The Criminal Lawyer (2020)

The Criminal Lawyer Thomas Benigno The Criminal Lawyer Inspired by real crimes From the author of the number one best seller The Good Lawyer A serial killer is littering the south shore beach of Long Island with the bones of his female victims stuffed in
  • Title: The Criminal Lawyer
  • Author: Thomas Benigno
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Criminal Lawyer Thomas Benigno Inspired by real crimes From the author of the number one best seller, The Good Lawyer.A serial killer is littering the south shore beach of Long Island with the bones of his female victims stuffed into burlap bags Nick Mannino, The Good Lawyer and former South Bronx Legal Aid Attorney born into a mobster dominated family, is a complex and compelling character his constInspired by real crimes From the author of the number one best seller, The Good Lawyer.A serial killer is littering the south shore beach of Long Island with the bones of his female victims stuffed into burlap bags Nick Mannino, The Good Lawyer and former South Bronx Legal Aid Attorney born into a mobster dominated family, is a complex and compelling character his constant court battles nothing than a futile effort to hide and deny a haunting truth about himself and worse a sinewy bloodline marred by unspeakable crimes Then this brutal serial killer turns on him, and worse, his family As much a thriller as it is a mystery, with an ending as riveting as that in Silence of the Lambs, The Criminal Lawyer is also a love story, a novel of family secrets, and crimes beyond forgiveness.
The Criminal Lawyer Thomas Benigno

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One thought on “The Criminal Lawyer

  1. Rebecca McNutt

    I m really glad to see this amazing legal thriller series continue the author has continued bringing out the characters readers know and love, while giving them a whole new platform full of mystery and mayhem.

  2. Tulay

    Good, gripping story.Don t expect any courtroom drama, lawyer in this story quite practicing law years ago And don t even try to guess who the killer is Ending was truly shocking Interesting family dynamics, also a love story Gruesome murders, be prepared to read these parts.

  3. Karla Cilluffo

    Kept me readingI pick 5 stars This made me tear up, smile, and even had me on edge When a book causes emotion in yourself it has done it s job Kudos Thomas Benigno

  4. Harold Kasselman

    The sequel to The Good Lawyer is even better, and I loved Benigno s first novel This book is so much richer in textured character development, Yet the mystery and its culmination left me literally breathless The story is based on an actual serial killer but Benigno has created a fictionalized version of it with his idealistic and compulsive protagonist Nick Mannino is so well crafted that the reader believes he knows this man at least I did absent his troubled parental history I loved his vulner [...]

  5. Betty Adams

    I was disappointed This was billed as a psychological thriller, but I had no understanding of any of the characters by the time I finished and the plot was highly implausible.

  6. Jenny Reegan Johnson

    Great ReadI had already read the Good Lawyer and wanted to savor this one, I finished it in 2 days ,

  7. Mary McGuire

    It s criminal to buy this book.My chief complaint is that the darn thing went on an on s like he didn t know how or where to end it I found the characters not believable The main characters are never meant to fail Our hero anti hero is raised by a single mom His stinker of a dad is out of the picture Then mom marries again and along comes the best step dad ever He struggles to go to law school, but inherits a zillion dollars from a mafia uncle It seems to me that the author never really let the [...]

  8. Cheryl A. Wilcox

    Can a Criminal Lawyer Commit Crimes to Solve a Case The main character has demons of his own to overcome, including those that he seemed to inherit He becomes a detective of sorts when he realizes his own daughter may be the next deviant murderer s target I liked that the storyline Stuck with the lawyer and his family,, but am tiring of novels with a remote crime scene with the near soundproof torture room I enjoyed the resolution and the Epilog, making the flawed characters seem realistic than [...]

  9. HermanMorgan III

    Benigno never Fails.Having read several of his novels now, I can confidently purchase any of his new work, with confidence of satisfaction His characters are much larger than mere Lawyers, going places usually expected of Cops, Private Eyes, or Spies, all the while using their legal skills and knowledge to serve their clients, and the public good, to just ends I enjoy the ride, and you will too.

  10. Marshall Doty

    Personal, powerful, and scary.I enjoyed the entire book Tom Benigno may be another L.I prodigy This story will grab your attention and your emotions The proficiency of a serial killer is matched by a modern day Sherlock, or maybe even another 007

  11. Rita

    Excellent bookGreat book It was an easy read, very well written You really got to know the characters, emotional as well as scary A thriller with no end I didn t read his first book, I would recommend reading it first I am going to read it now.

