Bear to the End (2020)

Bear to the End Terry Bolryder Bear to the End Charlotte is need of a bodyguard But when she comes to Bear Claw Security looking for help the last thing she expects to see is Mr Perfect with his fitted clothes and expensive appearance and perfec
  • Title: Bear to the End
  • Author: Terry Bolryder
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Bear to the End Terry Bolryder Charlotte is need of a bodyguard But when she comes to Bear Claw Security looking for help, the last thing she expects to see is Mr Perfect, with his fitted clothes and expensive appearance and perfect smile All wrong for her, all too much of a reminder of something she desperately wants to forget So Mr Perfect s tough, rough twin brother will have to do instead MarkCharlotte is need of a bodyguard But when she comes to Bear Claw Security looking for help, the last thing she expects to see is Mr Perfect, with his fitted clothes and expensive appearance and perfect smile All wrong for her, all too much of a reminder of something she desperately wants to forget So Mr Perfect s tough, rough twin brother will have to do instead Mark Bronson is used to going after what he wants, in both business and in life So when his bear instantly recognizes the woman that walks in as his mate, he s not going to roll over and let her walk out of his life, even if she seems inordinately averse to him Instead, he has the lovely, curvy Charlotte hire his twin brother instead So when he walks up to her door that night, swapping out his Armani suit for something a bar bouncer would wear instead, she has no clue it s actually the same person To Mark s surprise, he may not be the only one who thinks they ve found their mate But even though the heat between them burns brighter than the sun, Char s not sure if she s ready to commit again, and Mark will have to find the balance between protecting the woman he loves and telling her the truth about who is really is And Char s fears about needing a bodyguard may be much real than either of them could have anticipated.
Bear to the End Terry Bolryder

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    107 Terry Bolryder
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One thought on “Bear to the End

  1. Sherill

    BEAR TO THE END A HEART MELTING SIZZLING ROMANTIC STORY.What you ll find in this story as cast of remarkably impressive and engaging characters, fantastic story line, picturesque and powerful scene descriptions, phenomenal banter, camaraderie, heart rending moments, action, undeniable rage, horrific danger, life threatening incident, emotions spiral, skyrocketing heart pounding sensual romance, and a melt your heart conclusion leaving you wanting .While managing the financials for Bear Claw Secu [...]

  2. Robin

    3 STARS sigh I think I am a horrible reader I enjoy Ms Bolryder s books The storylines, the characters, view spoiler minus the shifters being able to talking in their shifted form, which kinda creeps me out to be honest I mean mind to mind, it makes sense, but otherwise sigh hide spoiler , but the one thing that keeps tripping me up is she doesn t continue with the world building I feel sometimes she feels the story has to be over and wants to get into the next story, but I m continually left fe [...]

  3. Diane Werning

    Bear to the EndMark was smitten from the moment he saw Charlotte but she didn t like rich people.Charlotte was a victim of spousal abuse,she didn t trust easily.This story will have you so wrapped up in what is going on you won t want the book to end.

  4. Selena

    fun readGood read Has all I love in a good book Funny,action, adventure, lies, love, Romance cant beat it perfect length.

  5. Phylis Collins

    Bear to the End is book 5 of Bear Claw Security by Terry Bolryder boxed set This is an awesome story Have some hard moments but with some action Goodg reading Thanks

  6. Sareya Brown

    WowIt goes to show never judge a book by its cover I love the entrance into the mansion and beating of Clay Great job.

  7. Kristina

    Best book of the series The lovebirds are the same at their core, both putting others first It is easy to see why they fall in love, and are meant to be.

  8. Shelly Buonamano

    Awesome Never judge a book by its cover is all I have to say about this book I loved the whole series.

  9. Marsha Spohn

    Reviewed at Shifter HavenI have loved every moment with the men and their mates of Bear Claw Security I really, really hope that Bronson hires some recruits so that we can continue to catch up with these great couples and their amazing stories once again.Mark is settling into the business, working the company financials and getting very good at his training to take on the role of a bodyguard To be fair, Mark likes expensive things He s rich in his own right and can certainly afford his luxuries [...]

  10. Cheri

    This series just gets better and better Each story, a stand alone with reoccuring people, has a wonderful couple Mark and Char lotte are two of the best Mark is new to Bear Claw agency, a well dressed businessman, brother of Bronson the owner He likes doing the paperwork and financials UNTIL Charlotte shows up needing a bodyguard Now he wants the assignment However, Char doesn t want him She wants someone like Herc or one of the others not a rich guy Well dang There is something about this woman [...]

  11. Linda

    Mark and Charlotte don t have a great first meeting She refuses to have him be her assigned bodyguard He knows she is his mate and his decides he will pretend to be his twin in order to get the job It is never a good idea to lie to the one you love.Mark is very wealthy and sophisticated He is also a bear shifter He has broken ties with his prominent family to work with his brother at his security business Once he meets Charlotte, he knows she is his mate and he won t be separated from her.Charlo [...]

  12. Nikki

    I love this series so much Mark is training to be a bodyguard while working the books at his twin brother, Bronson s security firm He s a very successful accountant and is a very rich bear, but he enjoys working with his brother and the rest of the guys When Charlotte comes in needing protection from her ex, Mark immediately recognizes her as his mate and will do anything to protect her Only problem is that Char refuses to work with Mark, she s been burned by the rich before and wants nothing to [...]

