Single Sashimi (2020)

Single Sashimi Camy Tang Single Sashimi The third book in the Sushi series reunites four cousins Lex Trish Jennifer and Venus for romance with the spice of ginger In the world of video games innovation is king And Venus Chau has been re
  • Title: Single Sashimi
  • Author: Camy Tang
  • ISBN: 9780310274001
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Paperback
Single Sashimi Camy Tang The third book in the Sushi series reunites four cousins Lex, Trish, Jennifer, and Venus for romance with the spice of ginger.In the world of video games, innovation is king And Venus Chau has been reigning queen, one of the high powered developers in the industry But Venus also has a reputation for not being the easiest person to work with After her massive weightThe third book in the Sushi series reunites four cousins Lex, Trish, Jennifer, and Venus for romance with the spice of ginger.In the world of video games, innovation is king And Venus Chau has been reigning queen, one of the high powered developers in the industry But Venus also has a reputation for not being the easiest person to work with After her massive weight loss at age twenty five that turned her from a geeky blimp into JLo, CEO Drake Yu tried to force her to use her looks to benefit his company, and Venus has never forgiven him.Now Drake needs her expertise for his sister s startup and is asking for a second chance Grandma bribes Venus to do this favor for Drake s wealthy family with an introduction to an investor for Venus s game development company They form an uneasy truce for the next few months.But one wild youth group, a two faced assistant, and Grandma s determined match making threaten to make them both fail or go insane And Venus discovers that even a wounded heart can undergo a beautiful transformation
Single Sashimi Camy Tang

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One thought on “Single Sashimi

  1. Cathy Daniel

    Oh, I loved this book I loved Venus feisty personality This was awesome So sad to see it end glad I have books to read in the series though

  2. Ruth

    Venus, the business minded, career driven sushi cousin, has a life most people would envy she s drop dead gorgeous, makes good money, and is brilliant to boot As her close as sisters cousins begin to find love and settle down, her life on the career fast track begins to feel as though it s lacking something It doesn t help that her devotions time has become rote, just one item to squeeze into a packed day Venus has struggled for years to be taken seriously in the male dominated gaming industry, [...]

  3. Michelle

    Of the three books in the Sushi Series I think this was my least favorite I identified most with Trish in Only Uni, then Lex in Sushi for One I think maybe because Venus was so stand offish and SO not cuddly or feminine She always got angry and sort of revengeful like a man would instead of sadwhen things went wrong, anyway, and that would be the female emotion I suppose that speaks for the author s well done characterization because she made sure that Venus was tough and man like all the way th [...]

  4. Judy

    Single Sashimi By Camy TangSushi Series Book 3Venus Chau lives a very controlled life She works in the gaming world and being a woman is a disadvantage When she was fat she was one of the guys or invisible Now that she lost weight they look at her with other ideas She just wants to get her program bug free and start her own company Even if it means taking a job with Drake Yu and going to Grandma for help Two things that go against everything in Venus.I found this book to the be the most emotiona [...]

  5. Pygmy

    Perhaps closer to a 2.5 stars It was better than the 2nd in the series, but still less enjoyable than the first I like how the author tries to tackle so many different occupations, and does a not too shabby job at convincing us that the characters know their stuff Like the previous books in the series, the plotline is packed with events, challenges, and distractions, but thankfully, this time it manages to be less a laundry list of Things to Make the Main Character Suffer and instead consistentl [...]

  6. Rachel

    This is the third novel about the Sakai cousins, about the 3rd cousin, Venus She is one of four Asian American Christians in a family of Buddhists They are about faith and persistence despite various difficulties in their lives and the interference of an overwhelming grandma determined to see them married The book is well written and entertaining, and the characters are well developed.

  7. Dara

    Perhaps I wasn t as focused on this book as the previous two, but I had a harder time getting into this one I tried to identify with Venus but just couldn t I loved the previous books, but I couldn t seem to finish this one I may try it again later.

  8. Nadine Keels

    This was who she wished to beThe sight took her breath away, while at the same time a part inside her scolded for how much she enjoyed being beautiful.Venus Chau A driven businesswoman in a constant fight for professional respect, particularly respect from men She s not exactly the softest or most charming of personalities Some find her intimidating And, hey, she even intimidates herself that is, when she glimpses the glory of her femininity, she does.Single Sashimi is the second book I ve read [...]

  9. Wisteriouswoman

    I had trouble putting this book down It was great to have a romance where the characters weren t stereotypical white people but had a San Francisco multicultural flavor instead The main female character has a strong personality and despite all her foibles I identified with her It kept me interested The book really focuses on how bitter girls can be when they are denigrated or ignored or treated disrespectfully because of the way they look despite their other qualities What I especially enjoyed w [...]

  10. Tamara Tilley

    SINGLE SASHIMI is the third book in the Sushi Series by Camy Tang Camy s main character, Venus Chau is a strong, independent businesswoman But much of her strong exterior is a mask for the years of insecurities she carries around with her as an overweight and underappreciated teen With her expertise in the world of computer gaming, she aspires to have her own company one day where she can showcase the cutting edge computer program she is designing Unfortunately, Venus has several bumps and turns [...]

  11. Jennifer

    Maybe it s just me, but the entire book seemed rushed Perhaps it was intentional, to serve as a reflection of the main character s personality, but the way that the peripheral characters stories were written Lex and Aiden, specifically seemed hurried along Even the ending lacked a sense of resolution.That being said, what bumped this up to three stars was, as in the first two installments in this series, the gritty reality of life portrayed I love love love that Camy Tang doesn t write Christian [...]

