Third Mate (2020)

Third Mate Rebecca James Third Mate Pack tensions increase and River and Josiah fear for the safety of their twin girls When Stone begins campaigning to take River down Leo must choose sides Another pack desires to make a trade for om
  • Title: Third Mate
  • Author: Rebecca James
  • ISBN: 9781634861205
  • Page: 326
  • Format: ebook
Third Mate Rebecca James Pack tensions increase, and River and Josiah fear for the safety of their twin girls When Stone begins campaigning to take River down, Leo must choose sides Another pack desires to make a trade for omegas The coyote shifter Foster yearns for his true mate, while human Jax knows he has to make a decision before the pack turns him out David determines to keep Brooks fromPack tensions increase, and River and Josiah fear for the safety of their twin girls When Stone begins campaigning to take River down, Leo must choose sides Another pack desires to make a trade for omegas The coyote shifter Foster yearns for his true mate, while human Jax knows he has to make a decision before the pack turns him out David determines to keep Brooks from making a bad decision.
Third Mate Rebecca James

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    326 Rebecca James
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One thought on “Third Mate

  1. Jaime

    They would form a pack in which humans lived beside werewolves, females beside males.This is book Three is Rebecca James River Wolf Pack series and I have to say it is my favorite book yet In this book we get to see all of our characters from Books one and two and catch up with them while meeting and falling in love with new characters If you have not read books one and two in this series, you will not fully understand this book The characters are many in this book, River Josiah along with their [...]

  2. Chelsea

    3.5 hearts This book contains three different, but overlapping stories told from four different POV s, and I devoured this in just a couple of hours I was so enthralled in all these characters lives and stories I just couldn t put it down So why the lower rating There was just too much story to it fit into a normal length novel.This means we end up getting a shortened version of each story, which, while still enjoyable, isn t what I would ve preferred.It ll probably be easier to highlight each s [...]

  3. VVivacious

    This book is awesome and if you want to know why it s because it is a completely new take with a brand new formula on writing a series The first book is about Josiah and River, the second about Jax and David and I was kind of guessing the third would be about Xavier and Trace or and this is after finding out the title about Malcolm, Danny and Zane But this book is not about a particular couple even though the story is still first and foremost a romance This series has taken the road less travell [...]

  4. Jordan

    I read through this book in one afternoon, I just couldn t help it All of the suspense building from book 1 and book 2 and now I finally get to figure out what happens But lets be completely honest, half of the reason I wanted to read this one so bad is to find out a is Jax gonna suck it up and find a way to be with David, and b what the hell is going to happen to Brooks.I guess this one answered both of those questions And I have to say I m a little bittersweet about it view spoiler I think it [...]

  5. Christy

    The exciting finale of the previous book in this series Josiah giving birth to twin girls left me knowing some major crap was going to go down in book three No female werewolves exist and for the strongest among them, their alpha, to have human babies strikes a blow to River s power structure within the pack The faction within the Congress that still wants all werewolves exterminated is going strong and this pack upheaval isn t helping anything Oh boy River doesn t seem to be taking the pack s d [...]

  6. Morningstar

    Book Third MateAuthor Rebecca JamesSeries River Wolf SeriesRating 4.5 StarsI have loved every book in this series but this one definitely my favorite one due to the storyline being complex and full but handled so well you just never want to leave this world This one is filled with couples and previous ones , babies who doesn t want babies , bad guys and they aren t just human , and enough angst and unrest to make you sit on the edge of your seat In the last book we got to see the birth of Riv [...]

  7. Aղցela W.

    Spoiler Ahead This was book 3 in the River Wolf Pack series and there was a lot of changes going on in the pack With the birth of their twin girls River and Josiah both no that the pack is not happy because they had girls and were s are born male and some of the pack members are still unhappy that River mated with Josiah because he is half human and they also don t like the fact that River let rogues into the pack They also don t like that Foster who is a coyote shifter into the pack as well The [...]

