John Deere, That’s Who! (2020)

John Deere, That’s Who! Tracy Nelson Maurer Tim Zeltner John Deere That s Who Back in the s who was a young blacksmith from Vermont about to make his mark on American history John Deere that s who Who moved to Illinois where farmers were struggling to plow through the t
  • Title: John Deere, That’s Who!
  • Author: Tracy Nelson Maurer Tim Zeltner
  • ISBN: 9781627791298
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Hardcover
John Deere, That’s Who! Tracy Nelson Maurer Tim Zeltner Back in the 1830s, who was a young blacksmith from Vermont, about to make his mark on American history John Deere, that s who Who moved to Illinois, where farmers were struggling to plow through the thick, rich soil they called gumbo Who tinkered and and tweaked and tested until he invented a steel plow that sliced into the prairie easy as you please Long before the firsBack in the 1830s, who was a young blacksmith from Vermont, about to make his mark on American history John Deere, that s who Who moved to Illinois, where farmers were struggling to plow through the thick, rich soil they called gumbo Who tinkered and and tweaked and tested until he invented a steel plow that sliced into the prairie easy as you please Long before the first tractor, who changed farming forever John Deere, that s who Beautiful illustrations including spectacular landscapes reflect the time period and bring John Deere s remarkable story to life.
John Deere, That’s Who! Tracy Nelson Maurer Tim Zeltner

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One thought on “John Deere, That’s Who!

  1. Melki

    What a fascinating story Did you know that John Deere did not invent the tractor He was not even a farmer Deere was a blacksmith who developed a lightweight plow made of steel instead of iron After they learned that Deere s new plow cut quickly and easily, customers named it the singing plow, and beat a path to his shop Thanks to his innovation, farming turned from just a way to feed one s family into a business After his death, Deere s company sold carriages, wagons, bicycles, and other farm eq [...]

  2. Mischenko

    John Deere, That s Who by Tracy Nelson Maurer is a book about John Deere and how he enhanced the plow over time.The book starts out explaining who John Deere was, a young blacksmith from Vermont We learn about John Deere s journey west to Illinois without his family and how settled back into work As farmers had issues with their plows, John set his mind to creating the perfect plow that would cut through the soil like butter This plow became known as the singing plow The book offers a glimpse of [...]

  3. Angela

    A picture book biography with spot on illustrations The back section titled Dig Into More Facts About John Deere and His Company is especially informative Recommended.

  4. Lynn

    Most children today think of John Deere in terms of tractors and huge farm and road machinery Maurer does an excellent job of explaining Deere s innovations on plow design and the critical role that played in American history Her text is clear and strong with a nice refrain that makes this an excellent read aloud Well researched with careful attributions, the book also includes a glossary, excellent bibliography and additional information about Deere.Tim Zeltner s illustrations are breath taking [...]

  5. Barbara

    This picture book biography reveals the truth of an assertion I often share with my students There are so many untold or unknown stories about the most unlikely of individuals around us, and in many respects, this is the golden age of nonfiction Many readers, even farm kids, will be surprised that John Deere did not invent the tractor despite the fact that his name is associated with the vehicle Instead, this enterprising blacksmith came up with the idea for a steel plow This innovation changed [...]

  6. Edward Sullivan

    A lively, conversational text and handsome illustrations in this introduction to the blacksmith whose innovations had a major impact on farming and American history.

  7. Stefanie

    A great little bio about John Deere, that s who Growing up on the very urban suburban east coast, I haven t given much mind to who or what John Deere symbolized in general other than those hats that were so popular some years back I certainly never pictured him as an American manufacturing icon but that s what he was This book taught me that The story is good and follows a natural arc The illustrations are brilliant and reminiscent of American folk art In fact, on the cover, John Deere appears l [...]

  8. Kelly

    Trying to read nonfiction, and this was actually interesting And an interesting fact John Deere never lived on a farm Find interesting facts in the back of this book.

  9. Mary

    John Deere changed farming all over the US with his inventions to make the job easier The illustrations appear to be like an American Tall Tale than other books, and perhaps that is how John Deere will be remembered as a hero of the American midwest.

  10. Marcia

    Well, he didn t invent the tractor, but he did invent a much better way for pioneers to plow their fields This book reads like a tall tale, taking on a bigger than life aura, but he was a real man that worked hard, suffered setbacks, and then worked harder The folksy painted illustrations are a perfect match A terrific story, and could be included with units on innovation maker culture perseverance.

  11. Pamela Powell

    As a city girl , my only familiarity with John Deere is through the tractors the company builds This book gives the background on the man himself and how he changed farming in the Midwest.

  12. Richie Partington

    Richie s Picks JOHN DEERE, THAT S WHO by Tracy Nelson Maurer and Tim Zeltner, ill Henry Holt, March 2017, 40p ISBN 978 1 62779 129 8 Gone are the days when the ox fall down,he d take up the rope and plow the fields around Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter, Brown Eyed Women 1972 The aim of ploughing is to scoop up an 8 deep by 12 wide piece of earth and turn it over 180 degrees, burying any crop residue or weeds in the process This results in loosened soil which can be made into a seed bed Tecwyn Tw [...]