  12. ⚜️Trea

    This book is the third in Camy Tang s Sushi Series and it continued the tradition of the series by improving upon it s predecessor, Only Uni I enjoyed Venus character a lot, as I was able to identify with her geekishness and her overweight issues Granted, she had lost a lot of her weight prior to the start of the series, but she still had the lingering issues from it, and it made her very aloof character much approachable for me as the reader There were no hot button issues to deal with here, j [...]

  13. Linnette

    Camy has a unique voice This is definitely a different read from most Christian Fiction Her Asain angle adds a needed freshness to the Christian market I haven t read the first two in this series, but I m sure I d enjoy them as well I wasn t totally endeared to the heroine I think we re just too different I do understand her and sympathize with her and was rooting for her, though The hero I loved for understanding the heroine the way he did I would have preferred a little dramatic ending, but t [...]

  14. Gail

    The third book in the Sushi series Venus who worked hard for the promotion gets passed over by someone lower than her in the company She has been working on a new video game and wants to start her own company Drake her old boss from another company wants her to come and help his sister s company Venus wants nothing to do with Drake but in steps grandma and makes her an offer she can t refuse So she goes to work for his sister This book has lots of twists and turns It is an amazing story between [...]

  15. Loraine

    I have loved Camy Tang s Sushi Series, but Single Sashimi is my favorite so far I definitely identified with Venus as she fought her trials and tribulations of being a woman in the gaming industry Venus was great at putting up a big front for other people since she had always had a difficult time being accepted by both family and co workers for who she was First they were put off by her brains and drive and then they were put off later by her beauty It was only when she found where God s place i [...]

  16. Catherine Richmond

    I ve had a few rough days in my job but nothing like Venus Chau who works as a Game Lead You might think the video game industry was all fun and games Instead it s cutthroat, male dominated, and crisis driven Venus has been an enigma since Sushi for One, the first book in this series Single Sashimi takes the reader past Venus s hard shell and into the mysterious world of game development, international finance, and, eek Grandma Sakai The author has a deft touch, explaining just enough without ov [...]

  17. Shannah Mauney

    Wow This book was absolutely amazing I mean, I was devastated when I left it at home on accident one day and picked it up as soon as I walked through the door I love Camy Tang s writing style and can t get over how immersed I feel in the Japanese Chinese American Culture as soon as I start reading With updates from our other favorite characters, Lex and Trish, this story had me hooked from beginning to end Read my full review faithlovebooks 20

  18. Sara

    I read these books a little out of order, so this was the last one I read Really this is kind of a review of the whole series Crazy family aside, I don t think I ve had this much in common with fictional characters ever I love Christian chick lit, but sometimes the characters are just too good to completely relate to Not so in this case These books were a joy to read, I only wish there were cousins to read about

  19. Library Diva

    I love this book Best read all year I learned so much from this exciting contemporary story I feel like i could just go out and design video games after reading this hint Lively, entertaining, educational, shows how God s love can heal and how he can bless you beyond what you imagined Thank You Camy Tang Can t wait to read of your books Thanks to our library for carrying these great reads Good for Adult and YA audiences.

  20. Rhonda

    This is an absolutely fantastic read.Camy Tang does a wonderful job of placing the reader inside the Asian American culture Her characters are delightful and realistic, and her approach to complex situations is simplistic and understandable This book is a very fun, relaxing and entertaining read.

  21. Sally

    I thought that the book was very good I enjoyed it all It left me wanting to see of our main couple though But, in the end, I think that my favorite part was just how realistically it was written The main character was not living solely for the purpose of romance, it came second to living life and working.

  22. Magma

    ohmygosh this book was the best okay.I guess I like Lex s story a bit but this one was really good my mom and I really enjoyed it.I can t believe how big a jerk Drake was when Venus quit.if it was me I would have kicked him.or keyed his car jkingwellabout the keying at least

  23. Jane

    Another really great book from Camy Tang I read the majority of the book in one sitting I must confess I stayed up a little later than normal just so I could finish it I am having a hard time deciding which of the three books in this series is my favorite.

  24. Jennifer

    With every book in this series, Tang gets better the plot is tighter, the characters believable and there are unexpected twists and turns Setting the book in the world of video game development was unusual and added to its appeal.I hope this isn t the end of the series.

  25. Evangeline

    As usual Camy Tang had me laughing and craving some Asian cuisine as I read her latest I ve loved all the books in her Sushi Series, and I can t wait to see what she does to poor Jenn in the last book Keep the tasty fiction coming, Camy.

  26. Laura

    I am really liking this series It s going to be four books I haven t read the final one yet The series is about a group of 4 cousins that are Christian s living in San Fransisco Each book is about a different one of the girls.

  27. Aurora

    I would have liked a bit romance but I think Camy Tang accurately reflected the life of any working Christian woman with a large family My life rarely has time for anything OTHER than school work family, so I easily idenitified.

  28. Angelina

    This is my favorite of the Camy Tang love stories, in large part because I laughed so hard at the way the heroine stepped in to deal with the first crisis at her new job.

  29. Karen Phillips

    Hooked on this series, I had to learn what romance and life changes might unfold for Venus I wasn t disappointed.

  30. Salinka

    C tait correct Surtout, elle tait moins folle de J sus que ses cousines, d o la deuxi me toile M me si cela m rite seulement une demie toile.

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