The Minotauress (2020)

The Minotauress Edward Lee The Minotauress HELL S BITCH IN HEAT Seething slavering and insane it cringes not wanting to slip forth from the noxious bloated belly of its abyssal mother until the most hideous sexual atrocities beckon it fro
  • Title: The Minotauress
  • Author: Edward Lee
  • ISBN: 1889186767
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Hardcover
The Minotauress Edward Lee HELL S BITCH IN HEAT Seething, slavering, and insane, it cringes, not wanting to slip forth from the noxious, bloated belly of its abyssal mother until the most hideous sexual atrocities beckon it from Hell s hot bowels the dread monstrosity of unfathomable beauty and the most vile horror revulsion and desire incarnated into one PREGNANT TO BURSTING WITH ABOMINAHELL S BITCH IN HEAT Seething, slavering, and insane, it cringes, not wanting to slip forth from the noxious, bloated belly of its abyssal mother until the most hideous sexual atrocities beckon it from Hell s hot bowels the dread monstrosity of unfathomable beauty and the most vile horror revulsion and desire incarnated into one PREGNANT TO BURSTING WITH ABOMINATIONS UNTOLD Atop the moon drenched hillock sits the leaning manse, surrounded by ancient graves rich with the bones of witches, and amid the dense cricket choruses of these ghastly twilight deeps, it stalks, thrashes and prowls, its nipples gorged with evil, its loins a frenzy of Luciferic lust RITES OF REDNECK PASSAGE Behold Balls and Dicky of THE BIGHEAD fame as they embark on their first sociopathic epiphany teeming with down and dirty redneck whores, occult science, corpse sex, and scatological gross out the likes of which would make the BTK Killer faint These boys think they re badbut are they bad enough to face THE MINOTAURESS Edward Lee s latest novel of irredeemable harder than hardcore horrorThis edition also contains the story The Horn Cranker.
The Minotauress Edward Lee

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One thought on “The Minotauress

  1. Twerking To Beethoven

    I d call this an unplanned BR with Mr Lone Tiger who didn t enjoy the book as much as I did for reasons I totally understand I reckon Edward Lee s not exactly a walk in the park, and a lot of peeps might be to use euphemism put off by this author and the sort of shite he writes about There are exploitation and torture aplenty, and some characters seem to get off only by indulging in the vilest and most ferocious activities.That being said, I think Lee s work shouldn t be taken too seriously At a [...]

  2. Karl

    This copy is marked PC of 400 signed copies and is signed by Edward Lee The book consists of 013 The Minotauress 2007 217 The Horn Cranker 2002

  3. Jamie Grefe

    My first encounter with Edward Lee THE MINOTAURESS Never before have I been so inclined to fast forward through certain unsettling, disgusting, and very aptly described scenes That said, I m sure glad I didn t Edward Lee knows how to get under your skin then peel your skin right off your face He ll probably get some deranged backwoods drunks to finish you up, too This book is not for the squeamish It s explicit in every way, but the joy of this book is that Lee also knows how to tell a compellin [...]

  4. G.R. Yeates

    I learned that Edward Lee is one of the few writers capable of writing a gross out scene that can make me put the book down and need to take a deep breath before carrying on reading Also, the climax, so to speak, of this novella is not one you ll see coming, again so to speak.NB This review suffers from a severe case of innuendo and needs to see the doctor.

  5. Brainycat

    Edward Lee s stories from his rural Appalachia mythos eg Creekers, Goon, The Minotauress, etc are like cotton candy Everyone knows the formula, everyone knows what to expect when they pick it up, and ultimately it s hard to recollect where one book starts and another ends The writing is solid enough to not call any attention to itself, they re each easy to read and hard to put down As far as I can tell, there s no real specific timeline to the mythos, and thus there s not any particular order to [...]

  6. Kit_r_writing

    This book is a classic case of didn t work for me I ve read, and loved, some of the author s previous works City Infernal was my introduction to Lee, and remains my favorite of his books Lee is as good a writer here as in that book, though this one is in a experimental narrative style.What didn t work for me was the lack of anyone I was able to root for Dicky and Balls are psychopaths, and the Writer is a nihilistic, pretentious asshole In the included novella, Dean and Ajax felt like caricatu [...]

