Let Me Tell You About a Man I Knew (2020)

Let Me Tell You About a Man I Knew SusanFletcher Let Me Tell You About a Man I Knew No one knows the name of the painter who comes to the asylum in St Remy in the south of France but they see his wild red hair and news of his savaged ear soon circulates in the village and comes to
  • Title: Let Me Tell You About a Man I Knew
  • Author: SusanFletcher
  • ISBN: 9780349007618
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback
Let Me Tell You About a Man I Knew SusanFletcher No one knows the name of the painter who comes to the asylum in St Remy in the south of France, but they see his wild, red hair and news of his savaged ear soon circulates in the village and comes to the notice of the wife of the asylum s doctor She feels herself drawn to him and learns that his presence is disturbing and not just to her either But back she goes agNo one knows the name of the painter who comes to the asylum in St Remy in the south of France, but they see his wild, red hair and news of his savaged ear soon circulates in the village and comes to the notice of the wife of the asylum s doctor She feels herself drawn to him and learns that his presence is disturbing and not just to her either But back she goes again and again Until she is banned, but still she makes her way over the wall, through the garden to talk to this apparently mad and passionate man And the consequences of her indiscretion, of what van Gogh comes to mean to her, of what it will do to her marriage, her life once she has touched danger and passion will have far reaching effects both surprisingly catastrophic and tender.
Let Me Tell You About a Man I Knew SusanFletcher

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One thought on “Let Me Tell You About a Man I Knew

  1. Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede

    I think one of the reasons that I enjoyed this book so much is that Susan Fletcher manages to write a story about Vincent van Gogh s stay at the hospital of Saint Paul de Mausole and his meetings with Jeanne Trabuc, and yet Fletcher doesn t let Vincent take over the story That could easily have happened, he is a charismatic man, but the book is pretty much Jeanne s story, her recollections about her childhood, her marriage life as she steals away moments to talk to the mad painter Meetings she i [...]

  2. The Book Whisperer (aka Boof)

    This weekend I sat in the garden, the sun shining, and read the most beautiful, lyrical and vividly written book Let Me Tell You About A Man I Knew This isn t the first book I have read by this author on that later so I knew that I was in for a treat and I wasn t let down in the slightest.This book is a feast for the senses From the very first sentence, I was whisked immediately away to the Provencial countryside as a new spring is dawning and I was immersed in colours and fragrances and sensat [...]

  3. Rebecca Foster

    This historical novel about the year Vincent Van Gogh spent at the mental hospital of Saint Paul de Mausole 1889 90 is from the perspective of the warden s wife, Jeanne Trabuc Now 55 and with three grown sons, Jeanne fears life s adventures and sensual pleasures are over for her Yet a friendship with this volatile new Dutchman makes her think that maybe she can reclaim an attitude of excited anticipation.If what you actually want is a book about van Gogh, you d be better off reading Barbara Stok [...]

  4. Erin

    Find this and other reviews at flashlightcommentary.As I write this commentary, only fourteen readers have rated Susan Fletcher s Let Me Tell You About a Man I Knew on Seven have issued the book a flawless five stars, while another six have issued appreciative fours Only one reader has gone lower and in all honesty, I m quite comfortable being a lone dissenter What works for one reader doesn t always work for another and there s nothing wrong with that so long as we can respect the subjective na [...]

  5. Mairead Hearne (swirlandthread.com)

    A very gentle story of a marriage that struggled and how a change in the wind can bring about something rather special.Reminiscent of Joanne Harris or Kate MosseRead in two sittings I was temporarily transported to Provence 1889lours, descriptions My kind of bookFull Review as published on Tripfiction Provence May 1889He s foreign Dutch I think A strange man Wild And self wounded, I hear violently so Let Me Tell You About A Man I Knew is a beautiful novel written by Susan Fletcher Published by V [...]

  6. Deborah Pickstone

    Another historical hero of mine Van Gogh is possibly the most original painter in history my opinion and certainly one of the most influential How surprised he would have been to know that The novel is a fairly quiet story in which he features almost as an aside it tells the story of the resolution of the marriage of Jeanne and Charles Trebuc, whose portraits Vincent painted during his stay at the asylum in Saint R my de Provence This is of course purely a fictional account though the details in [...]

  7. Lynn Williams

    lynns books 2016 07 30 leMy primary reading these days falls into the SFF bracket without doubt, however, there are certain authors that I really enjoy that step outside that field that I always want to read and Susan Fletcher is one of those authors I first fell in love with her writing after reading Witch Light which I think is also known as Corrag Fletcher has a way of writing things that simply make them stand out from the page Her writing is beautiful and evocative and this title is no exce [...]

  8. Breakaway Reviewers

    Emotionally touching and beautifully crafted.Set in the town of St Remy in the south of France, Let Me Tell You About a Man I Know tells the story of Jeanne Trabuc, wife of the warden of the mental asylum Saint Paul de Mausole With her 3 sons having grown up and left home and her husband Charles absorbed in his work at the hospital, Jeanne is lonely However, when a new patient arrives at the asylum a Dutch painter who was sent over from the nearby town of Arles after viciously cutting off his ow [...]

  9. Camille de Fleurville

    More detailed review to come MeanwhileI had doubts about this fictionalised life of Van Gogh during the year he spent at the asylum of Saint R my de Provence after the crisis during which he cut his ear in Arles The press advert claimed it to be family with Girl with pearl earring and the last Donna Tartt s because they both dealt with other Dutch painters Vermeer and Fabritius No need to be cautious and no real family links with the other books Most of all, no need to claim for some.The book is [...]

