Fatal Cure (2020)

Fatal Cure Robin Cook Bärbel Arnold Fatal Cure From the master of the medical thriller comes a heart stopping tale of intrigue and mystery set at the uncertain juncture of medical care and financial pragmatism a story that reads like today s headl
  • Title: Fatal Cure
  • Author: Robin Cook Bärbel Arnold
  • ISBN: 9780330337021
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Unknown Binding
Fatal Cure Robin Cook Bärbel Arnold From the master of the medical thriller comes a heart stopping tale of intrigue and mystery set at the uncertain juncture of medical care and financial pragmatism a story that reads like today s headlines Fatal Cure is a hair raising, timely foray into the dark side of medical reform, proving that with managed care the unthinkable can be as close as the local hospital.From the master of the medical thriller comes a heart stopping tale of intrigue and mystery set at the uncertain juncture of medical care and financial pragmatism a story that reads like today s headlines Fatal Cure is a hair raising, timely foray into the dark side of medical reform, proving that with managed care the unthinkable can be as close as the local hospital Doctors Angela and David Wilson believe they have found personal and professional bliss when they opt to leave the university medical center for Bartlet Community Hospital, a modern, state of the art medical facility in scenic Bartlet, Vermont For Angela, a pathologist, and David, an internist primary care physician, Bartlet seems to be a dream come true a town with green lawns and crystal lakes that is an idyllic haven from urban crime and pollution a chance for a home of their own and a resurgence of romance in their relationship a perfect environment for their eight year old daughter, Nikki, who suffers from cystic fibrosis and the opportunity to work within an enlightened system of managed care But all is not what it seems After a resplendent fall, a stark landscape looms in Bartlet that reveals than the skeletons of the trees Gradually at first and then at a quickening pace, the Wilsons earthly Nirvana disintegrates as mysterious, unexplained deaths become than coincidences The deadly nightmare of their life threatens them all, even Nikki, the most vulnerable Fighting for their careers as well as for the very survival of their family, Angela and David must conquer the evil that confronts each of them before they are consumed by the horror Mystery thriller and romance, a story rich inmedical lore, Fatal Cure is Robin Cook at his probing, timely, page turning best.
Fatal Cure Robin Cook Bärbel Arnold

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One thought on “Fatal Cure

  1. Theresa Leone Davidson

    I continue to read Robin Cook s novels because they are always suspenseful, with clearly drawn characters, some of whom are the goody goodies, and others who are the villains Also he brings something a little different to the thriller by writing about medical situations, an area he knows about as he is a physician Fatal Cure, insofar as all of this is concerned, is no exception I read it in only two days so clearly it is a suspenseful story However, I never think of his novels as being worthy of [...]

  2. Bbfoster63

    Robin Cook was an MD, and he is apparently disgruntled with theway the medical field is managed I don t disagree with him, but reading about it was not much fun The plot was a bit far fetched, and the characters were a bit flat I won t say they were two dimensional, but I wouldn t go three, either Is there a 2.5 dimension

  3. Amy!

    I don t expect high art from Robin Cook However, his other books tend to have satisfying endings This one ended rather abruptly and the shadow of doubt over the main characters was never resolved Sure, it may be true to real life than everything tied up in a neat package, but hey, if you re going to make me fear ever going to the doctor again, give me the bow.

  4. Nira Ramachandran

    Two young doctors complete their residencies in Boston and move out to a small community hospital in the country town of Bartlet, with their nine year old daughter, who has a chronic respiratory condition With surprisingly high pay packets, two mortgages being offered by the Bank to purchase their own house, and the beautiful countryside, its fresh air and lack of pollution perfect for Nicki s health condition, it all seems to be too good to be true And so it proves The discovery of a body in th [...]

  5. Carl Alves

    In Fatal Cure, David and Angela Wilson are young doctors who have relocated to Vermont to work in a state of the art medical facility while raising their daughter, who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis All is not as happy as it seems in this little small town Nirvana The hospital is in financial trouble due to a contract with an HMO Patients are dying unexpectedly, and the people at the hospital don t care.This novel is very heavy handed in its approach It s about making political statements than te [...]

