Poppy Jenkins (2020)

Poppy Jenkins ClareAshton Poppy Jenkins Two old friends one hot summer a whole load of confusion Poppy Jenkins makes everyone smile She s the heart of Wells a beautiful village in mid Wales leaving light and laughter in her wake She has
  • Title: Poppy Jenkins
  • Author: ClareAshton
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Poppy Jenkins ClareAshton Two old friends, one hot summer, a whole load of confusion Poppy Jenkins makes everyone smile She s the heart of Wells, a beautiful village in mid Wales, leaving light and laughter in her wake She has a doting family, an errant dog and a little sister with a nose for mischief But she s the only gay in the village and it s a long time since she kissed a girl the chanceTwo old friends, one hot summer, a whole load of confusion Poppy Jenkins makes everyone smile She s the heart of Wells, a beautiful village in mid Wales, leaving light and laughter in her wake She has a doting family, an errant dog and a little sister with a nose for mischief But she s the only gay in the village and it s a long time since she kissed a girl the chance of romance in sleepy Wells is rarer than a barking sheep If she doesn t think too hard, life is cosy, until a smart sports car barrels into town with the last woman Poppy wants to see behind the wheel Beautiful Rosalyn Thorn was once Poppy s high school BFF even though she was trouble Then one day she abandoned Wells and Poppy without explanation Now the highflier is back and bound to cause fresh havoc in the village and with Poppy s heart folk are not happy Wells needs to wake up to the 21st century and Rosalyn can help, but old prejudices die hard If they can be friends it could be the chance to make everyone s happy ever after Couldn t it
Poppy Jenkins ClareAshton

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One thought on “Poppy Jenkins

  1. M

    Aaargh, I love this book so much The writing is excellent, the setting is just wonderful, delightful, funny, authentic with an author s licence , I run out of superlatives and best of all the characters lived, breathed, laughed and loved on the page and directly into my mind s eye I didn t want this book to end I wanted to rush out to buy Bara Brith I wanted to proclaim my 1 16th Welsh heritage.The best romance that I have read this year, bar none If you want effortless and witty romance then bu [...]

  2. Lexxi Kitty

    Forgive me for indulging for a moment or two in moving into the review notes on what I read indirectly For those who have read my reviews some may or may not recall something that I find myself mentioning once or thrice when writing reviews for Melissa Brayden books the simple fact that I came to the party late Most of those who I know follow friended at the very least really liked, or loved Brayden s books So, I entered somewhat nervously only to find that I loved them as well.So, why am I sayi [...]

  3. Jem

    There s a reason Clare Ashton is a must read for me Every time I pick up one of her books, I get this feeling of delicious anticipation, of never knowing what to expect She doesn t write to a formula or stick to a single genre Not even the all important HEA is a certainty Let s see There s a claustrophobic psychological thriller, a comedy of errors, a romantic comedy, and an impossibly complicated romance I seldom see such versatility in lesbian genre romance Having said that, I did eye Poppy Je [...]

  4. Tiff

    This book is a true gem For the very first pages you are taken by the beauty of the Welsh village as much as the main character Poppy You become invested in the characters, rooting for their triumphs, and sharing their sadness Poppy Jenkins is not the book to pass on This one will steal your heart Good luck on getting that back Poppy Jenkins is one of those rare people that are almost too good to be true This beautiful woman has a heart of gold, always seeing for the best in everyone and finding [...]

  5. Jenna

    I have words for this book, and they re words I ve seen in other reviews delightful, charming, pastoral, idyllic It s all of those things and This novel felt decidedly British to me, in the best possible way Clare Ashton is a master of bringing settings to life and, just as she made London spring off the page in That Certain Something, she does so again here with the small Welsh village of Wells It s a place full of quirky characters and memorable locations that form the color palette with whic [...]

  6. Just a man's point of view

    Clare Ashton is a quality author.Her novels are very different, some lighthearted, some very serious, yet everything I read by her is good.Whenever she paints a story she sets a background, a scenic design, for her characters to come alive And her settings are so rich and detailed to become important protagonists of the story.In Poppy Jenkins, the setting is a little village in mid Wales, complete with pastures, sheep, narrow minded countrymen and countrywomen and the great heart typical of simp [...]