  13. Rebecca Grove

    I loved this story Mark is a rich bear shifter from one of the best bear families He is a great CEO but decides to leave it all behind to join his brother at Bear Claw security He has just finished training and is ready for his first assignment but prefers office work Char is a bear shifter and works in a womans shelter She comes to Bear Claw Security looking for protection from her abusive ex husband The only guard available is Mark but she refuses to hire him because of his rich guy appearance [...]

  14. Tammy Nitschke Sokol

    Yay Another Bear Claw Security I just love all of Terry Bolryder s shifter books I m intrigued with them, I love her writing style, and I can never wait for another to come out In this one you get Mark s story Mark is Bronson s twin brother, and he s bound and determined to protect the woman who comes to them asking for help Charlotte feels threatened by her ex, and is scared of wealthy rich men who think their money can buy them any and every thing She s adamant about not wanting Mark as her bo [...]

  15. Sarah Jane

    What in the heck is even up with this series These last 4 books have all started off with one of the MCs misjudging or straight up being prejudice towards the other for their appearance, background, socioeconomic class That s just stupid I could overlook it if it was the premise of one of the books, but seriously, there are other ways to introduce tension into the getting to know each other part of the story without all that dramz.At any rate, I think this one might be my favorite of the series [...]

  16. Tanya Brown

    I was given this book for an honest review Mark is working for his twin Bronson at Bear Claw Security, trained to protect and fight He likes his comfort and form fitting tailor made clothes Char comes for help needing a bodyguard and one look at Mark, turns him down flat She s had enough of the rich, spoiled men Money can t buy everything, especially her Mark realizes she s his mate and poses as his twin to be able to guard her Oh, I forgot to add she HATES liars Mark has his work cut out for hi [...]

  17. Crystal

    Sexy, fun, and romantic, this story has it all Charlotte needs a bodyguard to protect her from her ex husband When she meets Mark she adamantly refuses to hire him, claiming that he was too rich When his twin shows up she is just ass attracted to him, but luckily he dresses and acts nothing like his rich brother What she does not know is they are one and the same Mark is determined to protect Char, who turns out to be his mate, and will do anything to keep her safe, even if it means lying to her [...]

  18. Maria

    Great story Stylish Mark Bronson is working with his twin at Bear Claw Security He is doing all their finance stuff and that s the way he likes it Although, he has also been training with the bunch Just by looking at him you can tell the difference When the Bell rings and they know it has to mean one thinga new client His life is about to change.Charlotte needs to hire a bodyguard Her ex is stalking her She thought hell no when the stylishly piece of man hunk wants to take the job There is no wa [...]

  19. Sandra

    Excellent series excellent Twitter as always The books in this series are so edge of your seat Most of the security guys are ex military and have the instincts needed to succeed in security biz But the way that the story s are written is what makes the books so mouth watering She really gets into the head of each man and let s us see what is going on On the flip side we get to see into the eyes of the victims as well A very well written series, each book just keeps getting better I would love to [...]

  20. Andie

    Wow, I was so curious about Mark ever since Bronson confessed he has a twin I certainly was not disappointed in this story I loved how patient and gentle was Mark with Charlotte, knowing her past and her insecurity And the covers are definitely easy on the eyes, too Bear Claw Security is a really prime, well written shifter series, I recommend it to fans of the genre I bought a few other book by the author, hoping they will be as good as this one.

  21. Fran Zoch, LSoR

    mark is the only unmated one left then in walk Charlotte, char to her friends, she needs a bodyguard and does not want Mark so he does what he has to he lies and it could cost him everything, when she finds out she kicks him to the curb and her ex takes advantage of that mark proves himself but will that be enough i have loved this series, and i hope with Hercules brother showing up at the end we might get his and the others stories.

  22. Helen

    This whole series was great but this was by far my favorite Mark who has just joined BEAR CLAW SECURITY gets a look of their latest client He decides right then that he will handle her case because she is his mate Charlotte does not want Mark since she has had so much trouble with rich men and can see that Mark is wealthy Naturally this leads to much trouble I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.

  23. Dee

    Great, fantasticAnother fantastic book Lots of energy, great sex with very well endowed hunky bear shifters, I loved it and want When is Beau Hunts story going to be available Please make it soon This is my favorite type of story Good against evil and love Good and love always come out on top.

  24. Sherrin Alsop

    I love this seriesWe finally get Mark s story Char is the perfect mate for him To take an issue of the times like domestic violence and incorporate it into the story is a wonderful idea and captured a lot of the problems victims of DV face Just a noteI was happy to see one of Hercules brothers show up and hope there is a story on this rock star brother.

  25. johnathan dunlap

    omg wanting I love Mark and Char story and how she realized he was the right one for her And also I m really excited about Herc brother coming to Bear Claw I really didn t want it to end Exciting is a understatement, Great book Hope it s not the final Bear Claw installment wink

  26. Susanne Lee

    Mark meets his mateI just discovered Terry s books I am now reading ALL of her books The stories are great, the characters are so real you feel you self talking to the book If you like shifter books, romance books, or books that continue from book to book These are the right books for you Personally I am starting one of Terry s o y her series Good Reading

  27. Ronda Barnes-Howard

    Great seriesI loved all the books in the Bear Claw Security series and really hate that Mark and Char s story might be the last one They all have great suspense, drama, conflicts and of course romance I would love to see , please consider writing about Beau and Hercs family, I would definitely read them.

  28. Mary Winstead

    Mark is wealthy working with his twin brother Bronson and other ex military men When Charlotte comes in Mark knows char is his mate Only problem with her background she s not wanting Mark to protect her So Mark says his twin Bronson will do it Only its mark dressed as Bronson Will Mark s lies ruin it with his mate Need to read great story.

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