Not Quite Eden (2020)

Not Quite Eden Dominique Kyle Not Quite Eden The one word you could never use to describe sixteen year old Eve is passive But she never expected to have to step in to save the life of that annoying idiot next door Adam Quinn And she only did it
  • Title: Not Quite Eden
  • Author: Dominique Kyle
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Not Quite Eden Dominique Kyle The one word you could never use to describe sixteen year old Eve is passive But she never expected to have to step in to save the life of that annoying idiot next door, Adam Quinn And she only did it because she s reserving the right to kill him herself Adam Quinn and Eve McGinty have been bitter rivals for as long as they can remember When they both apply for the sThe one word you could never use to describe sixteen year old Eve is passive But she never expected to have to step in to save the life of that annoying idiot next door, Adam Quinn And she only did it because she s reserving the right to kill him herself Adam Quinn and Eve McGinty have been bitter rivals for as long as they can remember When they both apply for the same job as a trainee car mechanic only one of them can get it, and Eve is finding it hard to convince the misogynistic men who work there of her suitability for the role Then Eve s younger brother, Jamie, is invited to join the rock band that the irrepressibly flamboyant Quinn and his friends have formed But unfortunately the members of the band have made some dubious decisions in their eagerness to get a recording deal When things turn nasty with the local psychopathic night club bouncers and drug dealers, Eve feels she has no option but to step in to prevent her brother being dragged down with the rest of the boys As the consequences spiral out of control, Eve is forced to spend a lot time with Quinn than she ever really wanted to.
Not Quite Eden Dominique Kyle

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One thought on “Not Quite Eden

  1. Nikki Landis

    Young adult fiction at its best I m a sucker for a strong decisive heroine who knows herself and what she wants from the world Probably the best thing about this novel is the main character Eve and her bold personality She doesn t take any flack from anyone and she s independent, snarky, and full of opinions Eve isn t perfect and she has her faults but she s well developed and consistent throughout the book which was refreshing.Her love interest and neighbor, Quinn is as complicated and deep as [...]

  2. InkedBookDragon

    inkedbookdragonWhat a surprise This is one of those books that I thought might just be a fun quick read It was much than that Wonderful growth in story Fast paced and insightful I love a good coming of age story Strong characterizations Loved that they were not perfect and made mistakes They were flawed and it was beautiful Human beings are flawed and I find it refreshing when characters reflect that Some of the characters took a little time for me to embrace than others Thank you to the autho [...]

  3. Clifton Kenny

    Compelling and atypical This book was a refreshing read for me, and I would highly recommend to the YA crowd I was so glad to see a strong, fearless female lead character in a real life setting without dipping into the fantasy realm The Eve Adam rocky relationship was also interesting than most predictable YA couples Factor in the action, plot twists and turns and some truly witty moments, and you ve got a winner.

  4. Lucretia

    A fantastic coming of age tale that is intelligent and thrilling Eve and Quinn are such complex, well written characters I instantly loved Eve, she is a strong young woman, though also the kind of character I want to hold and hug the broken parts back together As the story progressed my admiration for her continued to grow The world she lives in, isn t perfect, far from it, and she has to deal with a lot of things that many girls her age don t, yet she still manages to be an admirable person Qui [...]

  5. Alison

    An odd book from start to finish.Eve McGinty is, to put it bluntly, a fairly unpleasant teenager She and the boy next door, Adam Quinn, have been at each others throats since they were four years old In the opening chapter Adam is drunk at a school dance, he asks Eve to dance with him and she agrees, only to lock him in a cupboard after kicking him hard What concerned me most is that Eve just walked away and left him there, knowing he couldn t get out he could have been locked in that cupboard a [...]

  6. J.P. Willson

    I have to admit right from the git go, I read book five in this series first Most certainly though it solidifies my belief that that was a stand alone book even though it is surely a part of this wonderful series It was nice to discover where all of the characters originated, how there respective roles came to be in the place I knew of them, that being the premise of book five.It has been some time since I have found a series of books that I enjoyed as much as I have this series.I am currently r [...]

  7. Felicia F.

    A 5 star read Not Quite Eden by D Kyle is a great start to a new series I enjoyed reading about Eve and her strengths and weaknesses She is a particularly strong character as is the other character All the main characters were well developed and a joy to learn about The author created a world that I delved into and couldn t seem to pull myself from I will continue the series, and already have them on my reading list Well done

  8. SA

    I love from enemies to friends plot and I also love strong female characters This is a nice blend of romance, growing up and adventure Eve is a feisty very likable heroine who is in constant denial And Adam is the boy every girl is after This was an enjoyable read with well rounded characters Eve s dad and brother are lovely people.

  9. Lovely Loveday

    A fun fast paced read with many twists and turns along the way I like the strong main female character who is not afraid of anything and has a bold personality I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good young adult novel.

  10. Suzana Thompson

    I can t remember the last time I read about such a decisive and headstrong heroine Eve makes her own independent decisions instead of just reacting to what the love interest does Such a headstrong person is bound to make some wrong decisions, but it was great to read about a girl who takes charge even if she isn t always the nicest person Eve has a tragic past, but she is not a tragic heroine She is resilient and resourceful, although she is also too stubborn sometimes Her flaws make her real, [...]

  11. Christy Nicholas

    As an incurable Anglophile, I love any book set in the UK I thought this would be a bit trite with the Adam Eve analogy, but it was exciting and unpredictable I loved the protagonist and her strength, despite her meanness She is a great character, and I appreciate the flaws and virtues I did have some trouble with confusing some of the characters Jamie Jaimie , but I still enjoyed the story immensely.

  12. Claudia Picarra

    Good readEve is a headstrong young woman, i enjoyed the Eve Adam relationship There were quite a few plot twists that keeps you reeding I found this book fast paced, i would hightly recommend to YA readers.

  13. R.T. Graham

    There s some great plot twists and a lot of action in this story I very much liked the character Eve, and found myself defending her throughout While there are some editing issues it s at times a bit confusing as to who is speaking I definitely recommend this book, for both adults and YA.

  14. Mary Stockwell

    Three starsThis book is just average to me It would probably get a higher rating from someone in the young adult age bracket.

  15. Loretta

    This is not my usual read it s some way out of my comfort zone That said, I m finding it pretty compelling.Sixteen year old Eve is a not one of life s good girls Quick to react, quick to take offence, she is into motorbikes and leathers than dresses And she can take an engine apart as well as any bloke She may not be a good girl, but she was never a criminal Until now After she has the finger wrongly pointed at her for the loss of drugs belonging to a local dealer, her life spirals out of contr [...]

  16. Lord.of.the.Paper

    Eve is no ordinary girl a high school drop out who works in a garage doing what she loves doing taking vehicles apart and then rebuilding them And it would have been that simple had it not been for Adam, her childhood arch nemesis Not Quite Eden follows Eve in her adventures to save Adam, even if she can t stand the sight of him.It s is a book that doesn t just give you a love story it gives you a headstrong female who is bold, independent and ambitious She s never afraid to speak her mind, no m [...]

  17. Ginger

    Hard to put down What a delightful surprise to read a story that strays from the norm Even with the grammar errors, and not written for an American audience I found it hard to put down It was fun to learn European language and broaden my vocabulary.

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