Frontier Wolf (2020)

Frontier Wolf Rosemary Sutcliff Frontier Wolf As punishment for his poor judgment a young inexperienced Roman army officer is sent to Northern England to assume the command of a motley group known as the Frontier Wolves
  • Title: Frontier Wolf
  • Author: Rosemary Sutcliff
  • ISBN: 9780525302605
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Hardcover
Frontier Wolf Rosemary Sutcliff As punishment for his poor judgment, a young, inexperienced Roman army officer is sent to Northern England to assume the command of a motley group known as the Frontier Wolves.
Frontier Wolf Rosemary Sutcliff

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    196 Rosemary Sutcliff
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One thought on “Frontier Wolf

  1. Mara

    Cover Blurb I m not very fond of the redone covers of Sutcliff s books Some of them, I ll admit, are good But not this one Guess why Yep, it leers And that guy looks nothing like how I picture Alexios.What I Liked As always, I love, love, love this Author s characters I have never once been disappointed in her characters I love the relationship between Alexios and Cunorix two friends turned against each other because of war Hilarion wasn t all that major of a character and he rarely said anythin [...]

  2. Oreotalpa

    This is currently tied with The Shining Company as my favorite Sutcliff novel both retread a lot of her favorite tropes and themes, including those present in Eagle of the Ninth I am ambivalent about Sutcliff than many fans, and particularly ambivalent about Eagle of the Ninth I generally prefer her later work Frontier Wolf comes very close to perfect for me, though.Like all Sutcliff novels it s deeply, richly atmospheric and gorgeously written, evoking a strong and vivid if not always 100% acc [...]

  3. Hazel West

    Thoughts on the Overall Book First of all, I dearly love all of Rosemary Sutcliff s books, that said, I am going to have to admit that this one is probably now my absolute favorite of all Something about the mix of the characters, the story line, the setting and everything else just came together in that beautiful music that certain books have that cause you to die a little when they are over Rosemary said in her author s note that she wrote this story from the idea she got while watching a west [...]

  4. Sineala

    I am having a difficult time coming up with words to explain how much I like this book.A later addition to Sutcliff s Dolphin Ring series, Frontier Wolf once again concerns Roman Britain in the late Empire 343 AD, to be precise The ringbearer this time is one Alexios Flavius Aquila, sent on account of a disastrous military mistake to the north of Britain to command the Frontier Wolves, a bunch of disreputable scouts that no one else wants, and further, if they don t like Alexios, he probably isn [...]

  5. Dusk Peterson

    Frontier Wolf is part of a series by Rosemary Sutcliff about a family that lives in Britain from Roman times to the Middle Ages The Eagle of the Ninth 1954 , the first volume in the series, is the most famous of Sutcliff s novels, but The Eagle of the Ninth was written during her early years as a writer, while Frontier Wolf was penned during the years when she had reached her full flowering as a historical novelist.The plotline is simple Centurion Alexios Flavius Aquila, in the arrogance of his [...]

  6. Nikki

    It looks like Frontier Wolf has been reprinted which is very good, as I never knew it existed when I was younger Rosemary Sutcliff s work is wonderful, and Frontier Wolf is no exception it feels real, rich with historical details and also with touches of character and interaction that ring extremely true The small jerk of Alexios shoulders, for example, and calm Lucius calm even to the last and the last conversation with Hilarion.I didn t expect to love this as much it felt familiar, with the re [...]

  7. Sofia Grey

    Rosemary Sutcliff writes historical drama with such an eye for detail, when you stop reading and come back to real life , there s a brief sense of disorientation Her work is so vivid, the narrative breathtaking in parts and the storylines are filled with characters you come to love.And so it is with Frontier Wolf Alexios Flavius Aquila is a young commander in the Roman Army, despatched to the semi wild Frontier Wolves north of Hadrian s Wall following a disastrous command decision in Germany We [...]

  8. P.D.R. Lindsay

    Whoever put the book up on certainly hadn t read it, or understand the magic of Rosemary Sutcliff s writing and her way of writing characters that reach from the past to the reader s present She does this by giving them problems we might have Here it is having to make again a decision which once cost Alexios a great deal of pain and disgrace Frontier Wolf deals with Roman Britain under the young Emperor Constans Alexios has an influential uncle who is Dux of Britain and this uncle uses his influ [...]

