Sister Light, Sister Dark (2020)

Sister Light, Sister Dark Jane Yolen Sister Light Sister Dark A warrior woman and her dark twin are destined to remake the world in this powerful tale the first in a trilogy by a World Fantasy Award winner Newsweek Legend foretold the child named Jenna who was
  • Title: Sister Light, Sister Dark
  • Author: Jane Yolen
  • ISBN: 9781504034517
  • Page: 169
  • Format: ebook
Sister Light, Sister Dark Jane Yolen A warrior woman and her dark twin are destined to remake the world in this powerful tale, the first in a trilogy by a World Fantasy Award winner Newsweek Legend foretold the child named Jenna, who was three times orphaned before she could crawl, a fate that would leave her in the hands of women who worshipped the benevolent goddess Great Alta In this world without meA warrior woman and her dark twin are destined to remake the world in this powerful tale, the first in a trilogy by a World Fantasy Award winner Newsweek Legend foretold the child named Jenna, who was three times orphaned before she could crawl, a fate that would leave her in the hands of women who worshipped the benevolent goddess Great Alta In this world without men, Jenna comes of age, learning quickly the skills of close combat But her most powerful gift lies elsewhere a mirror sister who emerges only in the darkness a twin named Skada and shares the soul of the young, white haired warrior who might well be the goddess reborn But if Jenna is, in truth, the one whose coming is awaited, there is cause for great alarm among those who rule the Dales, for the prophecy speaks of upheaval and change, and a devastating end of all things An incomparable world builder and one of America s premier fantasists, the remarkable Jane Yolen begins a three part saga as inventive, intelligent, and exciting as anything that has ever been produced in the literature of the fantastic Brilliantly contrasting the true story of Jenna with the later myths, poetry, and so called scholarship that her coming engendered, Yolen creates a culture as richly imagined as those found in the acclaimed novels of Ursula K Le Guin A truly magnificent work, Sister Light, Sister Dark takes fantasy fiction to wondrous places it has never gone before.
Sister Light, Sister Dark Jane Yolen

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One thought on “Sister Light, Sister Dark

  1. Gail Carriger

    The best thing about this lyrical almost mythological series is the world building I ve not seen anything like it before or since and it s, simply put, amazing The writing is definitely on the side of strong and empowered women showing some 1970s feminist roots I think the world and story are complex enough for any reader, although I believe the target audience is YA I love it, it s brilliant

  2. Justine

    3.5 stars A solid story with excellent worldbuilding that has aged very well since it was first published.I loved the women focused story and world that Yolen has constructed For readers of fantasy, there is some familiar ground here, but what sets this apart is the wide variety of female characters who make up nearly all the actors in the tale.The story does end rather suddenly, which is something to keep in mind I do have the next book, and will likely pick that up fairly soon.

  3. Chris

    When I first saw the movie Willow, I enjoyed it As I got older, however, my view got a little jaded It s true, you have some really good aspects in it Jean Marsh s acting is great, the character of Sorsha, a young Val Kilmer, a father who wants to be than that for a bit, a female Gandalf and the chosen one is female.And that s the rub for the chosen one is a baby thoughout the whole damn movie, and the ones that do the major getting rid of baddies are male The Chosen One just looks cute until [...]

  4. Heidi Stewart

    With this book s consistent 5 star ratings, I feel a little bad for not enjoying it as much The world is certainly imaginative The women of Alta hames have the power to call forth their dark sisters from the other side of the mirror, sisters who are them and not them at the same time Learning the culture of the hame was a large draw of the book for me I got into it, and I enjoyed being in that world.What I didn t like is how the book is divided up into sections Legend, Myth, History, Song, Balla [...]

  5. Allen Garvin

    Multilayered Jane Yolen novel that works on several levels Jenna, a three times orphaned child, is brought to a secret woodlands camp to be raised by the all female followers of Great Alta, a mother Goddess figure The concept of dark sisters, who only appear after the sun sets, who share a soul with their light sisters, is certainly unique, and is presented in a mysterious fashion that only becomes clear near the end of the book In between the chapters are little folktales or folk rhymes from so [...]

  6. Margaret

    Is Jenna the one from the prophecy the white Anna that will bring both the end and the beginning for the ian women of Alta s hames Three mothers die before she s out of infancy, and she s covered in white hair, as the prophecy foretold But is that enough to make someone the chosen one, when they still have an absolutely normal childhood Sister Light, Sister Dark is a YA novel that explores the chosen one archetype among an all female religion and society It mixes the story of Jenna the possible [...]

