Whispered Echoes (2020)

Whispered Echoes Paul F. Olson Whispered Echoes An ancient voice speaks from the depths of a long forgotten caveAs a violent storm rages overhead the scratching sounds begin in the cellar belowA man inherits the family talent but what price does
  • Title: Whispered Echoes
  • Author: Paul F. Olson
  • ISBN: 9781587674112
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Hardcover
Whispered Echoes Paul F. Olson An ancient voice speaks from the depths of a long forgotten caveAs a violent storm rages overhead, the scratching sounds begin in the cellar belowA man inherits the family talent, but what price does that legacy demand A return to the family homestead brings overwhelming memories, but the darkest memory of all still waits in the ravine out backAn unassuming touAn ancient voice speaks from the depths of a long forgotten caveAs a violent storm rages overhead, the scratching sounds begin in the cellar belowA man inherits the family talent, but what price does that legacy demand A return to the family homestead brings overwhelming memories, but the darkest memory of all still waits in the ravine out backAn unassuming tourist quietly strolls through town, leaving devastation in his wakeA late night call from an abandoned camp brings a frightened cop face to face with his darkest fearsA wild joyride ends with a surprise reunion and an encounter with the impossibleA man searches for answers at an abandoned lighthouse and uncovers an unspeakable pastListen closely You can hear them The whispered echoes of your darkest fears In this stunning new collection, Paul F Olson delves into the quiet heart of terror Featuring eleven long out of print tales from the 80s and 90s, and the debut of Bloodybones, a brand new novella of loss, longing, and chilling horror With a foreword by Chet Williamson and an introduction by the author, Whispered Echoes abounds with subtle shivers that linger long after the last page is turned.Published as a Hardcover Limited Edition Limited to just 600 signed and numbered copies Personally signed by the author on a unique signature page Printed on 60 acid free paper Bound in full cloth with colored head and tail bands Featuring hot foil stamping on the front boards and spine Printed and bound with full color endpapers Smyth sewn to create a durable binding Wrapped in a full color dust jacket Limited ONE TIME printing of this special edition
Whispered Echoes Paul F. Olson

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    296 Paul F. Olson
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One thought on “Whispered Echoes

  1. Kimberly

    4.5 stars WHISPERED ECHOES, by Paul F Olson is a collection of eleven previously published stories, and one new novella In the introduction, it states that this title was meant to evoke long lost voices from the past While this is true of many of Olson s earlier stories, it also pertains to the style of the writing itself These stories aren t the gore infused splatter punk that we see of lately, but rather give off a old fashioned sense of horror Whether this is merely implied, or shown throug [...]

  2. Frank Errington

    Review copyAdmittedly, I have heard of Paul F Olson, but up until now, I can t say I ve read any of his work I can happily say I ve now corrected that omission Whispered Echoes is a wonderful collection of old and new.One bit of writerly advice I hear again and again is to write what you know Well, Paul F Olson knows that part of Michigan called the Upper Peninsula, the part of the state that s surrounded by three of the great lakes.The first two thirds of this collection is made up of some of t [...]

  3. Aisha-Kimberly Starrdette Hashmi

    As you progress from one story to the next, the story s get better and better Bloodybones was my favorite Reminded me of the movie Inception, a story inside a story Just superb

  4. Yvonne Davies

    Having only read Indie authors for just over a year I had not had the pleasure of reading any of the author s work However, when I was offered the chance to read a collection of his dark horror stories in one book and being a lover of short stories, how could I say no Before I even got to the stories I found the introduction by Paul F Olson fascinating, how he explained the history behind the creation of some of the stories and the lengths he had go to, to get these stories to the format we all [...]

  5. Gregory Martin

    Paul F Olson is no newcomer to the horror genre I remember stumbling across a few of his stories in David B Silva s landmark genre magazine The Horror Show back in the Eighties, and found his 1989 novel The Night Prophets to be a deft mix of religious cultism and vampires When I heard Crystal Lake Publishing was putting out a collection of Olson s short fiction, I was excited to read it.I m happy to report that Whispered Echoes doesn t disappoint Olson possesses some fine storytelling chops, and [...]

  6. Kelly Rickard

    Journey through the heart of terror Listen.They are calling to you.Do you hear them They are the whispered echoes of your darkest fears.Whispered Echoes is a collection of short dark fiction While there are many different stories in this collection to choose from my favourite was The Visitor A mysterious stranger comes to town every October There is nothing special about the town and Kent Barclay stays for a month and leaves ago Kent also leaves devastation in his wake A simple thing of walking [...]

  7. Stephanie

    This collection was received free in return for an honest review from Crystal Lake Publishing.When a collection of stories is reissued, you know it must be regarded as special by the publishers, that it is still valid in some way Even though this book included a brand new novella, I was still slightly sceptical, thinking that perhaps the stories might seem dated, jaded Would stories published in the late 80s still hold up today Firstly, I must admit I have never read Paul F Olson s stories befor [...]

