The Pain Eater (2020)

The Pain Eater Beth Goobie The Pain Eater She hadn t told anyone Not a single soul Not one word about that night and what had been done to her had ever passed Maddy Malone s lips She d thought about it at first had been desperate even franti
  • Title: The Pain Eater
  • Author: Beth Goobie
  • ISBN: 9781772600209
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
The Pain Eater Beth Goobie She hadn t told anyone Not a single soul Not one word about that night and what had been done to her had ever passed Maddy Malone s lips She d thought about it at first had been desperate, even frantic, to tell But then had come the shame, and the intimidation from the boys who raped her and the one who held her down Now it s the beginning of a new school year andShe hadn t told anyone Not a single soul Not one word about that night and what had been done to her had ever passed Maddy Malone s lips She d thought about it at first had been desperate, even frantic, to tell But then had come the shame, and the intimidation from the boys who raped her and the one who held her down Now it s the beginning of a new school year and Maddy is hoping that she can continue to hide, making herself as quiet and small as possible She is consumed with keeping the memories at bay, forcing them down through small cuts and the burn from the end of a cigarette But when her English class is given the assignment of writing a collaborative novel about a fifteen year old girl, The Pain Eater, fact and fiction begin to meet up When the boys spread rumors about Maddy, she realizes that continuing to hide the truth will only give them control, and she slowly gains the courage to confront them.
The Pain Eater Beth Goobie

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One thought on “The Pain Eater

  1. Emily May

    This novel is called The Pain Eater, said Kara In the hills of Faraway, there lived a tribe that had a tradition Once in each generation, they chose a child who had to carry the pain of everyone in the tribe They called this child the pain eater Warning both the book and this review contain discussion about rape.Goobie s The Pain Eater is about fifteen year old Maddy Malone who was raped one evening by three boys from her school, held down by another, while a fifth boy stood by and did nothing T [...]

  2. Nek0 Neha (BiblioNyan)

    How had she gotten to this place of twisted self hatred She hadn t done anything wrong She hadn t attacked and hurt someone else So why was she being punished in this way shut out of ordinary human activity, all those normal parts of life like smiling, conversation, hellos and how are yous The Pain Eater by Beth Goobie was such a difficult book for me to read As a survivor of rape, the triggers were at times quite overwhelming I remember when there was a period in my life where I never would hav [...]

  3. Karen Barber

    The book opens with the rape of fourteen year old Maddy by three of her schoolmates She tells nobody.One year later, Maddy s pain is too much to bear She burns herself in an attempt to cope with how bad she feels She is used to keeping her head down and being invisible Over the year since the attack, Maddy has worked out the identities of her attackers and things come to a head when she finds herself in English class with two of them.The class are set an intriguing task a collaborative story And [...]

  4. Ellen

    I was worried about reading this due to the subject matter, but I d heard it was good, so I gave it a shot and I m happy I did The juxtaposition of the Pain Eater story with Maddy s life was powerful and fascinating To me, it showed how fiction can sometimes convey truth of emotion better than nonfiction Small spoiler, I would have liked an epilogue to find out what happened with the case, but the ending worked because you got the feeling that no matter what happened, Maddy was going to be okay [...]

  5. Read InAGarden

    Maddie was gang raped after a play last school year, she didn t tell anyone and now that the new school year has begun she s not faring well She s internalized her pain and has begun abusing herself She has figured out 3 of the boys who raped her and is startled to find that one is in her English class As the semester progresses, her English teacher assigns a collectively written story with each student supplying a short chapter What Maddie begins to realize is that some of her classmates see he [...]

  6. Joana Bookneeders

    Received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you very much This doesn t affect the review in any way My opinions, are as always, my own Wow.That pretty much describes everything I have to say about this book.I never go much for this type of books because they make me a bit uncomfortable But this book was incredibly amazing It was emotionally a heavy read But it was so realistic, so powerful, so sad and most of all, so cleverly told And that s the way [...]

  7. Nicole Hewitt

    This review and many can be found on my blog Feed Your Fiction AddictionThis book is an incredibly painful read because of the traumatic events that Maddy has lived through and continues to relive Maddy has become a shell of herself ever since she was raped she barely speaks, never makes eye contact, and causes herself physical pain in order to block out the emotional turmoil she s constantly experiencing She s tried so hard to forget but she can t.The book follows Maddy s emotional journey and [...]

