A Game Of Chance (2020)

A Game Of Chance Linda Howard A Game Of Chance HIS ONLY CHANCEUndercover agent Chance Mackenzie knew that the best way to capture an elusive terrorist was to use the man s daughter as bait so he cleverly seduced Sunny Miller and set out to discov
  • Title: A Game Of Chance
  • Author: Linda Howard
  • ISBN: 9780373270910
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
A Game Of Chance Linda Howard HIS ONLY CHANCEUndercover agent Chance Mackenzie knew that the best way to capture an elusive terrorist was to use the man s daughter as bait, so he cleverly seduced Sunny Miller and set out to discover her father s whereabouts Sunny s own innocence was questionable, and gaining her trust was nearly impossible And even with all his experience and training, Chance found iHIS ONLY CHANCEUndercover agent Chance Mackenzie knew that the best way to capture an elusive terrorist was to use the man s daughter as bait, so he cleverly seduced Sunny Miller and set out to discover her father s whereabouts Sunny s own innocence was questionable, and gaining her trust was nearly impossible And even with all his experience and training, Chance found it difficult to overlook her beauty However, Chance soon realized that Sunny wasn t running from him she was running for her life, and she needed Chance s protection But keeping Sunny safe would involve telling her the truth about his mission and what she d done to his heart.
A Game Of Chance Linda Howard

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    106 Linda Howard
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One thought on “A Game Of Chance

  1. Chantal ❤️

    This Book was passable but what defied all logic to me was how she could just forgive him like that after all that he done to her Screwing her for information and for her cooperation in being the bait to bring her father down It was seriously just One I love you no forgive me I am a lying asshole I give up I did not like that at all He was too much of a jerk after he knew all that she had been through and if she had not been pregnant he would have just walked away I don t like books where the he [...]

  2. Karla

    I loved, loved this book It was bittersweet, since it was the final one in the series I just enjoyed everything about Chance s story Sunny was as an awesome heroine, together they were HOT It starts out at Mackenzie s mountain, and as she did in the entire series, LH brings us back to the mountain and Wolf and Mary for the final few pages.I d always hoped that Linda Howard would continue this series with the Wolf and Mary s grandchildren, but she said that would mean that Wolf and Mary would be [...]

  3. Preeti ♥︎ (Romance She Reads)

    Crash landing into the desert and playing survival games with a sex on legs pilot Ticks lot many boxes on my cravings list Another riveting Linda Howard Even with a scheming, lying rat for a H, I totally digged this one The h was as sweet and trusting as they come Although it was a bit hard to swallow how she got the case of stupids, her supposedly being a hard assed on the run survivalist herself.So our black ops kinda guy, believing her hands in gloves with her terrorist dad or at the very lea [...]

  4. ♡Karlyn P♡

    3.5 A good ending to the MacKenzie Mountain family saga by Linda Howard This is Chance s story, the adopted young man who lived on the streets, nearly wild, until Wolf and Mary adopted him at the age of 14 Now a grown man and a former Army Ranger, Chance is working undercover on a mission to bring down a known terrorist After discovering that his enemy has a beautiful daughter, he sets a plan of seduction into motion to find out just what she knows.Sunny wants to avoid captures from her father, [...]

  5. Lauren

    A Game of Chance4 StarsChance Mackenzie, the half wild child adopted by Wolf and Mary Mackenzie, has become a dedicated undercover agent When information concerning the daughter of a notorious terrorist comes to his attention, Chance embarks on a mission to seduce her and discover the extent of her involvement in her father s business However, there is to Sonia Sunny Miller than meets the eye and Chance soon realizes that he is willing to risk a lot than his life to learn her secrets A sweet e [...]

  6. Dorsey aka ❤️ Wrath Lover Reviews❤️

    4.5 Flying Stars Another great MacKenzie romance, this one features adopted MacKenzie son Chance and Sunny, the daughter of a terrorist who is wanted by pretty much every global agency for his dirty deeds Chance sets up a accidental meeting with Sunny in an attempt to catch her fathery problem is Sunny is in hiding and has never even met her infamous father.Chance slowly begins to believe that they the agency made a mistake by targeting her, but, he still makes the conscience decision to use her [...]

