S'enfuir - Récit d'un otage (2020)

S'enfuir - Récit d'un otage Guy Delisle S enfuir R cit d un otage tre otage c est pire qu tre en prison En prison tu sais pourquoi tu es l et quelle date tu vas en sortir Quand tu es otage tu n as m me pas ce genre de rep res Tu n as rien
  • Title: S'enfuir - Récit d'un otage
  • Author: Guy Delisle
  • ISBN: 9782205075472
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback
S'enfuir - Récit d'un otage Guy Delisle tre otage, c est pire qu tre en prison En prison, tu sais pourquoi tu es l et quelle date tu vas en sortir Quand tu es otage, tu n as m me pas ce genre de rep res Tu n as rien.
S'enfuir - Récit d'un otage Guy Delisle

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    114 Guy Delisle
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  1. Kevin Kelsey

    Posted at Heradas ReviewI m convinced that graphic novels are the perfect form for historical accounts and memoirs Like film it s partly a visual medium, but it s free from the tropes, narrative boundaries, and language of film It s also firmly in the realm of literature, but free from the usual trappings of that medium as well It has all of the strengths of both, and few of their weaknesses The story can be presented in a simpler language, straightforward and raw, and this often gives it a lot [...]

  2. LolaReviewer

    This is a real story It took the author fifteen years to finish this nonfiction book.A man is kidnapped as he is doing humanitarian work in Nazran in 1997 He doesn t understand what is happening, seeing that he is working for an NGO and has no conflict whatsoever with the country or leaders of Russia.He thinks maybe they want the money from the safe, but they don t seem to be interested in the keys that open it, which are located in his pockets So Christophe spends his time locked away wondering [...]

  3. Michael Finocchiaro

    Guy Delisle always does a great job with understatement and can pass beautiful and strong messages with minimalist drawing and text I loved his books on Shenzen, Pyongyang, Burma and Jerusalem where he was working as a cartoonist and they were autobiographical accounts This one was quite different as it dealt with the kidnapping and captivity of a humanitarian activist, Christophe Andr held for over 100 days in 1997 in Chechnia It is told simply with a spare black, white, grey and occasionally b [...]

  4. Jon(athan) Nakapalau

    Doctors Without Borders administrator Christophe Andr tells the story of his kidnapping in Ingushetia North Caucasus in 1997 His story is both heartbreaking and inspirational his struggle to maintain his humanity in a situation that stripped him of the ability to make even the most basic decisions urinating when you have to yet moving past despair, to trusting his fellow man again, is a powerful story of survival and redemption.

  5. Paul Bryant

    How the paradoxes multiply a very fast read about an excruciatingly slow passage of time a visual medium used to tell a story of which the main feature is that a guy is chained to a radiator not much to see in that godforsaken room and yes, the sophisticated art form of the graphic novel this time discloses the brutal human reduced to a chunk of maybe valuable maybe not meat that is your grotesque fate if you re ever crazy enough to work for an international charity in a famously dangerous count [...]

  6. David Schaafsma

    Delisle is known for his autobiographical comics and cartoons, chronicles of his experiences in different countries he visits on his wife s professional trips, and recently, amusing cartoon collections of his own bad parenting Hostage is by far his most ambitious work to date, based on an oral history account he audiotaped of the kidnapping of Christophe Andr , who was held captive for over 3 months in 1997 in Chechnya The book is 432 pages, in which very little happens though as you might have [...]

  7. Sam Quixote

    In July 1997 while on a mission for Doctors Without Borders, French worker Christophe Andre was kidnapped in the Russian Caucasus by Chechens and held for a 1m ransom He thought his release would be secured in one or two days, not realising the months of captivity ahead of him Best known for his autobiographical comics about his travels in dangerous regions like North Korea and Jerusalem, French Canadian cartoonist Guy Delisle s graphic adaptation of Christophe s account is also his longest book [...]

  8. Trish

    With this new book released in the U.S in the spring of this year, French Canadian graphic artist and animator Guy Delisle takes a departure from his usual graphic novels about his life as the spouse of a M decins Sans Fronti res physician to tell the story of a real innocent abroad, Christophe Andr , on his first assignment for MSF in Ingushetia, in the North Caucasus in 1997.Christophe was taken hostage, driven across the border into Chechnya, and outside of Grozny he was held for ransom for [...]

  9. Carlos

    Good book, first graphic novel I read since I was 13 It was refreshing to read a book in which I don t have to put too much of an effort The story deals with a NGO worker that was kidnapped by CHechnyan forces and kept there for 3 months, the graphics help the story move along and the color pallet of the comic strips do feel in tone with the story.

  10. notgettingenough

    You will have to pardon my snorting a little when I read How does one survive when all hope is lost In the middle of the night in 1997, Doctors Without Borders administrator Christophe Andr was kidnapped by armed men and taken away to an unknown destination in the Caucasus region For three months from the GR blurb for the book Not to take anything away from this one, but I couldn t help it, for the day before I discovered this story review show

  11. Stewart Tame

    This is the story of Christophe Andr , who had been working in the Caucasas for three months during his first stint for M dicins Sans Fronti res when he was kidnapped He was held for over four months, often handcuffed to a radiator or bedpost.What makes this book sing is the pacing Andr had almost nothing to do but sit and think during his ordeal, and Delisle rises brilliantly to the challenge of depicting monotony while keeping the story compelling Yes, Andr imagines various escapes, but depict [...]

