Red Dirt Heart (2020)

Red Dirt Heart N.R. Walker Joel Leslie Red Dirt Heart hrs minsWelcome to Sutton Station One of the world s largest working farms in the middle of Australia where if the animals and heat don t kill you first your heart just might Charlie Sutton runs
  • Title: Red Dirt Heart
  • Author: N.R. Walker Joel Leslie
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Audible Audio
Red Dirt Heart N.R. Walker Joel Leslie 5 hrs 7 minsWelcome to Sutton Station One of the world s largest working farms in the middle of Australia where if the animals and heat don t kill you first, your heart just might.Charlie Sutton runs Sutton Station the only way he knows how the way his father did before him Determined to keep his head down and his heart in check, Charlie swears the red dirt that surro5 hrs 7 minsWelcome to Sutton Station One of the world s largest working farms in the middle of Australia where if the animals and heat don t kill you first, your heart just might.Charlie Sutton runs Sutton Station the only way he knows how the way his father did before him Determined to keep his head down and his heart in check, Charlie swears the red dirt that surrounds him isolates him runs through his veins.American agronomy student Travis Craig arrives at Sutton Station to see how farmers make a living from one of the harshest environments on earth But it s not the barren, brutal and totally beautiful landscapes that capture him so completely, it s the man with the red dirt heart.Please note This book is set in Australia, using Australian English and lingo.
Red Dirt Heart N.R. Walker Joel Leslie

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    328 N.R. Walker Joel Leslie
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One thought on “Red Dirt Heart

  1. Gigi

    5 stars for my second read Now on to the sequels, which I haven t read yet 5 stars, favorites shelf, loved it Highly recommended

  2. J *deep in the heart of Texas*

    Re Read4.5 Stars Loved it even the second time around On to book 2 Original ReviewSo this was my first N.R Walker read.I thought it was well written It was a really sweet storyry sugary Little to no angst at all Plenty of steam for my smut loving friends The storyline really wasn t anything new It was pretty predictable But I enjoyed it nonetheless And honestly the whole time I was reading all I could think about was the movie Brokeback Mountain So beware of my gifs will come from that movie Ch [...]

  3. Susan

    4.5 starsWellduh It s NR Walker Soya knowI m obviously gonna love it.And, writing this in the glow of having just ended this fantastic book, I throw down the gauntlet s one of my favorites of hers I like Kira Matt in the Turning Point series I adore Carter and Isaac and don t even get me started on Mark and Will in the Blind Faith series And I ve made it no secret that I LOVE Thomas and yeah, yeahCooper too in the Thomas Elkin series But, butCharlie and TravisI m thinking they re pretty much the [...]

  4. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~

    The setting was stunning red dirt dessert sand, long lines of unbroken landscape, shimmering heat, and peace stretching for miles There is a wonderful set of secondary characters, including George and Ma who are like parents to Charlie and a horse newly named Texas.There were no hysterics or dramatics, just raw emotions and two men drawn to each other despite being from different ends of the earth Cowboys at heart, Charlie and Travis laugh and push and run scared and make love And stay.

  5. Exina

    So many praising reviews are out there about this book and it is really an outstanding story I loved it so much.But now, days later, after coming off the high, I realized I have some issues with it Easy Not many So the characters Charlie I felt his fear of being out a little exaggerated He was a bitter recluse and doomed himself to live alone forever at the age of twenty something, just because view spoiler his father was a jerk and had said mean things to him hide spoiler It s not a strong enou [...]

  6. * Meli Mel *

    4.5 STARS I thought you had demons, you know, like everyone else But you re not fighting demons, Charlie You re fighting a ghost And you don t even want to win Charlie Sutton is a man that is running Sutton Station, a ranch in Australia, after his father passed away There are a few select people who know he is gay, his father was one of them and that didn t turn out so good His father told him to hide who he was because it took a real man to run a ranch This is why he isn t eager to shout it out [...]

  7. Rosalinda *KRASNORADA*

    hides in a corner Red Dirt Heart was a decent read The writing style deserves much than three stars but I have to rate the book as a whole so pls don t throw tomatoes my way yet.This story had all the elements I usually need to love a book but it didn t happen this time although I reckon it s a good read Charlie is a gay guy in the closet who runs Sutton Station and Travis is a student who is going to spend a few weeks with Charlie s team I loved reading about Australia I read a book about the [...]

