Cold Turkey (2020)

Cold Turkey Hayden Hunt Cold Turkey I thought I could quit him cold turkey All I wanted was to come home and have an enjoyable Thanksgiving with my parents But I should have known that wasn t going to happen We ve always had a rocky rel
  • Title: Cold Turkey
  • Author: Hayden Hunt
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  • Page: 348
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Cold Turkey Hayden Hunt I thought I could quit him cold turkey All I wanted was to come home and have an enjoyable Thanksgiving with my parents But I should have known that wasn t going to happen We ve always had a rocky relationship, we re not close by any means.I was much closer to my best friend s family Ethan lived across the street from me growing up and we were always incredibly close.I thought I could quit him cold turkey All I wanted was to come home and have an enjoyable Thanksgiving with my parents But I should have known that wasn t going to happen We ve always had a rocky relationship, we re not close by any means.I was much closer to my best friend s family Ethan lived across the street from me growing up and we were always incredibly close His house was a second home to me So when he saw me outside of my parent s house, he offered to let me spend Thanksgiving with them.Which would be great, if I wasn t trying to hide the fact that I m still madly in love with him.I never thought I d see him again.I was elated when I saw Daniel sitting outside of his parent s old house When he went away after High School, I was convinced he d never come back to this town I have missed him ever since he leftSo when he agreed to spend Thanksgiving with my family, I couldn t be happier And finally, I think I might have the courage to tell him how I really feel I was a coward when we were younger, when I was still trying to figure myself out, but things are different now At least, I hope everything will be different now.Because I still really, really want him.This standalone novel is currently on sale for.99 It comes complete with HEA ending and bonus material from two of my other books
Cold Turkey Hayden Hunt

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  1. Tanu Gill

    I received an ARC in exchange of an honest review Again, so sorry for the delay 3.5 stars.The story starts out normal enough About midway through, I had kind of made up my mind that it was just a meh book, nothing special to make it memorable But then that twist happened at the end It roused a new interest in me regarding the outcome of the situation So I upped my predecided rating by half a star.Yes, as my friend Isabella has written in her review for New Leaf, the storylines are a teeny tiny b [...]

  2. Meags

    3 StarsAfter feeling like a third wheel in his home growing up, Daniel hauled ass out of town the moment he turned 18, but now, as a successful adult working and living in New York, he wants to put the past aside and returns home on Thanksgiving to try and build a relationship with his folks Unfortunately, and damn awkwardly for Daniel, he shows up to find his childhood home empty When he calls his mother, she uncaringly informs him they moved out of state YEARS AGO without even telling him Yep, [...]

  3. Denise H.

    This is the story of Daniel and Ethan Friends from childhood who went separate ways Each loved the other, but neither had the guts to say it Now, Daniel has come home to surprise his folks at Thanksgiving, only to be surprised himself, that they moved two years ago, and never told him Crappy parents, who have never shown him love Ethan saw Daniel on the bench and took him home to spend the holiday with his family They welcomed him with open arms It took some conversations and confessions to help [...]

  4. mw138

    Daniel did everything in his power to escape the small town he grew up in His relationship with his parents was non existent and he just didn t want to deal with the scrutiny that comes along with everyone knowing each other When he decides to surprise his parents for Thanksgiving, his world simultaneously comes crashing down and changes for the better.When Ethan looked across the street and saw his childhood best friend looking dejected and pathetic, he knew he had to intervene Not only would D [...]

  5. Pam Kay

    A sweet short story of two men coming together after years of no contact Daniel and Ethan had been best friends all during school Daniel had come out to Ethan at 16 years old and he had strong feelings for Ethan, but he felt Ethan didn t feel the same He was certain Ethan was straight That was one reason he left for NYC after graduation On Thanksgiving years later he comes back to his hometown finding his mom and dad had moved away 2 years ago to Florida He was devastated As he sat on the front [...]

  6. Levi

    Cold Turkey By Hayden HuntWhen Daniel want to surprise his family with a thanksgiving visit, he is the one who ends up surprised Daniel parents kinda forget to tell him that their sold the house and they moved out of the state But with sorrow comes happinessin form of Ethan.Ethan always loved Daniel, but never told him , he didn t wanted to risk their friendship When, after years Daniel came home for the first time, Ethan sees it as a chance to finally have Daniel.The story is sweet and easy wit [...]

  7. Isabella ~Mikku-chan~

    ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review The style itself was good and had a fluent writing and the character where a bit better developed than in other books by the author The sex was hot but unfortunately a bit short It could have been a better balance so this way it had a lack And I felt a connection was missing.The behaviour of Ethan at the end was unfortunately a downfall I could have give the book 4 stars but had to reduce the stars, because I can t stand hi [...]

  8. Mainely Stories

    Stronger feelings for secondary characters than primary.Daniel, living in New York, plans to surprise his parents by coming home for Thanksgiving after a six year absence when he discovers that they moved away two years earlier and never told him They didn t just move to another house or town but to Florida, half a country away When he called to find his mom she also mentioned that they had no room for guests at their new condo so he wasn t really welcome to visit Imagine He knew that he wasn t [...]

  9. Antoinette

    Wow some people do not deserve to have kids I can t believe what Daniel s parents did Good thing his childhood bestfriend Ethan was there to save him Only problem he s been in love with straight Ethan since they were kids I really liked this book Daniel is amazing and I loved him I liked Ethan also but he p seed me off when he started doubting One person hints at maybe he and Daniel won t work and he s ready to throw everything away I don t care if that person is your mother, if you truly love s [...]

  10. Heather Rawlins

    I really liked this Thanksgiving story It was cute and adorable, very little angst, which is great when it s a short story set around a holiday Daniel and Ethan were both likable The story was fast paced and easy to read An enjoyable story I would definitely recommend this story.