  8. March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room

    Review WHISPERED ECHOES by Paul F Olson Pure, uncompromising, excellence this is my take on WHISPERED ECHOES, a retrospective to new collection from accomplished author Paul F Olson Mr Olson s publication career has been unusual originally published in the good old days of horror in the 1980 s, he next took up newspaper journalism After two decades, he returned to his lifelong love, horror Clearly the absence did not dissipate his immense talent WHISPERED ECHOES is a special collection, a treasu [...]

  9. Kevin Lucia

    Excellent, excellent, excellent Great, human stories strange, weird stories, inspiring, emotional Hopefully when the Cemetery Dance limited edition sells out, it will find print elsewhere, because this should definitely stay in print Fuller review to come.

  10. GaborH.

    Classic horror tales from a master If you like the horror scene of the 80 s then this book is for you Whispered Echoes by Paul F Olson is a short story collection with a novella at the end The stories are in chronological order so the first ones are from the beginning of a very talented writer s career while the last one is a relatively new work But do not misunderstand me, the early tales are in no way amaturish writing They are really good and polished stories which many other writers would en [...]

  11. Noelle Kelly

    I devoured this whole collection in one sitting after receiving a launch day copy The stories were written over many years by the author and I loved the way the writer s voice differed in each tale, I also love the fact that the stories were from all different formats including floppy disks, these stories are echoes in their own right.The opening tale The Visitor, built tension slowly, the reader is aware of something ominous about to occur and as horrific events unfold, we know that there is t [...]

  12. Debbi Smith

    I had never read any of Paul F Olson s work before but these stories really grabbed me From mildly creepy to all out scary, these stories keep you entertained Through the Storm has to be my favorite for the great backdrop I received a copy of this book from the publisher and chose to read it.

  13. Anastacia Russell

    Whispered Echoes is a collection of short stories by Paul F Olson, plus a novella The short stories weren t anything really scary, but they were interesting The main problem is that the endings don t have any payoffs, except the novella, Bloodybones Which is a good novella it truly stands out from the pack The illustrations are beautiful and adds a nice touch.

  14. Doreena

    It s actually three and a half stars, but I didn t want to cheat it by rounding down Overall, this is a pretty good collection of short horror stories I didn t them really creepy or scary, but worth a read Be ready to be left wanting .

  15. Ann Keeran

    A fascinating anthology of twelve stories spanning thirty years of life Some stories were written years ago, some are brand new, all are scary.If you love horror feast on this magnificent buffet of delicacies.

  16. Vicky

    Satisfyingly chilling.The book goes exactly as the introduction says it will These are a few of Mr Olson s stories, starting from when he was quite young At the beginning, they re good, in the middle they re better, that last story though, that is one of nightmares It s hauntingly beautiful, it doesn t rabble on, the characters are very well written but the villain, the villain is terrifying This book definitely deserves the five stars.

  17. Swords & Spectres

    Originally reviewed at swordsandspectres.wordpressI received a copy of Whispered Echoes from the publisher in return for an honest review.Whispered Echoes is a collection of short horror fiction written by Paul F Olsen Most of the pieces were originally published in the 80s and 90s with the exception of Bloodybones, this being a new novella.From the word go you can tell that the author is highly skilled His writing style is wonderful and draws you in so that even when there s nothing happening, [...]

  18. David Watson

    We all have something we re scared of In the back of our heads, we hear a little voice that reminds us about our darkest fears It s like a Whispered Echo that just repeats itself over and over again Whispered Echoes by Paul F Olson is an anthology that looks at things that scare us so much that we never forget it This book contains 12 stories set in Michigan s Upper Peninsula showing it as a place where strange things happen.What s interesting about this anthology is that the stories are present [...]

  19. David Royce

    One you will not forgetI want to say that all the stories in this book are exceptionally written, drawing you in to the world the author creates But the last novella, BLOODYBONES, is worth the price of the entire collection There s a few tales you read that really stick with you long after you stop turning the pages And BLOODYBONES is one such tale The concept is simple enough but the authors writing elevates this ghost story into something that digs in to you deep and shakes you up It s scary I [...]

  20. Cyrene Olson

    Uncaged Book ReviewsI read good things about this book but I was a little disappointed at what I read The stories didn t impress me That s not to say the writing was bad it just means this book wasn t for me There will be fans out there of horror and mystery that will love this book I did like one story that s worth a read Bloodybones that tells the story of a missing girl It is worth a look at Reviewed by Jennifer

  21. Anita

    Excellent Ok A bunch of great short stories, thrilling and scary The true nugget of greatness is the novella It will hold you spellbound and speechless I will not spoil it for you You simply must read it yourself Keep all the lights on.

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