Nasty Galaxy (2020)

Nasty Galaxy Sophia Amoruso Nasty Galaxy From Sophia Amoruso the New York Times bestselling author of GIRLBOSS a lushly illustrated embodiment of the collective spirit of the Nasty Gal brand Sophia s own personal brand and girlbosses eve
  • Title: Nasty Galaxy
  • Author: Sophia Amoruso
  • ISBN: 9780399174889
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Hardcover
Nasty Galaxy Sophia Amoruso From Sophia Amoruso, the New York Times bestselling author of GIRLBOSS, a lushly illustrated embodiment of the collective spirit of the Nasty Gal brand, Sophia s own personal brand, and girlbosses everywhere, with a foreword by Courtney Love Warning this is not a style book It s not about how to mix prints it s about how to leave yours on everything you touch HighlyFrom Sophia Amoruso, the New York Times bestselling author of GIRLBOSS, a lushly illustrated embodiment of the collective spirit of the Nasty Gal brand, Sophia s own personal brand, and girlbosses everywhere, with a foreword by Courtney Love Warning this is not a style book It s not about how to mix prints it s about how to leave yours on everything you touch Highly graphic and visual, filled with illustrations, photos and short essays, Nasty Galaxy is part scrapbook, part inspo journey, with moments of frivolity scattered throughout Tactical and entertaining, envelope pushing and conventional, surprising and refreshingly straightforward, Nasty Galaxy is a dive into Sophia s philosophies on work, relationships, balance, friendships, and It is a celebration of her roots in vintage clothing, punk attitude, fringe characters, and don t give a fuckthought leadership Nasty Galaxy is Amoruso s newest life bible, approaching style, music, philosophy, and advice in the same way GIRLBOSS approached business unconventionally Oversized and in full color, this is the newest, coolest, must have accessory.
Nasty Galaxy Sophia Amoruso

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    Sophia Amoruso

One thought on “Nasty Galaxy

  1. Meredith

    Dream Collaborators 1 The Virgin Mary2 Joan of Arc3 Mary Magdalene4 Bianca Jagger5 Marie Antoinette6 Cleopatra7 Yoko Ono8 Medusa9 Michele Lamy10 Betty Davis11 Patty Hearst Excerpt from Nasty Galaxy THIS You remember when everyone was super excited for the Alexa Chung It book to come out Remember when you leafed through it at Barnes and Nobles or even better Urban Outfitters cause thats where hip girls shop for hip books for maybe tops ten minutes because it was completely disappointing It was so [...]

  2. Cait

    This book was okay I didn t like it as much as I thought I would I loved GirlBoss, but in comparison this book was rather blah This book is kind of like Love Style Life by Garance Dore, but Dore s is just so much better in my opinion.

  3. Olga

    I first had a look at this book at a friend s house, and after reading Sophia s first book Girlboss I thought I needed to read this one too It was interesting and beautifully designed, but not groundbreaking One of those books which, while written by an authentically interesting and stylish person, just give advice to possibly less interesting people on how to be cool It does contains interviews with other Girlbosses, or women who inspired Sophia along her journey, but they interviews are really [...]

  4. Alexa Oliphant

    Do you need a coffee table book to look blessed but not like a vanilla basic bitch Get this one It s got just the right amount of snark and can do attitude that makes Girlboss such a great movement to say nothing of the fact that the book really is beautiful Are you fascinated by the story of Nasty Gal, and non conforming business women in the 21st century Read GirlBoss This one has the depth of a retouched model shot and of course the company took a bit of a turn, but that s a different problem [...]

  5. Ruthmgon

    Fluffy fun I don t know about Sophia at all, but this is like a scrap book of things she thinks are cool Luckily most of the things are cool and remind me of the Gen X equivalents from my own past livesIts also really really heavy and pink.

  6. Lisa Mcbroom

    Quirky, in your face pushes the envelope book on being different and being yourself In other word a GIRL BOSS

  7. Jenn Warner

    graphic, fun, empowering, love the flashbacks, quotes, and profiles of trailblazers bad bitches in music, film, and art

  8. Tara Kyrios

    Very pretty, very weird book Had some good advice and some bad advice My favorite parts were the Bad Bitches of Cinema Music So cool.

  9. Cmeiss330

    Fun coffee table book that reads like a mood board There are interviews, fashion and music life inspirations, horoscopes, and fun little cartoons I like it quite a bit.

  10. Hayley DeRoche

    The typography chosen for this book makes a large chunk of it uncomfortable to read, and sometimes downright unreadable For a waiting room with a trapped audience, maybe it would suffice, but if I had any other less headache inducing reading material available, I d put this aside Also, for it being all about girl bosses, there were an awful lot of dude quotes scattered throughout Men Meh.

  11. Kelly

    Definitely a coffee table book I like the illustrations and images, and some of the advice is cute, whereas some is just a little strange how to poop silently I enjoyed the profiles of other Girl Bosses, however I wish the print in those sections were slightly larger.

