The Changeling (2020)

The Changeling Jennifer Lyndon The Changeling In a dystopian world after the demise of technology Lore was brought up believing she was a boy and an orphan The only constant of her childhood was transience as she was continuously fleeing at
  • Title: The Changeling
  • Author: Jennifer Lyndon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Changeling Jennifer Lyndon In a dystopian world, after the demise of technology, Lore was brought up believing she was a boy, and an orphan The only constant of her childhood was transience, as she was continuously fleeing, at the insistence of her guardians, and usually in the quiet of night, from one end of the Vilken realm to the other As a child, Lore never understood the need for caution andIn a dystopian world, after the demise of technology, Lore was brought up believing she was a boy, and an orphan The only constant of her childhood was transience, as she was continuously fleeing, at the insistence of her guardians, and usually in the quiet of night, from one end of the Vilken realm to the other As a child, Lore never understood the need for caution and secrecy, or the actual threat to her survival In her adolescence she learns of the royal blood in her veins, and the horrific fate of her parents at the hand of her uncle, the false King The Changeling is the tale of Lore s rise to power, and the journey she takes to find the love she needs to survive.
The Changeling Jennifer Lyndon

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One thought on “The Changeling

  1. Lex Kent

    I really enjoyed this I would easily recommend this to lesfic fantasy fans The fact that you can get this from Kindle Unlimited or as your free Prime book of the month, makes it even better I found this to be well written and I did not find any major editing issues either, which I appreciated.The story is about Lore who should become the new Queen of the Vilken realm, when her parents are murdered by her uncle She spends her whole childhood in hiding, training to take over one day With the help [...]

  2. Musa

    Going through some of the reviews on this book, I can easily understand why there are such mixed review for it This book is definitely one of it s kind, with a rather bold ambition fusing sci fi elements into a fantasy story Don t give up if you feel after reading halfway you have questions than answers, most answers will unveil when you continue to read towards the end.The plot center around Lore s journey to re gain her Vilken throne after her parents have been brutally murdered when she was [...]

  3. Ted

    Right So I first read this last year around the same time This re read was because what looks to be Pet s contribution in book 2 A Fortunate WomanI m not sure how to classify this book really It s mostly fantasy with a sprinkling of sci fi that is pretty plot integral It s all pretty dystopian really Lore grew up posing as a boy meets M Tek the white haired mystery There s plenty of high court intrigue, some battles not protracted but mostly glanced at , friends and family, and of course the lov [...]

  4. Starsandsun

    Hmm Actually, it s hard for me to give this 3 because I enjoyed it But I felt something s missing.Maybe I want action Or maybe I felt like I didn t get all the answers Everything is so appealing and yet I feel blaaaah I really like Mtek, I like her than Lore.I can really feel her love for Lore She will do anything for her, she will give up anything, even her life for her.Although she s really possessive and jealous most of the time For Lore, I think she s selfish and insensitive yes she s alwa [...]

  5. Frank Van Meer

    I had high hopes for this one, and up to about 50%, it was looking like a great epic love story, with some added twists.It also has some major flaws There was every opportunity for epic battles and delicious political machinations, but it never reached that point Battles are going like this We rode to the enemy We fought We won.A lot of time is spent travelling back and forth between locations, there are countless balls, but the book isn t getting to the point.The biggest problem I had was with [...]

  6. Meh

    What a great book.I m quite frankly shocked to see that none of the reviewers I follow seem to have discovered this book yet And personally, I m a pain in the ass to give any book a 5 stars rating This one here definitely deserve it Such an interesting world built Even the premises is a guilt pleasure clich of mine, a princess in hiding, after witnessing her castle being stormed, her mother raped and killed Having to flee after losing everything she had, her family, her title, her riches, even t [...]

  7. Chenkov

    Incredible Lesbian Dystopian Book So FarI ve been reading Gay Girls Books for a few months now and this is the first lesbian dystopian book I ve read Dystopian fiction is amongst my favorites As avid fan on this genre and Jennifer being my favorite author because of her debut book Infatuation which I read multiple times I was looking forward for this second book and when I read the synopsis I was dismayed I was expecting a modern setting kind of book just like the first one And was skeptical to [...]

  8. Doreen

    So good and fun to read.I greatly enjoyed reading this brilliant novel It is mind bending, so cool and terrifically imaginative Having a literal mind myself, I stand back and marvel at what this writer has achieved To me, the story isn t dystopian, but of an alternative history Two queens and four countries are at the heart of this novel, which takes place in the distant future These women face off against heartless villains.The Fae Queen is M Tek and her young protege is Queen Loredana of Vilk [...]

  9. Genevieve Kennon

    Great storyI really enjoyed her writing style, and the world she created was very interesting I could not put my kindle down

  10. Heather Henkel

    Really good bookI really enjoyed reading this book It was an odd combination of fantasy and sci fi but it seemed to work well.

  11. Alicia

    I don t know how I feel about this maybe it s just me but I couldn t wait for this to end and when it did I was like wtf I loved the author first book An Infatuation but this one wasn t for me.

  12. Marty Preslar

    Fantastic A well written science fantasy, with plenty of action, intrigue, and romance The two leading ladies are wonderful, as well as the supporting cast The depiction of the post holocaust world and the reaction of Lore to the technology she encounters is fantastic.

  13. Marquis

    LOVE This is not a book I would normally read and it took me a while to decide to do sobut I am SO glad I did Amazing love story Can t wait to start the 2nd book

  14. Gabrielle

    Im hoping that the author makes this into a series There s still too many things left unexplained, like the back story of the Sim Sci and their CEO Plus i want Lia and Ania to have their own story.

  15. Pablo

    After the election I was looking for a book to fully keep me out of the news cycle I was not looking for anything profound or high level and this book was a good option It is a fantasy story that a point introduces a sci fi component that that although does not distract from the fantasy part, it is left incomplete The romance erotic content is OK at the beginning, but latter it felt like an overused device, so I just started skipping those pages to keep going with the story So if you want a dist [...]

  16. Marguerita

    I decided to read this book because of how much I enjoyed Lyndon s last book I have to say that I was a little disappointed I liked the beginning and where the book was going, but after awhile I became bored and a little confused by all the people looking like each other mentioned Also, about half way through, I started skipping pages because I felt the book was a little too long for what needed to be read Although I didn t enjoy this book as much as the last, I still look forward to reading Lyn [...]

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