The Island of Sheep (2020)

The Island of Sheep John Buchan The Island of Sheep The last in the Richard Hannay adventures sees Hannay caught up in dangerous escapades Valdemar Haraldsen is in trouble Two men come to the rescue while a third agrees to help because of his sheer hat
  • Title: The Island of Sheep
  • Author: John Buchan
  • ISBN: 9781842327746
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Paperback
The Island of Sheep John Buchan The last in the Richard Hannay adventures sees Hannay caught up in dangerous escapades Valdemar Haraldsen is in trouble Two men come to the rescue while a third agrees to help because of his sheer hatred of villains.
The Island of Sheep John Buchan

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    126 John Buchan
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One thought on “The Island of Sheep

  1. Dagny

    Starts out a bit slowly as Hannay enjoys his idyllic and peaceful life before an old promise from the past pulls him into intrigue and danger The only downside to this book is that it is the last one in the series.

  2. Leslie

    Another exciting adventure for Richard Hannay, this time with his 14 year old son as well as his old friend Sandy others.

  3. Johnny Waco

    The first book in Buchan s Richard Hannay series, The 39 Steps, is by far the best known because of the Hitchcock film, but Island of Sheep, the last of the five novels, is actually quite a bit better, especially in terms of characterization and evocative landscape so much of the novel takes place in the lush, hilly Borderlands area of Scotland and on a rocky, windswept island in the Faroes, north of Scotland Interestingly, Buchan uses these locales to muse on the long buried savagery that still [...]

  4. Lobstergirl

    Sir Richard Hannay, retired mining engineer, lives a comfortable suburban life outside London, but feels old age and stodginess coming on and longs to have his mettle tested again He gets his chance when a promise he made years ago in Rhodesia, to defend the honor and fortune of a Nordic treasure seeker and his heirs, needs to be fulfilled The action ranges from South Africa, England, and Scotland to the beautiful, desolate Faroe Islands check them out on Google image, they re amazing , as Hanna [...]

  5. Bill

    The Island of Sheep is the fifth of five books by John Buchan featuring intrepid Richard Hannay The most well known book is the first, The 39 Steps, which was also made into at least two movies I ve read the first three and jumped book 4, The Three Hostages, for one of my reading challenges I will get back to the 4th book in the near future.With all that preamble, The Island of Sheep brings a retired Hannay and some friends back into adventure to follow up on a promise they made to an old friend [...]

  6. Linda

    If any CS Lewis approved author proves that our current non classical education system is completely ineffective twaddle this author does I need to read this book with a reference manual, because there are so many classical references that I m completely missing Great underlying story mixture of conscienceless criminals half baked manipulators in the business world, set against ancient underlying Nordic feuds that modern man doesn t understandd then human instincts not always logical that kick i [...]

  7. John Frankham

    The fifth and last Richard Hannay adventure Hannay and friends and two youngsters combine to rebuff the efforts of a multifarious gang of blackguards to invade and capture a small Baltic island belonging to the son of an ancient enemy.Much better than I remembered, this as usual combines adventure, brilliant descriptions of the countryside and wildlife particularly in the tidal marshes of Essex , and reflections on how to live a worthy and honourable life Oh dear, no in this series to read

  8. Dan

    A generally good example of this author s adventurous style, by no means his best but thankfully not his worst either It s reflective than his other adventure novels but still a reasonably fast paced yarn The key to the reflective nature lies in Hannay s judgement of himself, which appears fairly early on We all make up pictures of ourselves that we try to live up to, and mine had always been of somebody hard and taut who could preserve to the last day of life a decent vigour of spirit Well, I [...]

  9. Minty

    A great read, Buchan through and through Although I was at first off put by the appearance of a aged Hannay, he has lost none if his vigour in this novel, and Buchan s decision to include Hannay s son, Peter John adds another dimension to his character With events such as a mountaintop siege in Africa, a thrilling car chase through Scotland, and a last stand on a Norland Island, the book, although initially slow, becomes fast paced and exciting as the plot progresses.

  10. Christina Baehr

    Another fun romp, perhaps a bit too close in structure to Huntingtower and The Free Fishers But by golly the fellow could write Honestly, Buchan has to be one of the most underrated authors of the 20th century.

  11. Brian Wilson

    Similarly to his classic, Thirty nine steps, this book contains adventure, danger, heroes and villains and at times is a hard book to put down, though at others a somewhat difficult book in 1930s English to read The plot involves a sworn oath between Hannay, Lombard, and the older Haraldsen in which the former two assisted by Lord Clanroyden are called upon when the younger Haraldsen is faced with the prospect of evil intentions by dangerous villians to dispossess him of his immense wealth From [...]

  12. Ian Banks

    Probably the best paced of all the Richard Hannay books, but spoiled by the sheer number of coincidences and the improbable climax Hasn t aged as well as earlier books but still a great read.

