Faro's Daughter (2020)

Faro's Daughter Georgette Heyer Faro s Daughter THE HIGH STAKES OF LOVESkilled in the art of card playing Deborah Grantham a gambler s daughter uses that skill as her sole means of support as mistress of her aunt s elegant and exclusive gaming c
  • Title: Faro's Daughter
  • Author: Georgette Heyer
  • ISBN: 9780099465591
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
Faro's Daughter Georgette Heyer THE HIGH STAKES OF LOVESkilled in the art of card playing, Deborah Grantham, a gambler s daughter, uses that skill as her sole means of support as mistress of her aunt s elegant and exclusive gaming club in 18th century London The beautiful young mis must find a way to restore herself and her aunt to respectability, preferably without accepting either of two repugnant offTHE HIGH STAKES OF LOVESkilled in the art of card playing, Deborah Grantham, a gambler s daughter, uses that skill as her sole means of support as mistress of her aunt s elegant and exclusive gaming club in 18th century London The beautiful young mis must find a way to restore herself and her aunt to respectability, preferably without accepting either of two repugnant offers One is from an older, very rich and rather corpulent lord whose reputation for licentious behavior disgusts her the other from the young, puppyish scion of a noble family whose relatives are convinced she is a fortune hunter.Lady Mablethorpe was aghast Her young son Adrian was marrying Miss Deborah Grantham a gambling club wench Thus she sent her trusted nephew, the vastly wealthy, clever, and imperturbable Max Ravenscar, speeding to the faro tables to buy the hussy off To Ravenscar s surprise, Deborah turned out to be remarkably handsome, witty, and he could scarcely believe it well bred Nevertheless, he expected she d be grateful for the price he offered to give up her young suitor Arrogant Ravenscar comes to buy her off, an insult so scathing that it leads to a volley of passionate reprisals, escalating between them to a level of flair and fury that can only have one conclusion.
Faro's Daughter Georgette Heyer

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One thought on “Faro's Daughter

  1. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽

    Flushed with success from my recent reread of Venetia, I cast caution to the wind and decided to take on another Georgette Heyer Regency novel I should have known I wasn t mentally up for another contrived plot yet Even Heyer s witty writing didn t save this one for me.Deborah Grantham is a 25 year old with decent parentage, but gambling runs in the family and between one thing and another, she s ended up as a faro dealer at a London gambling house run by her aunt She s beautiful enough that she [...]

  2. Tweety

    Update I just reread this April 13 14th 2015 and it is every bit at good as the first time Far fetched and comical, it was just the sort of book I needed It had me laughing several times Georgette Heyer has written silly, spoilt and ridiculous heroines, she has made witty, wize and winsome heroines.Deborah Grantham is the best minx of all She is on almost on the shelf and has little chance of making a match Her aunt has a gaming house with a E.O table and faro which adds up against her She also [...]

  3. Carol Clouds ꧁꧂

    I ve read this book like most Heyers countless times if I had been rating books then, this one would have been around 3.5 But now I m a lot fond of assertive heroines while both leading characters are very prone to irrational actions, I m looking at the original publication date 1941 If I was a reader in WW2 I certainly would have wanted frothy, fast paced fun, rather than grim reality But just to get an idea of the fantastic sums of money being thrown around in this book, check out this curren [...]

  4. Olga Godim

    4.5 starsCharming I smiled the entire time it took me to read this novel, the battle of the sexes of the first order set in Regency England Max is a rich, powerful, and arrogant aristocrat When he learns that his younger cousin, twenty year old Adrian, is in love with a girl from a gaming house, a painted harpy in his opinion , and contemplates matrimony, Max is aghast He would stop at nothing to cut the connection His first step is to buy off the greedy female In Deb, he meets his match She is [...]

  5. Mela

    I love it One of the best Heyer books I couldn t stop reading Fortunately, I could spare time for that So I have read it in one day all day.There wasn t a scene that I don t like You have many situations and brilliant dialogues between characters Both heroes have a spirit, strong personality No ninny And they play together or I should say against each other famously There isn t so typical for Heyer a hero who must rescue a defenceless heroine.What was shocking to me the most that I was surprised [...]

  6. Jen (The Starry-Eyed Revue)

    Challenge completed This was book 250 for the year and also the perfect way to complete my GR reading challenge There s just something about Georgette Heyer novels that makes my heart happy and leaves me smiling It also made up for that crappy holiday book I read earlier today A palate cleanser, if you will But I digress I really loved the hero s capacity for jumping to conclusions well, after he was basically goaded to it and the rampant miscommunication and constant scheming on the heroine s p [...]

  7. Lea

    HANDS DOWN THE FUNNIEST HEYER I VE READ YETDeborah Grantham is a well enough born miss who, due to her father s impoverished circumstances, ended up being raised by her aunt, Lady Bellingham, who runs an exclusive gaming house in London In any case a little lord with a bad case of puppy love gets into his head that he wants to marry her, and even though she never had any intention of accepting, his older, scowly cousin Mr Ravenscar, decides to save little Adrian from the alleged fortune hunter g [...]