  6. Jake

    I think that this book is pretty good so far I also like the medical aspect of the bookpared to the 1st part, the second part is much better.

  7. Jayme Damm

    In this book, Robin Cook did an amazing job of keeping you on the edge of your seat The Wilson s family moved to Bartlet after a serious of unfortunate events in their life Bankruptcy and a robbery were just a part of the life they were living They moved to Bartlet in hopes that it would be a better life for them but something different than what they were asking for The first few days were awesome until things around the town started seeming suspicious A suicide of a doctor occurs because all h [...]

  8. Sandy (WI girl at heart)

    I deleted this review by accident but I wanted to say a couple of words about the book Read it last September 2012 as a new author for me The book was slow at 1st but picked up steam and really sent the reader in unexpected twists and turns.While I thought a story based on healthcare would be boring it proved me wrong The story was good to borderline great The underlying problem that is causing medical health histaria is so on the mark with this book that it left me wondering about my own medica [...]

  9. Jami

    The author of this book is in love with his own intelligence He uses so much medical jargon that it is annoying He also has an ongoing sexual harassment between an employee and employer while the husband of our victim is constantly demeaning his wife I only gave this book the 2nd star because through out the book I couldn t guess how the patients were being killed and I kept turning the pages to figure it out.

  10. Deedee

    Although this medical thriller was written almost 25 years ago, it poses some interesting issues about managed care and capitation rates for health care providers, whose interest in profits might eclipse patients best interests The story line itself is a bit over wrought and bizarre but it held my interest to the end.

  11. Christy Bruhn

    Why are hospital patients dying As a husband wife search, they find a body buried in their new home

  12. Shankaran Vaidyanathan

    Story of a young doctor couple who moved to a small town hospital for work and ended up messing their career and life Another story of Robin Cook exposing the darker side of managed healthcare.

  13. Pj Anderer

    It s robin cook so I m fairly certain it involves doctors and hospitals I don t really remember much else.

  14. Laurie D'ghent

    Honestly, not a bad book all told, but I have to admit that a large part of me was hoping that the annoying husband would die and that s what kept me reading Intriguing Mild swearing, sex.

  15. Terri Lynn

    I have been a Robin Cook fan since his very first book I recently reread this one as I am always re reading old favorites I am not quite sure what it is I love about this book but I do love it In the small Vermont town of Bartlet, people are dying mysterious deaths at Barlet Community Hospital and retired doctor and former hospital administrator Dr Hodges wants to know why He crashes a hospital board meeting, waving the files of several of his former patients, all now dead for strange reasons af [...]

  16. Jorge Bleisen (Retrospecktiva Books)

    Hab a comprado esta novela hace ya unos tres a os y el librero que me atendi me dijo que era una obra sumamente interesante, con una calidad de suspenso casi igual a la de otros autores como Stephen King aunque no estoy 100% seguro de comparar una cosa con la otra, pues cada quien es nico en su estilo Cabe decir que la compr de segunda, porque en aquella poca, mis estudios frustrados de dise o gr fico no me permit an comprar libros nuevos.No en balde, fue hasta hace una semana que acabo de le rm [...]

  17. Kimberly Orr

    Beginning very confusing and hard to get into, although once it got started, it moved very quickly Seemed very familiar another rant against HMOs.

  18. Megan Stewart

    Honestly, I had a love hate relationship with this book the entire time I was reading it Mostly hate hate, though I don t think I would have gotten through the novel had I not been trying to escape end of the year homework and studying for finals It was so long and tedious, and just plain boring for than half the book And I am not kidding when I say half the book Nothing Happens At All It s, like, 500 pages and 200 of those could be thrown away, thanks to the excess and unnecessary details Mr C [...]

  19. Mangieto

    Hasta podr a decir que no me gust , pero s lo es por el final, as que decid dejarlo en dos estrellas.La raz n m s fuerte para que no me gustara este libro fue que durante todas las p ginas le da vueltas y m s vueltas a las muertes misteriosas en el hospital, todo para que al final dejara de escribir de repente Encontraron a los malos en un par de p ginas, se acab todo y a la siguiente p gina ya eran cuatro meses despu s y la historia estaba estancada.Otra cosa mala es la forma en que suceden los [...]