  7. Christopher

    As disgusting and depraved as ever, this serves as a great companion piece to the famous The Bighead.

  8. Kim (Wistfulskimmies Book Reviews)

    Once again a strong stomach is needed but a good read for hard core Edward Lee fans

  9. Warren Fournier

    Could a splatter punk novel ever be brilliant This novel is about as close as I have read to a masterpiece It makes me wonder what Edward Lee could do if he chose to restrain himself a bit and use his repressed energy to write a magnum opus that could connect to multiple audiences He could do it He just hasn t yet The Minotauress, for all its kitsch, stereotypical characters, and cringe worthy moments, is setting the stage for how horror fiction can be both silly escapism, but also can be a mea [...]

  10. Pierre

    Lee at his grossest and most extreme misogyny The second part of the book ties everything together in a few pages Everything is deliberatly calculated to evoke the most extreme revulsion and stomach churning feelings, e.g the redneck spitting contest It feels like Lee was tired of writing this book and decided to rush everything in all directions It becomes frankly dumb at the end, e.g the wife discovered to be a Lee has written far better books than this.

  11. Melissa

    Great short readWould recommend for those that aren t squeamish There is a bonus story afterwords Ed doesn t disappoint I have read most of his novels.

  12. Buddy

    The title doesn t become obvious until 50% through the novel I was starting to wonder if the book had been mislabeled I enjoyed it This is a dark erotic novel So if you are squeamish, you won t enjoy this book I m ok with all erotica fetishes which this book just about covers I think interracial and girl on girl are the only two that aren t in it I just didn t like the physical violence toward s women throughout the book The authors writing style is unique And his approach to writing this book i [...]

  13. Justin

    Exactly what you would expect from Edward Lee This one had balls and dickey in it but unlock the bighead it had a bit story going on It was still packed full of torture, Gore, depravity and sex though When I bought it I thought it was two novellas but it is actually of a short novel and a short story I didn t like the horn cranker as much and that is the reason for four stars rather than five.

  14. TheShrike

    This is extreme SplatterPunk Think the most horrible things one person can do to another and then double it That s Edward Lee True Guilty Pleasure stuff Hilarious, crazy fun, crazy violent, crazy sex.The ending with the Spermatogoyle had me actually laughing out loud.One of the few authors that make me feel a bit guilty while reading it and wondering if it is even legal to be read.

  15. Xiaobo

    This book is rife with over the top sickening and disgusting scenes that I had to keep my reading going with some volition But under the obscene, twisted and revolting violent and sexual facade if you can stomach it it s sprinkled with cold actuality, dark humor and philosophical discourse The plot and character building is also top notch It d be a master piece if Lee could apply the same mastery to a regular novel.

  16. Jordan

    This is brutal, offensive, and stomach churning In other words, EXCELLENT STUFF Ed Lee really pushes the envelope and there was a sequence in The Minotauress that even made ME stop and think Should I be reading this I wish I could write redneck dialogue like Ed Lee If you only know Lee from his Leisure Books stuff, well, then you are in for quite a surprise.

  17. Brian Steele

    I didn t realize this was two distinct novellas surrounding the concept of a Minotauress going in Not that it really mattered in the end, but be aware of that Both of the tales had their own style, and both were utterly depraved in perfect Edward Lee fashion No one imagines such perverse atrocities in the same manner as Lee, and we see that well detailed here.

  18. Bill

    My first Lee read Read it many years ago, but never got it up here on GR Fandangled the dates so it wouldn t show up as read this year and this is of a placekeeper than anything so I don t forget about it Obviously, this was the one that started me digging Lee.

  19. Charlene Nelson

    Monsters, Sex, beerThis book took me a while to read but I absolutely love it My favorite character was the writer he bought an odd twist to the book This book is a good read Edward Lee always write explicit and jaw dropping books.

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