Night Work (2020)

Night Work Thomas Glavinic John Brownjohn Night Work There s nothing moving outside No cars No buses No people No birds Nothing No one Anywhere An ordinary man wakes up on an ordinary day to find that he s the only living creature in the entire city The
  • Title: Night Work
  • Author: Thomas Glavinic John Brownjohn
  • ISBN: 9781847670519
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Paperback
Night Work Thomas Glavinic John Brownjohn There s nothing moving outside No cars No buses No people No birds.Nothing No one Anywhere.An ordinary man wakes up on an ordinary day to find that he s the only living creature in the entire city The radio and TV are suddenly filled with white noise, there s no newspaper, the Internet is down and no one s answering the phone.Jonas is the last living being on the plThere s nothing moving outside No cars No buses No people No birds.Nothing No one Anywhere.An ordinary man wakes up on an ordinary day to find that he s the only living creature in the entire city The radio and TV are suddenly filled with white noise, there s no newspaper, the Internet is down and no one s answering the phone.Jonas is the last living being on the planet What happened How Why And why is he still here Thriller and philosophical investigation wrapped up in an intensely compelling, eerie mystery, Night Work is compulsive and exhilarating but don t read it when you re all alone
Night Work Thomas Glavinic John Brownjohn

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One thought on “Night Work

  1. Maria

    This is not a post apocalyptic book There are no zombies and no conspiracy about the end of the world Probably Well We don t really know what happened One day, main and only character Jonas wakes up to discover that everyone else is gone He is all alone There are no other people around, and nothing indicating what might have happened Animals are gone too Insects Birds It s like everybody just disappeared in a cloud of smoke Ceased to exist from one second to the next.Except Jonas himself.Night W [...]

  2. Alan

    I found this book to be enormously frustrating all setup and no payoff Jonas, a comfortable and successful Viennese yuppie who has a girlfriend and his own flat with a view of the Danube, wakes up alone Alone, on the Earth He quickly discovers that, as far as he can tell, he is the only animal of any kind left alive Everyone else humans, pets, wild animals, even insects has cleanly and inexplicably disappeared Plants remain, and one can presume that microscopic organisms such as bacteria are sti [...]

  3. Jennifer

    So in the end this was not an an end of the world book At least not literally I realized that at 3am as I lay awake thinking about it It was about the end of something I lay there thinking, it was not that Jonas was REALLY alone It was how he felt on the inside This was all in his head The book tricked me I was a little angry last night I felt a little betrayed by Jonas and The Sleeper I wanted Jonas to do all those things They were powerful It hit me like a ton of bricks when Jonas went to his [...]

  4. Marc

    Remember that time your parents took you to the fair and you saw that shiny mechanical ride across the way and just sort of wandered towards it and when you looked back your parents were gone and you were suddenly lost in this huge, unknown world This book is a little like that Remember when it took them like 20 minutes to find you and the creepy bearded guy offered to buy you a treat and you stepped in some pig shit and they had to call for your parents over the loudspeaker This book is not rea [...]

  5. Elnora Romness

    I hated this book It was kind of like LOST it ended with far too many questions that were unansweredinly one big one that I don t want to ask here because it would ruin the plot, or what there was of one It felt like the author was finding an excuse to explicate some philosophical ramblings It was a lot of minor detail minor detail minor detail DEEP PHILOSOPHICAL THOUGHT minor detail minor detail As a reader, I absolutely hated this book As a writing, I liked the author s ability to drag a reade [...]

  6. Oscar

    Lo que me llam la atenci n al adquirir este libro fue su argumento el que un buen d a el protagonista se da cuenta de que es el nico ser vivo sobre la tierra No hay m s personas No hay animales de ning n tipo Las comunicaciones se han cortado Jonas, el protagonista, est solo No hay nadie m s Jonas no sabe qu ha ocurrido, si la gente ha muerto o est viva, y si est viva d nde se encuentra, c mo ha desaparecido De esta manera, asistimos al periplo de Jonas en su infructuosa b squeda de m s personas [...]

  7. Marshall

    I had a hard time picking out a star rating for this book Three felt too generous and two felt too stingy As much as I liked certain aspects of it, it was let down by what I saw as several serious problems The premise is attractive a man named Jonas wakes up to find himself apparently the last living soul on Earth, microorganisms and plants excluded Glavinic takes a very interesting approach here, following Jonas s path through his hometown of Vienna in his attempts to find other people and or d [...]