  10. Daphne Sharpe

    The story of Vincent Van Gogh who was confined to the asylum of Saint Paul de Mausole in Provence as seen through the eyes of Jeanne Trabuc who was the wife of the warden Jeanne and her husband Charles are as much prisoners of the asylum as the inmates as they struggle to find staff and money to maintain this dilapidated building, along with the ageing nuns who help treat and nurse the patients Jeanne found her hopes and dreams crushed on the outside of the asylum as much as those on the inside [...]

  11. Gem BookEater

    It is 1889 and the hospital of Saint Paul de Mausole, home to the mentally ill, has a new patient A passionate artist with copper red hair but only half an ear.The warden of the hospital has rules for his wife to keep her safe from the patients She must never stray from their little white cottage next door into the grounds without him by her side But tales of this man s odd mixture of insanity and self awareness are too intriguing for Jeanne Trabuc to resist Especially when she has nothing else [...]

  12. Sharon

    A gentle book that says a lot in a very understated way Lovely writing The Vincent Van Gogh character was almost irrelevant for me it could have been any painter although I did look up the paintings referred to, which was very interesting What I loved about this book was its quietly beautiful portrayal of the way a couple can drift apart without realising it after years of marriage The misunderstanding of each other through poor communication was poignantly written The two main characters the co [...]

  13. Melissa Riley

    4.5 stars I loved this way than I thought I would Just realised I never came back and reviewed I might need to re read

  14. Lucy Mac

    Exquisitely paced Susan Fletcher s prose is a joy, almost hypnotic She has breathed life into a legend This book stayed with me long after I put it down.

  15. Annette Morris

    Our reading group loved this beautifully written novel about the imagined life of the wife of the warden at the asylum where Vincent van Gough was a patient She comes to know the painter during his stay there in spite of being forbidden to have any contact with him and the story is as much about the restrictions on HER life and her relationship with her controlling husband as it is about her relationship with van Gough If you want a story about the artist then this isn t it, but if you enjoy a w [...]

  16. Samantha

    A beautifully written and described novel about a middle aged woman Jeanne and what happens when she meets Van Gogh Previously stuck in a rut, not really truly understanding her husband, her life changes when she meet the latest patient at the mental hospital her husband works at Vincent This book never has action to a large extent, is slow, calm and restful but I don t dislike this book for it, but I found it hard to get into and it took me a couple of months to finish So although I love art an [...]

  17. Tan Clare

    Another reviewer commented that for this book, they needn t have specifically selected the character of Vincent van Gogh, but any other painter Whilst it is true that many other painters also recognise that The heart is the painter Love and moments are the art , to quote directly from the book, the choice of Vincent van Gogh as the pivotal character leading to the awakening and rejuvenation between Charles and Jeanne s marriage, bring a bittersweetness which is just right.

  18. Katherine Sunderland

    I was intrigued by the blurb for this book I m always curious about an author who has either taken a character from a well known classic or figure from history and imagined their other story , or explored another part or relationship in their life This story focusses on van Gogh s time at a mental asylum in the South of France in the 1880s and the impact his stay has on the wife of the warden No one knows the name of the painter who comes to the asylum in St Remy in the south of France, but they [...]

  19. Michelle Jedrzejowska

    found this book mixed really the first part i really enjoyed but found the middle heavy going then it picked up in the end , it is what i would describe as a quiet book i like how we saw things from her view rather than just the famous artist part which could dominate the book , i am also glad near the end she realised her husband did care for her as well and her showed her.

  20. Susanne

    I really like Susan, as a person But I guess my fellow imported Tilburger Van Gogh is just not really all that interesting to me It may also be because I was trying to read this book while very busy with other stuff, so I could not focus on it I will give it another go if I can find a copy in my local library.

  21. Katie Lee-Kearns

    A beautiful book about the different types of love that exist and how they change our lives, no matter how old we are or complacent we become This interpretation of van Gogh was so real and the author never tried to romanticise his illness or the problems of the people around him It was uplifting and heartbreaking and so wonderfully written.

  22. Kate

    A lovely book which gives an insight into the troubled soul that Van Gogh was and the time that he spent in Provence The point of view is from the lonely wife of his doctor who grows to love him and appreciate his work.

  23. Olga Miret

    A beautiful, contemplative and touching novel that brings to live Provence and Van Gogh s paintings Thanks to Virago and to Net Galley for providing me with a free copy of this novel in exchange for an unbiased review There are historical and artistic in this case figures that set imaginations alight When I read the description of the book I liked the premise Rather than being a straight biography of Vincent Van Gogh this novel is built around one episode of Van Gogh s life, his stay at Saint Pa [...]

  24. Saoirse Milotte

    Jeanne Trabuc s life in the small southern French town of St Remy has become stagnated Her three sons have grown and left home, her husband has separated their beds and barely talks to her, and her one true friend has run away in search of adventure She passes her days cleaning and eking out the meagre rations in her pantry in order to feed her overworked husband The asylum he runs looms large over them, although Jeanne is forbidden to visit it Unable to voice his concerns and fears for her safe [...]

  25. Joslyn Allen

    Review published chronicbibliophilia.wordpressAt the height of his prolificness, Vincent Van Gogh suffered severe episodes of depression and self harm Worried for his safety, Van Gogh s brother committed him to a pastoral asylum in Saint Remy, France, where he painted voraciously and did his best to heal Inspired by this footnote in history and by paintings in Amsterdam s Van Gogh Museum which originated in Saint Remy, Susan Fletcher found a seed of a story Let Me Tell You About a Man I Knew is [...]

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