  11. Kaila

    This was a sweet read some spots did irritate me but overall i really enjoyed it the characters were fun i hated the one set of parents though they pissed me off overall this was a good read and im glad i got to review it

  12. Barbara

    This was a yearning story of love left behind because of fear on both the parts of best friends, Ethan and Daniel Both sure that the other doesn t love them except as a friend Daniel leaves for the big city for college to flee the love he has for Ethan and to get away from unloving and emotionally neglectful parents Ethan finally admits he is bisexual, but never tells a gay Daniel and watches the love of his life leave without telling him the truth Several years pass and Daniel decides to come h [...]

  13. Heather

    When I was searching for stories centered around Thanksgiving I was coming up short but then I came across Hayden Hunt s Cold Turkey and thought this sounds interesting Was it great No Was it good Yes Was it worth my time to read it Definitely I have an amazing relationship with my parents so when I find a story where one of the characters has just the opposite, it breaks my heart for them but it also reminds me how blessed I am That feeling alone made this a perfect story for Thanksgiving Did i [...]

  14. Sara Long

    Rating 4.5 out of 5 starsI m fairly certain I ve read nearly every one of author Hayden Hunt s books, and this one is by far my favorite to date Why I absolutely loved the story itself, the concept, the back story, and its plausibility The angst conflict wasn t overdone and was realistically plot driven and evolved naturally, and hence seamlessly moved the story forward instead of simply serving as a plot mechanism.Cold Turkey is a heartwarming second chance at a first time, meant to be love sto [...]

  15. Shelley Chastagner

    Nice little weekend book with a holiday feel I really liked watching these two navigate crossing from childhood friends reconnecting after several years to lovers There are lots of assumptions from both of them that hold the relationship back until it all gets exposed It was interesting to see them work through some tough moments and I was a bit disappointed in Ethan for a bit but he rectified his mistakes I was impressed that Daniel was so quick to forgive and understanding of what caused Ethan [...]

  16. Beth

    I liked the idea of this book and it was cute but I really struggled with the idea of jumping into a relationship after not speaking to someone for six years, even if you used to be best friends A lot changes and I would have liked to have seen them reconnect rather than focus on outside issues The other issues going on really made Ethan a jerk too, which is another reason I had a hard time really getting into this one Overall though I liked the story and it does have a happy ending so2 stars.

  17. Deborah

    Talk To Each OtherAn ARC was given to me and I agreed to voluntarily review this book My opinions are my own He went home to surprise his parents for Thanksgiving and he got the surprise He didn t know what he was going to do, until his childhood friend from across the street talked him into staying with his family Ethan invited him because Dan was his best friend when they were kids Unknown to either of them, they were in love with each other This is a entertaining read Enjoy I did.

  18. Jessica

    This book was okay It wasn t my favorite from this author I wish there was to the story I wish there was depth It left me wanting to know It kind of just happily ever after With that being said I did enjoy reading it You have Daniel who is going home to see his parents for Thanksgiving and not seeing them in a couple years His parents decided to move a couple years ago and not tell him So he s standing on the doorstep of his childhood home calling his mom Who then tells him that he wouldn t o [...]

  19. JoAnna G

    This is a fairly quick read It flows well and was slow to start but picked up speed.This is the story of Daniel coming home to surprise his parents for Thanksgiving as it has been so long, however, the surprise is on him This is also the story of first love and a second chance at love Bests friends Daniel and Ethan Daniel was always close to Ethan s family Ethan parents are what Daniel craved for his own Daniel has been pining over Ethan for a very long time He never thought he had the chance wi [...]

  20. Louan

    Talk about needing to actually communicate your feelings After years of unrequited love, they finally meet up under some pretty awful circumstances I mean on no parent should that awful again It was a sweet quick read Despite me wanting to smack Daniel s parents.

  21. Patricia

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this intriguing and fascinating book What you will find in this book is a introvert young man who is based in NY and works in IT Daniel , a extrovert young man who is an accountant Ethan , drama, Thanksgiving, cold distant parents, humor, verbal banter, invitation to stay with family, being made welcomed, memories, secrets, strong feelings, obsession, an old friend, an invite, arousal, admitting to being bisexual, a bar, drinking, misunderstandings, embarrassment, be [...]

  22. Kendra T

    I m voluntarily reviewing a free advance reader copy I received from the author.So let me start by saying I HATE Daniel s family As a mom, I couldn t even imagine putting my kids through what they did My heart hurt for him so bad Thankfully Ethan had a much better family, and I loved his mom.Daniel and Ethan were best friends growing up, and each had a crush on the other, but kept it quiet because they didn t want to ruin the friendship Of course, time and distance take care of that for them Whe [...]

  23. Ruth Evans

    What a well written beautiful love story Hayden Hunt does it again it s easy to read and will have you smiling, biting your lip and possible a few tears This is the story of Ethan and Daniel old best friends meet up once they are adults, then the sparks fly when they realise each kept a secret from the other when they were younger Well worth a read I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book.

  24. Linda

    Sweet storyA sweet story of love between best friends who finally come to the realization that the feelings they had for one another as teenagers was mutual As with all sweet love stories, they got to have their HEA.

  25. Michele

    Short and sweetNot too much drama A nice quick read with a happy ending Just enough to fall in love with the two main characters It was one of those stories that just makes you go awe

  26. Karen

    This was a cute holiday love story It was fun and sweet and a nice quick read I thought it was well written with nicely developed characters It is a curl up with hot chocolate in front of the fire story I am enjoying this author.

  27. Carmen

    Short readIt was a nice story, at not loves bestfriend and grow apart years later they come together and realize love will conquer all Once they figured they were a match made in heaven.

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