  8. Cynthia (Bingeing On Books)

    I received this ARC from NetGalley one exchange for my honest review I am going to be the black sheep here Everyone else seemed to love this book and I m sorry, but I just didn t.Maddy is gang raped one night after a school play Five boys are involved three boys rape her, one holds her down and one watches from afar For a book about a girl who is raped, I just didn t feel much in terms of emotion Maybe the fact that I have read so many books on the subject has ruined me But I just found it dry W [...]

  9. Bookworm LLC

    WOW Talk about intense This book is a story within a story Once you start reading it you will understand what I mean.The Pain Eater is a story about a young girl named Maddy who has her innocence taken away and feels she has to stay quiet and try to let it go However, the people responsible will not let her forget She struggles through her young life trying to come to terms with her feelings and wondering if she will EVER be the same again.Then something amazing happens.o girls in her English cl [...]

  10. Rayna

    Holy Shit This book I will write my review as soon as I have processed what I just read What I will say though is 1 Tears 2 Important.Okay, actual review Thanks NetGalley for an ARC of this book, however, all opinions are my own This book opens up as Maddy Malone is getting gang raped This is the prologue So, obvious trigger warnings for rape but also self harm.Maddy Malone is fifteen years old when part of her soul is stolen from her She becomes a shell of her old self and that much is apparent [...]

  11. Anna

    You make someone else eat your pain You kick the dog or pick on your little brother, and then you feel better Why is that How can hurting someone else take away your own hurt 14 year old Maddie is raped by 3 boys from her school The fourth one is holding her and the fifth one just watches That s the very beginning of the book For months she doesn t say anything She withdrew from life With the beginnig of a new school year she s being harassed by the boys who raped her At the same time Maddys Eng [...]

  12. Dynah Thirst

    This book got to me The way the story is interwoven with the story the English class is writing is very effective The descriptions of Maddy s panic makes you feel like you re right there with her, as does the descriptions of the relief she feels when she starts to be able to talk to people about what happened This book should become required reading in junior high schools.

  13. Lisa Mandina

    I know that a vague ending is best, and it is basically what Maddy did for her story, even though there is nothing I want to read than that group getting what they deserve Wonderful story Emotional Sitting at my desk at work with tears in my eyes with the last chapters finished.You can read my full review on Lisa Loves Literature HERE.

  14. Amy's Book Reviews

    I received a free e copy of THE PAIN EATER from NetGalley in exchange for my honest reviewADE C One Word empoweringAfter Maddy is gang raped by several classmates, she withdraws into herself, fearful and depressed She said tells no one Two of the assailants are in her English class, where students are writing a progressive novel, each writing a chapter The story is an allegory of a fifteen year old girl known as the Pain Eater in her ancient, mythical village and matches Maddy s rape and its aft [...]

  15. Sharon

    Second Story Press and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of The Pain Eater, in exchange for an honest review.When 14 year old Maddy Malone was savagely attacked by some fellow high school students while on the way home, her efforts to stop her inner pain almost resulted in self destruction After months of self inflicted pain, Maddy begins to realize how to take her life back.At the beginning, I was skeptical that The Pain Eater would be unique enough to be memorable The story of a br [...]

  16. Krystal

    Spur of the moment, the act sucked up the boys attention like a supernatural vortex, leaving no thought, no consciousness for anything but their own crazed heat until they found themselves running, still masked and hooting, down the avenue, away from the copse and the still, slender body lying among the aspen This book was amazing and original Despite the horrible undertones, I found myself reading rapidly to soak in this unique, straightforward narrative The messages the author provided were so [...]

  17. Jasmine

    A powerful, well written book Maddy struggles to cope with what happened to her keep quiet, or tell Avoid them completely, or face them To cope, Maddy turns to art and self harm I enjoyed the story of Farang, The Pain Eater and the parallels between Farang and Maddy as the story goes on.May be triggering for some readers.Thanks to NetGalley and Second Story Press for the ARC.