  20. Jim

    Robin Cook has carved a niche for himself with medical thrillers Coma is probably his most famous work In Fatal Cure, we have two doctors, a husband and wife moved from crime ridden Boston to a community hospital in Vermont Initially things look ideal for them and their daughter, Nikki, who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis Then things start to go wrong David has his patients dying mysteriously, with the same vague symptoms and he hasn t a clue as to why they deteriorated so rapidly He is also critic [...]

  21. Austin

    I was not very fond of the book Fatal Cure at the beginning, but after a while it began to grow on me This writing piece is one of those stories that move at a very slow pace with details on every individual event and setting But don t let this slow pace novel fool you about the fact that it can be an action packed thriller The only problem is that the author starts off with a very dull and bland plot I recommend this book to readers that enjoy books that a slow pace plot soon builds up to a hug [...]

  22. Dyana

    Not the best from Robin Cook, but, none the less, an unusual premise for a story starts out slow and builds to a fast paced climax Doctors Angela and David Wilson, along with their daughter Nikki, leave the urban life in Boston to relocate to the quaint small town of Bartlet, Vermont They both find jobs at Bartlet Community Hospital, a modern state of the art medical facility This is a dream come true for Angela, a pathologist and David, an internist primary care physician But things turn from i [...]

  23. Rabbit Paint me like one of your 19th century gothic heroines!

    I really did enjoy the main moral of the story that health insurance is corrupt this book was written in 1994 , but the execution was really sloppy, but at the same time I could not stop reading this when I sat down with it.Most of the men were raging sexist douche bags, and Angela irritated me on occasion that has nothing to do with her hysteria which was such a bullshit plot point, but that could have been another point made by the author since I hated most of the male characters I rated it th [...]

  24. Mazel

    Bartlet est une charmante petite ville am ricaine Pourtant, David et Angela Wilson, deux jeunes m decins plein d espoir et de confiance dans la science, vont bien vite regretter de s y tre install s Ils commencent par d couvrir que, plus qu ailleurs, mieux vaut y tre riche et en bonne sant que pauvre et malade on r primande les m decins prescrivant des actes jug s on reux et les remboursements sont plus qu al atoires Plus grave les malades de David commencent mourir un peu trop rapidement et le [...]

  25. Amanda

    The good thing about Cook s books is that I don t feel so guilty about reading them instead of studying You always end up learning something The storyline is interesting and I really liked the characters, the were outlined well Although I have to say, it was weird reading a Cook book without his recurring pathologists, not necessarily weird in a bad way.On the downside, I don t think the critiche that Cook wanted to do about the American Healthcare system just fell a bit short on my opinion, it [...]

  26. Dr Ikram

    Un roman m dical int ressant au quel Robin Cook a mis l accent sur la n gligence de l assurance maladie et beaucoup d autres probl mes pouvant exister dans les h pitaux.J ai aimais le style simple et sympa de l crivain qui transporte le lecteur au sc ne d v nements et qui le rend vivre l histoire J ai aimais aussi le vocabulaire m dicale clair qu il a utilis.Par contre , a m a parut trop trop long et j ai esp r quelque chose plus fort que a surtout apr s avoir lire son roman g nial shock qui m a [...]

  27. Rhonda Hankins

    Robin Cook has a message that she he hammers home government involvement in healthcare is bad, bad, so super duper bad that he she felt obliged to write a droll story with flat characters and a predictable plot line where the HMO doctors are bad, bad, so super duper bad that they sexually harass the pretty new pathologist, sulk when they lose at a friendly game of tennis, and yes folks, they even sanction chronic rapes in the parking lot of the hospital These are BAD people, Robin yells at us Co [...]

  28. Mathangi Srinivasan

    Another classic A really long and good book to keep you coming back for The characters strike you as a little stupid because the conclusions and diagnosis is all out there If I can figure it out, surely the doctor couple could While you re waiting endlessly for this to happen, Cook has managed to unleash several nightmares, all leading up to a delicious, satisfying and a nail biting climax Too many unwanted deaths but they start becoming predictable You learn to grow unattached to that detail a [...]

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