  7. Jacqie

    I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review So here s a book that I thought read very old school but pulled it off It looks like this is about to be re released If you like the old Marion Zimmer Bradley, Juliet Marillier, Judith Tarr style of writing fantasy for women, you ll probably enjoy this one There s nothing incredibly new about it, it s just that the author does this style well and it worked for me.Most of the book is the origin story of a young girl wh [...]

  8. Hilary

    3.5 stars, might upgrade after reread.Through myth and legend, history and ballad, story and song is this tale told The intricacies of the world history, the academic jibes, the ominous warnings and the sociological studies were quite fascinating to me, almost surpassing the story itself as I saw how the passing of time would alter the real tale.The storyline itself didn t seem as strong as I d expect from Jane Yolen, and there are some elements of Marion Zimmer Bradley s Darkovan Reununciates, [...]

  9. Bridget Mckinney

    Somehow, I ve never gotten around to reading much by Jane Yolen, so I was excited to see this title pop up on NetGalley prior to its rerelease with new and striking cover art as an ebook Sadly, it was just okay First published in 1988, Sister Light, Sister Dark has aged fairly well, all things considered, but like many feminist fantasy works of the 80s, it tends towards second wave gender essentialism and a sort of pseudo pagan sensibility There s nothing particularly offensive or terribly probl [...]

  10. Melanti

    I m not a fan of the chosen one fantasy trope, but I try to be a little lenient on books like this one that were written in the era that trope was so prominent The world building is really great lots of side stories and tales showing how the events and situations in this book might be viewed a few centuries down the line and it shows a huge feminist slant also not unusual for that era since it is, of course, a society comprised entirely by females But I think I would have enjoyed it if I hadn [...]

  11. ~Geektastic~

    Originally read sometime around 1998 Rating reflects most recent rereading and the new edition Review TK.

  12. Denise

    Interesting to re read this many years later It s a writing style and theme I enjoyed and read so much of years ago Still do enjoy although I tend to read much science fiction these days.

  13. Sandra Strange

    This fantasy novel, the first book in a series, definitely presents a feminist s medieval world, centering around a religious order sisterhood that raises girls to become warriors or priestesses and support personnel who have shadow twins who come from a mirror world, but only at night in the presence of some kind of light The novel is not the typical fantasy, though the plot is pretty typical, dealing with a prophesied special sister who brings disastrous happenings, as well as triumphs, for th [...]

  14. Rachel Brown

    An excellent novel with a particularly compelling premise a group of women in an otherwise non magical fantasy world can call up their dark sisters from mirrors The dark sisters are their alter egos, like yet unlike them, real and solid in moonlight or firelight, but who vanish like mist when the light goes out Told in an intriguing mix of conflicting sources like history, legend, story, ballad, etc Like Yolen s Briar Rose, it s about the knowability and unknowability of the past, and how its in [...]

  15. Tamara✨

    This is such an easy read and a really fun one too I got so into it that by the time I finished I was flipping through the pages screaming, IS THAT IT IS THAT THE END WHERE IS THE REST OF IT Then promptly went off to to find cheap used copies of the rest of the trilogy I was cackling but in a good way while reading this, it just REEKS of 2nd wave Feminism and 80s 90s new agey spiritualism But in the best way possible So like, imagine Herland , but spiritual and new agey, with a dose of fantasy [...]

  16. Joanna

    After a slew of books that I didn t care for, or were not to my taste, or just didn t quite come together for me in some undefinable way, it s nice to have a nice, original fantasy to chew on No factory extruded fantasy product here, even if a prophecy is involved The annoying aspect, though, is that the story is regularly interrupted by legends that grow up after the fact and uninformed historical analysis trying to remove all the fantastical elements As playing with folklore and how it evolves [...]

  17. Tammy

    I stumbled upon this book years ago, and to this day, it is my favorite book of all time I don t know why it struck me the way it did, maybe being an only child, this was a nice fantasy to have.The second book in the series is good, but not as good as this one It isn t a page turner, or a story that you can t put down, but it just sticks with you.I don t know how else to say it, but I love this book.

  18. Rhonda Paglia

    I read this book years ago and decided to read it again I couldn t put it down and found myself, once again, totally drawn into the story, the characters, and the drama I loved every minute of this book and, thankfully, I still have a copy of book 2 White Jenna Starting it this evening.