  7. Tara

    Poppy Jenkins is gorgeously written, evoking the lushness and warmth of late spring, green hills, and love both old and new The town of Wells is so vibrant that it s its own character, waking up as spring turns to summer and coming back to life as Rosalyn shares her business knowledge with the locals There s a brightness to the language and writing style that reflects Poppy and her attitude, which is perfect as the book is told entirely from her perspective There isn t much in the way of plot, a [...]

  8. Ty

    Wow It was a few months ago that I saw several people reviewing this book and everyone seemed to really enjoy it So I looked into Clare Ashton as a writer My best friend calls me a completionist because I can t ever jump into the middle of anything So even though her books aren t sequels, I had to read Ashton s other 3 novels before I read this one They are all quite different I ve enjoyed all of them because she is an exceptional writer But this one Oh, I could feel my heart trying to escape my [...]

  9. Sprinkles

    I AM HIGH OFF THIS BOOK Like, yes, yes, yesssss it s taken my expectations, stuffed them into a cannon, and shot them to Jupiter And that may not make any sense because as mentioned I M BOOK HIGH.High ratings on fiction actually don t make me skeptical They make me excited So, I held off reading Poppy Jenkins until the absolute perfect time And it paid off I can reel and sigh and luxuriate in this newfound love From the very first chapter, it had me hooked I loved the snippets of language and co [...]

  10. Jade

    I absolutely love Poppy Jenkins I use the word love in the present tense because my feelings about this book are so overwhelming that even though I am done I m still experiencing them Clare Ashton has created characters that are so well developed, and have such distinct personality s, that they seem to jump off the page Poppy had this beautiful innocence about her but you could never mistake it for her being naive in any way, she is the type of person you want around you all the time just so tha [...]

  11. Agirlcandream

    Lovely I feel like I have spent a week in some pastoral Welsh paradise I ve cheered with the effervescent Poppy when patrons filled her shop and felt compassion for her when Rosalyn reeked havoc on her emotions I loved that Poppy s Nain was described as having a face like a cauliflower I laughed at the scene where Poppy and Nain try to strap Pip s chosen musical instrument, the national instrument no less onto the roof of her Morris Minor.These cheery moments mix with the conflict Poppy faces de [...]

  12. Dreaming

    It s an absolutely delightful, wonderful, feel good story Exactly what I needed to lift my spirit and so much

  13. Penny

    One of those books you don t want it to end You know those view spoiler The thing is, it didn tfeel rightto end when it ended It s such a common thing in lesfic I feel stupid to mention it again, in yet another review We have 90% of great, charming scenes leading our mc s towards each other, slowly, beautifully, excitingly and then 10% of I love you let s get married the end Please authors, don t do this Pretty please We can handle a bit of theafter stuff hide spoiler

  14. Luce

    Because of this book I ve made a couple new shelves 5 plus stars and cozy Similar to a cozy mystery but there wasn t a mystery Well I guess there was, kinda but not in the traditional sense.I am currently reading the best selling mystery series by Louise Penny and minus the murders and policemen this story really reminds me of Penny s world or rather the small village of Three Pines, Quebec But in Ashton s world it is the village of Wells, Wales They both have well written characters some that y [...]

  15. Loek Krancher

    Beautifully written story.Strong family ties and living in a lovely environment is what makes a happy home for Poppy When the only person she has never been able to forget, comes back, her world turns upside down Poppy faces heartache, uncertainty and confusion This is written with much humor, passion, heartwarming scenes, interesting characters and has authentic settings A real gem of a novel It s definitely worth your time to read The story is fascinating and compelling.

  16. Corporate Slave

    Such a happy book I had some issues with the Welsh language but I got to get the hang of it by the end Characters are so good and the connection is extremely strong Could ve been a little bit shorter Overall a very solid 4 Very enjoyable and will definitely put a smile on your face

  17. Jo reece

    well shit How have I not come across this sooner This book grabs you and doesn t want to let go of you It made me laugh, cry with frustration, made me feel all warm and then I cried a bloody whole lot because I finished the bloody book.This is one of them reads that we all love to love and I recommend, if you have not read it yet well, fecking read it.

