Eversong (2020)

Eversong A.C. Salter Eversong Elora s past lay hidden in a web of lies and half truths the secrecy weaved by her uncle to keep her from harm or to keep her from harming the world But she put her voice to a song the wrong song an
  • Title: Eversong
  • Author: A.C. Salter
  • ISBN: 9781527202740
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback
Eversong A.C. Salter Elora s past lay hidden in a web of lies and half truths the secrecy weaved by her uncle to keep her from harm, or to keep her from harming the world But she put her voice to a song, the wrong song and now the web is unravelling and she begins to understand why she is different, why she has violet eyes, why she has a ferocious temper that erupts on the slightest of whimsElora s past lay hidden in a web of lies and half truths the secrecy weaved by her uncle to keep her from harm, or to keep her from harming the world But she put her voice to a song, the wrong song and now the web is unravelling and she begins to understand why she is different, why she has violet eyes, why she has a ferocious temper that erupts on the slightest of whims A darkness is rising, the tide growing stronger as legions of an evil army, loyal to a dead God, prepare to cross the weakening barrier to deliver chaos and death to Earth Elora maybe the only weapon Earth has to stand against the evil, if she doesn t destroy the world first.
Eversong A.C. Salter

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    282 A.C. Salter
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One thought on “Eversong

  1. Simon Williams

    Wildly entertaining and packed with plenty of twists and turns, Eversong is a great introduction to Adrian Salter s Daughter of Chaos series Elora, the main protagonist, is a feisty and well rounded heroine and I can t help but feel the book would also make a great film The story includes a wide and interesting cast of characters and combines a good mix of fantasy, horror and action All of them play their part as the story is propelled onwards without ever meandering.The author has filled this s [...]

  2. Elaina

    The cover drew me in first There s something mesmerising about the cover, and then the title got my attention Eversong What is the eversong I asked myself and started reading I really don t want to spoil this for you by launching into a synopsis of the tale, but allow me to say this the Eversong is all important to saving not only one, but two, civilisations And the song resides in Elora All is not what it seems, though, and it is for very good reason that Elora is warned from a young age to nev [...]

  3. Jane Salter

    I ve been lucky enough to read Eversong before it was published I ve been hooked from the start, it s everything I love in a book it draws you in with its twists and turns, I would love to see this made into a film even if it s just to see my favourite character gurple come to life.

  4. Maureen Turner

    Wow What an imagination this A.C Salter has This fantasy novel is the first in the trilogy entitled DAUGHTER OF CHAOS There was never a dull moment in this gripping action filled story of how Elora learns that she is no ordinary teenager but the daughter of the God Solarius This God however is demon and bent on controlling both Earth and Thea Elora s childhood home There are a wealth of characters who both aid and thwart her attempt to prevent her father s venture to dominate two worlds Salter [...]

  5. Pearl Kirkby

    No spoilers hereothers have revealed the meat of the story I truly would have liked to give Eversong 5 stars but am tempted to give it 3 and a half After much inner debate, however, I find that I feel comfortable giving 4 stars, because The story was gripping, right from the beginning there s nothing I approve of much than a female character who isn t afraid to get her hands dirty and jump into the midst of battle I can certainly relate.Although the concept of alternate dimensions worlds is in [...]

  6. John Moore

    This is the most unique and original story I have read in a long time Mr Salter has captured the true spirit of Fantasy Adventure It is a rare thing to find such a great story and to find someone who know how to spin a tale that is captivating and draws the reader into the story.Mr Salter has gone far above the normal intrigues and has created a great and wonderful world I want to leave the mystery of the story a mystery, but want to say authors who want to write in this Genre should read Mr Sa [...]

  7. Lynn Hallbrooks

    There was something about this book that called to me even though I rarely read fantasy books I was not disappointed and I look forward to reading the sequel in the near future.In my humble opinion, this book is a mixture of what some might call heroic fantasy and magical realism with a touch of mystery.Urged by a fellow musician, Elora sang a song Little did she know this would send her on a journey to a far away place I really enjoyed how Mr Salter shared Elora s story While I could not hear t [...]

  8. Renee

    An unwinding epic journey A fabulous book with great, diverse characters Absolutely loved this narrative The characters were well developed and believable The story had enough twists and turns to keep you turning the pages There were many edge of your seat moments and great action scenes This narrative was well written with intertwining plots I love mythology so I found the incorporation of myths within this book fantastic I also loved the descriptive writing it was as if you were there taking p [...]

  9. Elizabeth Watkins

    Whoa.at opening chapter A fabulous dark fantasy tale spinning its story between worlds and times Absolutely loved it from start to finish I can t wait for Volume II and the continuation and evolvement of the drama My favourite character Gurple No spoilers here so you ll have to read the book to find out why

  10. Gareth Ponsford

    Mindblowingly spectacularThis book has had me hooked from the moment I started it It is fantastic and has had me glued from the first page I cannot wait for the second installment and I urge people to read ito very big thumbs up

  11. Taylor McCoy

    Eversong was a delightful mix of genres that I didn t expect to see together The thing I enjoyed most about the story was the pure imagination that went into building the world.Eversong s world was supplemented tremendously by Salter s skill for description Not only did he imagine things into being that I couldn t have thought of in my most disturbing dreams, he beamed them intensely and perfectly into my head to enjoy or dread Elora, as it turns out, is speculated to be the incarnation of the g [...]

