Organize Now!: A Week by Week Guide to Simplify Your Space and Your Life! (2020)

Organize Now!: A Week by Week Guide to Simplify Your Space and Your Life! Jennifer Ford Berry Organize Now A Week by Week Guide to Simplify Your Space and Your Life Organize Now
  • Title: Organize Now!: A Week by Week Guide to Simplify Your Space and Your Life!
  • Author: Jennifer Ford Berry
  • ISBN: 9781600611087
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Hardcover
Organize Now!: A Week by Week Guide to Simplify Your Space and Your Life! Jennifer Ford Berry Organize Now
Organize Now!: A Week by Week Guide to Simplify Your Space and Your Life! Jennifer Ford Berry

  • [E-Book] ☆ Organize Now!: A Week by Week Guide to Simplify Your Space and Your Life! | By ☆ Jennifer Ford Berry
    169 Jennifer Ford Berry
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    Posted by:Jennifer Ford Berry
    Published :2020-05-17T15:37:35+00:00

One thought on “Organize Now!: A Week by Week Guide to Simplify Your Space and Your Life!

  1. Molly

    The ideal me wouldn t need this book The actual me is procrastinating reading it, let alone follow it s guidance.

  2. Jennifer

    I found the layout annoying and the lists too detailed Rather than making organizing feel do able, this book makes it feel overwhelming.

  3. Arielle

    Pretty good Clear and concise Quick and easy to read The author says she realizes many of these organizational books out there have so much meat and reading, that they end up taking so much time Her book has quick little intro paragraphs, then check lists and quick tips It truly was a quick read This book wasn t very useful for me, and where I am in my stage of life This book is for people with family, children, career, and a home not a one bedroom apartment but useful nonetheless It s got a gr [...]

  4. LauriePolomsky

    This book really helped me organize my organizing In other words, those times when you have so much to do you just can t figure out where to begin This book has got everything from organizing your laundry room to your car, even your purse I just had to turn to a project in the book, check off the tasks, and when done stare at my room with wonder and relaxation It s amazing how much happier I am when all my drawers and cabinets are orderly, and it s easier to keep the house clean, which helps red [...]

  5. Carolyn Amundson

    A left brain sort of book If you are completely disorganized in any area of your life finances, pregnancy evening routine, jewelry box, recipes , this book has a checklist for organizing it Each topic is broken down into a week to make the organization is little easier The book warns that it takes work to get organized and I was than a little overwhelmed by the lists of things to do monthly, every 3 6 months, and every year, after following all the tips and lists to get organized Some useful id [...]

  6. Candy

    I still love this book I have gone through it again in order to re organize my house for Spring this year It is extremely helpful in getting my mind wrapped around what I need to do to get and stay organized.I borrowed this book for free from Kindle, and loved it so much I ordered the paper version I cannot wait to go through it again, this time slowly, and use some of the tips to reorganize my home, my thoughts, and my stuff This is a very easy to follow guide whether you need to organize for t [...]

  7. Nora

    Karrie, you reminded me that I ve been intermittently reading this as we condense our house and make room for the Impending Flanagan on the way It keeps the idea of simplifying your house and making it user friendly very straightforward This book has crystallized for me the very true statement that none of us actually need about half the stuff we have The author does a great job of breaking down what to tackle, when and how, so that the reader will actually stick to the suggestions No, seriousl [...]

  8. Organized Mom

    If you ever thought to yourself I just want someone to TELL me how to get organized ,then this is the book for you No long paragraphs, just straight to the point tips and how to s to get every part of your life organized Book includes how to organize everything from your schedule, priorities and finances to all parts of your home and office to your papers and special events Checklists included.

  9. BookBec

    Jennifer Ford Berry is very good at making lists Unfortunately, that s also my skill in the organizing realm Getting myself motivated and making hard decisions actually doing the lists are my challenges, and this book offered little insight and discussion of the reasons and feelings behind organization issues But if you re already raring to get organized and need someone to give you to do lists, this is the book for you.