  8. Robert Beveridge

    Thomas Glavinic, Night Work Canongate, 2006 Imagine you wake up one morning and find that, as far as you can tell, you are the last living being left on Earth What would you do This is the premise of Thomas Glavinic s Night Work, his third novel though the first to be translated into English First off, let me warn you to ignore the copy on the back cover, which calls this a fast paced thriller it is anything but Instead, it s a deliberately paced novel of existential crisis taken to the extreme [...]

  9. Thurston Hunger

    This took a bit of an effort to complete The apparent apocalyptic or post rapture setting, I think is just a front for some thoughts on identity sanity, especially with respect to the One in relation to the Other That is, if a man goes crazy in the forest and no one hears, does he go crazy Or in this case, substitute forest with oddly abandoned city The other strand in this book may be the role that technology functions between one and the other Thus our agonizing protagonist is preoccupied with [...]

  10. Conny

    Glavinics Schreibstil ist ansprechend, genau wie die Pr missen seiner Werke insbesondere die unerkl rlichen Dinge, die dem Protagonisten widerfahren, werden richtig bedr ckend bis gruselig beschrieben man f hlt sich beim Lesen so unwohl, als erlebte man es selber Hier hat sich die Geschichte f r meinen Geschmack allerdings etwas zu lange hingezogen, sodass es in einem leicht ungeduldigen Die Seiten berfliegen endete.

  11. Katesy's

    I never write reviews but this book stands out and I can t help but comment The last man on Earth He wakes up and is mysteriously alone all people, animals and insects everything gone This is a journey through a man alone s mind and it had me guessing until the final words It is not about how or why he is alone it is an expose into aloneness and had me spell bound

  12. Tõnu Laanemäe

    Tegemist on Palle ksi maailmas adult versiooniga Palle ksikiolekus ei olnud midagi hirmsat, l puks hakkas Pallel lihtsalt igav, ei m leta ka enam nii t pselt, siinne aga on esindatud peaaegu k igi foobiatega, mida inimene koheselt t iesti ksi j des pingsalt l bi elama hakkab ldiselt mulle selline karakterivaene ilukirjandus ei meeldi, kuid autor suutis pinget luua p ris h sti erinevate m lestuste, tegevuste, tekkiva hulluse, m stika ja eelk ige skisofreenia abil V rdlusena pole suurt erinevust v [...]

  13. Keren Verna

    Hace un a o, m s o menos, vi una pel cula japonesa En ella se muestra una mujer que se despierta sola en el planeta como si las personas se hubieran evaporado Restan los objetos que estaban usando Todo sigue en pie la planta el ctrica sigue funcionando, la red de agua Poco nos va mostrando que suceden cosas fuera de lo esperable y nos adentramos en un mundo on rico Cuando le a la novela cre que hab a sido inspirada en la pel cula, o viceversa, ya que era coincidente en algunos aspectos Ambos pla [...]

  14. Dennis Littrell

    Glavinic, Thomas Night Work 2006 trans by John Brownjohn 2008 Kafka esque treatment of the alone in the world themeThirty six year old Jonas, a resident of Vienna, Thomas Glavinic s everyman type protagonist, wakes up one day and finds that everybody but himself has disappeared gone without a trace It s not clear whether other forms of life are also gone, but he hears no birds nor does he see any stray dogs No flies buzz and no mosquitoes bite He does see trees, and the electricity and the hot w [...]

  15. Roz Morris

    I can t guarantee I won t give spoilers, so this review is probably going to be for people who ve read Night Work and need to decompress with likeminded travellers Jonas wakes up one morning to find he is the last person left alive The electricity is still running, but nothing else stirs There are no bodies No animals or birdsong He is completely alone He searches the city, leaves messages everywhere, dials stored numbers in the phones of offices and shops, gets drunk a lot, breaks into the home [...]

  16. Michael Reiter

    Man nehme Die Wand von Marlen Haushofer, lasse aber jeglichen tieferen Sinn weg.Man nehme Immer dieser Michel von Astrid Lindgren, aber nur den Teil mit den Holzm nnchen.Man nehme die Fernsehreihe Zukunft ohne Menschen und entferne jegliche Logik.Man nehme I am legend , nur ohne Tiere und Zombies.Man nehme Paranormal activity un lasse dabei offen, ob es paranormal activities gibt oder nichtSo ungef hr kann man sich das dann vorstellen, wenn Jonas ber Nacht ganz allein ist Keine Menschen mehr, ke [...]

