Taurus (2020)

Taurus Kim Faulks Taurus This is an alternate cover edition for B BQ CAA A Zodiac Dragon Series so hot it will scorch the pages They thought they d live forever but living and existing are not the same Marcus Kane is the f
  • Title: Taurus
  • Author: Kim Faulks
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Taurus Kim Faulks This is an alternate cover edition for B01BQ00CAA A Zodiac Dragon Series so hot it will scorch the pages They thought they d live forever, but living and existing are not the same Marcus Kane is the first of twelve Dragon born in the sign of Taurus he carries all the traits of the bull the good and the bad He s strong willed, unbreakable Deadly on land and in the skThis is an alternate cover edition for B01BQ00CAA A Zodiac Dragon Series so hot it will scorch the pages.They thought they d live forever, but living and existing are not the same Marcus Kane is the first of twelve Dragon born in the sign of Taurus he carries all the traits of the bull the good and the bad He s strong willed, unbreakable Deadly on land and in the sky, but when Marcus falls in love, he falls hard He wasn t meant to fall for the wolf, Abrial His only job was to protect those he loves his family Abrial is Alpha born The daughter of the Bloodstone s pack Alpha, she will stop at nothing to defend what s hers every wolf and every inch of her new found territory and she ll break all the rules to do it But when a rival pack moves in ready to spill blood, Abrial comes up against an enemy deadlier than she understands So she turns to a stranger for help a man who drove into a tree to save her A man who smells like danger, but looks at her with fire in his eyes Marcus Kane Family Honor Love What happens when those three collide Who will be left standing Who will be left heartbroken
Taurus Kim Faulks

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    233 Kim Faulks
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One thought on “Taurus

  1. Hollie

    A good start to a series It was a fast paced plot and I really liked the characters I ll definitely check out the others in this series and of this writers work.

  2. Linda Levy

    Luckily this book was free It is a love it or hate.I expected so much from this book after reading the blurb but it was one MASSIVE disappointment.I have never given such a low rating before but this book needs and deserves it A good idea that was not followed on The descriptive sentences left much to be desired.Very slow going, I felt like I was wading through mud Full of too much angst, self abasement with very little action until the very end.These twelve guardians had supposedly locked them [...]

  3. Treena Beavers

    Wow I didn t want this book to end, I loved it.Then again, What s not to love it has Demons, Mages, Wolves, Vampires, strong minded kick ass women and Dragons 12 of them Taurus is the first of many Yeah of the guardians of the stars series.We discover a darkness taking over as some of the wolf packs and vampires hunt humans for sport and recreation.They all cower when they discover the myths and legends they grew up with are real As the Guardian s are brought back into the mix For years they ve [...]

  4. Cheryl Graham Petit

    I received an ARC of this book for an honest review.If you re a fan of dark, twisted, intense, hot, and sexy paranormal stories with a great plot line and awesome characters, Taurus by Kim Faulks is the book for you.

  5. Jackie

    The book description seemed very promising, so did some of the better reviews But after starting to read this, I m wondering if those other reviewers read a different book then me I just could not get into this book to get beyond 25% of the way thru I really wanted to quit at 15% There was no prologue, real back story, or lead in, to draw you into this It just jumps in head first into things the reader has no clue about, leaving this reader floundering, trying to figure out what the heck was goi [...]

  6. Diana Page

    Taurus is the 1st of the Dragon Guardians books, it s the story of Marcus, the bullheaded, stubborn Taurus and Abrial the female of a wolf pack whose only concern is getting her sister, whose been missing for years, back from the enemy wolf pack It is not your normal dragon book.This is a high octane, fast paced, bloody, sexy read that leaves you wanting and waiting eagerly for the next book 5 s for Kim Faulks I recieved a gifted copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review

  7. Jenn

    A great dragon shifter bookI wasn t sure if I was going to like this book but I ended up really enjoying it So much action and suspense , just what I like The best part was that there was very little sex scenes I m bored with shifter books always having so much sex scenes This book had the best thing an actual story with an actual relationship building I m going to read the rest of this series as I need to find out about the other characters I like all the brothers and the sister Xael, never rea [...]

