Skeletons of Us (2020)

Skeletons of Us Anne Malcom Skeletons of Us Love can be a beautiful thing It can fill up your life with the warmth of its embrace and spread to every corner of your mind It can quiet your soul But when that love turns wrong it warps into somet
  • Title: Skeletons of Us
  • Author: Anne Malcom
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Skeletons of Us Anne Malcom Love can be a beautiful thing It can fill up your life with the warmth of its embrace and spread to every corner of your mind It can quiet your soul But when that love turns wrong, it warps into something bitter and unrecognizable The pain of it promises unyielding noise in place of that half remembered silence Lexie has lived with this pain for four years, pouring itLove can be a beautiful thing It can fill up your life with the warmth of its embrace and spread to every corner of your mind It can quiet your soul But when that love turns wrong, it warps into something bitter and unrecognizable The pain of it promises unyielding noise in place of that half remembered silence Lexie has lived with this pain for four years, pouring it into music that transformed Unquiet Mind into the most famous rock band in the world But fame can also turn ugly, twist into that bitter version of love and endanger everything Lexie holds dear The moment Lexie s life is threatened, he comes back to ensure she stays breathing Killian He s not just back to save her life, he s back to save her soul and to claim what s his Problem is, someone else already considers Lexie his, and he ll kill to make sure she stays that way.Note This is the book two of two It is highly recommended to read Echoes of Silence first.
Skeletons of Us Anne Malcom

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    278 Anne Malcom
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One thought on “Skeletons of Us

  1. Anne Malcom

    Coming at you on September 2nd I finally get to give Killian Lexie the HEA they deserve We get to see how far the band has come and how fame has changed the teenagers we met in Echoes of Silence What hasn t changed, is how Killian Lexie feel about each other It s just a lot complicated.I can t wait to share this story with you all.Annexxx

  2. B.E.Love

    If you read my review or heard anything about book one, Echoes of You you know for certain that I fell in love with the book as well as Lexie and Killian But really I fell in love with them in Mia and Zane s book I knew they were special and I knew if we got their story it would be epic I had very high standards for this book, I had many exceptions and many wants and yes demands not really well kind of lol This couple was so special to me, they weren t just words on a page they were real and exc [...]

  3. SamJ ★Needs a HEA★

    Check out this and my other reviews at My Blog, Facebook, Google , Twitter and Pinterest Copy received from author in exchange for an honest review Book Basics Genre YA NA Romance Series 2nd in this series, and also connected to Sons of Templar MC Series.Love triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler Cheating view spoiler No hide spoiler HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Would I read by this author or in this series YesRating 5 stars Review I adored Lexi and Killian when we met them in The Sons of [...]

  4. ✿

    This was a satisfying conclusion to Killian and Lexcie s story I am hoping for a potential Wyatt and Emma novel I m pretty curious about what s going on there They seem to have something there.As for our main couple, I was happy with all of the loose ends being tied in this and seeing both protagonists grow and develop into well rounded and fully whole individuals After all they ve been through, it was about damn time Was so satisfying too to get extra goodies on them too It made me feel like I [...]

  5. Megan Fall

    I couldn t put this down, especially with all the characters I love showing up I love the bikers and I love the band members I really hope Sam and the boys get their own books I also hope there is a spin off series with the new California chapter And I need Lucky s storyhe and Bex were together, but I haven t read that yet Keep writing Ms Malcolm

  6. Tina

    I remember that they seemed like great couple, but I don t think that I will read it, because if I remember correctly view spoiler he left her because he felt like she was destined for greater things not with a punk like him, and I can almost bet that in those 4 years he was with ow although being in love with heroine So not my cup of tea hide spoiler

  7. K

    What can I say Anne is an awesome writer and this book was a good solid read I always love that she has good solid male characters and kickbutt women There were two reasons why this wasn t 5 stars for me One, I did think the storyline was a bit predictable and two, I did have a hard time viewing Lexie as an adult between her being a child in the two previous books and simply the way she acted Overall, though a thoroughly enjoyable read.

