Uma Sombra Sobre Florença (2020)

Uma Sombra Sobre Florença Sylvain Reynard Uma Sombra Sobre Floren a A antecipada sequela de Raven Noites de Floren a um romance sensual sobre a rela o perigosa e inebriante de Raven e William O Pr ncipe voltou professando o seu amor por Raven Wood que ter de tomar
  • Title: Uma Sombra Sobre Florença
  • Author: Sylvain Reynard
  • ISBN: 9789897102417
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Capa mole
Uma Sombra Sobre Florença Sylvain Reynard A antecipada sequela de Raven Noites de Floren a, um romance sensual sobre a rela o perigosa e inebriante de Raven e William O Pr ncipe voltou, professando o seu amor por Raven Wood, que ter de tomar uma decis o dif cil permitir que o Pr ncipe vingue o passado que ainda a atormenta ou persuadi lo a deter se Mas h muito mais em jogo do que apenas o cora o ou os senA antecipada sequela de Raven Noites de Floren a, um romance sensual sobre a rela o perigosa e inebriante de Raven e William O Pr ncipe voltou, professando o seu amor por Raven Wood, que ter de tomar uma decis o dif cil permitir que o Pr ncipe vingue o passado que ainda a atormenta ou persuadi lo a deter se Mas h muito mais em jogo do que apenas o cora o ou os sentimentos de Raven uma sombra abateu se sobre a cidade de Floren a O inspetor Batelli mant m se incans vel na busca pela liga o de Raven ao roubo de obras de arte de valor incalcul vel da Galeria Uffizi E, enquanto o Pr ncipe persegue um traidor que o ilude a cada passo que d , torna se ele pr prio alvo de um inimigo mortal Ser o capazes de ganhar esta batalha Uma coisa certa, o seu amor ter de permanecer secreto, caso contr rio estar o ambos em grande perigo.
Uma Sombra Sobre Florença Sylvain Reynard

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    Sylvain Reynard

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    FOUR STARS Netgalley ARC BR with Mel I like the way you feel I like discovering new things about your body how you react to my touch, to my kiss, to my body when it s inside yours You are a book that deserves to be read over and over again In this next installment William and Raven s love grows even stronger William will do anything to keep Raven safe and is determined to help her get retribution from those who have wronged her in the past But his thoughtfulness ends up backfiring on him and put [...]

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    The second book in The Florentine series, The Shadow continues the story of William and Raven After a brief separation, the two find their way back to each other, despite their obvious differences Finally being honest about his feelings, William and Raven seem to have found happiness in their relationship, only to have William s responsibilities as the prince wreak havoc on their lives.Perhaps it is just me, but this time around the storyline seemed a little flat to me Don t get me wrong, I enjo [...]

  3. CC

    4.5 StarsThe Shadow opens with an uninterrupted timeline from The Raven as William and Raven are committed to each other wholeheartedly There isn t anything William won t do for his Cassita and when he promised to give the gift of vengeance for her past, he takes his oath seriously It is at this point when Raven s character shines as the true protector and defender for those who were harmed As William admires Raven s strength and resilience, there are other forces that will continue to test thei [...]

  4. MELISSA *Mel Reader*

    4 He Was Hers Stars ARC provided by author BR with Patty In The Shadow the love story between vampire William York aka The Prince the human Raven Wood continues After being apart for about a month, this unlikely couple is reunited This extremely powerful vampire who is both respected feared has a soft side when it comes to Raven She begins to resurrect the humanity in him he thought was gone They continue to fall deeply in love with one another we see a tender side to William we thought didn t e [...]

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    The Shadow is the second installment in Sylvain Reynard s The Florentine series There is so much world building going on in this continuation I found it very informative about the history and structure of the vampire world In my perspective, some parts were dry but there was plenty to keep me engaged and eager for the next installment, such as romance, action suspense, vengeance, betrayal, and some family drama of the human variety The Shadow was a likable continuation in my opinion and I plan t [...]

