Alien Busters: Part One (2020)

Alien Busters: Part One Safa Shaqsy Alien Busters Part One Nathalie is an Alien Buster who kills aliens in the Arkad city with her team Devastated by her parents death on the field as Alien Busters she goes to work in the Alien Busters institute to carry t
  • Title: Alien Busters: Part One
  • Author: Safa Shaqsy
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Alien Busters: Part One Safa Shaqsy Nathalie is an Alien Buster, who kills aliens in the Arkad city with her team Devastated by her parents death on the field, as Alien Busters, she goes to work in the Alien Busters institute to carry their legacy One day she is on the field with her team, while searching for aliens, she finds a baby alien on the field with no parents and she had one mission to accomplishNathalie is an Alien Buster, who kills aliens in the Arkad city with her team Devastated by her parents death on the field, as Alien Busters, she goes to work in the Alien Busters institute to carry their legacy One day she is on the field with her team, while searching for aliens, she finds a baby alien on the field with no parents and she had one mission to accomplish To the kill all alien kind That one alien, leads her to form a forbidden friendship and her life changes forever.A Novelette
Alien Busters: Part One Safa Shaqsy

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One thought on “Alien Busters: Part One

  1. Alycia

    First of all, thank you to Safa Shaqsy who sent me an e copy of her novelette in exchange of an honest review It was a great pleasure to read you As some of you may know by now, I don t usually read sci fi and short stories, but when I discovered that Safa Shaqsy wanted some reviews for her novelette, I could not resist to contact her for doing so I didn t know if I would like it or not, but I was to curious not to give it a try These last few weeks, I had the opportunity to discover three sci f [...]

  2. Maria (Netherreads)

    Let me start by saying that I m not giving it three stars on giving it 3.5 Stars I wish that we were able to just give a half star rating on The author gave me a copy of this for review and since it was only 25 pages I read in one sitting Even though I got this for free I am not going to sugarcoat anything I m not like that I really like the concept of what she is trying to interpret This little novelette kind of reminded me of Ghostbusters and Men In Black had a baby it would kind of be this Th [...]

  3. Melissa

    This book suprised me a bit, in a very good way It was very interesting It s about this girl nat aka nathalie and her job is to kill aliens Her parents did the same as her but they died on the battlefield her parents also believed there could be some good in the aliens she also kind of believes this When she finds and orphan alien baby she can t kill it So she takes it in as her pet Which end up being super funny I mean who doesn t want a alien pet but the alien being her pet does bring some dif [...]

  4. Lauren (Northern Plunder)

    My review was first posted on Northern Plunder, you can read of my reviews there too.I was lucky enough that I saw Safa tweet about there being the opportunity to grab an ecopy for review of Alien Busters part one off her website so with it being a v quick read I hopped right in.Alien Busters jobs are to kills aliens This novella follows one called Nat.Nat is a very likeable main character, she s an Alien Buster who actually questions why she s doing her job It happens when she stumbles across [...]

  5. Salla (Booksonal)

    Book kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review This is a novelette, part 1 10 chapters of the Alien Busters series by Safa Shaqsy,and there won t be any spoilers The premise is quite self explanatory from the title the main character is an alien buster with a mission to kill all alienss, but on a mission she finds an alien baby and everything changes.I gave this book 2.5 starsSo as usual, I ll tell 2.5 things I liked about the book and 2.5 thing I didn t like.So what did I t [...]

  6. Dejanira Dawn

    So im finally able to review this I haven t had time but I do now I usually don t read alien science type books so this was a huge change for me I loved it, actually and I really want to read about Aliens and what not.Other than a few grammar spelling issues the book was good It was a short simpleish read, and I usually don t read ebooks also.You guys should defiantly check this book out if you enjoy aliens or you want something new.

  7. Marco

    Disclaimer I was given an ARC of Alien Busters by Safa Shaqsy in exchange for an honest review Alien Busters is not the first work published by Safa Shaqsy, but it feels like it could be The Finite Series is also available by her, which disappointed me because it meant there shouldn t really be any excuse as to why the writing in this novel was so amateur As a reader, I expect an author to give me their best work There are always clear signs that a book was or wasn t proofread and unfortunately, [...]

  8. Heather Ford

    First of all, thank you Safa Shaqsy for sending me this ebook in exchange for a review This novelette took me by surprise I had other books come to mind when reading this book, it felt like Illuminae, which is one of my favorite books and Zenith These books didn t come to mind just because they are about space and aliens, but because of the quality of how space and other planets are portrayed The story didn t sound cheesy like extra terrestrial stories can come off as I really liked this sci fi [...]

  9. Gaynah

    This novelette is definitely not what I usually read But overall I enjoyed reading this short novelette, and it definitely opened me up to a reading variety since I don t usually read Sci fi.This book is a definite go Whether you are a sci fi reader, this will be a fun light read Or if you are a reader who normally don t read sci fi books, I think this book is perfect for you to experiment with Because it is fast paced and very easy to read It ll be fun to continue reading this book when parts [...]

  10. Leah

    I want to thank Safa Shaqsy that she sent me a copy of this amazing novelletteI did not expect to enjoy this as much as I did.Usually I would not go and grab a book about aliens because it is not something I would read normally.But the concept of this girl Nathalie keeping this baby alien to protect it and by doing that, she is not doing her job but following her conscience is incredible Learning this bit about her parents makes her choice understandable.I can t wait to read of this and hope I [...]