  12. Tressa

    Hostage is the true story in graphic novel form of the 1997 kidnapping of Frenchman Christophe Andr , who was working with a charity organization in Chechnya He was kept hostage for three months while his kidnappers shuffled him from house to house while trying to work out a way to exchange him for money Not knowing why he was taken, how long he would be in captivity, or how he would be treated by the rotating cast who kept him chained and barely fed, Andre kept his wits and sanity by working ou [...]

  13. Lauren

    Christophe Andr worked with MSF in 1997, stationed in Chechnya Staying late at the office one evening, his complex is raided, and he is abducted by a group of separatists Delisle graphically depicts the 3 months that Andr was held hostage in various villages in Chechnya Throughout all of this time of confusion, of hunger and weakness, Andr remains largely hopeful that he will be released One man s harrowing experience, detailed in pictures, with his own words as narration Make sure to read the e [...]

  14. mister0sc

    This is actually the first graphic novel I ve bought and not just read from the library, I had pretty high expectations specially coming from one of my favourite authors, and it actually delivered.The story is really engaging, at times I thought it could get repetitive, but it didn t, it managed to keep me interested and in suspense The ending is just amazing, one of those you end up like did this really happened for real Easily recommend it, such a great story and narrative.

  15. Mélanie

    Tr s belle histoire de Guy Delisle qui nous fait vivre les questionnements et les v nements v cus par Christophe Andr il y a 20 ans lors de son enl vement Tel un huit clos on vit les jours qui d filent avec une grande intensit , on le d vore d une traite

  16. Matt

    I didn t think I could get so anxious over a comic book The color palette really helped build this almost claustrophobic sense of anxiety The date, then the day, the radiator, the light bulb and the soup.Somehow G Delisle turned repetition into some of the most tense reading.

  17. Elizabeth A

    3.5 stars.Translated from the French by Helge Dascher.Moved this up my TBR for non fiction November If you are familiar with his oeuvre, you know that the author usually writes graphic memoirs about his life as the spouse of a Doctors Without Borders administrator in various parts of the world This book departs from his usual fare and tells the true story of Christophe Andre, a man kidnapped on his very first MSF assignment You know that Christophe survives because he is the one telling the stor [...]

  18. Bibliomaniaque

    Quelle bande dessin e angoissante Ts quand tu es tellement dans ta lecture que tu fais le saut quand on cogne ta porte Cest ce que j ai ressenti pendant cette lecture Un gros wow

  19. Nick Nguyen

    4.5 starsDelisle takes his talent for observing the quotidian absurd to greater heights in his recounting of the experience of being taken hostage Total admiration for his deliberate decision to respect the dead time of the situation by stretching out repetitive sequences across pages to build a rhythm that works up to a satisfying epilogue Hard not to read in one sitting.

  20. Ana'

    A unique kidnappingWhat a story you ask yourself how would you react under similar circumstances Recommend As my first Delisle work I ve read, I was not disappointed Looking forward on reading his other graphic novels.

  21. Juan Carlos

    Son muchas las reflexiones que quedan despu s de leer este ver dico relato del cautiverio de un hombre Habr a hecho lo que l Reaccionar a as Intenso, recomendable.

  22. Sooraya Evans

    The artwork is undeniably repetitive The routine scene progression gets old after a while Nevertheless, understandable given the plot of a locked up hostage At least, the subtle switching between dark and light tones in the coloring was well thought Giving the reader a sense of night and day Storywise, the main character had plenty of opportunities to escape But the constant weighing of risks made him ever so reluctant I guess anyone in his position would end up doing the same as this is real li [...]

  23. Mike

    To absolutny dow d na to jak bardzo mamy wyprane m zgi filmami z jueseja i na to, e najbardziej przera aj ce s najzwyklejsze rzeczy.

  24. Christoph

    Guy Delisle hat uns bisher mit Aufzeichnungen von seinen Reisen, sei es in Begleitung seiner Frau oder aufgrund von eigenen Verpflichtungen , unterhalten Ihnen allen war eines gemeinsam, sie waren pers nliche Reiseberichte, gew rzt mit einem unterhaltsamen, aber auch kritischem Blick In seinem neuen Buch Die Geisel geht er einen neuen Weg und erz hlt die Geschichte einer anderen Person In diesem Fall die Erlebnisse jenes NGO Mitarbeiters, welcher 1997 entf hrt wurde und 111 Tage gefangen gehalte [...]

  25. Federica

    Mentre agli inizi del Duemila Bridget Jones al cinema chiedeva con civetteria a Daniel Cleaver cosa ne pensasse della situazione in Cecenia, nel mondo reale, nel 1997, nella notte fra l 1 e il 2 luglio, Christophe Andr veniva rapito a Nazran, dove lavorava per una ONG umanitaria, e portato oltre il confine ceceno Ai rapitori serviva un ostaggio.La sua prigionia durer 111 giorni, e ce li racconta, lui, insieme a Guy Delisle.Su avevo letto un commento che mi aveva fatto accapponare i capelli un ti [...]

  26. Chelsey

    What an incredible story of courage and perseverance While on a mission with Doctors Without Borders, Christophe Andre was kidnapped and kept in an almost empty room, handcuffed to a radiator for nearly four months His ability to hold onto hope and maintain a level head while in captivity left me awestruck Guy Delisle brings his story to life in this graphic novel and I m so glad I picked it up

  27. Mark Schlatter

    I m familiar with Delisle s work in two very different genres his travelogues e.g the excellent Jerusalem Chronicles from the Holy City and his humor writing through the bad parenting series This is a completely different type of work.Delisle is telling the story of Christopher Andr , an NGO worker taken hostage in Chechnya in 1997 And this is Andr s story every panel is told from his perspective There s little to no context given about the work he was doing, why his captors did what they did, o [...]

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