  8. Patti

    Being a Taurus myself it was a given that I would read this book Disappointed Absolutely not The careful blending of an inward bull with a fearsome dragon.WHAT Add in facing near death and finding possible salvation and it all equals brilliance in epic proportions Totally ran my kindle battery down to no life trying to squeeze in another page before it blanked out on me, then attached my beloved ereader to its cord of life and stood next to my power corner flipping pages And Xael Help me now Ba [...]

  9. Debra Johnson

    Taurus Zodiac Dragon Guardians 1 aka Guardians of the Stars Book 1 by Kim Faulks is suppose to be an Adult Paranormal Suspense Romance What it really is, is a Disaster The writing is horribly disjointed Jumbled and chaotic thoughts thrown together that make absolutely no sense I am so disappointed I actually thought I might have somehow gotten a bad copy So I went through a lot of the reviews on and to see what the lower star reviews said I came to the conclusion I did not have a bad copy The bo [...]

  10. Laura

    The general premise seems to be that there are twelve dragon shifters, each born under a different sign and they are supposed to be the Guardians of the weak They have kinda disappeared so some evil werewolves have teamed up with vampires and demons and are selling women and childrene women are worth only that Abrial is from a different pack and hates the way women are treated and wants to get her sister back from the evil wolves Abrial and Marcus, the Taurus dragon, cross paths and Marcus fight [...]

  11. Scooby2

    Taurus is the first of Kim Faulks Guardians of the Stars series and I loved it I thought it was a great first in the series and I am looking forward to reading about the zodiac dragon siblings If you love reading about dragons, mages, vampires, shifters, demons, and romance, then this is the series for you I loved reading about Marcus and how he finds his purpose in Abrial, a wolf shifter, he will do anything to keep her safe I look forward to reading about Marcus s family.

  12. Tactics

    3.5 stars The plot of this story was simply amazing It was something unique and interesting The plot introduction was a little slow but that sometimes happens in paranormal books I liked the concept of linking the zodiac signs to the Guardians What I did not like was the story telling style of the author Half the time I was re reading most paragraphs because I couldn t make heads and tails of what was happening This got on my nerves in the latter half of the book and closer to the end, I just wa [...]

  13. Ruth (Wealie)

    Given the book blurb I had high hopes for this novel, but it was a definite don t judge a book by its blurb moment for me There are a lot better books out there, this is one to miss in my opinion 1 star and an audible return.Overblown descriptions, too much emphasis on exposition and not enough character and plot development Choppy story development meant it was often difficult to follow, especially when listening to an audio If you lost focus for even a small moment, it was almost impossible to [...]

  14. SMJC

    It s ok I mean, you d think shifters, dragons, demons fierce right I didn t actually get that I mean you have a group of shifters that see women as lower than dirt You have another that is into human trafficking Their leader suffers from some kind of mutation although that s not explained too much and it seems like he s the only one affected, not sure why that is Oh and the dragons view spoiler they re immortals who are dying hide spoiler They have two names, their zodiac sign and and their give [...]

  15. Lacrymosa Quiñones

    It was alrightFirst I like to start with I did love the premise of this book so much potential and I still believe it does However this book did lose me many times, I was getting upset because it was all over the place Too much happening all at once, but eventually I did come to enjoy the book It wasn t as bad as I thought even though I still have no clue what was going on The storyline picked up towards the end and it kinda ended in a anticlimactic cliffhanger that I wish had a better resolve I [...]

  16. Janet Rodman

    This series has potential I like the premise of twelve dragons just existing and ignoring the outside world and its problems, suddenly realizing that it is time to get involved and start protecting the world again.While the story was good, it was confusing at times and at some points I was confused who was speaking I also had a problem with the editing Hopefully within the series we will find out how they lost their dragons and are other types of supes I would also like an explanation of the zod [...]