  18. Rach (Les Rêveur)

    Another wonderful romance by Claire Ashton My SynopsisPoppy Jenkins is sweet, clever and loved by everyone in the small Welsh village of Wells that she calls home Now 30, she s only had one great love in her life and it was her best friend at high School, Rosalyn One day she was there and the next she was no longer interested in their friendship.For years Poppy has blamed herself for their friendship falling apart but to this day has no idea what s she s done That is until Rosalyn returns to Wel [...]

  19. Danni Mladenovic

    If there is anything I find highly appreciative, it s the ability to write different books with different style And Clare Ashton managed to do just that with this one I would never even remotely guess that it s the same author that wrote After Mrs Hamilton, and I give bonus points for that.The book itself reminded me a bit of Jane Austen, but a bit modernized version It s written in a bit different language than usual romances are, with a bit eloquence, and I loved it Clare Ashton managed to pe [...]

  20. Shira Glassman

    One of the most demeaning effects homophobia has had on me is to try to convince me, from a young age, that we in the LGBT umbrella were cut off from the sweeter, innocent sides of the human experience This book gives the f f romance world a gift a sensual, emotional story with modern sensibilities, pairings, and politics, but a definitely old fashioned feeling that s usually the sole purview of cis women being romanced by cis men.The two second pitch is that Poppy s estranged childhood best fr [...]

  21. Velvet Lounger

    You know when you are in trouble when you feel as though you need a thesaurus before you even start a review, but that s how I felt when I put down Poppy Jenkins and reached for my Mac How many superlatives can I find At the simplest level it is a mild, slow moving romance Schoolgirls best friends torn apart, meeting years later and exploring the anger and misunderstandings old assumptions can cause One the darling of the village, all gentle smiles and forgiving nature, the other the odd girl ou [...]

  22. Kate

    The minute I realised Clare Ashton had a new book out I was straight on buying it As far as I m concerned she is one of the best lesfic authors out there and I don t think you d be disappointed reading one of her stories I spent my Sunday avoiding work reading this story and even though I had a list as long as my arm of things to do today it was completely worth it Poppy Jenkins is your glass half full, always happy, makes everyone happy woman and she has a loving family She runs the cafe above [...]

  23. Milkiways

    Best book to read on a lazy weekend with a cup of coffee The plot is a usual first love gets happy ending years later Nonetheless, the Clare Ashton did a pretty decent job in creating the pleasant scenes between the leads as well the supporting characters Last 30% of the storyline seemed little redundant, but when you the characters are likeable the prolonged storyline turns out to be enjoyable Great romance, not at all emotionally draining, and perfect feel good story.Rating 4.5 5 P.S Thanks to [...]

  24. lov2laf

    As someone that could not finish After Mrs Hamilton I was wary going into Poppy Jenkins I loved this book, though I simply loved it.Poppy Jenkins and Rosalyn Thorn you see what she did with her name there , as well as the rest of the cast, are really well defined and the characters are all so very likable The story captured the heart of a small town or village in this case with all of its charms and set backs And the story, overall, just seemed alive to me.Poppy Jenkins is about love lost and fo [...]

  25. Cheri

    I loved this book There ll be a complete review at C Spot Reviews but I need to get some thoughts down now while waiting for my co reviewer to finish.First off, the characters are just wonderful Except maybe Sam, I didn t like her but I suppose my dislike for her still means she was well done Poppy and her family and friends were lovely and each featured character felt unique and real Rosalyn was tougher to connect with being that she s a good guy and a bad guy all at once for much of the book [...]

  26. Book Worm

    I read this beautiful book, when on holiday And I must say it had a great impact It was a beautiful holiday read, not only because it mirrored nicely the beautiful landscape surrounding me, but also the peaceful feeling of life slowing down.Poppy Jenkins is a very loveable character and I found myself rereading parts of the book even while reading it This way even my reading experience felt less rushed and it calmed me down and warmed my heart.What a gem

  27. Astrid

    A friend urged me to read the book, telling me you have to read it with your heart and not your head she knows that my inner editor is often dominating, especially in lesbian fiction So, I took her advice at heart, struggled a bit with the first 5 10% until my heart finally took over and my inner editor shut up and sulked in a quiet corner What a delightful read And what does it say about me that, if I had to choose between getting to know Poppy or getting to know Rosalyn the later would win I f [...]

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