  11. Rebecca

    the moment I started reading the first paragraph I was instantly transported to a scientific world The word play in this adventure was beyond incredible to the point not only could I visualize the scenes the characters witnessed I could also smell the scent of rotting alien corpses as well as becoming aware of the sounds and feeling as nervous and jittery as the main character I love watching alien movies but actually reading a sci fi book really changes the tone and puts you right in the story [...]

  12. Brynn Rova

    First off, I d like to say thank you to Safa Shaqsy for sending me an e copy of this book in exchange for a review Secondly, I will point out that this is still my honest and heart felt review of the story.So the story that i got to read was very short only about 10 chapters and yet so many things happened The pacing of the story was a bit off kilter every climactic event seemed to take place within two or three paragraphs, making everything seem super rushed, which in turn downplayed the action [...]

  13. Mike Keller

    Busting aliens for fun and profitThis is the first time I ve read this author s work and while I haven t been a young adult for quite some time, I did enjoy the concept of the story Alien hunting is a sport profession that I would definitely have engaged in when I had the youth and health to pursue it I m not entirely convinced I d have kept a wild young alien as a pet, but I can understand what drew young Nathalie to Star s big dark eyes and fuzzy fur The long sharp teeth might have put new off [...]

  14. J.S. Frankel

    I was provided with a free PDF by the author who at no time promised me good ratings on all by novels, an all expense paid trip to Spain, or an educational allowance for my children She did, however, ask me to read Alien Busters and since I just finished it a few minutes ago, time to get in the review This is the first novel of Ms Shaqsy s I ve read, so I came into this situation not knowing what to expect The not knowing part is really the best thing about a recent or fairly recent author, so I [...]

  15. Anthony ➳ KeepReadingForward ➳

    3.5 5Date Reviewed 20 November 2016This Review was first posted on Keep Reading Forward If you want to see , check out our other locations as well as here.I was very excited when I received this copy for an honest review When I first looked to see what this story was about, it had something that told me it was going to be very interesting A story about space and aliens Almost a battle between the two kinds of life I know there is other stories about there about battles and the sort between human [...]

  16. Lydia Redwine

    I would like to start this review off by thanking Safa for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review If you read my review on The Finite, you would know I thought the book had potential but wasn t my favorite thing I ve read From reading Alien Busters, however, I can see how much Safa s writing has improved Other than Star Wars and The Lunar Chronicles I m not the biggest geek on scifi I ve never really found it to be much of my thing but have been wanting to try it out for awhile Sa [...]

  17. Tuğçe Özdinç

    First I want to thank Safa Shaqsy for sending me the e copy of Alien Busters in exchange for an honest review It was a pleasure to read your book, and thanks also for changing my opinions about sci fi genre.I really enjoy Safa Shaqsy s book Her second book and first novella Alien Busters is a enjoyable, quick read which was like my savior among all those boring collage readings Shaqsy has the power of creating visual worlds through words While I was reading I could imagine all those scenes in my [...]

  18. Eva Pasco

    Sophisticated SimplicityHaving destroyed Earth, humans are forced to seek refuge on Planet Zelea which is located in a parallel solar system The protagonist, Nathalie Jefferson, is one of several alien busters whose mission is to search for and indiscriminately kill aliens The dilemma occurs when Nathalie doesn t have the heart to shoot a baby alien she finds mourning the death of its mother on a battlefield Unbeknownst to her team or commander, she spares its life and hides it in her home Altho [...]

  19. Ellie

    First I want to thank the author Safa Shaqsy for giving me an opportunity to read her work I admit that this isn t my cup of tea and I haven t read anything that is alien related but I do love sci fi Even though this is my first time reading something like this, I enjoyed the story and it is an easy read for me I mean I can dive into the story easily and I can relate to the character There are scenes that I argue with the actions of the characters but that s okay I like the writing style but I w [...]

  20. Nicole Taylor

    Alien Busters is a science fiction novelette by Safa Shaqsy The story is of Nat, an alien hunter, who finds herself in a moral dilemma when she can t bring herself to kill an alien baby Nat s decision ultimately leads her life in a direction she never expected, changing her life forever.Shaqsy s novelette is entertaining and touching and the beginning of what looks to be an entertaining series Fans of science fiction will enjoy the premise, while reluctant sci fi fans will be drawn to Nat s char [...]

  21. alotofbooks

    First, Thank so much Safa Shaqsy for sent me a e copy This story begins with Nathalie, she s an alien buster Her parents died in the battlefield, and they were the same as her THEY KILL ALIENS When she was in an area with her companions looking for aliens, she found a orphan alien baby and she can t kill it However, she decided take it like her pet.I really enjoyed it The bad thing was the story is so shot C , but was intersting too the writing style was different THE AUTHOR HAS OTHER BOOK but e [...]

  22. Elizabetta Holcomb

    Interesting concept with a pull on the heart strings An orphaned alien buster meets a baby alien who has just lost its mother Two beings with much and nothing in common Ended abruptly as it is a novella I want to see how the story progresses

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