  8. Cheryl

    ARC received from author via Indigo Marketing Design in exchange for an honest review.4.5 This is the third book in the Wolf Pack series and without a doubt, these books just keep getting better and better.More couples are forming, babies are being had, bad guys are sticking their oar in not a euphemism and the unrest in the pack increases due to the newcomers, the ever present humans and of course Josiah and Rivers twin girls It s all happening and River just isn t able to please everyone Thi [...]

  9. Nile Princess

    Re read Yep, still love Review still holds Love the complexity of this author s stories She really did Jax s dilemma over whether he wanted to be bitten justice There was no easy fix and no cop outs I loved that Would be very interested in following the new pack as they make their way Oh, and I want to read about Justin and Milo as well Yummm Very proud of River and was super excited to have Xavier and Trace join at the end Absolutely love Leo and Sam together Love the David family unit, and I c [...]

  10. Joyfully Jay

    A Joyfully Jay review 4 starsThere is a lot of stuff happening in Third Mate, the third book in the River Wolf Pack series However, I really enjoyed it It wasn t hard to keep up with at all, and I was really sucked into the story When I reviewed Second Alpha, I didn t mention a lot about Stone s machinations, and I m pretty sure I didn t talk about Foster and Sam at all Leo was also a non entity That s ok, though You ll be able to fully understand everyone because A You ve read the first two boo [...]

  11. Stacey Jo

    This book was provided by the author via IndiGo Marketing Design in exchange for an honest review.This third book in the River Wolf Pack series has the pack in full unrest Stone, a hateful alpha in the pack who wants to take over the pack is causing lots of trouble for River Meanwhile, Jax still doesn t want to take the bite and become a werewolf, but he s found a way that he can make David happy and give him what he wants It turn out in the end, that it s what Jax wanted too The pack is still a [...]

  12. Caroline Brand

    I really really liked this one.I really really disliked the ending.Hopefully the next book will be along soon

  13. Yvette

    3.5 starsAs the author continues the series she seems to get better with fixing the problems that acquired in the previous book.Everyone s story was told meticulously this time But Jax got on my nervous with the way he wanted David but really if you look at it didn t love him enough to take the bit.The ending was consistent this time around, it prepared you for the next series.

  14. Maverickgirl31

    This book was provided by the author via IndiGo Marketing Design in exchange for an honest review.I give this book a solid 3 stars for the action Other reviewers have already mentioned the proofreading issuehoping this gets corrected in later editions.This book is a part of very connected series and I wouldn t recommend reading books out of order I am all about that A B O life and no story would be complete without slick, uncontrollable heats, and the struggles of explaining how men get impregna [...]

  15. Nicole

    Great to catch up with the guys from River wolf pack again Lots of upset occuring in the pack Hated to see what happened to River after all he done for the pack.

  16. Jaymie

    A Copy of these books was provided to Bayou Book Junkie in exchange for a fair and honest review Third MateIn the third book in the series, aptly name Third Mate, we are given not only the continuing story of Alpha River and his mate First Omega Josiah, but also of David, Second Alpha and his human lover Jax We also find out about Leo Third Alpha and the Omega Sam along with Sam s best friend, coyote shifter Foster While Alpha River and Josiah have been busy tending to their newborn twin girls, [...]

  17. Lisa

    This is the third book in the River Wolf Pack series and is not a standalone, although this is predominately about Leo, you will need to read the prior books to keep up with the story line and other characters Leo is an Alpha and has aspirations comparable with his standing His best friend is a Beta called Brooks, but he has eyes on the waif Sam, who recently joined the pack and is now in his charge with Foster, another recent arrival who is a coyote shifter New arrivals and human visitors are [...]

  18. Tina

    Third Mate by author Rebecca James is the third book in the River Wolf Pack This one is just not my favorite of the series There are huge things being set up, and a lot of familiar faces You really do have to read this series in order I also felt some of the trios being formed have uneven relationships Specially the one I was waiting for to happen.David and Jax have been dancing around the fact David and Brooks have an attraction for a long time now Jax is a human and does not want to become a w [...]