  19. lauren

    I enjoyed this book mostly because I was thinking of the friend who lent it to me being a young teen and reading this and being so into it I do kind of want to read in the series.

  20. Gwyn Evans

    I first read this book in junior high, as I was a big fan of Jane Yolen at that stage of my life It was included in the recent Women of Sci Fi Fantasy Humble Bundle, and I was happy to re visit a book I remembered fondly, if dimly.I did not remember many details about it from my first reading I remembered there was a young girl raised in a goddess cult that pulled shadow sisters from the mirror, and she like the protagonist of so many YA novels is the Chosen One, but my primary memories were sim [...]

  21. Imyra De souza

    Gostaria muito de ter gostado desse livro Quando eu li a sinopse, fiquei bem interessada Nossa hero na, Jenna, uma orf que foi adotada por uma vila apenas de mulheres, seguidoras da deusa Alta Nessa vila, cada mulher tem seu papel e quando chega a uma certa idade, cada garota escolhe qual papel vai cumprir na vila guerreira, sacerdotisa, cozinheira, cuidadora das crian as, etc Al m disso, elas tamb m v o chamar sua irm negra , no caso, uma outra parte dela, que aparece apenas sob a luz do luar o [...]

  22. Justine

    I don t remember reading any Jane Yolen as a kid, but do remember seeing her name everywhere, so when this book showed up as an ebook deal, I figured why not The takeaway is this is the kind of book I would have eaten up when I was 10 13 and reading it took me way back to early in my reading life when I had infinite patience and would pretty much grab anything off the shelf if it was even moderately interesting As a ten year old, this book would have blown my mind the idea of an all female socie [...]

  23. Juushika

    The origin story of a prophesied destroyer savior to a society of female warriors This is told via straight narration, but also through fictional folklore, ballads, myths, and via modern historical academic analysis, and that meta narrative is the highlight of the book It isn t always successful the modern sections are an academic pastiche with a grating tone but the cumulative effect functions to contextualize and deconstruct the otherwise unremarkable tropes as well as the story s feminist the [...]

  24. Amanda Howling

    Three and a half stars I enjoyed the story as well as the historical and anthropological chapters I appreciated that the chosen one was never convinced she was the chosen one, that really helps a character from an ego perspective However I wasn t massively engaged with any of the characters and the story came to rather sudden halt, given its size I can t really see why this story is in two parts and am not sure I will buy the next book so resent not having closure a little Coming full circle bac [...]

  25. Natalie Carey

    This took just over a month to read and it s short I did quite like a lot about it, but it took too long to get through, the middle dragged a bit in when the girls leave for their mission, but then the plot picks up in the last 40 pages or so I don t know how long the other 2 books in the series are, but they probably all could have been combined to make a stronger book However, I did enjoy the mythology behind the story, the peppering in of the myths the surrounding town folk believed, followed [...]

  26. Anna

    Well written with an odd concept The Altas are a mix of ian warriors and cloistered women only community with its own faith and traditions, taking in girl babies left on hillsides At a ceremony in their later teens, most Altas can call forth a twinned shadow of themselves into corporeality who will only exist at night Serving as a mix of conscience and best friend, the sisters share a breath and fight side by side Jenna and her Chosen One narrative were mildly interesting, but the worldbuilding [...]

  27. Kilian Metcalf

    Jane Yolen uses multiple voices to tell the story of the white haired child, Jenna, who is found by the warriors of the Hame straight forward story telling, folk songs, and academic analysis, among others From the three sources emerges a world in transition, awaiting the white leader who is to take their world through a disruptive time to a new world order.Jenna, also called Jo ann enna, learns that she is this white warrior Her growth into the prophecy is rocky, resisted by the leaders of her w [...]

  28. K

    This took some getting into the light sister dark sister thing was really obscure at first And the writing style was very heavy I kept falling asleep within ten minutes every time I started reading But once I broke through, I enjoyed the ride It s nothing revolutionary now, but it was a fine break from all my one stars I enjoy the touch of sociological sci fi fantasy it had, even though the interstitial academic reportage had zero impact on the story, and was impacted zero by the story If anythi [...]

  29. Peggy

    Enjoyable fantasy about an order of women warriors in the British Isles in some long ago time Yolen impresses with the depth of the mythology she presents and its songs and poetry The story line is intermittently interrupted by an ongoing bibliographical essay discussing the key interpreters of this time and these people This is the first of three volumes in the Great Alta series, Alta being the goddess creator of all I didn t relax into the reading until about 30% into the novel Kindle edition [...]

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