  12. Rachael

    Interviews, music recommendations, short essays, great quotations from music and literature and role models for people who hate the term role model form this quick but worth revisiting second book by Girlboss author Sophia Amoruso Music For Airports Brian Eno Grace Jones Advice that doesn t force itself on the reader from women who are making a difference in business and politics and having friends and families and No, I don t agree with all of it There is brief nudity and fairly consistent swea [...]

  13. Hillary roberts

    I loved Girlboss so when I heard Nasty Galaxy was coming out I requested it from the Library and got it first This is not a book like girlboss but rather of a coffee table book It is damn beautiful also I wanted to buy every single item in the book Too bad I am too fat Ah well.meday.Anyway, I loved this book, and I am trying to think of a way to aptly describe this book I mean picture book does not seem to do it justice It does have tips in line with the Nasty Gal brand Ok think of what Nast Ga [...]

  14. Susannah

    I am familiar with Amoruso having skim read her first book Girlboss So when I heard she had released a coffee table book about her clothing brand I was curious to read it, especially in light of Nasty Gal s having recently filed for bankruptcy Although authored by Amoruso, it is much less autobiographical than her first book, instead featuring images from the clothing line and of vintage pieces, inspirational quotes, humorous cartoons, and profiles of women Amoruso finds inspiring Also of intere [...]

  15. Ali

    A bit different than the usual coffee table book which makes it enjoyable the book covers horoscopes, a history lesson on bad ass women, and interior decoration inspiration.

  16. Becki Iverson

    I really loved Nasty Gal, which was my first introduction to Sophia Amoruso I also follow her corresponding podcast, which has a lot of relatable, great conversations between professional women I was expecting this book to be a little hard hitting than it is It s really of a magazine as coffee table, and when viewed in the abstract it s a pleasant, candy coated offering I am a little disappointed because i was hoping for a cohesive, hard hitting business approach to this book However, I still [...]

  17. Joanna

    This book is very pretty, and it was a lot of fun to read However, I don t feel that I am really part of the target audience here For one thing, I don t recognize the names of all the people and bands although I do give myself coolness points for know who Exene Cevenka is Also, I m not sure of the tone I can t quite figure out where it lies on the spectrum between profound and ironic.In retrospect, I probably shouldn t have read this in one sitting there s quite an aftertaste of smug now StillIt [...]

  18. Bonnie Tuballa

    It s pretty, but it s trying to do too much at the same time with a veil of artistry It doesn t have enough girlboss advice for fans of her first book and not enough commentary to feel satisfied A lot of the book is filled with large font quotes It seems like she was trying to go for a lifestyle type of guide but then decided against it because she didn t have enough time I d say 80% of the book is filled with individual quotes, photos or cover art that spans 1 2 pages each I ll give her 4 stars [...]

  19. Cooper

    Ummhaving loved GirlBoss I was expecting something a little different then this coffee table fluff book I m not sure if I m supposed to take it seriously or take it with a sense of whimsy I admire Sophia and enjoy her podcast she s really amazing Guess I was looking for of her GirlBoss inspiration and less of the quirkiness The photos are beautiful and some of the women she interviews provide inspiration to follow your dream and do what you love.I passed this on to a friend who throughly enjoye [...]

  20. Sophie

    Admittedly I skimmed this and only really read snatches of it Being a coffee table book after all I feel like that s okay I m sure this will be inspirational for some but parts of it just didn t mesh with my thinking Don t get me wrong I like the Girlboss ideals and really enjoyed her first book, I just think there s ways to be badass that aren t so.ying It s beautifully presented though and I m sure it s going to appeal to a lot of women It just wasn t really for me.

  21. Nermisa

    Sophia ranks pretty high on list of women that I find inspiring She is unapologetically herself, created a powerhouse that is nasty gal This book to me is extension of that I highly enjoyed it found few inspirational quotes, laughed a bit, and added few albums to my playlists.Highly recommend this book.

  22. John

    Bewitching from the cover on, this omnibus of style is smartly assembled if scattershot in its aim It is quite up front about what it does not want to be, and is better for avoiding convention and conventional failure A style guide, a manifesto, a community, a legacy, and much much smartly dressed for tomorrow.

  23. Austin Pierce

    I loved Girlboss, but I enjoyed this one even It s a rare book that pulls me in like this and provides so much fun It s just such a beautifully designed and executed book that manages to be over before it ever got boring.

  24. Kate Hutchinson

    I love Sophia s story and the work she continues to do This book is a small peek into her life lifestyle book Though I m slightly disappointed with the content, I don t regret buying it or waiting in line for her to sign it I believe I will always support her work.

  25. Jennifer

    Beautiful book with lots colorful and stylish pictures I am loving leafing through this book and thinking about updates to my style, home, and music and reading lists.

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