  7. Joa

    She She gives him her virginity.She gives him her trust.She gives him her love.She gives him a son.She is willing to sacrifice herself for him.She sacrifices herself for him.And he He gives her a web of lies.He gives her a one time close encounter with death He uses her to his own ends He endangers her without any second thoughts or remorse.So She ends up in the hospital with part of her liver removed and a resection of her small intestine After her stay at this 5 star hotel , he forces her to g [...]

  8. Dee

    Chance is the boy that Wolf and Mary adopted when he was 14 Mary had found him when he was seriously ill and laying along the roadside In typical Wolf and Mary style they adopted him, treated him the same as their other children and raised him as a Mackenzie.I loved this story, in fact I am prepared to say it is the best in the series and I loved the ending and then the epilogue.Sad to see the end of the Mackenzies wish that Ms Howard had gone on and written stories about the grandkids.I can t h [...]

  9. Sammy

    I was completely disappointed by this last book in the series.Chance is the kind of man that I would never want to end up with He is completely selfish and his need for Sunny was unjustified as written by the author because 1 he is uncomfortable with intimacy love and avoids it from his very loving family Thus, it went against his character as described to actively pursue Sunny and in the author s attempt to grow his character he only halfheartedly does so 2 the length of time he actively pursue [...]

  10. Jacqueline

    Reread This and Mackenzie s Mountain are my favorite of the Mackenzie books I just love the resilient cheerful heroine The hero was a jerk for using her but I guess hey it s fiction and he needed to catch the bad guy But I did enjoy him and how he was so in love with her and desperate to have her forgive him at the end Enjoyed seeing all the Mackenzies again.

  11. Lisa

    I really enjoyed this book As I ve been working my way through the MacKenzie series it s been fun to watch Linda Howard s skills evolve with each book And she d clearly hit her stride by the time she wrote A Game of Chance Both the hero and heroine are likeable, well rounded characters with strong backstories and motivations The chemistry between them is sizzling and the plot is compelling The overall pacing is good, with enough time spent developing the romance to make it believable but not so [...]

  12. Amanda Sheila

    5 STARS AND BEYOND INDEED Finally, a real moment of misunderstanding that made me cry for like 15 minutes and stopped me from reading I m so happeeeeh Even though I kind of mad at Linda Howard for separating Chance from other Mackenzies, while the Mackanzies themself are fighting so hard to make Chance feel like one of them, by making a title with the word Mackanzie in it like the rest of the books, I still love her so much Her writing are ridiculously good and I feel like I m the heroine becaus [...]

  13. Aarann

    I m on a Linda Howard kick lately and I picked this one up for a re read.First of all, I d never realized before how much Howard likes survival settings for her romances I can now think of three of her books that feature a man and woman in a survival setting this, Up Close and Dangerous, and the ridiculous, Prey I want to say Burn and Ice are both along those lines too but I never got very far in the former it was slow in starting and it s been so long since I read the latter that I m not sure b [...]

  14. Norma

    I love the MacKenzie family I think the first chapter was just for those of us who love them so much I love visiting them.Chance s book was good, but not great Better than Joe s book I really didn t like Joe I do wonder what it is with these Mackenzies that they never use birth control Didn t Wolf teach his children about this I loved reading about Chance and Zane s relationship.Chances actions toward Sunny were unforgivable and she forgave too easily I can see forgiving him eventually, but it w [...]

  15. Sobia

    While I think this is one of those books every romance reader should at least attempt, I have to admit I had a hard time liking this one Well Wait, I liked it initially In particular, I liked the heroine , and I liked the build up of the story but the end bothered me to no end The hero is basically a jerk,and does jerk things, and the heroine of course forgives him with barely a an apology, soley because he said he loved her And of course that makes everything all right The worst aspect, at leas [...]

  16. Kathleen

    As another reader said, the final kiss and make up scene wrapped up too abruptly So, why do I like this book so much I dunno I love it as much for the scenes portraying the feral, homeless adolescent named Sooner as for the romantic suspense plot portraying the adult Sooner, re named Chance, a covert agent I love the deep trust between Chance and his adoptive bro, Zane I adore all the scenes with the two badass warriors, Chance and Zane, especially when they are responsible for the little childr [...]

