How to Ditch Your Fairy (2020)

How to Ditch Your Fairy Justine Larbalestier How to Ditch Your Fairy Welcome to New Avalon where everyone has a personal fairy Though invisible to the naked eye a personal fairy like a specialized good luck charm is vital to a person s success It might determine whet
  • Title: How to Ditch Your Fairy
  • Author: Justine Larbalestier
  • ISBN: 9781599903019
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Hardcover
How to Ditch Your Fairy Justine Larbalestier Welcome to New Avalon, where everyone has a personal fairy Though invisible to the naked eye, a personal fairy like a specialized good luck charm is vital to a person s success It might determine whether you make a sports team, pass a class, or find that perfect outfit But for fourteen year old Charlie, having a parking fairy is worse than having nothing at all Welcome to New Avalon, where everyone has a personal fairy Though invisible to the naked eye, a personal fairy like a specialized good luck charm is vital to a person s success It might determine whether you make a sports team, pass a class, or find that perfect outfit But for fourteen year old Charlie, having a parking fairy is worse than having nothing at all especially when the school bully carts her around like his private parking pass.Enter The Plan At first, teaming up with her archenemy Fiorenze who has an all the boys like you fairy , seems like a great idea But when Charlie unexpectedly gets her heart s desire, it isn t at all how she thought it would be, and she ll have resort to extraordinary measures to set things right.From the author of the award winning Magic or Madness trilogy, How to Ditch Your Fairy is a delightful story of friendship, fairies, and figuring out how to make your own magic.
How to Ditch Your Fairy Justine Larbalestier

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    354 Justine Larbalestier
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One thought on “How to Ditch Your Fairy

  1. Steph (Reviewer X)

    Ah, crap, this is gonna be a long one.Favorite thing The world building Top notch Now, I m not sure this is fantasy so much as it is I don t know Supernatural Futuristicmething What s the term It didn t feel like fantasy anyhow, this New Avalon place In many ways, it was inspiring to read about it not only because of what was original fairies , but also because certain aspects of their society are blatantly or subtly, depending on how you view it parallel to existent ones of nowadays Ahem Prefix [...]

  2. Kiri

    This was lent to me on audio which was a mistake not the lending the having to listen I was looking forward to this book because it just sounded cute Not to mention the cover looked interesting yes I know reading a book for the cover is like trying wine for the label bottle dicey at best The story started out well then fell apart By the end it felt like the author had gotten a phone call about the deadline and went uh ok we ll do this and this and ok done and popped it in the mail sigh That isn [...]

  3. Anne

    How to Ditch Your Fairy is a very cute book It s for a middle grade audience.Our protagonist is Charlie short for Charlotte , who is 14.In Charlie s world, many people have fairies unseen beings who help their human in some way.Charlie s best friend has a shopping fairy.Another friend has a never get into trouble fairy.But Charlie has a parking fairy no matter where she goes, she will get the perfect parking spot.Charlie can t drive, and she s sick of being a passenger for anyone who wants a gre [...]

  4. Nardia

    Now I know the concept of the book was aimed at people half my age, so I m not going to go near that I had two main problems with the book, the first being the awful made up slang terms.Now, slang can be annoying, but it generally follows certain rules that make it easy to figure out For example, cool is a word that slides off the tongue quite easily, while wicked , awesome and bubbly all jump from your mouth with the same exuberance they portray However, Larbalestier s use of pulchitrudinous as [...]

  5. Mike

    I m starting to think that Larbalestier should give up the novel business and become a professional blogger Other than Liar which was phenomenal , it looks like her novels are going to be mostly mediocre Her blog, however, is actually really cool It s probably my favorite author blog since Phoebe North stopped blogging, and it s the primary reason I m gonna continue reading Larbalestier novels But I ve accepted, at this point, that none of them are going to be even remotely as good as Liar was T [...]

  6. Jackie

    This book was a true giggle, set in a country that s not really Australia and not really the United States but sure seems similar to both At New Avalon, kids work hard and go to very specialized schools, the center of this book being New Avalon Sports High, where they spend 10 hour days being monitored for everything including calorie and protein intake, etc and training in all manner of sports well, mostly summer sports since it doesn t ever snow in NA and taking classes like statistics such as [...]

  7. Karin

    Charlie has a parking fairy For a fourteen year old who can t even drive, a parking fairy is pretty useless Charlie would much rather have a shopping fairy like her best friend or even a bathroom fairy At least that way she d never have to go to the restroom in the middle of a movie Charlie always smells like gasoline and people constantly bug her to go places with them so they can benefit from her fairy and get great parking spaces Charlie has had enough She has decided NO vowed to get rid of h [...]

