Dark Planet Warriors: Taken (2020)

Dark Planet Warriors: Taken Anna Carven Dark Planet Warriors Taken Abbey So I wake up and find myself on a Military Space Station just off Kythia the home planet of the Kordolians General Tarak wants me to stay put but there s no way I m sitting around in his clau
  • Title: Dark Planet Warriors: Taken
  • Author: Anna Carven
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Dark Planet Warriors: Taken Anna Carven Abbey So I wake up and find myself on a Military Space Station, just off Kythia, the home planet of the Kordolians General Tarak wants me to stay put, but there s no way I m sitting around in his claustrophobic quarters I need to be looking for a way to get back home Fortuna Tau is being overrun by disgusting, oversized insects, and I m stuck here, at the other end of tAbbey So I wake up and find myself on a Military Space Station, just off Kythia, the home planet of the Kordolians General Tarak wants me to stay put, but there s no way I m sitting around in his claustrophobic quarters I need to be looking for a way to get back home Fortuna Tau is being overrun by disgusting, oversized insects, and I m stuck here, at the other end of the universe On the upside, at least my injuries are healed The General is being a big, arrogant jerk He won t tell me anything He s walking around his quarters half dressed, unaware that his bare, sculpted torso is a bit too distracting And the food on this station leaves a lot to be desired Kordolians obviously haven t discovered the glory of nachos yet At this rate I don t know if I ll ever get to taste chocolate again When I ask when he s going to take me back, he gets evasive I don t like that So when he has to leave me alone to attend to some official business, I decide to explore Sneaking around this huge, floating station, I soon realize that not all Kordolians are as, uh, friendly as the General To some of them, I m nothing than a giant, walking lab rat I really have to find a way to get back home Before I end up on a dissection table Tarak To my relief, the nanograft is a success The female has healed, and she s probably even physically stronger than before It s too bad the High Council have been informed of her presence Apparently, Humans are reproductively compatible with our species They want her They demand I hand her over Absolutely not She s mine The infernal High Council can go rot in one of Kaiin s hells, for all I care When I return to the Fleet Station, I find she hasn t obeyed my orders I told her to stay in my quarters Stubborn female I need to find her before those idiotic scientists get to her And if any Kordolian dares to harm her, they will answer to me Dark Planet Warriors is a 3 book serial Each book is an episode of Abbey and Tarak s story, just like a TV series A new installment will be released every few weeks Books in series Book one InvasionBook two TakenBook three EscapeDue to violence, swearing and steamy sex scenes, these books are recommended for readers aged 18 years and over.
Dark Planet Warriors: Taken Anna Carven

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    Anna Carven

One thought on “Dark Planet Warriors: Taken

  1. Tink Magoo is bad at reviews

    I liked this one just as much as the first.Tarak and Abby get to spend time together and things are developing nicely There s some drama and still those traces of humour Also we get some ridged alien penis Hooray He s nothing short of impressive.I run my hand along its length There are small, raised ridges along the top of his shaft Safety gang view spoiler So Tarak is a virgin, or shall I say he was sly wink but Abby isn t She s had quite a few lovers but has never had an orgasm Also both are [...]

  2. Tricia Len

    Tarak and Abby may be worlds apart but when they come togethere sparks fly I love this series I wanted to find out what happened next.I loved the way Abby keeps the General on his toesd his hormones raging Takak is swoon worthy Sexy, Alpha, Dominating.Abby is smart and sassy Great back story and second charactersOn to book two

  3. T00zday

    I am so glad that I decided to read this serial Fantastic world building and I m nearly panting for book 3Kindle Unlimited.More after a re read SO very recommended.

  4. Kimberlee

    4 Fun StarsI m really liking this little tale of adventure Tarak is a Kordolian General and he has mated with the human Abbey The two of them together make quite the pair Now they just have to find a way to coexist together If you are a Kindle Unlimited Subscriber this is on the free read list

  5. Willow Brooks

    Love this heroine She s funny, smart, and says whatever comes to her mind This is a nice little series.

  6. Gardavson

    Loved it Really like these characters Like the direction the book is going Can t wait to get to the next one.

  7. Bex (Beckie Bookworm)

    Fab read Still enjoying Abbey and the Generals story looking forward to the next installment A really engaging read love me a bit of sci fi.

  8. Monica

    ManI think that sex scene alone made the book Very interestingunderwater and I mean all the way under Anyways, this is a continuation of Tarak and Abbey She wakes up confused and scared She panics because she is alone and claustrophobic He s kinda vague in what exactly they ve done to her but she seems to table it for now While he s off to a meeting the the High Counsel he tells her for her safety to stay inside Does she listen Um no she s too stubborn and wants to find a way home She gets into [...]

  9. Angelena

    I m going to do one rating for this whole book I looooved reading this It ws very interesting and the characters really captured my attention, they were both pretty badass I like that there was a outside problem so it wasn t 100% all about their relationship I also liked that they solved the outside problem, you d be surprised how many stories forget to do that I really enjoy the world building this story had and the way they explained how some things worked, like how they got oxegyn in space, i [...]