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    Raven and William continue their passionate relationship in The Shadow, but there are things brewing in the background that become front and center by the end of the book One of the things I like best about this series is Raven and William s romance There s never a question about their love, they re completely devoted to one another to the point of obsession No worries of a third party causing doubts here Instead of looking for their own gain, both Raven and William are selfless in their affecti [...]

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    The Prince, The Raven The Shadow connect our beloved Gabriel Series to Sylvain s new paranormal Florentine Series.YOU NEED TO READ THE RAVEN BEFORE READING THE SHADOW And if you haven t already, read THE PRINCE first and before that The Gabriel Trilogy This 3rd book starts with a little time travel we see how William lost his first love many 100 years ago Then we go visit the Emersons to kill them No, he promised Raven not to hurt them.but he ll have a little talk with Gabriel.And then we go bac [...]

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    Here is a feast for my senses as well as my heart Well, what can I say that I haven t said before Honestly Hands down my favourite book in this series which once truly showcased the brilliance of Sylvain Reynard s writing This Author has always had a moving and striking way with words and once I was amazed at the perfection and beauty It s not just words it s poetry it s listening to a song whilst the heart beats in tandem to the tune furiously thumping its way into a rising crescendo I d forg [...]

  11. Beatrice Masaluñga

    As always, Sylvain Reynard never fails to mesmerized me with his words I love the way he tells a story with a delicate of history and romance in it It s amazing and consistent The Shadow is one of the books I m excited to dive in this year I m eager to know what happens on William York and Raven Wood s story I m not a good man I m not a good man at all But I love you and my love is certainly steadfast The story starts on what s left on The Raven wherein William York is about to give Raven a prec [...]

  12. Maria

    The Prince found all that is beautiful in Raven A bird in a cage is never beautiful as a bird that is free You are a book that deserves to be read over and over again I came to Florence in search of beauty and hope I was rewarded with both Once again, Sylvain Reynard s beautiful words have captivated me.I wanted to read The Shadow slowly and savor each word, but I found it too difficult to put down.I m mesmerized by his writing And that s all I have to say about that.5 enthralled stars 3

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    Despite my best intentions, my review for The Shadow is a year overdue This is a book I ve thought about a lot over the months, knowing my review would be wholly focused on William York After reading The Prince and The Raven, I had hopes that The Shadow would be pivotal in helping me to figure out the mysterious Prince of Florence once and for all When I read The Prince, William s visits to Santa Maria Novella and the Spanish Chapel stood out in my memory as a great opportunity to study his true [...]

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    One of my favorite books of 2015 was The Raven, the first book in this series I have loved every book by Sylvain Reynard that I ve read, and he continues to amaze me with his beautiful writing I was beyond grateful and excited to receive an advanced copy of the second book in the series, but honestly I was hesitant to dive into it immediately I always worry that the next book in a series, by one of my favorite authors, may not live up to my high expectations I was nervous and put off starting it [...]

  15. Bj

    4 4.5 Due Justice Stars for the story and 5 Stars for the narration In a provocative tale of revenge and justice, as well as, a story that will keeping you guessing as to who are true allies or traitors, The Shadow continues the intriguing paranormal tale of the Vampire Prince of Florence and his human love, Raven Wood Please note though that this is the second full length novel in a trilogy that must be read sequentially So if you have not yet started this series, please read my review of The R [...]

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    OMG We have the cover We have the cover AND it s exquisite, I LOVE it THE SHADOW is the sequel to The Raven and it will be released on 2 February 2016 I seriously CANNOT wait for this book, I m totally obsessed with this fascinating story D Purchase US UKBlurb Raven Wood s vampyre prince has returned, pledging his love and promising justice for every wrong done to her In the wake of their reunion, Raven is faced with a terrible decision allow the Prince to wreak vengeance against the demons of h [...]

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    What an absolute pleasure it was for me to read The Shadow by Sylvain Reynard As much as I enjoyed the first book, The Raven, this second installment was just that much richer and bolder I think it was also better because I felt a stronger bond and affinity with the characters You can read the rest of my review here bookishtemptations 2016 02

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    La verdad fue un poco decepcionante Esperaba m s de este libro.Me encant la trilog a del Infierno de Gabriel Esta nueva serie, no me esta gustando tanto Por un lado, en este libro, sus apariencias se sienten forzadas Adem s, no creo que haya mucha qu mica entre Raven y William No es suficiente para justificar todo el drama que los rodea de todos modos Algunas historias razones simplemente se sienten demasiado superficiales.La escritura de Reynard sigue siendo la misma y aunque la disfruto en alg [...]