  17. Lauren

    WARNING SPOILERS Although the two books are different in many ways, NW reminded me of How Late It Was, How Late by James Kelman in the sense that both are suspense novels in which the big, horrific moment never actually happens You keep expecting the boogeyman to jump out from the closet, both as an emotional payoff and as a way to figure out what s really going on But as is often the case in real life, there is no explanation The protagonist remains in the dark either asleep, as in NW, or blind [...]

  18. Booklunatic

    3,5 Sterne Beklemmendes und doch ungeheuer faszinierendes Szenario Einige interessante philosophische Betrachtungen Subtiler Grusel Zu viele L ngen Mehr von den philosophischen Betrachtungen bzw dabei noch mehr in die Tiefe gehen w re sch n gewesenFazit Es war ein irgendwie faszinierendes Leseerlebnis, aber dummerweise war mein erster Glavinic eben das gro artige Das gr ere Wunder und jetzt m ssen sich all seine anderen B cher daran messen lassen und diesem Buch hier sowie dem Leben der W nsche [...]

  19. Felix

    jochen reinecke hatte mich in einem blogeintrag ber das buch so neugierig gemacht, dass ich das buch gleich gekauft habe thomas glavinic hat mich dann auch gleich gefesselt jochen sprach von horror und da ist was dran selten hat mir ein buch auf so eindringliche weise abgr nde des menschen vor augen gef hrt und zwar genau so, dass der horror haften bleibt haften bleibt, wenn man das buch zugeschlagen hat es hat zu tag alptr umen gef hrt kein happy end es h ngt mir hnlich lange hinterher wie dama [...]

  20. Jaanika

    Definitely different book Glavinic gives you so absurdic situation that it is hard for your brain to catch it Why, what, wtf But this is the charm of literature, author can do anything And you must take it or leave it Story itself speaks about man who wakes up one day and is alone in the whole world Everything living is just lost I think Glavinic create masterfully all these philosophical ideas and discourses and thoughts What can you do when you are so alone Can you even live, can you exist at [...]

  21. Julia

    I m surprised at all the bad reviews I found this book wonderfully puzzling and delightfully enthralling at times even scarily so It really got me into the specific topic of how people might think and act if they were the last on the planet I couldn t put it down once I started it and it really didn t leave me again after I was finished It s been quite a while since I read it and I still very vividly remember some parts and I still feel puzzled and compelled to think about it I do like books tha [...]

  22. Tom

    This is two books in 6 months where I ve slogged through to find out what happens and SPOILER ALERT nothing does Awesome The book does a good job establishing mood tension and a nice job of exploring how you might get very paranoid as the only person on Earth, but then it does it 100 times There s an interesting sub plot that never really gets resolved in a satisfying way.It ll make a cool movie, but it was too long by half as a book.

  23. Thegurkenkaiser

    nett angelegt aber endlos in die l nge gezogen hat ein paar feine gruselmomente dazwischen ein haufen f llmaterial was wohl damit zusammenh ngt weil es um zeit und sowas geht wird auch mehrfach erw hnt insofern einheit von inhalt und form was aber noch nicht hei t dass es super ist aber es geht.

  24. Danielle

    This book had a lot of promise in the beginning, but it just dragged on way too long However, it began to pick up again right at the end I liked some of the philosophical questions Jonas considers throughout the book however, it was just definitely missing SOMETHING Not one of my favorites.

  25. Anthony

    Embarassing.This is gross plagiarism of an unknown Italian book, Dissipatio H.G by Guido Morselli And even if Glavinic did not copy Morselli, it s embarassing to see such a nice idea poof, people disappear developed so badly.

  26. Jennifer Mash

    Started off as a 5, ended as a 1 for me Wonderful concept, just got a little repetitive for me And I can t stand not knowing WHY

  27. Shanoe

    Puh, bei diesem Buch tue ich mir bei der Bewertung echt schwer Die ersten 100 Seiten war ich total dabei, obwohl ich die Anspannung beinahe kaum ausgehalten habe, aber dann war es doch irgendwie immer das Gleiche abertausende winzige Details, tiefe philosophische Gedankenge nge, dann wieder winzige Details und dann noch zahlreiche Anspielungen, die aber irgendwie nie aufgel st werden oder ich hab es einfach nicht verstanden Noch dazu wei ich nicht, ob mir Jonas als Protagonist tats chlich so zus [...]

  28. Muireann

    The dullest book I have ever read And considering it s about a man who wakes up to find himself the only living being on the planet that s some achievement.

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