Longings (2020)

Longings Sophie Kisker Longings NOTE See Longings of Surrender On a world where no woman is free one woman refuses to kneel Enna is a runaway forced to hide in the desert mountains with others like her But despite the harsh enviro
  • Title: Longings
  • Author: Sophie Kisker
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  • Page: 131
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Longings Sophie Kisker NOTE See Longings of Surrender On a world where no woman is free, one woman refuses to kneel Enna is a runaway, forced to hide in the desert mountains with others like her But despite the harsh environment, what she s escaped from was intolerable, and she will never let herself be captured When a chance comes to find her daughter, ripped from her arms just months befoNOTE See Longings of Surrender.On a world where no woman is free, one woman refuses to kneel.Enna is a runaway, forced to hide in the desert mountains with others like her But despite the harsh environment, what she s escaped from was intolerable, and she will never let herself be captured When a chance comes to find her daughter, ripped from her arms just months before by her sadistic master, she only has her courage to fall back on, because she trusts no one else Especially another man.Captain Matias Acoff found his missing sister on Midros, kidnapped as a child from their home planet and raised in captivity Now he s helping to sort out other kidnapped women and return them to their homes When he meets Enna, he finds himself involved with a group of runaways Even if she accepts his help to find her daughter, he can t free her She ll always be a fugitive And if she s found, the law is clear, and the punishment for running is severe When his assignment ends, how can he leave behind the woman he s come to love, to face that by herself This book has elements of D s, unequal power exchange, corporal punishment, and explicit sexual acts Please consider carefully before purchasing.
Longings Sophie Kisker

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One thought on “Longings

  1. WhiteWitch

    Midros was once a poor, agriculture based planet But all that changes with the discovery of paeolate, a mineral that brings the planet wealth beyond measure However, as is often the case, infinite wealth brings both good and evil The wealth splits the society in two The men own the wealth, and the women, who are slaves with no legal rights or recourse The laws are severe The punishments are unspeakably cruel Who would dare to even attempt to try to escape But life on Midros is irrevocably change [...]

  2. Gab

    On occupied Midros things are not changing as fast as expected While kidnapped women and girls from other planets are freed and returned to their families, Midrosian females are still under the same restrictive laws as always While some of the native Masters are slowly arranging themselves with the changes, others are hell bent to keep the status quo and then some.Girls are still taken from their mothers at five years old to be raised and sold as slaves One mother is not ready to accept that law [...]

  3. Becca

    I received an ARC of this book from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.There is only one true disappointment in reading this book, and that is that I ve finished and can t go back and read it again for the first time I absolutely love this author s books, she has a fantastic way with words, characters with depth, and a story that isn t overpowered by erotic bits although there are plenty of well written erotic bits.This is the second book in the series and, although it isn t absolut [...]

  4. Saskia

    I didn t enjoy this book as much as the first book There was something about Enna that I didn t like, I am not quite sure what it was I did like Matias and the story itself I had wondered about escaped slaves and it was lovely seeing Lydia and James again Lots of action and emotions in the book.

  5. Kathy Heare Watts

    FREEDOM IS WORTH EVERYTHINGFor a woman born on Midros, she is nothing but a slave At the age of five, she will be taken from her mother and raised by the government until she is eighteen and then sold to a master So many young girls were kidnapped from other warring planets and sold to Midros and forced into this sexual slavery For Captain Matias Acoff, that is what happened to his sister, Lydia For the women that were kidnapped from other planets, they are being freed and returned home, but for [...]

  6. Badh

    Sophie Kisker brings us back to Midros, a planet where women are enslaved The galaxy at large can t do much about it because Midros is the only source of a mineral makes interstellar shipping and travel much easier and less expensive Because of this, Midros does what they want, and everyone else mostly turns a blind eye Longings starts after the galaxy finds out that young girls were being stolen from planets that had suffered war or other terrible disasters Midros had to do that to make sure th [...]

  7. Greyling54

    First, let me say what Longings isn t It is not an erotic romance in any traditional sense, although there is romance in it It also isn t what I would call dark erotica, with the woman feeling aroused despite herself type of thing And although I think it would be helpful to have read Memories of a Slave, the first volume in the Midrosian Chronicles, it has very little in common with it except setting and a couple of crossover characters.What it is, is a wonderful story about a woman enslaved and [...]

  8. Joanie M

    Longings is a compelling book about runaway slaves on the planet Midros where all females are enslaved This second book in the Midrosian Slave Chronicles can be read as stand alone I have not yet read the first book, but I enjoyed this one so much that I plan to read book one The author did a great job of summarizing the first book within this story so I knew who the returning characters were and enough about Matias history to fully understand the hero s character The heroine of this book, Enna, [...]

  9. Alli

    Longings by Sophie Kisler was a decently long read, and it was full of politics, emotion, and suspense I enjoyed how the author developed both the female and the male characters almost equally, switching back and forth from the perspective of each protagonist This novel includes some graphic scenes, and shows the both the pleasant and the dark side of BDSM As a slave on her home planet, Enna is subject to the whim of her master, who has a penchant for cruelty Some of her peers fared better and h [...]

  10. Boujie

    Nothing but a slave Sophie Kisker is becoming one of my favorite authors I read the first book in this series and it was smart and well thought out She created another universe with this series I heard a quote years ago that morals are geographic and on Midros, women are nothing than property If you were a woman unlucky enough to be born on the planet, you knew your very existence depended on the Master you were sold or traded to at any point in time What would you do to save yourself or your c [...]

  11. Anna

    I love Sophie Kisker s books She has a way of writing about dystopian societies where men rule and women are subservient that make them come alive This is the second book It can standalone but is a richer read if you have read the first book Oh the characters are wonderful Enna she has lived all her life as a slave But after she becomes a mother and then loses her child, she shows her true strength Matias is from a world that finds slavery abhorrent He wants to help Enna, but he is restricted by [...]

  12. Laurel

    this is the second book in the Midrosian Chronicles Book 2 and there are characters from the previous book, but this can be read as a standalone book The heroine is separated from her daughter and as an abused slave, she runs away too try and reignite with her daughter The hero finds her and assists her and in the process they fall in love This exciting adventure has fast paced, page turning, heart pounding action with the intense feelings and emotions of the characters The author has painted a [...]

  13. Heart5

    Lydia s brother Matias remains on Midros to help round up all the female slaves born off the planet Unfortunately the Midros government still holds enough power that women born on Midros can t be freed Matias encounters a slave named Enna and immediately connects with her Unfortunately she is unable to be freed, leaving Matias to chose between his career and Enna.This was a nice follow up to the first book All in all I think I liked this book better than the first in the series The dialogue betw [...]

  14. Cindy

    This is the 2nd book that I have read in this series and I enjoyed it just as much as the 1st one This author has such a way with words that she draws me right into the story I couldn t help but feel sad for Enna s with the way that her daughter was taken from her I couldn t help but root for Matias and Enna The plot was not just straight forward but it had a twist or two I hope there will be another book in this series This book can be read as a stand alone but I think that a person would enjoy [...]

  15. Eva Wade

    ok this is a story about a planel where all the females are slaves Also before the other planets found out they were kidnapping women from other planets we start the story with our heroine escaping her masters home after losing her little girl to the system after having her for 5 years when she runs away she meets up with other runaways but on a mission to go into town for help from a doctors office she gets stopped by the hero of our story HE s from another planet who was originally there to fi [...]

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