  8. Kelly

    2.5The story was face paced at times and really dragged through other parts Overall, it s cute and those interested in other worlds and magic would like this read.However, the other world is poorly constructed The invented language is not done well and not interesting in fact, it s just frustrating to read since it s so poorly done The characters are hit and miss, and I didn t find myself caring a bit about Charlie I thought she was a bit of a whiner Perhaps most irritating, though, were the lis [...]

  9. pauliree

    I didn t initially put this on my to read list for the AWW2012 challenge as I hadn t heard of Justine before, but I found this at the library and decided to go ahead and add it The story is set in New Avalon, a fictional city set in a mish mash world of Australian and Americanisms There is cricket, rugby, luge and waterpolo, as well as quokkas and other odd things so it is a little Australian than anything else, but there is something there that doesn t appear in our world, fairies.Charlie, the [...]

  10. Myndi

    I found this book to be really cute It s definitely geared towards younger teens I would say, but even as a 30 something I enjoyed it.The author has created a whole new alternate world, that has similarities to ours, but vast differences as well Of course, the most prominent being the existence of fairies, but also there is a whole new slang for the kids in the book Doos is cool and injured is uncool and so on Luckily, the author has put a glossary of sorts in the back of the book if you get co [...]

  11. Erika

    Charlie is than a little obsessed with New Avalon Sport High, a school with a strict regime and little patience for infractions Every student at New Avalon is or has proven to be a stellar athlete on their way to fame at least New Avalon fame and life in the public eye They re exceptional competitors, but there s something even curious about New Avalonians that separates them from the rest of society even those living on the other side of the coast they have personal fairies.Fairies can do any [...]

  12. D.M. Dutcher

    You had me at parking fairy, but you lost me with the rest of the book.Charlie is a sports loving girl in the city of New Avalon who has a problem You see, everyone seems to have a fairy These fairies are invisible, and are like the angels in Timothy Zahn s Angelmass in that they influence things What they do varies from fairy to fairy One girl has a shopping fairy, which lets her get beautiful clothing for criminally low prices Another has one that makes all the boys her age like her.Charlie ha [...]

  13. Narrelle

    What a terrific book Vivid characters strong gals, lively guys, flawed parental figures, all facing challenges and working out how to be better people I suppose the theme could be summarised as be careful what you wish for The world building is terrific it s a very clear, well laid out universe, populated with a multicultural cast and all genders and persuasions What s particularly good about that last part is that it s very fluid and natural and never becomes burdened by being heavy handed and [...]

  14. Emily

    How To Ditch Your Fairy is written by such a great author so what went wrong I was excited to read this book but now I have I am so thankful that I borrowed it from the library Because, truth be told, I don t think I want to pay money for it Oh it s sweet, quirky and blah blah But sort of sweet in a gag kind of way and quirky in a raise an eyebrow kind of way In short, I could not relate to any of the characters and wanted to tell Charlie to suck it up She was extremely whinny I want to introduc [...]

  15. Kristen

    I don t know why, but I absolutely loved this book It was funny and had an interesting setting that kept me involved Basically, in this world everyone has an invisible fairy most everyone and they do certain things for you such as find a parking spot every where you go, or make all the boys your age fall in love with you There s problems that arise with these two fairies in particular and two girls team up to figure out how to rid themselves of these nuisances of fairies.

  16. Maria V. Snyder

    This was a fun book to listen to Especially since I was recently in Australia and the reader s accent was Australian The plot was funny and different in this world everyone has a fairy and the main character wants to get rid of her parking fairy always finds the perfect parking spot for something better like a shopping fairy or boy fairy Worth the readen.

  17. Amanda

    I think this book is for 12 14 year olds All the made up words annoyed me and I felt like I couldn t concentrate I m sure younger kids would enjoy it than I did.

  18. Yacine N.

    CHARACTER The people that you least expect in the story, turn out to relate to the character than ever Even if they are the villain or archenemy Example I don t have any friends, Fiorenze said Except boys And Rochelle But she s friends with everyone So why me I said again, to make her answer my question Because you know what it s like to have a fairy you hate You re serious about getting rid of it You re the only one I can share this with Fiorenze was Charlie s archenemy, but it turns out that [...]

  19. Melani

    I am not impressed I would go so far as to say disappointed I was so looking forward to this book, I d seen it recced a few places and those people loved it But yea, this was not the book for me.Lets start with the thing that bothered me the most, the fictional slang Fictional slang is not something I normally have a problem with, in fact sometimes it s really cool to see how authors play with language The Uglies Trilogy used words differently and A Clockwork Orange smashed together several lang [...]