  9. Brian

    Set in the fourth century AD, Frontier Wolf is the story of Alexios, a young, well connected centurion, dismissed from his first command in Germany for a decision to abandon his besieged fort he lost many men in the retreat and though he couldn t have known it, the relief force was only hours away.As punishment, Alexios is shunted off to Britain to take charge of the Frontier Wolves, a unit of the Roman army based north of Hadrian s Wall and largely made up of indigenous tribesmen Twelve months [...]

  10. Keith Currie

    This is one of my favourite novels by Rosemary Sutcliff, along with Blood Feud and Sword at Sunset Interestingly it is not as well known as the three Eagle novels, even though it does belong to the sequence as the hero, the young Roman officer Alexios, is a member of the Aquila family.Like many of Sutcliff s novels this is an account of error and the opportunity of redemption and as usual it is very well done Alexios, in disgrace, is given command of a motley crew of the dregs of the Roman army, [...]

  11. Cynthia Haggard

    Rosemary Sutcliff s FRONTIER WOLF is the fourth in a series of books about the Aquila family, the others being EAGLE OF THE NINTH or THE EAGLE , THE LANTERN BEARERS and THE SILVER BRANCH.This story concerns a young man, Alexios, who is in his early twenties He is given the responsibility of commanding a unit in Germany, but when the German hordes threaten his fort, he decides to leave It turns out to be a terrible mistake As punishment, he is sent north to what is now Scotland to command a unit [...]

  12. Simina

    This was my introduction to the works of Rosemary Sutcliff and I don t think I could have hoped for a better one This book has everything that makes Sutcliff the brilliant writer that she is interesting characters, wonderful descriptions, clever insights into the world of the Biritsh tribes and their interactions with the Romans The main character, Alexios Flavius Aquila is well constructed and I must admit it was fun to watch him evolve from the inexperienced soldier quick to make rash decissio [...]

  13. Alex

    Another wonderfully re relese from Rosemary Sutcliff, Frontier Wolf follows the path of disgraced Alexios Aquila who is placed as punishment in charge of a group called the Frontier Wolves whose charge it is to defend the fleeting boundary between England and Scotland Set in the 4th century, Frontier Wolf pays close attention to detail in the lives of an out post, where religion blurs the lines of Christianity and the many gods of the people of Northern Britain An exciting read with twists and t [...]

  14. Abigail Hartman

    One has to be in the right mood to read a Sutcliff novel, because she grabs you and drags you into the story so that you feel every change of emotion in the characters This story is achingly sad almost all the way through, right up until the flash of hope on the last page It s like winter, giving way at the last chapter to spring.

  15. Richard

    During a period of tentative peace in Northern Britain, a young commander is sent to preside over this undisciplined lot at their borderland outpost Yet Alexios Flavius Aquila knows his assignment to Castellum was not a promotion He has a black mark on his record for an incident in Gaul He was sent to Britain because of his uncle s influence This tale is another from Rosemary Sutcliff, who is a superb writer of historical fiction Many of her novels are intended for Young Adults, but adults who a [...]

  16. Christaaay - Christy Luis Reviews

    YA Adult Historical Fiction originally published 1980Premise Twenty three year old Alexios failed his last command miserably, but he s determined to prove himself when he s given a second chance a new post commanding the feisty legionnaires on the edge of the Roman Empire the men known as The Frontier Wolves About Apparently Rosemary Sutcliff is quite famous in Britain for her legions hah, pun intended of fiction about Roman Britain This particular book was recently re marketed as YA fiction in [...]

  17. Michael Dworaczyk

    This book is part of the Dolphin Ring Series, the same series that starts off with The Eagle of the Ninth , which the recently released movie, The Eagle was based on I don t know if the movie is any good, as I have yet to see it But I do know that Ms Sutcliff s books have been flying off my library s shelves I haven t been able to snag a single one My boss, who enjoyed reading her books back when he was a pup, felt sorry for me and left me this book on my desk the other day with a post it note s [...]

  18. Lesley

    Great story Very much enjoyed this pleasant refresher in the Romans and Britons, their customs, way of life, conquering and conquered states.I haven t read either of the two previous books in the series, but didn t feel this detracted I have read Rosemary Sutcliff s Bonnie Dundee, and Black Ships Before Troy, so knew this would also be well written.Alexios is a likeable and credible character and it is good to see him maturing and gaining the respect of his men At times he did come across to me [...]