  10. Delaney

    Written in a simple and easy to read a format If you are on a mission to become organized having a plan is the first step and this is the perfect guide for that I would recommend this book to anyone who feels overwhelmed and doesn t know where to start on their organizational journey.

  11. Laura

    Lists, lists and lists.I need ideas, not checklists This book is not what I was looking for Not at all.

  12. Kitty Jay

    In Organize Now , Jennifer Berry breaks up the year into weeks and gives you a new area or event to tackle every different week I was engaged when I read that, beyond the obvious physical spaces, Berry also tackled how to organize your schedule something that most books of this ilk overlook, much to their detriment Anyone who has had a busy week knows how easy it is to get behind on basic house maintenance or chores, or just feels too tired to tackle it And in that one week, things can build up [...]

  13. Anne

    Frankly, I found this book to be too condensed To much is summed up in brief paragraphs of Sort into three piles with little, if any attention paid to the necessity of deciding HOW one determines which pile an object belongs in No discussion of what needs to be kept for tax records Sorting a basement is one paragraph in the week it will take to lick it into shape I can t fathom how I would dedicate the time required for some of these chores, and I m a stay ay home mom This is a book for those wh [...]

  14. Meredith

    This book would be great for someone completely unorganized who had read nothing else on the subject and needed a complete life makeover The layout is good and easy to use.As someone who doesn t fit the above category, reading this made me feel quite organized I m very glad I got it from the library instead of succumbing to the temptation to buy Then I would be disappointed and unable to see the value of the book for others because of its relative worthlessness for me I m always looking for sugg [...]

  15. Denele

    I like the concept of this book, but I had difficulty with it s execution Although, it probably didn t help that I was also working on weekly tasks from One Year to an Organized Financial Life From Your Bills to Your Bank Account, Your Home to Your Retirement, the Week by Week Guide to Achieving Financial Peace of Mind at the same time It was difficult to stay on task and be consistent with completion Some weeks had an overwhelming amount of tasks, while others could be finished in a couple hour [...]

  16. Jenny (rapid tortoise)

    I liked this book, although it is definitely not my favourite on the subject It reminds me of a joke view spoiler Once upon a time there were mice They were little and everyone abused them One day they decided to do something They new that somewhere in the woods lived the eagle owl who was old and wise They upped and went to see him and ask for advice He heard them out and said Dear mice You must become hedgehogs so that no one will ever abuse you Thank you, eagle owl , said mice and went back.W [...]

  17. Annie

    An organizational book that follows 52 week by week plan to organizing everything in life, from trips to receipts to the garage The advice is practical and useful I found some great tips but for the most part was doing most of her suggestions already I think it would be immensely helpful for someone who is just beginning to want to be organized.I liked the structure of the book Each topic was broken down into sections with an introductory paragraph, a list of items to complete to get organized, [...]

  18. Justwinter

    Handy little book for folk looking to bust up the clutter and disorganization of their daily home or work life Personally, I can t organize enough, so this book didn t really help me so much as just confirm good practices But I love organizing so dang much that it spills over into wanting to read how others organize to see if there s some new idea I m missing.It s an easy read, ideas and suggestions broken down into simple tasks I feel it would be a non threatening non chastising read for someon [...]

  19. Molica

    I bought this book on a whim because it looked potentially helpful It wasn t.I thought it was just way too overwhelming with all the checklists just endless lists and some of them just seemed like too much to tackle at once or in one or two weeks even And they weren t even anything that wasn t already free on the internet, which would require just a little searching and printing The author even blatantly rips off FlyLady concepts and wording without even mentioning the FlyLady So it just seemed [...]

