Pyongyang Selfie: A Short Story (2020)

Pyongyang Selfie: A Short Story Rupert Dreyfus Pyongyang Selfie A Short Story East meets West in this short piece of satire about everybody s two favourite subjects selfies and North Korea You can read it for free here rupertdreyfus wordpress If you want it as a PDF MOBI or E
  • Title: Pyongyang Selfie: A Short Story
  • Author: Rupert Dreyfus
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 394
  • Format: ebook
Pyongyang Selfie: A Short Story Rupert Dreyfus East meets West in this short piece of satire about everybody s two favourite subjects selfies and North Korea.You can read it for free here rupertdreyfus.wordpress 2If you want it as a PDF, MOBI or EPUB file, send me a message.
Pyongyang Selfie: A Short Story Rupert Dreyfus

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    394 Rupert Dreyfus
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One thought on “Pyongyang Selfie: A Short Story

  1. Harry Whitewolf

    If Pyongyang Selfie had been included in Rupert Dreyfus s short story collection The Rebel s Sketchbook, I think it would have been one of my favourites Having said that, all those stories are my favourites This short is Dreyfus at his very best If I didn t laugh out loud with every paragraph, then I certainly grinned like a maniac Skilfully written, satirically spot on and far better than anything by Charlie Brooker Wearing a Donald Duck onesie in Pyongyang is just one of the many highlights to [...]

  2. Rupert Dreyfus

    This short story was a pile of arse but I still gave it five stars to help boost my overall rating average What s wrong with that

  3. Kevin Cole

    Somewhere in the DPRK, the name Rupert Dreyfus has been added to an enemies list, described as despicable human scum worse than a dog a tool of imperial warlords with wild ambition to whom sledge hammer blows are to be brought.

  4. Mike Robbins

    Scatological social satirist Dreyfus is at it again, making you laugh but with a bit of a kick buried in there Pyongyang Selfie is a short story that follows the fate of an ignorant dick who can t resist taking selfies of himself all the time and posting them for everyone to see But there are some places where that isn t a good idea Funny but also a sly comment on our narcissistic obsession with social media Good introduction to Dreyfus and also free If you like it, be sure to check out his sati [...]

  5. Chris Harrison

    After watching The Interview this was another take on the west east divergence There s an interesting contrast between the vain narcissism of Smithson and that of Kim Jon Un both in a way revered and blindly followed The difference being that in Korea you know who is manipulating the population, but in our own society who is responsible for the masses treating the likes of Smithson like tiny internet gods.I didn t dislike Smithson at the end, I disliked him from the off He comes to the story wit [...]

  6. Jason

    My review was gonna be totes amaze balls like this short story , what I was gonna do, right, was like take my first ever selfie So that s what I did innit Silly me, I forgot to include a copy of my selfie here ya goes

  7. Mary Papastavrou

    Excellent study of the naivete and bonhomie How boredom and ignorance aide one to become an accidental revolutionary and achieve another kind of fame away from YouTube and selfies Rupert cannot help it but being a very clever satirist with flashes of brilliant surrealism.

  8. Evelyn

    Fast forward a couple of months and I m arriving at this train station in North Korea As I depart from the train I notice how grey and depressing everything is a bit like my home city Preston but with less lighting Like many, my fascination with North Korea only continues to grow given the recent developments in the news lately, so I was in the perfect mood to read another fantastic satirical short story from Rupert Dreyfus Pyongyang Selfie follows an idiotic narcissist named Smithy who decides [...]

  9. hanna

    I m picturing this main character as an overweight chav who harshly draws in his eyebrows, puts on a faux posh accent and struts instead of walking This short story is a laugh and a half, I mean who doesn t enjoy chuckling at a grown idiot who s main goal in life is to get likes on his selfies 3.5 stars

  10. Emerald

    I was totes LOL all the way through, getmeh LOLI was so inspired, that I only went and took a selfie and everything in homage to its fabulousness but I didn t know how to put it on here cos I m a bit daft like that innit.

  11. Michelle

    SELFIE by The Chainsmokers was my personal soundtrack to this totes LOL short Dark humor is where Rupert really shines.

  12. Kay Ashworth

    Really enjoyed this short story Even though its lighthearted it was very thought provoking Look forward to from this author.

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