  19. Mel

    Reread 2018 still as good upon reread I cannot wait to get to book 3 and finally see how this series ends Ahhhh so good I can t wait for the third book I m glad I wasn t let down by this one like I was by the second book in Gabriel s series.

  20. Gretchen(About That Story)

    Such a great story So passionate and sensual as well as action packed William and Raven are such interesting characters There is a great amount of passion between these two and they have a remarkable connection It s breathtaking, romantic, and exciting There were some ups and downs and bits of drama and emotion I found it all very captivating It s a wonderfully written story, almost lyrical in a way as the words flow, drawing you in.I loved learning Williams background and about his change, that [...]

  21. Literati Literature Lovers

    Full Review to come closer to release This is a book for lovers of complex characters and paranormal suspense It explores the moralistic ideals of good versus evil, and the transformative effects of love and hope Now I just need to trim my review that has turned into a thesis on vampirism My William, the Prince of Florence ARC was provided by the publisher.

  22. Kathryn

    PHENOMENAL I literally could not put this book down and AHHH More review to come I am not even sure where to begin this reviewI truly love anything Sylvain Reynard creates His Gabriel Inferno s series was amazing and when I heard he was going to step in to the paranormal genre, I was beyond ecstatic.So, as I dove in to The Raven getting the opportunity to meet these intriguing characters I was immediately hooked.I read The Raven right before reading The Shadow and for two straight books being im [...]

  23. Shayna

    A sensual and gripping continuation of William and Raven s love story The passion and intrigue flowed so easily with every turn of the page This engrossing romance plays out like a movie in my head and fascinates me to no end SR s lyrical prose keeps me enthralled and consumes all my thoughts while taking me on a spellbinding journey filled with romance, passion, emotion, and suspense I needed William and Raven s happily ever after like I needed my next breath I m counting down the days until I [...]

  24. Toni FGMAMTC

    FGMAMTC Blog Review4.5 starsI really liked The Raven, but for me, The Shadow is even better The plot picks up exactly where it left off If you enjoyed the art and history intermingled with vampire fantasy and carnal desire featured in The Raven, you re in for of the same depth Features that I didn t notice as much from the first book but loved in this one mostly include the action and twists There is a war brewing The reader has to try to deduce who is bad or good Also, several little important [...]

  25. Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)

    THE SHADOW is the second book in the Florentine series but really, it should actually be considered a continuation series of Gabriel Emerson While I have no problem knowing that this is a spin off series, my real issue with this series so far is the fact that the author is still grounding this entire series on past characters I enjoyed Gabriel and his wife but their story has come to a beautiful end This Florentine series marks a change in several areas of Reynard s writing This is supposed to b [...]

  26. Julia (ten_thousand_books)

    Dang, this series just keeps getting better and better 3Literally squealed when I saw there was a third book.

  27. Luv My Books ♡

    The Shadow, brings so much to this great series Along with a beautiful continuation of the love story of Prince William and his Cassita, Raven, ahhh, we get conflicts that lay a great foreboding in the principality, building up to The Roman Thank you, Sylvain Reynard To quote Raven describing William in chapter eight, this book is both beautiful and terrible There is so much beauty in Sylvain Reynard s writing He gives so many meaningful scenes, with hope and longing being strong SR s writing i [...]

  28. Elli~iris

    SR has done it again with his new release of The Shadow I ve followed him along with the other muses of Argyle Empire through Sylvain Reynard s Gabriel Series, to The Prince Novella that bridges his series, and now through The Raven and The Shadow of The Florentine Series and can t wait for the final installment planned thus far I truly loved getting to know the dark Prince of Florence, William York in this book and seeing him evolve and reawaken parts of himself that were dormant before he met [...]

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