  10. Mom23greatboys

    I have a hard time reviewing a book when really it s only a third of the book I read the first three books in the series which is really just one full book The book description and the other reviews do a good job of describing the plot of the book so I won t repeat This is a Sci fi romance book similar to Tracy St.John and Evangeline Anderson though really Evangeline Anderson is the queen of the Sci fy romance with heat I m not always a fan of books written in first person but seeing the book fr [...]

  11. Borderstar

    3.5 stars rounded up to 4 this is part 2 of 3 installments which make up the full first story in this series.Installment 2 review This middle installment flew by each piece is quite short although together the three do make around a 250 page story , so we just get a bit story and character development every time.The infinity pool description sounded absolutely awesome what a great idea I still want to know a lot about both characters Oh and I liked the additional part to the plot with the rogu [...]

  12. Brenda

    Even shorter with only 71 pages I do like quick reads The plot is much interesting and the author has a great style of writing unless it pertains to direct dialogue and interactions between Abbey and the General The writing is choppy and awkward not intentional so the conversations are off Also the author should watch out for inconsistencies like Abbey is wearing night vision goggles in one sentence and then the next the General is moved by the emotions in her eyes She s still wearing goggles.

  13. Jenny Delandro

    So much happens in this short novella Abbey has been restored by Koldolian nano technology but that does not mean she is not still claustrophobic She causes a stir onboard the space station but her General is on the planet when soldiers start chasing her.Tarek is in command of the First Fleet and he is beyond pissed when informed her little pet is now out of his hands I like Abbey s character and she is strong and funny and intelligent Tarek assumes tht she knows a lot of stuff which results in [...]

  14. Hollie

    I m not crazy about serial reads, but since this one is only supposed to be a 3 part serial and its offered as a kindleunlimited, I decided to give it a try This book, like the first one, was ok There wasn t a whole lot going on because each portion of the serial is so short, but I can see it making for a pretty good sci fi alien romance once complete I ll check out the next book since its already available.

  15. Angie

    My favorite installment of the 3 episodes Spoilers ahead view spoiler I have a few consent issues here about donating the nanograft without telling her it was being done, that it came from him, and what the consequences side effects might be Not to mention the hinted at cultural aspects of the blood giving Strong and silent is hot and all but these little details seem sort of important And she didn t think to press about how she was miraculously healed Come on, girrrrl hide spoiler

  16. Gena

    This is a fun book but be warned, it s a serial and you need to have Escape handy to read or you ll go crazy wondering what s going to happen Tarak and Abbey are good characters and they have excellent chemistry Abbey does have one duh moment and I thought uh oh, but the book recovers nicely Tarak is an Alpha without the asshole and Abbey is very relatable and I was rooting for her I d definitely recommend and am looking forward to reading in the series.

  17. Jeanie Szulborski

    Dark planet warriors taken by alien romance serial book two Read one read two and ordering three cannot put down tired but I m gonna read the third one now awesome awesome awesome can t wait how is it that I just been your books now I really close to 10 books a week and probably read all your stuff within the next week or so thank you thank you thank you

  18. Jessica Alvis

    Couldn t put it down Like I said in my review for book three, I am soooooo happy I found this series when so many books were already out I charged through them in a day The hero and Abbey are wonderful and I love their chemistry, I love how they respected each other as equals and Abbey could hold her own Great story and I am really looking forward to .

  19. Patti Ashley

    Aliens rockTarak has taken Abbey to his fleet station Of course this is another alien world that needs compatible females, even if they are an inferior species Of course Tarak is keeping his human and it is revealed that he is working with other Kordolians to change their world Loving this series Writing is fast paced and very descriptive.

  20. Elaine Kirby

    Still Very Good This is a fast paced story that goes from Tarak s point of view to Abbey s point of view In this part there s an abduction, a rescue a sex scene Even though I normally don t like books that come in parts this series has kept me interested so I m going to finish reading the parts for Tarak s Abbey s story.

  21. Michelle Littlefield

    Great new series I m so glad I found this new author Love the characters and the world building Even though serials drive me nuts , I ll stick this one out I can t wait for the third book

  22. Chantelle

    Getting goodTotally not what I was expecting and in a good way I was expecting a cheesy alien romance which it s necessarily a bad thing but I wasn t looking for that This is getting pretty good and I m excited for the next part

  23. Sheree

    Loving itAdventure, steamy underwater sex nice Abby needs to listen n stop being stuck on stupid the man has kept his word give a lil trust I like Tarak my kinda guy, aggressive, alpha, yet he knows how to treat a female.

  24. Rosa Maria Garcia

    AwesomeThis book was just as great as the first one As usual the characters were awesome and well match for each other It only gets better as it goes on and so ready to read book 3 to see what happens next

  25. Amanda

    Pretty happy with this new author right now It s pretty difficult to find good sci fi romances, so I ll definitely be checking out of her work in the further Not to mention this was on KU awesomeness.

  26. Betty

    Getting Better as it goes along Intriguing suspenseful story with a little sexy scenes coming into the story Not going to write much because I want to read what happens next I am enjoying it Check out for yourself and enjoy

  27. ToniB

    Great read Leaves you wanting sexy KordoliansI wish the three Dark Planet Warriors were combined Great job with characters and plot Moves a little slow some times.

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