Every Dark Waning (2020)

Every Dark Waning A. Davida Jane Every Dark Waning In this collection of poems A Davida Jane writes with a sharply honed honesty She writes of sleepless nights of days spent alone but also of the reasons to keep fighting be it poetry a girl the s
  • Title: Every Dark Waning
  • Author: A. Davida Jane
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Every Dark Waning A. Davida Jane In this collection of poems, A Davida Jane writes with a sharply honed honesty She writes of sleepless nights, of days spent alone, but also of the reasons to keep fighting be it poetry, a girl, the sky, or even the promise of one day feeling okay again.
Every Dark Waning A. Davida Jane

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    A. Davida Jane

One thought on “Every Dark Waning

  1. ☙ percy ❧

    i ll follow the sound of your bleedingeven when i m blind beautiful, poignant, and masterful poetry recommended.

  2. Aesirae

    I loved every single page.My english is so rusty that I m not actually able to express my feelings about this book in words Just thank you I miss you

  3. Elvier Roegiers

    If I highlighted every line I loved in this poetry collection, the book would be bright yellow than white I love pretty much every single poem in this Severe Weather Warning has always been my favourite poem by A Davida Jane and I m really happy to finally have it in printed form, that it comes with a whole bunch of other amazing poems is a nice bonus.

  4. Limi

    Darling, did you know the ache we feel is our hearts hurting from trying to beat at the same time Did you know that it hurts so much because one time they got it right, and every moment since then has been agony, a history of mistimed implosions so desperately trying to be together and never quite making it God, I probably love every poem in this collection Such stunning stunning poetry.

  5. Meryana Salem

    we will keep building until all the world is a home, with so many open doors and one big window where every young girl has a place to sit there is so much hope and optimism in Davida Jane s words it takes my breath away and makes me glad to be alive.

  6. Alyssa

    I m going to be frank and say that I didn t understand most of the poems, but the ones I did understand were great and I liked them.I sent Growing Pains to one of my friends who I thought of when I read it.

  7. Anita

    A lovely book bittersweet on the whole, with bright and dark spots dappled throughout Some of the poems are traditional in format, and a few of them are like paragraphs of thoughts tumbling into each other I respect the author s work regardless And her imagery so much of this reads like somebody is taking a paintbrush to me and putting surreal landscapes in my head I read this in digital form, but I think one of these days, it would be a pleasure to acquire a proper hard copy.

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