قصص الأنبياء (2020)

قصص الأنبياء ابن كثير
  • Title: قصص الأنبياء
  • Author: ابن كثير
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Hardcover
قصص الأنبياء ابن كثير .
قصص الأنبياء ابن كثير

  • UNLIMITED BOOK · قصص الأنبياء - by ابن كثير
    ابن كثير

One thought on “قصص الأنبياء

  1. Razzberry

    When I was growing up, there weren t all that many books on Islam in English, so when this book was translated, I didn t care that the layout and language could have been refined Mine is the first edition I was just thrilled that I finally had access to the stories I had wanted to read as a child.These stories, from Adam to Isa peace be upon them all , are compiled from Imam Ibn Kathir s Al Bidayah wan Nihayah They are supported by references from the Qur an and Sunnah.I used this book for my da [...]

  2. Emily Iliani

    After months of slaving and going through the spiritual turmoil, finally closed the book for one last time and tasted the sweet victory I enjoyed the arabic verses included in the narration as well as the questionable hadith Love that once you read it, you can tell the reasons for all the variations of history told and passed down mouth from mouth.

  3. Jarir

    Great source of understanding about the Prophets and Messengers taken from an Islamic perspective the author also used Biblical and Torah literature to fill in where neccessary and where he thought as compatible with Islamic thought Inpsiring to read about these great men.

  4. Mystery

    There was much that I learned from this book Some stories were rather fun to read, while others would be better off as a reference This particular book does not fair well as a translation I believe much of the eloquent speech was lost, and I wish that we were given the names of the prophets in arabic as well as in the christian way Yet, I don t think there could be a better concise composition of prophet s stories as this one.

  5. Usman Ahmed

    It s a good book if one wants to learn the stories of the blessed Prophets of Allah as , and is especially good to read to children However, Allah Almighty says in the Qur an that He narrated specific stories so that we may reflect upon them Although a good book and few language errors present, I would recommend the lecture audios, The Lives of the Prophets, by Imam Anwar Al Awlaki, which you can download for free, if one wishes to understand the stories better.

  6. Aliya

    I don t even know where to start with this book It was horribly written, clearly unedited and full of mistakes Some parts of it were even written as though it were written for a play except it wasn t It was very odd It has a huge tendency of bashing the prophets and contradicting what it says in the process so that nothing makes sense in it If you want to read about the prophets, find another book.

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