  19. Andrea Goodell

    Just like the other books, this is a series and needs to be read in order.I was torn with this one.Normally when writing my reviews I try to give nothing away in said review, but the end of this book, although I see the overall logic One man wolf can t take on a whole pack It wasn t a whole pack And that man had people to back him up So I didn t agree with turn tale and running, as it were.Through out this book, we have beginning and endings, starts of relationships, seeing the ending of others [...]

  20. Susan

    I received a copy of Third Mate by Rebecca James via Indigo Marketing Design in exchange for an honest review This is the third in the River Wolf Pack series It follows all the characters from the previous two books, but they find themselves in extremely different circumstances One main focus is on Leo and the two new adopted members of the pack, including Foster, the coyote shifter The other focus is on David and his relationship issues It is difficult to write about this book without including [...]

  21. Natosha Wilson

    Wow this book was amazing There is so much drama and so much mistrust that this book makes for a very exciting read.There is then one character in this book that is the main character of this read and each has their own set of problems anywhere from having the first set of girls being born in the pack, to fighting the attraction that is there for another and not really wanting it to be, to having a human lover and the majority of the pack against him being in their compound.I have to say that m [...]

  22. Crystal Marie

    I have really enjoyed this series.In this addition we find that everything is coming to ahead The pack is in danger from inside itself and outside forces When an alpha takes over a pack, that pack becomes family When the choice comes down to saving family you will do just about anything.When I was reading this story I fell in love with Josiah, being the alpha mate he had the job of trying to keep the pups happy, listen to all the other omega s and keeping his alpha on an even keel if possible Wi [...]

  23. Beth

    I was given this book free for an honest review.This is the third book and I will admit that I have read them back to back How could I not, the author has created such an engaging story line Werewolves who live almost completely independently of both humans and other shifters are suddenly dealing with both on a continual basis Who are the good guys Who are the bad guys Seems both species have both, and how it effects each other lead to some great story lines The sex that is mixed in is hot too Y [...]

  24. Kim

    ARC received from author via Indigo Marketing Design in exchange for an honest review.3.5 starsI enjoyed this book almost as much as the first two The story line progressed perfectly and was enticing There was a lot of hierarchy involved and I found myself rooting for River I also liked that we got to know about some of the other pack members and their life style The ending for me was a little sour as opposed to what I thought would happen I feel like it is unfinished in some sense, especially [...]

  25. Missy Fern - BFD Book Blog

    I read all 3 books back to back.I m going to need a 4th book Wow The evolution of the story, the many twists and surprises no spoilers kept me engaged The pack is splintering as prejudice and fear takes hold Can females be accepted into the pack Can humans be trusted Can another pack truly be an ally for the River Wolf Pack What will River do about a challenge to his alpha status Will Jax take the bite And OMG, Brooks So sweet.Families chose sides and babies, babies, babies The Omegas continue t [...]

  26. L. Layale

    I was really glad to get through this The early books were good and I wasn t sure how I felt about them, but I can say I really liked this one I like how it incorporated everything from the first two books to make this one, However, that being said, it felt like a filler book to me because there were no really major shifts in the overall plot or within the couples We got introduced to a new pack and I have a feeling we ll be seeing a lot of Milo and his alpha in the future I wish there was per [...]

  27. Paisleyrowan

    This book was provided by the author via IndiGo Marketing Design in exchange for an honest review.I will admit, it can and did get confusing at times There wasn t a focus on one love story, as a lot of books will do Instead, you got a couple of them, but the focus and the POV continually shifted between the love stories and the pack issues While occasionally it all felt like a big tangled mess, it really did a good job at keeping you on the edge of your seat and wondering about what was coming T [...]

  28. Nadège

    Je suis un peu mitig e iciCe n tait pas mauvais mais a partait dans tous les sens et je n tais pas franchement emball e par les intrigues du livre.L absence d pilogue est galement d cevante, a aurait t bien d avoir un flash forward de 10 15 ans, histoire de voir comment la les meute s a ont volu.Finalement, le probl me humains loups a t introduit pour mettre en place les romances et autres mais il n y a aucune finalit de ce c t l

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