Woman on the Edge of Time (2020)

Woman on the Edge of Time Marge Piercy Woman on the Edge of Time Hailed as a classic of speculative science fiction Marge Piercy s landmark novel is a transformative vision of two futures Harrowing and prescient Woman on the Edge of Time will speak to a new gener
  • Title: Woman on the Edge of Time
  • Author: Marge Piercy
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  • Page: 198
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Woman on the Edge of Time Marge Piercy Hailed as a classic of speculative science fiction, Marge Piercy s landmark novel is a transformative vision of two futures Harrowing and prescient, Woman on the Edge of Time will speak to a new generation on whom these choices weigh heavily than ever before.After being unjustly committed to a mental institution, Connie Ramos is contacted by an envoy from the year 21Hailed as a classic of speculative science fiction, Marge Piercy s landmark novel is a transformative vision of two futures Harrowing and prescient, Woman on the Edge of Time will speak to a new generation on whom these choices weigh heavily than ever before.After being unjustly committed to a mental institution, Connie Ramos is contacted by an envoy from the year 2137, who shows her a utopian future of sexual and racial equality and environmental harmony.But Connie also bears witness to another potential outcome a dystopian society of grotesque exploitation One will become our world And Connie herself may strike the decisive blowThe classic feminist science fiction novel reissued on its 40th anniversary with a new introduction by the author Harrowing and prescient and often compared to The Handmaid s Tale Woman on the Edge of Time will speak to a new generation of readers.
Woman on the Edge of Time Marge Piercy

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One thought on “Woman on the Edge of Time

  1. Max Gordon

    It s interesting how the lens of three decades of life experience can sharpen the focus of certain stories and even parts of stories When I first read Woman on the Edge of Time not long after it was published 1976 , I was barely into my 20s and already a reliable cog in the corporate machine At that time, I enjoyed Marge Piercy s story of a 37 year old Chicana woman in New York whose already complicated life takes a twist for the bizarre when she begins to communicate with an ambassador from the [...]

  2. Joe Valdez

    Disclaimer The fact that I have to throw another time travel novel into my abandoned book locker may prompt me to be even harsh in my comments than I should I want to travel back in time to stop Marge Piercy from publishing this novel There would be plenty of enjoyable things to see and do in 1976 New York experience the Bicentennial celebrations, watch the Cincinnati Reds sweep the Yankees in the World Series, check out Blondie perform at CBGB but erasing this novel from history would be my du [...]

  3. Megan Baxter

    There were times when I was so frustrated with the main character She was driving me crazy She was walking through an entirely different world and assuming everything was the same I realized why this was bothering me I was wanting and expecting her to react like a science fiction reader And many science fiction characters Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the en [...]

  4. Isis

    Hands down one of my all time favorite books I m certain some of that has to do with the point in my life during which I read it, however it shall always remain an ultimate favorite The issues the Ms Piercy so deftly addresses are both the main focus of the story and completely secondary, almost an after thought I never got the feeling of being preached at, yet so many important, and delicate, subjects were addressed throughout this novel Mental illness, racism, gender equality or rather inequal [...]

  5. Lisa Vegan

    The most important thing to know about this book is that it was first published in 1976 This is such a late 1960s early mid 1970s story It s funny because part of it takes place in the mid 70s and part takes place in the 22nd century The 22nd century appears as though imagined in the 1970s So, the future seems dated somehow I suspect I would have thought it was brilliant if I d read it over three decades ago Now, I cringed quite a bit and thought it was unintentionally humorous at times.The stor [...]

  6. Yona Yurwit

    The book tells the story of a hispanic woman, Connie, who has the ability to communicate with a group of people from the future The story cuts back and forth between her 1970 s life in a mental institution which has nothing to do with her ability to talk to people in the future and the future community.I thought this book spoke well to three broad topics What it meant to be a mental patient in the 70 s What the future could be like if we continue to pollute our planet and our bodies with synthet [...]

  7. John

    TL DR I see where others may appreciate the work, but the stuff I have listed in my spoiler section killed it for me.I want to like this book It s one of those rare science fiction books that contains many great ideas in action, and it represents segments of the population that rarely get a say in the genre After reading a lot of science fiction that panders to white people, I felt like this was a great change of pace I was primed to enjoy it, to hear new perspectives on distant horizons.With th [...]