  8. Caz

    I ve given this a B for narration and B for content at AudioGals.It s been quite some time since I read Faro s Daughter, and given my memories of it are rather hazy, listening to this was almost like listening to something completely new It s a little different to many of the author s other romances in that the heroine, while certainly well born, is not respectable because she runs the genteel gaming establishment that is owned by her aunt, Lady Bellingham It also contains one of the most highly [...]

  9. ᴥ Irena ᴥ

    2.5This isn t the first book with this theme I ve read so far A mistaken opinion is hardly a boring theme It works quite well in romances I didn t like the characters, but while I simply didn t like Deborah Grantham and Max Ravenscar or their cousins and friends, her aunt was the most despicable person in the whole book Her one and only interest is money and what could or should Deb do to deal with it It was disgusting It might be just me but I felt sick while reading the scenes when she was tal [...]

  10. Kelly

    The heroine needed a good smack upside the head You are not a martyr headed to the stake, GOOD LORD The hero, likewise, though so in the latter part of the book There s waaay misogyny than is at all necessary Heyer seems to deliberately have neither of them get it say it for the purposes of drawing out the book another hundred pages Could ve been over in fifty, done this way Could have been interesting, done another But I do like seeing a woman who works for her living, manages finances, and [...]

  11. Kathy

    I am becoming quite the Georgette Heyer fan Her books The Grand Sophy and Arabella have been favorites of mine for the past couple years I have been trying to find another book of hers that I like as much as those two While Faro s Daughter won t replace either of those on my list of favorites I still thoroughly enjoyed this one I pegged where this was going right from the start but still enjoyed watching the story unfold I wish there had been a few scenes showing their relationship changing fro [...]

  12. Amy

    2017 ReviewOnce again breaking my rule about not interfering with past ratings to bump this one up a star I really do love Faro s Daughter It would make a hilarious movie Also, Deb 3 Girl has guts In all my previous readings, though, it never occurred to me how quickly everyone falls in love Everything takes place in less than two weeks 2011 Review Faro s Daughterisn t one of Heyer s popular books, and I picked it up half expecting it to be a disappointment I was pleasantly surprised When Max R [...]

  13. Nikki

    I spent an unfortunate amount of this wincing with secondhand embarrassment about the misunderstandings between the two main characters Their adversarial behaviour is pretty delightful, until you think seriously about how horribly Ravenscar is treating Deb, and without real evidence that she s actually doing anything he suspects her of I mean, she doesn t do much to dissuade him after his first misapprehension, but still, the things he calls her and then at the end to suddenly declare that they [...]

  14. LaFleurBleue

    Definitely among my favorite books from Georgette Heyer.The heroine was among those older, wiser, not eligible and not looking for a husband, which I usually prefer to the younger needing maturing ones The hero was the usual rich peer uninterested by marriage falling in love despite himself with the heroine.I liked the overall plot which lied on Max and Deborah having a disaster of a first encounter, each finding the other even worse than whatever bad they already expected and trying to best the [...]

  15. kris

    UGH THIS BOOK Deb helps with her Aunt s gaming parlor Max wants to keep her away from his cousin A match of wits ensues AND THEY FALL IN LOVE and UGH MY FEELINGS I adored Deborah s stubborn refusal to be cowed by Max, and his begrudging respect as he begins to realize that he has woefully underestimated Deb s mettle His stomp y rage when he thinks she s married Adrian Her melancholy after sending him away Even the foibles of the younger set didn t bother me I feel like I should try and capture M [...]

  16. Kathryn

    Some Heyers, like Cotillion, I enjoy every time I read them Faro s Daughter is a rarity I dislike it every time I read it In fact, this may be my last read.As with Judith in Regency Buck, I want to like Deborah Grantham She s funny, clever, and kindhearted long as she isn t talking to or about Max Ravenscar When she is, she becomes a screeching, irrational harridan As for Ravenscar, I like him as a caring brother, but I can t like him in any other scenes He s as irrational as Deb when they com [...]

  17. Moonlight Reader

    This will be the one that ends up as my go to recommendation for people who are starting out with Heyer It used to be The Grand Sophy, but there is that unpleasant anti semitic streak that runs through it which has led me to be increasingly uncomfortable with recommending that as a first experience with Heyer.Faro s Daughter, for me, is as close to a perfect Heyer as I think probably exists It is as sparkling and effervescent as Sprig Muslin, Deb is as strong willed and honorable as Sophy, Phoeb [...]

  18. Vicki

    This is a 4 or 5 star Georgette Heyer book, I just haven t decided which yet It was brought to my attention that I had only posted reviews of some of my serious recent reads so time to fess up, aside form good solid comtemp fiction, I read detective, I read popular romance, I read only a litte non fiction and I love regency romances by Georgette Heyer Harlequin has begun to re issue these with forwards by authors in their group most of whose writing is but a pale shadow of the orignial Queen of [...]