  12. Marcia Sleeper

    Surprise after surpriseA well written mystery A lot of twists and turns with a story of family loyalty and a mix of romance tossed into the mix.

  13. Patricia Gerhart

    Suspenseful thriller.I could not put this book down I read it in one sitting Exciting ending Two awesome , incredibly smart heroes.

  14. Donna M Palacios

    A Book Of Horror and LoveI am deeply troubled about this story and cannot really grasp how some are so demented Are there clues that provide answers

  15. lenora crenshaw

    Excellent thrillerThis author has the gift of intrigue that keeps you so involved you can not put his book down until you complete it.

  16. Gina Levert

    Intriguing This has been a real page turner that kept me up two nights past my bedtime to finish it Looking for from this author,

  17. David Berkley

    Great read Not sure how to describe this book, starts off slow but builds to non stop page turner Great build up of plot and characters

  18. Steve

    Just not as good as I had hopedThis sequel is NOTHING like the 1st book, and it s hard for me to equate its title with what was written that is, there s hardly anything in this book that has much to do with the main character being a Criminal Attorney Once you get past THAT, there is a story to be read, it s just not what you d expect after reading the 1st book, nor reading the title.

  19. Jerrie Lynch

    Too long This was an exciting and enjoyable read keeping you on edge for major portion of book.Howrever ,the ending and epilogue were too drawn out.The author obviously attempts to close all loose ends giving final outcome for the many significant characters but all or most of that was boring and detracted from the story ,thus I have it a 4 rating whereas except for the ending it would have earned a strong 5

  20. Alice Alvarez

    Evil Does Not HideThis story had me hooked from the first chapter The characters were very relatable I laughed, I cried and held my breath at various times while reading this book.The end was very captivating I found that I read a couple the last chapters twice If you enjoy being totally entertained, read this book I read it in one day, I could not put it down.

  21. Tina Bailey

    Great thriller mysteryI really did enjoy this story The characters were relatable to a point, the plot was written with such talent that you can look over the almost never ending description of everything I call useless information written to take up space, filler Other than the filler, it was ret good.

  22. Bob Ely

    This wasn t a bad book, but not a great book either A lawyer gets involved in hunting down a serial killer and almost gets killed in the process He starts out to find his son s girlfriend and then gets tangled up in the rest of the story There are parts that are good and some parts are quite wordy In the end, all works out.

  23. UncleDave Avis

    I enjoyed the intriguing investigation, action, and personalities of the characters The action unfolds like the layers of an onion There are times when the story bogs down with introspection and thoughty stuff I flipped thru most of these The epilogue could have been dealt with in three pages and ended the book well.All in all, I recommend it to everyone who likes a good mystery.

  24. Cindyandgeorge Schaeffer

    I really enjoyed this book I found the characters interesting and believable The plot was a psychological thriller as stated and I didn t figure out the ending as I so often do I even found myself truly disliking the guys wife It is definitely a great read I m currently reading another Thomas Benigno book and finding it just as good.

  25. CynthiaScott

    Super, page turner, book Second from this author who writes from personal experience as a criminalwyer His characters are so well described you would recognize them anywhere It is a gruesome, murder mystery, but the resolution is rewarding Intelligent writing and story telling.

  26. Carolyn Taylor

    An amazingly wonderful book.Thomas Benigno is an amazingly good author who will take readers through every emotion Sadly it doesn t appear there is another book in this series Hopefully that will be rectified soon.

  27. Kamdon Laman

    Great BookThis book was really good I thought It s kinda long but I enjoyed it I do lime the author Thomas Benigno I have read some of his books and like them all Thumbs Up for me.

  28. Raven

    Crime family meets serial killerSerial killer inadvertently includes a crime family in its victim selection Setting off chain of events eventually leading to capture Fortunately the victim survives by twist of fate And they live happily ever after.

  29. Susan Mashburn

    Great bookI love mysteries a and thrillers with lawyers as the main character I also love blooms wrap up everything at the end This book had all of this The characters were well developed And I felt like I knew them Really enjoyed this book

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