  8. El

    This is one of those situations where I had it in my head that I had to read this my freshman year in college, but because I have a shitty memory, I couldn t actually remember any details so I figured it would be good to re read it now Except I don t think I ever actually read this book We may not even read this in school at all Maybe we read something else by Marge Piercy.So it s good I took the time to read this now Just in case I never actually did before.The story begins with 30 something ye [...]

  9. Terence

    At last a book I ve been meaning to put on the wish list and that s on one of my group s Reads next month Even better my library has a copy in house Rating 3.3 3.5 starsIf the last two novels I had read before this had been Paul McAuley s The Quiet War and Bruce Sterling s The Caryatids then I may have nudged my rating into the 4 star category but they weren t Instead they were Sylvia Townsend Warner s Lolly Willowes, Mr Fortune s Maggot and Summer Will Show, and Piercy s writing style suffered [...]

  10. Ben Babcock

    I m ambivalent about this book The best way to describe my reservation with Woman on the Edge of Time is that I was never comfortable suspending my disbelief I tried to make myself willing to go where Marge Piercy was taking me but never quite got there Although the book steadily improved from its chaotic but very dull beginning, it never involved me in the way I require to get much satisfaction from reading In the end, I was reading the book to finish it instead of because I was eager to find o [...]

  11. Linda Robinson

    Talking with a friend today about how to review this book, she said start with the ending Because it s unusual, in much the same way the entire novel is unusual Consuelo Ramos is a 35 year old Chicana woman, poor, struggling, pummeled by poverty and the people around her Piercy builds our knowledge of Connie s character with spiny tidbits that don t go down easy just when Connie couldn t seem stupid, we are led with wicked smart prose to understand that few of her circumstances are her fault Gi [...]

  12. Jen

    This book is very imaginative, although a bit dated at times Marge Piercy is a unique writer, in that she is very good at writing complex characters with strengths and flaws Similiarly, her Utopian Society of the future has had to sacrifice some things that are extremely important to Connie or nearly any 20th 21st C person in order to create a sustaining and egalitarian society This novel also has some nice poetic moments In one of the illustrative passages, Connie s friends from the future dro [...]

  13. Stephanie

    Published in 1976, this book was remarkably prescient The way that Piercy has structured her utopian community of the future is not too far off the direction that alternative communities have been moving since the 60s and which has only accelerated in recent years, with the greater focus on sustainability and alternate energy sources She also does a nice job of contrasting the plausible future utopia with an equally plausible dystopia, in which everything is state controlled, bio engineered, and [...]

  14. sandra

    It s been a while, but I remember liking this book a lot It has some fantastic notions and weird interesting ideas within its future utopia futuropia femitopia that are fun to agree or disagree with Unlike other utopia novels, Piercy gives you room to agree or not This is admirable and is as it should be I can t stand force feeding shrill polemic books Ayn Rand, I m looking at you As John Stuart Mill said, The worst offense that can be committed by a polemic is to stigmatize those who hold a con [...]

  15. Jim

    This is one of my favorite books and one that had a pretty profound influence on me I guess you could call the future society she imagines a feminist utopia as I ve seen in reviews on this site When I read it for a Comparative Literature class I was impressed by the way the family unit and community itself were structured and functioned And its really stuck with me a long time and seems to have grown with me subconsciously I ve read it a couple times since and the utopia has seemed a little less [...]

  16. Sarah

    Still mulling this one over It was an absolutely compelling read My heart went out to Connie from the first page Her treatment by the mental health system was horrifying, and the author s commentary on the treatment of poor people and people of color by society seemed all too real Even after my lengthy intermission I had to return the book to the library, and then wait for the hold to work its way back to me , I found myself instantly caught up in it again The only thing I m on the fence about i [...]

  17. Valerie

    i read this book in a day because it was for college it s really good though it s about this lady who sometimes travels into this utopian egalitarian future she lives in an insane asylum so you re not supposed to know if she s crazy or really time traveling the end is a surprise.i thought it was really interesting to read about what this author thought a feminist utopia would look like i thought it was fun to agree or disagree with aspects of it and i unintentionally started designing my own uto [...]

  18. Mat

    70 s feminist tentative utopia As that genre goes, i really like this one It comes from the gender fluid androgyny positive side of things than the essentialist women are nurturing shit , which i liked And i liked that the main character was a mad woman and that madness was well explored, if slightly simplistically at times I don t like it s anti cityness or certain aspects of uniformity that it espouses, but it s pretty tolerable for the traditions it adheres to Those traditions are, ultimate [...]

