell book, and trouble afoot Can Lily get to the bottom of it all before it gets to her Things kick up a notch when a handsome stranger walks in, but when the cloaked figure shows up, Lily s life starts going downhill She is sent into tailspin while looking for her missing spell book and trying to figure out her love life.Gina LaManna has written another wonderf [...]

  8. Jeanie Jackson

    Witchy Sour is the delightful continuation of The Magic and Mixology Series Not surprisingly I loved this book even than Hex on the Beach The first novel had so much to introduce us to that, as good as it was, the story was broken up into two major parts WS flows beautifully and we already love the characters and have some background on each of them Most of the characters moved at least on step forward in their lives, some have whole new worlds opening up for them for good or bad only time will [...]

  9. Bea Brugge

    The journey continuesWhat can I say I m a fan of Gina LaManna I enjoyed Hex on the Beach and Witchy Sour I cannot wait to start the third book in the series I m so happy to see Lily and Ranger X moving in the right direction This is a must read, but read her first book first or you will be a bit lost.

  10. Deborah Turton

    Loved itCould not put it down Refreshing change.Great summer reading Can t wait to read the next book Fun colorful characters

  11. Cierra Mccauley

    Love this seriesSo much action love this author And the characters are so loveable and fun I can t wait to read the next installment

  12. Arlene

    Light reading Really enjoy this series Lilly is developing as the heroine, while building a firm base world and great characters Here s to the next book being as good

  13. Books Are Balloons

    This book is the second book in the Magic and Mixology book series and, as book 1 ends on a cliff hanger, I read it in direct succession of the first book We continue with following Lily as she learns the ropes of her new position as Mixologist for the Isle where the magical people live We continue from the cliffhanger of missing spell book and join Lily on her journey to find her book.This book delves deeper into Lily s world and we learn about the inhabitants of the island and the political w [...]

  14. Suzanne Galbraith

    Fun stuff but a confusing messCouldn t finish I powered through the first one hoping the second got better, but the characters are like cardboard cutouts And Ranger X Come on I felt like I was reading a first draft before the author decided what the name of the character is I want him to be like the Ranger character in the Stephanie Plum series I can t decide on a name For now I ll just call him Ranger X It doesn t help that he s so brooding and perfect in eeeeeeevrry way and of course everyone [...]

  15. Dee

    What fun And this once mainstream young woman turned resident of a secret island witch has learned a lot but there s far yet to discover Of course there is always chaos when others conspire to eliminate her from her inherited post as Mixologist For fans of fantasy characters witches, vampires who suffer from blood intolerance and a very sexy Ranger that keeps Lily s head spinning and her pulse racing, this is a vacation in book form I read at night and it s frequently a problem to keep quiet wh [...]

  16. Anameeka

    This was a light Fluffy read I didn t enjoy this as much as the first one in the series, but it was fun seeing Lily and her zany relatives again I think this author s strength is her world building This is a series and has a number of books so the character development and the romance are on a slow burn That s ok with me, especially as the events in each book take place in several days to a week.

  17. Jenica

    Witchy Sour was again amazing I inhaled it while on a beach vacation A lot happens in this book and I loved it We get of Ranger X yum and of Lily s crazy family We get to see Lily really embrace her new future Even though there is great joy in her new job there is also great sadness too But the author took that and made it work in the end which I loved Another solid read and I m on to the 3rd book

  18. Vivian

    As Lily grows into her role as Mixologist, she is finding it s getting mysteriousd dangerous Her Spellbook is stolen, she is asked to brew a dangerous Elixir and she is questioning the trust she has in her assistant, Gus, when she overhears a secret he hasn t shared with her Love the Ranger X romance aspect This author has a very vivid imagination which make the books very enjoyable.

  19. Beth Gates

    Good Second BookAnother fun read in the series This one seems to have settled in its own groove Less clumsiness on the part of the main character, better character and relational development Leaves a lot of questions hanging so there s plenty of space for the series to grow All in all a seriously fun read.

  20. Cathy

    I was so excited to read this book after enjoying the first one so much But I had to really struggle to finish this one It was about the romance between Lily and Ranger X and the story seemed to get lost because of this Not sure if I will bother with book 3 in this series Very disappointing.

  21. Rachel

    Entertaining and worth readingI ve read the first book m, Hex on the Beach yesterday and found it fun and interesting Witchy Sour was just as good and now I plan on reading the next book in the series I look forward to learning about the mysteries surrounding the main character.

  22. Terrie

    Just started reading and I ve got to say all this look within trust your instincts advice everybody s giving Lily is nauseating What is she 12 If she s in her 20s and from a huge city i forget which one , then she knows all about trusting her instincts she would ve had to use them just to go to the grocery store even on the best side of town Just finished, and it s a very good story

  23. Vickie

    Ok I m hookedLily has found or rather has her true identity revealed to her Still not really understanding what her role is As the new mixologist entails Lily manages with the help of her cousins and some new friends ,she manages to get things right I ve enjoyed the first two books and am planning to read any others.

  24. Dawn Gee

    Very good continuation of seriesLet me start by saying there are so many twists and turns in this book that I was shocked Lily becomes accumulated to the Isle but she still gets her herself in one neck of a bind There are still unanswered questions.

  25. Penelope Sturm-Borkert

    EnjoyableThis book is perfect for light reading when you just want to relax and enjoy the story Enough suspense to hold your attention with a hint of romance, not so much that it becomes mushy.

  26. Nana

    Islands of secrets and magic.Being drawn into the next phases of accepting her position, has brought about questions from the past Very exciting reading and looking forward to the next novel.

  27. Nicole

    Even better than the first bookThis book was easy to fall into, it starts off just were the last one left off I recommend giving it a shot, even if you weren t too crazy about the first book, it just gets better.

  28. Suzi

    Great fun and a creative readFast paced with fun dialog, this series draws the reader into Island life easily You never know what will happen next Thank you Ms LaManna for the entertainment, I need to go now and get the next book in this series

  29. Beth Howering

    I m hookedGina has hit her stride and now I want to stay on The Isle and keep hearing the story of these fascinating characters What will happen next I m downloading Book 3 to find out.

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