  13. Stuart

    As a classic adventure great You ll need to be able to ignore Buchan s racism to enjoy I appreciate he is expounding ideas of his times but I don t live in them so these are hard to accept now.

  14. Adeptus Fringilla

    This has been the best of the Hannay novels, in my opinion It is full of adventure although less fast paced and contains elements of northern mythology.

  15. Pat

    The Island of Sheep, published in 1936, is a well written, engrossing adventure, the fifth and last of John Buchan s novels featuring Richard Hannay The first novel The thirty Nine Steps was published in 1915 and introduced Hannay who found himself caught up in murder and mayhem involving possible foreign spies in the lead up to WW1 After the success of the first book, four Hannay novels followed over the next thirteen years with Hannay becoming involved in being a spy and in adventurous exploi [...]

  16. Syd Logsdon

    In the last book of the Hannay series, we once again meet Hannay and his now teenage son Peter John Hannay, now in a middle age slump, falls into company with an old friend from his youth They remembers an adventure they shared in South Africa, and the vow that came out of it Shortly thereafter, two other actors arive on the scene, also connected with that old adventure.These things come together as if ordained by fate There is a lot of fate in this book, but don t worry fate gets our heroes int [...]

  17. An Odd1

    I had grown decrepit p 18 starts same as previous book, long reminisences Narrator Sir Richard Hannay and Lombard keep 25 years ago promise to help son of Haraldsen Son Peter John 14 plays manly role, over rules Anna, daughter of Haraldsen She wants to obey Martel Two close calls when they disobey Martel s directions Only small action is at the end barricade on the Island 2 page map at front Old friend Sandy is Lord Clanroyden, hoped for as savior when Island has no young strong folk, only wrin [...]

  18. Dark-Draco

    This is the last of the 6 books featuring Richard Hannay, who is now retired and slightly bored by his easy life He is reminded of his adventurous days in Africa, and of a promise he made to a friend that he would always come to his, or his son s, aid And now the son needs help Persued by a gang of criminals who claim they should have part of his fortune, he turns to Hannay and his friends, Lombert and Arbuthnot, to get him out of the fix The action moves from London, to the Highlands and then t [...]

  19. joan

    If only the world was as uncomplicated as a John Buchan novel I don t think it s fair to call him a racist, but racialist well OK Community Character In a world before easy travel people could be well defined by their community It only jars a bit because he s writing at a time when industrial changes are starting to reach and to shake apart those communities His habit of making people revert to type in a crisis is a nostalgia for those settled older ways of life What s less acceptable is his hab [...]

  20. Mandy

    A really interesting read This is the last of the books which involve Richard Hannay A true adventure story with plenty of action, nicely involving Hannay s young son this time.Very much of its time, written in 1936, it is dated in style This doesn t detract from the story, but got me a bit irritated at times After all, the women are safely left waiting in the background whilst the men do all the interesting bits That said, the young daughter of one of the charcacters does get involved, almost l [...]

  21. Matt

    This was the fifth and final novel written by John Buchan which starred that awesome spy hunting, bad guy busting, luckiest man alive Richard Hannay After first, The Island Of Sheep takes off quite slowly There s certainly not as much action in this book as in Buchan s previous Hannay novels, but this is partially made up for in the final few chapters I thoroughly enjoyed this book, as I have with the previous four that I ve read I really like this author s writing style and wish today s modern [...]

  22. Brian Edgar

    Listened to the audio book at work This is book number 5 in the series that started with The 39 Steps The feeling I get from these books is British Reserve It is hard to relate to characters who are tight upper lipped and who cannot show the complexity of character they must have I am sure that a lot of this stems from the experiences they or their friend went through in the first war We are used to a great deal of moral ambivalence in an author dealing with this period of history Well done to [...]

  23. Ches Torrants

    The hero, Richard Hannay, is ageing Even so, he recognizes a man in need of help and he pitches in to help Friends from previous novels come into the picture and the adventure unfolds The problem, for me, is the slowness of the action Too often our hero wastes time and fails to see the advancing danger Too often he seems to be a narrator instead of a combatant Perhaps we should judge this work by the norms of its time, not those of today There is strong symbolism in the climax And Hannay is, aft [...]

  24. Robert Hepple

    The Island of Sheep is a 1936 novel, the fifth in the Richard Hannay series of thrillers The plot involves a chase around various location in or near Britain, where Hannay enlists the help of his many friends featured in other stories Also along for the ride is Hannay s teenage son, and his friend Haraldsen s teenage daughter The story is enjoyable enough, but does rely on luck, the main characters being sharp or dim when convenient, compensated for by the bad guys being inept, as well as compli [...]

  25. Kim

    I confess I just love John Buchan The plots are so much fun, the characters are interesting no cooky cutters in this one and the language is amazingly erudite, without being show offy about the words the author knows I admit that some of the dialects in the first one gets a little hard to get through, but there is little of it in here, just a taste, enough to give the flavor of talking to a native speaker without overwhelming the reader Great setting for this book, and so neat to see of Hannay [...]

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