  8. Michelle Claypot

    This book takes place four years after Echoes of Silence It shows us where both Lexie and Killian are in life So many feelings in this book Their story broke my heart and put it back together again I absolutely adore these characters and their honest, flawed portrayals The author doesn t sugarcoat anything and as a reader I m grateful for that This book is dark in places, definitely emotional but it s also beautiful The love between Killian and Lexie is stuff of legends Their affection, their ch [...]

  9. Whitney (Shooting Stars Reviews)

    Reviewed by Whitney Shooting Stars ReviewsSkeletons of Us is the sequel to the first book in this series, and it was a lot better than the first one to me In this one, Lexie s in a lot of danger, and when the club finds out Killian will do everything in his power to keep her safe, and get her back in his life He s finally seeing the damage he did to her four years ago, and he s kicking himself for hurting her so much And Lexie doesn t trust Killian, she s so scared to get hurt again, but she als [...]

  10. Catherine Imbeault || The Reading Cat ||

    I received an ebook of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you Anne Malcom It baffles me how Anne Malcom can publish glorious book, after glorious book, after glorious books Like how is that even possible I m not complaining one bit This series has become one of my all time favourite series, and my favourite Anne Malcom series It is such a complete and compelling story The first thing I want to get to is the emotional aspect of this book Malcom has the knack to make [...]

  11. Kcduchess

    Skeletons of Us continues where Echoes of Silence ended The second book in the Unquiet Mind series I read the book in one sitting, Anne Malcom knows how to hold the reader s interest I had to let you go, so you could fly and so I could stay in the life that was the only one I could live in without you 39% Kindle edition This is how Killian explains his actions to Lexie, and it takes a while before Lexie understands the meaning behind those words It takes almost the whole book, a couple of life t [...]

  12. Erika PBookHavenBookBlog

    Who knew you could fall for someone twice Once when you were young and naive and love was a beautiful thing and falling was glorious And a second time when you were older and knew better and the fall was full of pain and suffering and the result was still the same Lexie, lead singer of Unquiet Mind, broken from a troubled past, learns trouble lurks and brings the past that broke her right to her doorstep That painful past includes Knights of Templar MC, namely her first love, Killian Banning tog [...]

  13. Kbrazell

    Oh dear god kill me nowThis book hit and stabbed every feminist button I possess Which is actually difficult to do I m not ashamed I m not that big on Girl Power or cutting off my nose just to spite my face I like men opening doors for me, I grew up with my Dad cranking up the car so Mom and I could get in a toasty vehicle, I don t believe in splitting the check in the beginning of a relationship, if there are heavy things I ll gladly let a guy carry them instead but I also have a gun and know h [...]

  14. Jamie

    Lexie is the lead singer of Unquiet Mind, a small town band that made it big, I mean HUGE What happens to all big time rockstars Crazy, stalker fan Who better to run to her rescue than the man that broke her heart, the demon she s been running from for the last 4 yearsKillian, the rough and gorgeous boy turned man that gave up his entire world so she could live her dreams He s at the ready when word gets out that Lexie s in trouble Regardless of what anyone else thinks of him, nobody will come n [...]

  15. French Press Bookworm Blog

    with book one I was left devastated On one hand you fully understood what was happening and why but on the other hand you were angry and wanted to throw your kindle at something this one left me in bliss because they got the Hea they totally deserved The bitterness and anger the h feels was perfect Imagine the world when your heart wasn t beating it your lungs couldn t get enough air Both the H and h show you exactly what life is like when your not really loving it only surviving Your broken alo [...]

  16. Paula D

    A continue book of Echo of Silence Killian let the love of his life go so Lexie could go on tour and live a beautiful life with out being into the Mc scene with him Four years later Lexie ends up getting a stalker and needs help who comes to her rescue Killian the man Lexie has tried to forget and has made her into a skeleton Killian knows he made a mistake his light has been gone way to long and he will do whatever he has to to get Lexie freckles back in his life forever Will Lexie forgive Kill [...]