  19. Ashley

    Amazing if only for the introduction of per as a gender neutral pronoun, Brilliantd the social commentary is great as well

  20. Larry Bassett

    This book was first published in 1976 and recorded by audible in 2016 This shows that the book has some staying power since audible thought it was worth recording 40 years after publication I have not read this book before now for unknown reasons I am attracted by the author because of my recollections of her historic involvement with the War Resistors League and her progressive politics.I had very high expectations for this book which would ve been hard to meet and in fact we re not met The boo [...]

  21. Lina

    There are some books that just connect with you from the word go and Woman on the Edge of Time just really grabbed me in Connie is a hard character to love for some people, but I understand her bitterness and every thing she said both good and bad, I understood That, above everything else, made me love this book.Connie Ramos, in trying to protect her niece from a violent boyfriend ends up being returned to a mental hospital where she is considered to be insane While struggling to hold on to her [...]

  22. Danika Dinsmore

    I loved parts of this book and thought others dragged on too long There was a lot of talking and exposition where I suddenly felt like I was stuck inside Piercy s What I did on my Summer Vacation Toured a Utopian Society When I take a step back and think about WHEN this was written early 70 s , it s a bit mind blowing, really In addition, the creation of an entire way of speaking all the future slang is incredible I m sure many readers thought this annoying or clunky, but I admired her consisten [...]

  23. Dennis

    This is one of those books you either buy into, saying, yes, what a wonderful world it could be, or you think, what a load of shit, piled high and steaming This is utopia as seen through the eyes of a fourth grader, except that it was written by a grown woman taking a swing at science fiction and missing big time The protagonist is a woman and Latina, which ought to make her automatically bullet proof against any criticism, intelligent or not, but I never bought into how she ended up being oppre [...]

  24. Merel

    One of the best novels I have ever read It will stay with me for a long time, and gave me a lot to think about.Piercy has created a Utopia, one I would want to live in and see of That has not happened before with all the Utopias I ve read about.Connie s life and experiences are so extremely shocking, because as a reader I know there have been women going through this in real life Piercy gave them a voice to be heard by many for years to come.

  25. Mrs. Danvers

    Man, I feel so sorry about how much I disliked this book I m sure that if I had read it 40 years ago, I would have been very impressed But it s just so pedantic The plot is a bad excuse for a back to the earth polemic I will always love He, She and It but once is than enough for this one.

  26. fromcouchtomoon

    It s January 30th, so I m shelving things I just can t face any.This has all the markings of something I should appreciate alternate world byway of psychic connection, nontraditional middle aged protagonist woman, social justice y, criticism of gender norms and mental health institutions, plotless and without contrived action.But it s kind of blah A book based on a lot of thought, but doesn t really foster much thinking A then this, then this, then this kind of book Moving on Go away, book.

  27. Ale

    I picked up this book because my local library had it listed in their Recommended for people interested in time travel , and the blurb on the back sounded interesting enough But I did not expect to be swept up like this, and taken on a wild ride, only to emerge bleary eyed and confused, but also deeply shaken and moved.The story follows Connie Ramos, a Mexican American woman who finds she can travel or project herself into the future, in the year 2137 Society has changed, with people living in c [...]

  28. MRM

    I feel harsh giving this book only two stars, but since my reaction was it was okay, two stars is accurate in the GoodReads context Actually, my true reaction was it was fucking depressing, though after closing the book and reflecting, there s of course a nuanced reaction to be had An anarchist reading group whose meetings I ve been attending held a discussion of this book, which is why I picked it up in the first place One member said that Piercy s vision of a non hierarchical society matched [...]

  29. Finooola

    This book took up my every waking hour while I was reading it, and indeed by the end I was having dreams about it too Unfortunately my unconscious brain is not a good author, and the bits of plot I dreamed were rubbish I loved reading about the utopian society, but I didn t read it entirely without misgivings It was fun to wonder would things be better this or that way, but also I found myself wondering what exactly the author intended at some points I mean, I know that Connie s observation that [...]

  30. Wealhtheow

    This is my favorite kind of feminist book, akin in many ways to the stories of Octavia Butler and Joanna Russ Consuelo is a woman living a hopeless life in modern America Her lover is dead, her child has been taken from her, and there is literally no one alive who respects her She is mired in a mental hospital, where she begins having visions of the future.

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