  12. Stewart

    I brought this book from the author himself,i was completly gripped from start to finish,well written story greta charachters from mytholigy of variety of religions, loved reading this from first to last page great twister and keeps you wanting best book ive read in a while and loved every moment from start to finish had me lol at some points Raggie by far is my favorite character of book as love norse mytholgy and his family are true viking through and through cant wait for second chapter of t [...]

  13. Lauren (Luna)

    I ve given this book 4 I read the self published version of the book, so I will mention that I found a number of spelling or grammatical errors throughout the book, though these did not detract from the story at all The formatting of the book was sometimes difficult to read especially when viewpoints were changed without any obvious signs of it Eversong follows the story of Elora and her transition from small town girl into sword wielding songstress From the very first page I was completely draw [...]

  14. Edvin Palmer

    I dislike fantasy That feeling and thought lingered in my mind when I opened A.C Salter s Eversong As I navigated to the first page, I told myself I needed to broaden my horizons I perused the first chapter and loved Eversong from the start Elora is a fantastic character who I loved and related to She guided me through the story and experienced the extraordinary events with a clarity which made the story believable I loved every part of this book and each beautiful and less beautiful world A.C S [...]

  15. Hannah May Book Reviews

    Eversong The Daughter of Chaos Volume 1Author A.C SalterPages 358Synopsis Eversong is the first book in the Daughter of Chaos trilogy Elora, the female lead discovers that she isn t the normal girl she thought she was Despite her uncle s best efforts to keep her safe by keeping her true identity a secret, Elora learns the truth about her parents and where she was born Without realising Elora welcomes danger to her door and she must rely on the Shadowjak s apprentice Bray to keep her safe from th [...]

  16. Kerry Reis

    Elora can barely remember her childhood before her uncle, Nat, immigrated with her to Gloucester, but she inherently can produce an enchanting tune that appears to affect the basic elements and entrance people, a tune that her uncle has warned her not to sing in public However, when she sings the song on the street with a homeless friend, the song alerts various dangerous entities to her presence and existence, beings that seek her death or control over the powers of which she is unaware she has [...]

  17. Lillian White

    YA Fantasy Fiction based around an unusual young woman named Elora Having lived all her life in the care of her uncle, the truth of Elora s mystical past is revealed to her one fateful day and is amazing and far terrible than she could ever have imagined.With very likeable and easily visualised characters, richly descriptive language and a skilful turn of phrase, A.C Salter draws the reader into a strange and daunting new world The reader goes on Elora s journey with her, the scenes vividly we [...]

  18. Camille

    Eversong is the first book of the Daughter of Chaos Trilogy I was wary at first after I read the prologue because I m not really into stories about insect like monsters especially the ones making a weird tak tak tak sound But guess what After I read the few chapters, I was captivated I feel like it has the potential of becoming a movie or a series It reminds me of the Netflix series Stranger Things where an alternate dimension exists in parallel to the human world and the monsters from this dime [...]

  19. Erik

    Alternate worlds, demonic possession, apocalyptic mayhem, monsters, trolls, motorcycles, horses, thugs, a novel system of magic, gripping combat, even Vikings Eversong has it all The story feels familiar but innovative and unique at the same time Salter describes his world with imagistic prose and a comfortable, tucked in and cozy style The story follows a familiar theme that of a young woman who, unbeknownst to her, is a pivotal person in the fate of the universe , but the plot and characteriza [...]

  20. Tarn Richardson

    This is a fantastic novel, full of so much fun, adventure, fantasy, horror and most of all ideas Wonderful ideas, and loads of them too The book is literally bursting with them A.C Salter is a novelist with an incredible imagination and the skill to deftly chart it As all great books should, the novel builds from humble, but ingenuous beginnings, to a cataclysmic end But what sets this apart is that, in between, are cunning, clever and hugely satisfying surprises, scenes, characters and fantasti [...]

  21. Chad Christy

    What an entertaining story I was hooked from the chilling opening scene Every page is filled with something wondrous and awesome The characters are well crafted, and the universe in which they exist is carefully constructed I couldn t put this book down, and now I can t wait to get the rest of Salter s work

  22. Juliette Bingum

    I loved the romance in this novel Eversong is a lot than just romance, though It contains action, suspense and drama too Mr Salter is a very talented writer who knows how to create the right ambiance in every scene I ve nothing negative to report Well, okay, I do have one little thing There ought to be a version of Eversong in American English, as some words are difficult for us Americans to understand So, I recommend this book to anyone who loves reading an awesome fantasy novel.

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