  17. Caro Richard

    2 hearts, 2 souls, a love so true and strong.oken.How do you get over that If your Lexie and Killian, you dont.This book is the 2nd part to their story, a bit older, a bit wiser and still broken.This book is bloody marvellous.I thought Echoes was great but this second part to the duet takes the prize These 2 books together made me speechless much emotion, love and angst If you love reading then you will buy these books

  18. Susan W

    Ok story until about 75% i, it just seemed to halt progression Totally lost interest and forgot I was in the middle of book Obviously, then took me forever to finish.

  19. Sarah Greenwood

    Goes down as another off my 2017 Bookworm Bingo Challenge A book about music or musicians Broken hearts and souls on both sides with Lexie and Killian so lets hope second time around is the last Have to agree with one thing Killian said about how easily she believed five minutes of lies after two years of truth with him constantly telling her how much she meant to him As soon as she really accepts this she can finally see why he did it Doesn t mean he wasn t a complete plank for doing it in the [...]

  20. Andrea Jacobsen

    What do you do when the love of your life comes back into your life after three years apart Not only is he in your life but he staking his claim on you again WTF Killian let Lexie go so she could soar but he wasn t about to let her be harmed by some crazy stalker Lexie isn t that worried about the stalker and she definitely doesn t want Killian around but she does it to placate her mom and stepdad So he is back in her life, no one said she had to like or to talk to him.If I hadn t already been i [...]

  21. Sarah Dale

    This is book 2 in the series and I couldn t wait to read the continuation of Lexie and Killian s story Nothing better then a second chance romance story and this book was simply brilliant Anne Malcom outdid herself with this one After the way the first book left off you can really feel the pain that still resides with Lexie and Killian, they are both so broken and raw putting a front on and doing what they can to get through Events occur that throw them back together Lexie is in danger and Killi [...]

  22. Sara

    Oh my god Ok this book was amazing The same thing I felt for the first book in the Sons of Templar series when I read that book That something good was gonna happen with this series I loved this book so much It evolved beautifully and I lived every minute of it I can t wait for about the boys in the series and I can t wait for in the Sons of Templar series The only sad part about this is that o finished what has been currently released and now I m feel sad that I m done with these series until [...]

  23. Sally

    This was a very good ending to Killian and Lexie s story I was a bit worried because the first book was a bit drawn out for me because so much was repeated from another book that was centered around her mother All in all, I did enjoy their second chance romance The loose ends were tied up well and the story flowed nicely The characters kept me invested in the overall story and it was a good read.

  24. Milena

    Wow Thank you Anne for this story Lexie and Killian have stolen my heart I knew when I started this series that it was going to gut me and it but it also put me back together It s always rewarding when you have to work for the good stuff These two definitely work for theirs Can t wait to see what s next.

  25. Stephanie Osborne

    must read book one first, and I suggest at least Out of the Ashes from Sons Of Templar for the whole background A story of soul wrenching heartache Moments of frustration when I m BEGGING the characters to communicate, but honestly, in that situation built on pain, it s no wonder the angst was drawn out That ending tho my heart raced, and broke, and cried.

  26. Jo

    Rarely have I found myself as frustrated with the characters in a story, as I was with this one Their too ing and fro ing their fight against their attraction the apparent inability of either character to have a simple conversation to resolve their issues like grown ups.And yet.Although the foreshadowing was perhaps a smidge obvious, I absolutely didn t care I mean, who doesn t want to be loved as fiercely as this For my money, this is a worthy conclusion to the story.I voluntarily reviewed a re [...]

  27. MistiLong

    SILENCE QUITE This book had me riding a roller coaster all the way through Wanting what I wanted to happen just not sure it d get there quick enough So I chased the words page after page as my heart pounded and chills going up my arms as I was swallowing the lump in my throat at others.

  28. Alisa

    I FLOVE this couple The difference between this and the Sons of Templar MC books is well done because you actually CAN tell they re grown and are mature I loved them in Out of the Ashes and I still love them now that they have their own duology Sniff So good.

  29. Stacy Martin

    Love is hard won for Lexie and Killian Dreams and promises have been broken and reformed And there is happiness, pain and fear in the journey Love the characters in this series Looking forward to 3.

  30. Kelly

    Amazing seriesI can t say enough great things about this series I ADORED both books and everything about them The story is so unique

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