  20. Julie Suzanne

    I am only on page 37, but I have already adopted many of the strategies Berry offers for becoming organized She presents tips and explanations in a quick, easy to understand, and most importantly easy to implement immediately format She gives you a week to master each new aspect of becoming an organized person, and I am finding this most useful.I m moving on up into the world of ultra organization Woo hoo Imagine the possibilities Update Several months laterI ve been too disorganized to finish [...]

  21. Mike Brown

    Simple and straightforward not very ground breakingI m not sure if I was expecting because of the presentation description of the book Or if I just have unreasonable standards The book provides a list of areas that you can focus on for organizing, breaking them down into weekly categories to focus on.It seems the idea is to focus on each category in sequence and over the course of a year, you ll have a wholistic plan for organizing The categories could be in depth, seeing that you re supposed [...]

  22. Rose

    Organize Now was a personal productivity book I picked up out of curiosity After reading it, I realized that I already did the majority of the suggestions at least the ones that were applicable to my lifestyle , so I didn t really get anything new out of it I appreciated the step by step, checklist organization of the guide, though, and the way it plots out getting organized with an aspect on a week structure I think there are actually better written guides on the subject that make the task of g [...]

  23. Tracy

    As I was reading this, I kept thinking that this would have been good when my children were younger I love books on organization and have read quite a few This was easy to read and quite doable I had one minor quibble in the laundry section when the author stated that she wouldn t wash clothes there were not turned right side out I turn them inside out to make them last longer and have less worries about dyes from jeans transferring to other clothes My book was a library book, but this would be [...]

  24. Angel Graham

    This is the edition you want for handling your home spaces You can skip over the parts that don t pertain to you, such as the kids parts, for myself, but I read them, and decided to incorporate some of the ideas when it came to my stuffed animal collection, and my children s books, from over 50 years ago.Easy to read, easy to implement Worth reading, and rereading I reread this at least once a year to help me stay organized While reading, I do the short exercises that are in some of the sections [...]

  25. Caroline

    This book is supposed to be done over a year or so but I ended up reading the whole thing in one sitting There weren t really any tips that I hadn t seen before and the woman who wrote its tone was super mean at times There are a lot of suggestions to put your children s spouses clothes toys etc into a holding area whenever they don t follow the rules I came off as like suggestions for running a prison than suggestions her running a home I m glad I got this book from a bin of free books at the [...]

  26. Sarah

    Great organizing book that goes step by step for each room of your home It goes closet by closet as well It keeps it very simple and doesn t preach about why you have kept things or if your a hoarder etc etc A weekly guide to start simplifying your space and your life I read it cover to cover and learned some new things It did energize me with motivation to get my trouble areas cleaned up I gave it a four just for doing that

  27. Lorinda

    This book was ok, I guess I was looking for new ways ideas to organize my house, but I just don t see this book helping much I m pretty organized already when I finally do it , so this didn t help much for what I m looking for If you are looking to start somewhere, to get clutter things you don t need in your home and life, this is a good book to start with There are ideas in this book that are good, and ones I think are way to OCD for me.

  28. Janet Major

    This book is a week by week explanation about how to organize your life It is straight forward and easy to follow Some parts of your life would need or less than a week, especially if you need to purchase new furniture or organizing tools However, she breaks up the steps into easily manageable goals Loved the way she helps you stay organized with 3 month, 6 month and yearly goals for each area The presentation of the book helped a person to follow her procedures A good find.

  29. Amanda

    This is a great organizational book I love how easy to follow and straightforward it is I ve read a lot of organizational books, but this is one of the few I often come back to when I need some help The best part of it is that it is organized week by week but also area by area of your home, so if you re just wanting to focus on one or two rooms you can check out those sections Each section also contains a checklist of basic organizational tasks you should complete, which is super helpful.

  30. Shanda

    Picked this up from the library and after five minutes of flipping through it told my hubby I wanted to purchase my own copy I love the start where you are in the year format no pressure to start in January , the brief and to the point goals and colorful, happy page design I also love that she starts with the most important thing to successful organizing decluttering a better rested and happy YOU.

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