  20. Margo Berendsen

    This is not your average paranormal YA, even though it involves fairies Well, it sort of involves fairies You ll never see one, hear one, or fall in love with one in this book They have no personality, no form or appearance, but they do cause havoc in teenager s lives.This is a world very similiar to ours, where almost everyone admits to the existence of fairies, but no one has ever been able to prove their existence by actually catching one When a fairy attaches itself to you, it gives you very [...]

  21. Andrea at Reading Lark

    Review Posted on Reading Lark 7 22 12 readinglark 2012 First, I love this cover It just makes me laugh and perfectly captures the mood of this read It s silly, fun, and teaches some valuable lessons.Charlie lives in a world that is a combination of the US and Australia What makes her world so different from ours is the existence of fairies Some people are lucky enough to have fairies to assist them with some element in their life while others remain without a winged helper Charlie loathes her fa [...]

  22. Soseh

    The book How To Ditch Your Fairy by Justine Larbaleister, is about a fourteen year old girl who lives in a world alot like ours but with some major differences Charlie is an average high school student who lives in New Avalon and attends her local high school In this book, some of the people who live there were born with invisible fairies which give them extra talents some good and some bad Charlie got a parking fairy when she was born She s fourteen, can t drive, doesn t like cars, and is alway [...]

  23. Kelly

    Full review at yannabe 2009 07 09 review Summary In the city of New Avalon, most people have a fairy that helps them with something, like finding loose change or great clothes at bargain prices 14 year old Charlie has the lamest fairy of all, so she sets out to ditch it All is going according to plan until she gets a crush on a new boy at school, who then falls victim to another girl s every boy likes you fairy.Review In the language of New Avaloners, this book was vastly doos I zipped through i [...]

  24. Steph Bowe

    How to Ditch Your Fairy is fun than popping bubble wrap but still offers brain food, making it a highly accessible book both in and out of the classroom In New Avalon, almost everyone has a personal fairy that gives a particular brand of luck but 14 year old Charlie s perfect parking fairy is harm than help she s not old enough to drive herself and she s sick of people borrowing her when they need to find a good parking spot The lengths she ll go to in order to ditch her fairy and hopefully fi [...]

  25. Steph Su

    In the city of New Avalon, located in an alternate world, where people have personal specified fairies, fourteen year old Charlie Charlotte Steele is having a hard time She s a first year at the highly prestigious and strict New Avalon Sports High, and she has a parking fairy She guarantees that whatever car Charlie is in, that car will find the perfect parking space, right when you need it.A parking fairy is so NOT what a girl like Charlie wants Not only is it not fun, it also attracts attentio [...]

  26. Shelley

    This was clever and fun It opened with a lot of futuristic slang, which usually turns me right off, but I kept going In New Avalon, a futuristic hybrid of Australia and the US, citizens have fairies that help them in their lives never get cold fairy, find loose change fairy, etc Charlie is stuck with a finding a parking space fairy, but at age 14, she can t even drive She s stuck being borrowed by drivers, including school bully Danders At the start, this seemed to be setting up a lot of really [...]

  27. Lourdes Q.

    Lourdes quizhpi reading response I think that Charlie really learned her lesson by swapping fairies with Fiorenze she thought there couldn t be a fairy worst than a parking fairy but when she swapped fairies she learn that a every boy would like you fairy is worst but before she swapped, she thought the fairy would be the best in the world she was wrong which should really suck I think that this lesson can go into the real world too every person sometime in their life, wants something that a dif [...]

  28. Debrarian

    14 year old Charlie is plagued by the stupidness of her fairy a parking fairy Whenever she s in a car, the driver finds a great parking spot What use is that to Charlie She d rather have a shopping fairy like her best friend Rochelle great clothes amazing bargains , a never be late fairy, a never fumble fairy, a good hair fairy Even a loose change fairy one of the commonest would be fine Not everyone believes in the invisible creatures Charlie s dad, for instance, figures these things are attrib [...]

  29. Leann

    How to Ditch Your Fairy was definitely doos.This was such a fun fairy book, and a bit different from the norm New Avalon is like a mix of Australia and America, and the slang was fun and there s a glossary Doos is my new favorite word.Charlie hates her parking fairy and why wouldn t she She can t even drive Although I would personally love that fairy and would do anything to get rid of it And boy, does she do a lot When Charlie teams up with Fiorenze, things get interesting Charlie comes off as [...]

  30. Tasha

    This is a charmer of a novel by the author of the Magic and Madness trilogy In New Avalon, almost everyone has a fairy of their own The fairies are invisible and some people question whether they exist, but 14 year old Charlie knows that hers does Since she was tiny, she has been able to find a perfect parking space for whatever vehicle she is riding in She hates it Not only is it awfully inconvenient to always be asked to find someone a parking space, but she smells faintly of gasoline too Why [...]

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