  13. Linda

    There are many collectors of John Deere memorabilia My son had a few metal toys growing up, and now I wish we d kept them John Deere s name and reputation seem to have continued to be respected and well known In a lively story, Tracy Maurer tells about John Deere s beginnings, and the path he took to the success we know of today He was a blacksmith in Vermont and through some strange mishaps, his forge burned, then burned again He had a family, was broke, so headed west in 1836, planning to send [...]

  14. Gary Anderson

    As a Midwesterner, I m very aware of the John Deere brand of farm machinery In fact, my father in law worked in a John Deere factory for many years painting the company s cotton pickers I ve wondered why the company uses its distinctive green color on everything, and why they have a deer emblem on the logo with words John Deere Tracy Nelson Maurer s John Deere, That s Who provides young readers with an excellent understanding of the man behind the brand John Deere was a blacksmith in the 1830s w [...]

  15. Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*

    Maurer, Tracy Nelson John Deere, That s Who Illustrated by Tim Zeltner PICTURE BOOK Henry Holt and Company, 2017 17.99 Content G John Deere was a blacksmith who lost his forge to a fire Down on his luck, he headed west in the 1830 s and set up a blacksmith shop in Illinois He helped fix broken plows and household items He repaired so many plows that he came up with an idea to better the plow and soon his plows were in high demand He sold ready made plows and had a successful business The story o [...]

  16. Gratia

    Zeltner s illustrations in the spirit of the mid west murals by Thomas Hart Benton with elongated figures and hard scrabble life set in a landscape of streams, trees and long paths support and enhance this biography of Deere for young children Much than just the tractors, Deere began as a blacksmith in Vermont and followed the pioneers west in 1836 to Illinois inventing a better plow and then continued inventing Author Maurer captures a storytelling style and sometimes her words are placed on t [...]

  17. Stephanie Tournas

    John Deere, whose name graces the farm equipment company, was actually a blacksmith originally from Vermont I learned that he didn t invent any of the gas run machines the company now sells He did come up with the idea of a smooth steel plow that repelled the sticky rich soil of the mid west, which was a most welcome development for farmers The invention made plowing much easier and quicker, and made him a successful business man Deere s name is recognizable to many readers, and this sweet pictu [...]

  18. Lorraine

    As an elementary school teacher, I love picture book biographies At their best, they include compelling narratives, well crafted language, and fantastic examples of character traits John Deere, That s Who and Noah Webster s Fighting Words, both by Tracy Nelson Maurer, include all of these attributes and .John Deere, That s Who , published March 2017, explores the story behind a household name Maurer shows her ability to build historical context as she masterfully explains what life was like in t [...]

  19. Pam

    2.5 This book just misses a big opportunity Kids, who know of John Deere, know that John Deere is green and is tractors Many suburban kids and rural kids immediately think of green and there is no green in this book As a biography of an inventor the story is fine and the illustrations are pretty, but why did Tracy Nelson Maurer and Tim Zeltner not include the connection to what kids know It is not in the story nor is there a little green tractor in any of the illustrations Oh, back in the postsc [...]

  20. Lynn

    I m adding this to my list of biographies that are great read alouds Sentences are clear and informative, font is carefully spaced and shaped Repetition provides unity throughout Deere s several attempts at making life better for himself and others.Colorful acrylic illustrations flow across each page with lots of long lines representing furrows even the sunset or roads or hills A unique combination of stains and glazes helps the reader feel they are looking into the past.Backmatter includes glos [...]

  21. Kelly Snyder

    From the story line to the illustrations, this book was fun to read I thought for the age this book is targeting this is a great little biography Younger children will enjoy learning about John Deere and his triumphs and even failures along the way If you have a kid who loves farming give them this book.

  22. Jennifer

    So, it turns out I really had no idea who John Deere was Here I am, living in Lancaster County the heart of farmland and John Deere tractors This short picture book biography quickly informed me that John Deere was most famous for improving the horse drawn plow.a precursor to the modern day tractor, but definitely not a tractor

  23. Janet

    Today we think of John Deere and tractors, both on suburban lawns and in agricultural fields However, it is the plow that Deere redesigned by using steel instead of iron making plowing fields much easier.

  24. Liz

    Beautiful illustrations and interesting story of the man in the midwest who changed farming by forging a better plow tool Interesting to note that he did not invent the tractor, which is what I was expecting A nice addition to my picture book biography collection.

  25. Lauri Meyers

    The story of John Deere overcoming adversity by hard work and listening to his customers to develop a shiny new self cleaning plow Henry holt Macmillan

  26. Jon(athan) Nakapalau

    The story of John Deere and how he invented a new and better plow is told in this wonderful book for children.

  27. Stacie

    Came all the way to Kansas to read this good biography of John Deere landscapes reminiscent of grant wood paintings too.

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