  17. Melissa

    What Being a zodiac fan and a Taurus I was really disappointed not only did his personality didn t Match the sign it left me with a lot of questions and really confused half the time especially with the he said she said someone said something to someone else but it didn t say she said this to him her or he said that to her him so I had to re read and try to figure out who said what which took me out of the story and think a little detail on the surrounding could have been nice in my opinion but [...]

  18. Maureen Hoar

    Kind of confusingI found the story line confusing in this book It s written in dual characters, which is great But when the transition is in a total different time line I got lost There are a lot of characters that you meet briefly but are totally not memorable I had a hard time figuring out who was from the blood stone pack or the echo pack Who was human or other Some of the situations seemed random and disjointed There is one heck of a cliff hanger but I think I will pass on the rest of the se [...]

  19. Betty

    Wonderfully intensely dramatic storyline with characters you ll love and ones you ll hate Taurus is the first book in this ZODIAC DRAGON GUARDIAN SERIES BY KIM FAULKS It s a action packed story with her wonderful creations to bring it to life on the pages I m looking forward to the next addition to see what happens next I m recommending everybody pick up and get involved in this wonderfully enjoyable series.

  20. T.

    I downloaded Taurus as a free book from I m not sure why I put this one off for so long, as I loved the blurb possibly because the cover doesn t appeal to me who knew I was so shallow Faulks combined some interesting world building with a unique story line to hold my interest as I read from cover to cover in one sitting I would have enjoyed stronger character development but the plot was enough to carry the book.

  21. Jennifer

    I didn t like this book, I thought it had good potential but I felt like it jumped around too much, it just felt really scattered and nothing explained except all the men except the dragons were awful human beings I know it was the first book and I see the other books in the series have higher reviews I just dont know if this one grabbed me enough to want to read the next ones, I ll have to see.

  22. Sarah

    It s okay.It felt like there were a lot of the over the top theatrics and the main girl was pretty helpless a lot, at one point she couldn t even run through a forest without getting hurt.Personally I m not a fan of damsels in need of rescuing which isn t 100% what she is but it felt like she was that at least 60% of the time So if you do enjoy that I d recommend this book but it s not my cup of tea.

  23. Darchelle

    Rough Around the EdgesI liked the basic premise of this story but found it difficult to read It was very hard to follow the conversation and wasn t clear which character was speaking Although it read like a rough draft, I was interested enough to continue reading and finish the story Marcus and Abrial grew on me and I would like to know about the family of dragons.

  24. Lori

    I like the idea of this series I like the characters and the world she build I found some of the scenes confusing though as there was so much action you really couldn t decipher who was doing what and why So far Odessa is my favorite character For being such big bad Guardians they don t seem to be the most powerful creates in this series I suppose that is what makes it compelling I look forward to the next sign of the series and hope some of the details become clearer.

  25. Jamie Stephenson

    this one was very dark even during times I would say were lighter it still had a dark undertone annnnd there is a cliffhanger so be warned it is however very well written I don t feel like any thing was resolved because of the cliffhanger but that might just be me anyways if u like dark adventure with a little bit of romance then u should definitely read this one.

  26. Loretta

    yeah this one dragged the whole way through for me I want to love this but even in the height of conflict the level of apathy is unnerving I don t feel the chemistry between the dragon and wolf but the terror leaps from the pages for these wolves.

  27. Karen

    For a 99 cent readI don t write reviews but I have to say well done to this story The soul mate, I can t keep away from you was there but the author actually had a solid story to go with it Personally I can t wait for Scorpio Get the book you will love it.

  28. Patricia Kearns

    TaurusThey were forgotten, just existing, with no purpose.This book is quite an adventure, with women and children kidnapped Murder and betrayal Now I want to read the next book in the series Well done Kim Faulks.

  29. Ruby Hammarstedt

    EKKK I am in love with this Series I could not put this book down I ended up staying up all night just to read this OMG so much action kept me on the edge of my seat SO ready to read her next book

  30. Lynn

    OMG What A Book I can t believe how involved in this book I became It s one of those books that kind of grabs you and won t let go Now it seems like I m hooked on a whole new series Can t wait for the next one since it s my sign.

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