  19. Ana Rînceanu

    My Second Georgette HeyerI loved the dialogue So much wit and humor Deb was a much memorable heroine than Phoebe 1957 s Sylvester being as she is older, competent and self possessed A gambling parlor was an interesting place for her and Lord Max Mablethorpe to meet and form quick and damning first impressions of each other Their banter was spectacular, but it s the ending that spoiled a great deal for me After learning of his offences, Max doesn t grovel for forgiveness So when Deb still forgi [...]

  20. Sophia

    I have been enjoying the experience of re reading Georgette Heyer s books through the audio book format It s been several years since I read them the first time so it has been fun to revisit them With some of the stories, I felt about the same as I did when I read them the first time However, when it came to this one which I found delightful the first go around, I actually found the heroine extremely annoying Max Ravenscar is called on by his aunt, Lady Maplethorpe, to rescue her son from the ha [...]

  21. Vicki Seldon

    The success of a Georgette Heyer is as much about the main characters as it is about their situation I must confess that it took me longer than usual to warm up to heroine Deborah Grantham, spending her 20 s or less running the family s private gambling house, flirting with the wealthy male guests and playing them against each other while trying to stay one step ahead of the bills Heyer introduces our hero, Max Ravenscar,who is quite possibly the flintiest of her stoic, independent minded, I am [...]

  22. Julz

    3.5 stars Cute Typical GH though not her best Hoity toity hero tries to drag down terribly misunderstood Mary Sue type who he thinks has eyes for his much younger cousin Poor thing only deals poker in a gaming hell to help out her poor ol auntie Heroine is a smart chick who ain t afraid to make herself look foolish in order to give the H and his snooty aunt an aneurysm Of course every action deserves a reaction and we have lots of back and forth humorous drama Our H finally falls for the h but s [...]

  23. Andrea

    Listened to this on audiobook female narrator who was a capable voice artist, but kept giving the characters personalities I don t think quite matched the story.This is one of Heyer s regencies where the female lead is on the surface capable, but is constantly bettered by the male lead.

  24. QNPoohBear

    Lady Mablethorpe is aghast at the idea of her young, impressionable son wanting to marry one of Faro s daughters that is a, a woman who works in a gaming house Lady Mablethorpe is worried that once Adrian comes of age soon, his bride will gamble away his fortune and ruin the family name She enlists the aid of her nephew, Max Ravenscar, to help his cousin Max thinks he can easily buy the woman off, but when he meets Deb Grantham, he discovers she is a far tougher opponent than she seems Deb, forc [...]

  25. Diane

    One of my favorite Heyers No one writes better regencies than Georgette Heyer.Deborah Deb Grantham makes a living running a gaming house with her aunt and her old friend purely platonic Lucius Kennet Beautiful, charming, intelligent, and an expert gambler, Deb has many suitors for her hand, the most determined of which is young Adrian Mablethorpe Though Adrian is wealthy and completely besotted with her, Deb is not interested in him in the least He s immature, naive, and younger than she is Howe [...]

  26. Fiona Marsden

    This is a wonderful story of a man who thinks he has his life under control but then he crosses the path of Db Grantham and finds things rapidly falling apart.Deb presides over the faro tables of her aunt s gaming house An impecunious widow supporting a nephew with expensive tastes and a beautiful niece, Lady Bel thought the answer was a discreet place where the men of the ton could come and lose their money and enrich her coffers Unfortunately it didn t work out that way and the debts are accum [...]

  27. C.P. Lesley

    Even for Heyer, this one s a gem I could give one quote after another, but the fun never stops Deborah Grantham, whose aunt runs a gambling house to pay the bills, has no intention of marrying the young, impressionable, wealthy Lord Maplethorpe But when Maplethorpe s arrogant, even wealthier cousin, Max Ravenscar, shows up determined to rescue his young relative from the hands of a woman he sees as a harpy, Deb sets out to teach Max a lesson he will never forget The battle lines are drawn, and w [...]

  28. Amanda Grange

    This is another of my favourite Heyers Although Heyer s books are all similar in a way, being humorous and adventurous romances with the humour, adventure and romance varying in proportions from book to book they all have a different feel Faro s Daughter is like a screwball comedy and would have been perfect as a film with Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant Deb has no intention of marrying the callow youth who keeps pestering her with his calf love But when the callow youth s uncle, Max, thinks sh [...]

  29. Alice

    Faro s Daughter was a really fun read The hero and heroine were so unique compared to Heyer s others I kept looking at my progress and thinking something has to happen and soon because they still hate each other Everything came to a quick and happy conclusion in the end and was very satisfactory The secondary characters in this story were really fun D Kennet, Mablethorpe, Silas, and Arabella were great fun I laughed out loud at a few different parts of the book but especially the scene where Rav [...]

  30. Sherwood Smith

    I loved this one as a teen reader, because fiction in those days was full of brutal two fisted he men, penned by both men and women One learned to just sort of skim past that.Reading it now, I find the hero such a jerk that his only saving grace is a sense of fairness and a sense of humor and the conviction that despite a totally disgusting phrase near the end, the heroine will give him beans, as Wodehouse says.Outside of that, it s a Taming of the Shrew sort of battle of the sexes The best scen [...]

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