  17. Wendy

    As with all of the McKenzie novels I loved this book Howard has a way of writing strong characters with rich backgrounds that really appeal to me Chance McKenzie is the adopted son of of a half breed Father and a white mother He grew up on the streets alone, fighting for survival When his adoptive parents found him and adopted him he was 14 Chance has always felt that he wasn t like the rest of the family, he was trouble that the McKenzie s didn t need, but he couldn t resist their love and acce [...]

  18. Jude

    I am very glad I gave the book a read after some negative comments I understood that Chance survived the streets until the Mackenzies adopted him at fourteen He was half wild and old enough to wonder how they could love someone unwanted from the gutter like him but he grew up loving his adopted family He doesn t see how he will ever open up and trust anyone other than the family who accepted him unconditionally The only way to stop a world terrorist who has killed hundreds is through the man s d [...]

  19. Aquit

    SPOILERS AHEADI read only the first three chapters and I already knew what was going to happen at the beginning, middle, and the end of the book 1 Chase uses Sunny to track down her terrorist father2 Chase uses some scheme to make Sunny stick with him 24 73 Chase uses Sunny for sex and pretends to have a love affair with her4 Track down bad guys while fighting attraction and using hot sex as diversion5 Sunny discovers that Chase is using her6 Sunny is pregnant and Chase goes he man on her7 Sunny [...]

  20. Aifos

    I think I liked Chance before I read his book I really liked the central plot, Chance trying to catch a terrorist decides to get close to the terrorists daughter and make her fall in love with him enough to spill her beans about her dad Seemed interesting enough, and the book was pretty good until Sunny found out who he really was She was obviously mad and feeling betrayed, but she forgave him way too easily in my opinion, and that was definitely a hit on the book As usual, it was very heart wa [...]

  21. Lola

    My favourite Mackenzie book.As in most other books it comes to forgiving something unforgivable And I m always surprises how easy it is I would ve forgiven him as well The only downside was that the book ended too quickly it didn t seem the forgiveness conversation was over just yet The love from the heart always goes beyond reasons of the mind and this was the most visible in this book This is one of the reasons why I enjoyed it as much, but to not ignore my vanity I also loved that he was the [...]

  22. Debbie "Buried in Her TBR Pile"

    I liked it but I agree with other reviewers Chance did not grovel enough I understand being undercover and all about getting the bad guys, but this is romance and or romantic suspense, so the story needed of an effort on his part to earn Sunny s heart and forgiveness I do think she took him back a litte too soon view spoiler maybe because she was pregnant hide spoiler for my taste Not my favorite Howard book and I doubt I will re read 3 stars.

  23. Brenda (b)

    I absolutely loved it I think this is the best of the MacKenzie stories I kept thinking that Chance was gonna be in so much trouble when Sunny found out about all the lies he was telling How was she supposed to believe his feelings were real when everything else was part of the plan to get her father And it was great to get the updates on the rest of the MacKenzie family.

  24. The Book Worm

    Game of Chance is one of Linda Howard s earlier books, and it shows Both the story and the characters lack depth, and the plot is very unrealistic in places Also, A Game of Chance is apparently part of a series something failed to inform me , which means that I was totally lost when all the Mackenzie family members started popping in.Even with the disclaimers above, the story started out or less ok, but stopped making sense shortly after The best way to describe it Too much too fast How can two [...]

  25. fleurette

    The fourth book in series about Mackenzie that I read and probably the last one I definitely liked it than the first two books in this series but I preferred Zane s story over it.The thing is that Chance, as much as I liked him in the previous book, is cheating For the whole book Sunny thinks he is someone else and she falls in love with a different man I expected something from Chance story, since he is such an interesting and complicated character.As all the others books in this series, at l [...]

  26. Summer

    Classic Linda Howard MackenziesI remember when this book first came out I m a huge fan of the Mackenzie series I have no idea how many times I read the paperback so I was happy to see the Kindle version on sale the other day This is a 5 stars because I love the series, love this book as it was a great end to the series and I ve reread it many times.

  27. Monique Atgood

    Quote Chance Let s have half of one of your nutrition bars now, and I ll try to get a rabbit for dinner Sunny You d eat Peter Cottontail Chance I d eat the Easter Bunny right now if I could catch him The story was a tight psych thriller Hero is an agent with an agenda determined to squeeze secrets from a civilian by using subterfuge and sex Heroine is a smart gal with a joyful personality despite living alone and in fear most of her adult life Add an explosive denouement You have a book that kep [...]

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