  18. Kate

    How had she gotten to this place of twisted self hatred She hadn t done anything wrong She hadn t attacked and hurt someone else So why was she being punished in this way shut out of ordinary human activity, all those normal parts of life like smiling, conversation, hellos and how are yous I simultaneously have nothing and everything to say about The Pain Eater I finished it last night and I am still finding myself going back and flipping through it Starting with the dedication which readsFor th [...]

  19. Pages For Thoughts

    It is very rare to encounter two stories in one Both Maddy s story and Farang s story were amazing, and I would read Farang s story even if it was just a book on its own The parallelism and juxtaposition were extraordinary, and it really showed through It is very obvious as the story goes on and the two worlds collide Farang s life is basically a huge metaphor for Maddy, and I have never read anything quite like it I was disappointed that the teacher did not do much to help Sure, Ms Mousumi was [...]

  20. Sarah

    DNF d at 36%I just couldn t care.About the main character.About her family About the class novel this story is written around.In fact, I think that s what really killed any motivation to continue, is the class novel that Maddy s English teacher is forcing them to do, and the drama that was starting to crop up around that, involving the girl who wrote the first chapter and the popular bitch trying to ruin it because I don t even know why, actually.The classroom drama just so pedantic Like, I don [...]

  21. Sarah

    I don t often write reviews here I just keep track of the books I read and how much I enjoyed them, but for The Pain Eater, I need to say something Wow That is all I can really say While I do get into books, it has been a long, long time since knots of anxiety of formed in my stomach while reading This book was difficult to read, but so, so good.

  22. Rachel Prince

    The latter half of the novel was so powerful it brought me to tears a few times Reminded me a lot of Speak, but some parts were even better.

  23. K

    Wow This book was incredible It is intense, and gives the reader a look into the mind of a girl who has been raped, and continues to be tortured through her school year She finds strength in friends and family, and begins to heal slowly with her art The only critique I had with this book was the predictability, and the ease with which she finds her soul again.

  24. Danielle Webster

    A powerful, tightly wound and socially relevant story, I couldn t put it down This is not a book you read when you want to feel happy If you re having a bad day, maybe choose something lighter But it is a book you should read It s difficult and shocking and beautiful The Pain Eater affected me deeply and emotionally Read my full review here.

  25. KD Grainger

    This was a very difficult read, and all the important because of it s difficulty A small disclaimer is required here This read includes sexual violence, rape, and victim shaming This a trigger warning for the above topics The Pain Eater, follows Maddy Malone in the aftermath of a gang rape which occurs after a school production of Our Town As the reader, we experience Maddy s pain, shame, and anger about what has happened to her I found this a difficult book to read There are no graphic descrip [...]

  26. Hannah (Broc's Bookcase)

    Last week after reading Asking For It I decided that I was going to take a mini break from any books featuring sexual assault and maybe read a couple of fantasy books instead Then the next day I got an email from Netgalley saying that I had been approved for this book and I just couldn t not read it The necessary words felt enormous, like tombstones leaving her mouth They would change everything she knew this Nothing would be the same ever again I really liked Maddy She was a genuinely nice pers [...]

  27. Susan

    Maddy Malone is gang raped by classmates wearing masks in her school She doesn t tell anyone Why Whenever she remembers the rape, she hurts herself so she won t feel the pain of it How does she hurt herself As school starts in the fall Maddy finds in her English class that two of the guys who raped her are there in her class She doesn t think she can deal with it In her English class, the teacher has assigned the class to each write a separate chapter and it will be made into a book Each student [...]

  28. Jean Moloney

    Standard teen fic plotrl gets raped gang raped and doesn t tell anyone One interesting feature was that a lot of the story took place in school predominately featuring English class and one key assignment was a group novel where each student wrote a chapter While this seemed interesting at first then it became an excuse for bad writing Also how protagonist dealt with her trauma was very unbelievable as were reactions of family.

  29. Laura

    Maddy is raped That is not a spoiler It happens in the first page of the book She is raped by people she knows.And rather than reach out to anyone, or tell anyone, she buries it inside her.This is a heart wrenching story.I would like to say that this book is contemporary and meaningful now, because of the Stanford rape case that is being talked about in the news, but unfortunately, if that rape case had not happened, there would have been another It is the sad fact that this book will probably b [...]

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