  8. Chelsea

    I m ashamed that I put off reading this beautiful love story for so long Bad Chelsea Bad This was everything Sweet, romantic, sexy and definitely had me tearing up at the end I loved Travis jump in with both feet attitude and Charlie s quiet hopefulness They complimented each other perfectly and I have a feeling I could read about these two for days and it still not be enough.

  9. Catherine

    I may as well call 2014 My Year of Reading N.R Walker In a little less than two months, I ve read ten titles by Walker Every last one of them has well developed plots, three dimensional characters, witty dialogue, and so much cuteness that a basketful of fluffy kittens would lose a head to head competition.So, imagine my delight when Walker s latest novella, Red Dirt Heart, was released last week I m serious, people I was Jessie Spano on caffeine pills levels of excited.And I was not disappointe [...]

  10. DW

    So I finally read Red Dirt Heart I was pleasantly surprised It was sweet with very little angst Charlie returns home to Sutton Station to take over the family farm after his father passes away Sutton Station is one of the biggest farms in the middle of Australia Charlie is gay but hasn t officially come out of the closet His father never approved of his lifestyle and made it clear that a fairy could not run the farm He didn t think that Charlie was manly enough He has pretty much come to the con [...]

  11. Mona

    5 Outback Down Under Stars Where the American guy walks in, all blue eyes and disarming smiles, and my life goes to shit.Red Dirt Heart, a delightful, charming and sweet read, that pleased me all the way I simply could not put this down once I started reading it It had me smiling, laughing and teary eyed, throughout the ups and downs these characters experience.I d jumped into raging rivers, ridden wild bulls, bucking horses and fought off deadly snakes I d done a thousand crazy things in my lif [...]

  12. Heller

    This book made me dream of Australia I ve been to the interior and travelled the Northern territory into Alice Springs, or the Alice as it s called So when Walker talks about the scorching red dirt, the amazing outback vistas and the endless stars at nightI revisit it in my mind s eye and I laugh at the memories and remember the people I met along the way I liked this read I liked the MC s and their stories and how the relationship progressed There s some great drama here that made my heart clen [...]

  13. Bev

    x How have I waited so long to re read this series Superb x A shower of stars for this one, you almost feel as though you re in the Outback yourself I absolutely loved this story, and I have to admit the sheer scale and size of the territory makes for mind boggling readingr someone that lives as I do on an overcrowded tiny island off the coast of mainland Europe.Texan agronomy student Travis Craig arrives at the Sutton Station in the Northern Territory of Australia at the start of 4 weeks work e [...]

  14. Ariana

    First of all I loved, loved, loved this All of it.The setting I live in a very green part of Europe, so I can t imagine it Probably that s not even possible unless you have been there and experienced it for yourself The vastness of the desert, the colours, the heat, the quiet and the dangers Tbh I am fascinated, not only by the setting but also by the life the people on Sutton Station lead It is tough and lonely and such hard work, I m pretty much in awe of theme MCs Charlie I can t imagine anyo [...]

  15. Dia

    3,5 rounded to 4 starsIt seems I m in the minority here, but unfortunately this story wasn t a 5 stars book for me It may have something to do with the fact that my first book by N.R Walker was The Weight of It All and I absolutely loved that one sweet and very funny It made me laugh out loud many times and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the characters.So when I started Red Dirt Heart I had very high expectations and well, to some point it didn t deliver It was a little too predictable an [...]

  16. Rachel Reads Ravenously

    Not much to say except this is an MM I ve been meaning to read for a long time I m glad I finally did because it was a sweet story that I enjoyed Onward

  17. Trisha Harrington

    N.R Walker has done it again Not only has she made me fall in love with yet another couple, but she has also left me wanting But the good news is, she is planning a sequel to this one See the last page of the book for proof.Anyway, I m not really sure what I can say about this book My words just cannot describe how much I love the author and her work I m a sucker for sweet characters and characters who have demons Well, maybe demons isn t the right word here Charlie has the ghost of his father [...]

  18. Marte - Thunderella

    Update July 2016 Audio edition, narration Joel Leslie.5 hours 7 minutesOverall 1Performance 1Story 5 The story rating of 5 is based on the book, since the story is fantastic I have read it several times.This is one of my favorite mm romance books series Charlie and Travis are very dear to me I was of course looking forward to this audio.Audios can make or break a book, or sometimes just be okay This was It was really bad It did not work for me at all It pains me, but it s my honest opinion I man [...]