  19. Joyce

    I am a big Rosemary Sutcliff fan, but frankly, if I d known how this book was going to turn out, I would have put it back on the shelf before I bought it Unfortunately, there was no shelf to put it back on because I bought it online on the strength of the author s name alone I knew from Knight s fee that Sutcliff was capable of killing off characters I had grown attached to, but there is a difference between killing off a character I like not that I enjoy it and having a character I like killed [...]

  20. David Manns

    Rosemary Sutcliff was one of the finest writers of historical fiction ever to put pen to paper That she is usually considered a children s author probably means that some would overlook her exciting tales of the past That is their loss.Frontier Wolf was written at the close of the 70 s but chronologically sits after the first two books of the Eagle of The Ninth saga The Eagle of The Ninth and The Silver Branch , which she wrote many years before Consequently Frontier Wolf is the work of a matur [...]

  21. Isis

    This is a better and sophisticated book in terms of character and conflict than The Eagle Of The Ninth unsurprisingly so, since Sutcliff wrote it much later, and I think it is testament to the development of her skill For me it was a strongly emotional gut punch of a read Alexios is defined by the choices he makes, and some of those choices are ones he is essentially forced into by circumstances, where all possibilities are awful Without getting spoilery, I will say that this along with The Mar [...]

  22. SA

    I think that, while The Eagle is probably the strongest of Sutcliff s narratives, she had a particular knack for being able to illustrate the emotional growth and maturation of her male characters Whenever I read one of her books it makes me wish she had written female protagonists I did really enjoy this, however I love how she writes her characters with adult voices, even when they are less mature It s an excellent teaching tool for younger readers This makes me want to go back and start readi [...]

  23. Kiwi Carlisle

    I usually love Rosemary Sutcliff s books, and the series about the Aquila family are my favorites I can see why she came back to a series started in the 1950s after 30 years, and I started the book with great anticipation of seeing the gaps filled in the family chronicle Sadly, I found the book rather pedestrian and disappointing, without the flair and touches of poetry I expect from her books Too bad

  24. Snicketts

    This is a simple enough story disgraced young officer makes good, kills his best friend for the greater good, wins respect and love of his men But what makes this so good is the quality of the descriptive writing The way Sutcliff writes about the wild places of Scotland, the way the characters leap off the page, fully formed to make you care about them and the subtle details of everyday beliefs and military life make this something wonderful.

  25. Charty

    A solid story set at the waning end of the Roman Empire in Britain about a young Roman soldier who made a grave error in his first command in Germany, and is sent to the frontier of the empire as a punishment Lots of good historical detail and setting, lots of brotherly male comradery,and believable conflict between the conquered and conquerors Although the author is known for her children s books of which this is one they are well written enough to be enjoyed by adults.

  26. saltedcliff

    I didn t want this book to end, so I took my time reading it, but then suddenly all these plot points started colliding and now I ve finished it and I m sad there isn t a sequel I want to read about the continuing adventures of Alexios and Hilarion.This book is basically about a bunch of assholes who learn to love each other and discover they re than the assholes they believe themselves to be It s lovely and I want a sequel and a movie and a miniseries.

  27. Tessa

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book It is very sad at times and certainly brought me close to tears on than one occasion as many dear characters die, but it is well written in Sutcliff s unique, descriptive style and ends on a hopeful note It also, as with all her historical novels, provides a fascinating insight into a bygone era.

  28. Maureen E

    After a botch command, Alexios is transferred to the Frontier Wolves, the Roman garrison near Hadrian s Wall There he slowly begins to build a new place for himself and form new friendships Unfortunately, the troubled times make everything tenuous Not as good as The Lantern Bearers or Eagle of the Ninth, but still good Feb 2010

  29. Katie Gray

    Absolutely incredible Like always Sutcliff s characters are very lovable and easy to relate to, especially Alexios who, after a failed command, seems to be literally thrown to the wolves at the end of the Empire I especially loved Hilarion who teemed with personality I can t wait to explore of her books

  30. Allison Kelly

    I love Rosemary Sutcliff, and this is one of my favorites This book tugs at my emotions every time I read it The characters and relationships are so well sketched, caught up in events that push them to their breaking point Downsides two women side characters tops So this is mostly mangst man angst But such rich, rich man angst.

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