  19. Macky

    What is it about stories set in Australia Why do they always feel so romantic and passionate Is it because the land is so sprawling, wild and breathtakingly beautiful or is it because of its mystical, mysterious aboriginal culture that s always fascinated me with its intriguing tales of Dreamtime or is it simply because Australia has given us so many hot guys, like the gorgeous Hugh Jackman OMG Yum Mel Gibson in his Mad Max days swoon , the lovely Heath Ledger RIP Heath , delectable Chris Hemswo [...]

  20. Nick Pageant

    I LOVED this book The prose is spare and, kill me, but I have to use the word arid It s almost as if N.R Walker trimmed down the language to give us a feeling of the landscape the characters inhabit It s a great writing trick that really works very well here The romance is touching and the sex is hot A great read that is highly recommended.

  21. Barbara

    This godforsaken, red and unforgiving, hotter than fucking hell place where I was supposed to be With you The setting was incredible, set in the marvellous red dirt farmlands of Australia I was drawn into the story immediately Their characters felt real and their humour sparkle through from the beginning till the end, a bit of angst but nothing to sappy, as I said REAL By the time Charlie and Travis spent their first time together, I was grinning from ear to ear, it was like I could see the stor [...]

  22. Barbara➰

    Charlie has resigned himself to working his station and being alone He remembers his father s hurtful words and holds on to them never letting go so he can be happy When American, Travis, comes to work with him for 4 weeks, Charlie is interested in ways than one.I actually started this book months ago and got to about 30% and put it aside This just goes to show you that mood and timing can affect your enjoyment of a book I ve been binge reading Walker s books lately and this one just fit right [...]

  23. Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read**

    4.5 Stars I d jumped into raging rivers, ridden wild bulls, bucking horses and fought off deadly snakes I d done a thousand crazy things in my life that made Ma yell at me, but I d never NEVER been as scared as I was when I looked at him.There s already tons of reviews for this series, so I ll just add my name to the long list of people gushing about Charlie and Travis I m just at the beginning of their journeyd I can t wait to see where this takes me One down, three to go.Except now it was diff [...]

  24. JustJen "Miss Conduct"

    4.5 star review from The Blogger Girls.This was a really nice change of pace for me I thoroughly enjoyed being brought to another place not often written about This takes its time getting going, but it isn t long before you are right there with them, as I had no trouble picturing the station and its landscape with the wonderfully descriptive storytelling I swear I could feel the dust and heat as I was reading, and Lord knows I was trying to hear the accents.Charlie is a hard working fella, choos [...]

  25. Cristina T.

    BR with Kayl Thursday, September 3 My dearest favorite M M couples I mean you, Ty Zane, Sin Boyd, Dex Sloane, Brad Kyle make a little room, because Travis Charlie are joining you It s official I adore N.R Walker This book was absolutely flawless The beautiful red dirt dessert The animals especially the horses The incredible characters The fantastic writing I loved it all, and I cannot wait to read Charlie and Travis are amazing, to say the least I adored them both Travis is funny, outspoken, sm [...]

  26. Sandi ♥'s way too many M/M books

    It was just so good No angst really at all just a great easy read Walker I love you it s official I m full on obsessed LOL

  27. John The Cosmic Wanderer

    My heart is so full The final chapter just did it for meThis goes straight to my favorites One of the best of 2014

  28. Arianna✦❋SteamyReadsBlog❋✦

    Charles Charlie Sutton owns Sutton Station one of the largest farm in Australia Everything change for Charlie when American student Travis Craig comes to spend four weeks at his farm Charlie is attracted from the start by Travis even if he doesn t know if he is gay or not He is different when Travis is around, he doesn t know how to be with Travis, but with Travis he smiles and laughs again He d been here all of four days, and he was all I could think about His eyes, his accent, the way he laugh [...]

  29. .Lili.

    Red Heart Dirt by NR Walker is simplicity at it s best There s no crazy plot twist or high angst but it is so flawlessly written that I couldn t help but fall in love with the story and it s characters The best way to describe ityou know on those cooking competition shows, when the contestants have to cook an easy dish like eggs over easy Right off the bat you think that s nothing but if not executed correctly it s a failure Well, I don t think everyone would ve been successful at writing this b [...]

  30. Elsbeth

    BR, August re read of the whole series Charlie and Travis Second time read even better first read 2014, June 18th 4 starsI m a happy girl now I ve had my cowboy fill and boy did I and they have fun.A story set in the Australian outback One Texas student, Travis and one Australian cowboy, Charlie Charlie who has been living his life, alone His struggle to feel deserving of love.Travis falling in love with Charlie and the red dirt This godforsaken, red and unforgiving, hotter than fucking hell pla [...]

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