Red Death (2020)

Red Death Jeff Altabef Red Death Red Death by award winning author Jeff Altabef of the Chosen Series is a powerful sweeping dark dystopian fantasy that combines medieval lore with magic betrayal and unforgettable characters Sev
  • Title: Red Death
  • Author: Jeff Altabef
  • ISBN: 1622533194
  • Page: 443
  • Format: ebook
Red Death Jeff Altabef Red Death, by award winning author Jeff Altabef of the Chosen Series, is a powerful, sweeping, dark dystopian fantasy that combines medieval lore with magic, betrayal, and unforgettable characters.Seventeen year old Aaliss graduated at the top of her class and now works as a highly trained Guardian She s sworn to keep Eden safe from the dangers lingering outside of Eden sRed Death, by award winning author Jeff Altabef of the Chosen Series, is a powerful, sweeping, dark dystopian fantasy that combines medieval lore with magic, betrayal, and unforgettable characters.Seventeen year old Aaliss graduated at the top of her class and now works as a highly trained Guardian She s sworn to keep Eden safe from the dangers lingering outside of Eden s sturdy walls in the land of the Soulless a medieval world filled with witches, warrior kingdoms, and magic.Outside Eden, the Red Death reigns over the world Once infected, no one lives past their early twenties Wilky, Aaliss s rather odd younger brother, discovers a cure, but it comes at a cost The High Priest falsely brands them as traitors, and Aaliss must do what she never expected run.Forced to flee the only home they ve ever known, Aaliss and Wilky plunge into the land of the Soulless Captured in the wild new world, Aaliss strikes a deal with the surprisingly charming Prince Eamon the cure for her freedom Together they search for the ingredients to the cure in a desperate race against time to save the Prince s brother s life.Aaliss is eager to return home and seek revenge against the High Priest, but when her feelings for Prince Eamon tug her deeper into the world of the Soulless, she questions everything she once believed Are the Soulless so bad Will she and Wilky fall victim to the Red Death Or might Aaliss finally discover, against all odds, what her heart has yearned for all along
Red Death Jeff Altabef

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One thought on “Red Death

  1. Carrie

    In the city of Eden every child has been raised to fear the Red Death, a plague that came as punishment for ancient sins long forgotten For centuries the guardians of the city protect those inside from the plague that comes too close Seventeen year old Aaliss is a Guardian that has trained to protect Eden but when her younger brother, Wilky, discovers a cure to the plague their world turns upside down and the pair find themselves on the run and outside the boundaries of Eden and into the land of [...]

  2. Jantine Kampes

    I received a free copy through Netgalley, in return for an honest review.Oh how hard it was to put this book down The characters were wonderful believable, great, mostly likeable, but never perfect My favourite character was Wilky, the strange , smart little brother He reminded me of my Aspie husband all the time, although the husband is a little talkative In the end, Wilky is the real hero of this book, together with Piers, although their sister is the main character.The worldbuilding was dyst [...]

  3. SnoopyDoo's Book Reviews

    I really didn t know what to expect or if I would like it going into this book But I really enjoyed it We get a colorful and complex dystopian world that is really well written and easy to dive into The characters were great and had a great backstory and were easy to relate to.Far in the future the world is divided into groups or tribes One major one is the people in and controlling Eden A religus group that are govern their people with religion and fear But they also have secrets Big Secrets Se [...]

  4. LisaMarie

    That s what I m talking about This is a great epic novel Masterful world building by Jeff Altabef the colors, sounds and smells all came to life In depth character development, from the main characters of Priests, Guardians, Scientists, Kings, Princes, Artist and sister to the Mother, and Red Witches The story is fast paced with the action starting at the beginning, grabbing hold of you and not letting you go until the very end There a little something for every one religious heretics trying to [...]

  5. Bobbie

    With all the dystopian books that are out now and authors churning out every month, it s hard a book in this genre that s worth reading Not true of this book of Jeff Altabel s Red Death It s full of twists and turns in the plot and a fight against injustice that keeps readers enthralled Aaliss must take her brother Wilky and run These two must save their lives and leave Eden to escape danger because her brother has found a cure for the Red Death But the High Priest of Eden doesn t want this dis [...]

  6. H

    Wow I have to say that this book grabs you from the beginning and doesn t let go It s set about 800 years in the future after a virus kills off adults at a certain point They get red eyes and within a few days die However there is a small group in a land called Eden where it is virus free and they are lead by priests and worship prophet Jacob who started the group in the beginning Aaliss and her younger brother must flee when she overheard the high priest and her uncle, the president, plotting t [...]

  7. Kelly Victorine

    Wow Red Death by Jeff Altabet was an amazing story and I can t wait for the second installment The Ghost King Very rich characters and plot line Witches, mythical characters and modern day hero s all in one book I compare it to Brandon Sanderson works but in modern day time Very easy to read with short chapters, This book will have you up reading all night Fantastic story

  8. Crazy4Books

    Among the land ravaged by the Red Death plague we have a village named Eden which is completely isolated and hidden from the different zones Eden is run by corrupted and power hungry priests who believe everyone outside their village to be soulless One of the main characters was trained as a Guardian and patrols the surrounding zones to keep the Soulless from finding Eden Thats until a deadly secret forces her to run off into the zone with her younger brother and risk the plague.The story has qu [...]

  9. Sherry Fundin

    The cover for Red Death by Jeff Altabef is so appropriate for the story inside There is an Eden, so, of course, there is an apple orchard.The priests rule Eden and I immediately became suspicious They hold tightly to the archaic rules Why is that, do you think Are they afraid The Soulless, well I have my thoughts about them too.I have so many questions from the start I am intrigued and I wonder how the characters will grow and change, because I feel it coming.The writing is so descriptive, it br [...]

  10. Adriana Bonilla

    WOW WOW WOW THIS BOOK WAS MIND BLOWING It was a freaking rollercoaster I m soooo happy that I could put my hand on it becuase I just love it This got me since the first page And now I m in need of the sequel Like NOW You guys need to read this book I mean it So, 800 years in the future Earth has change a ton The center of it, or at least this was what Aaliss thought, was Eden A city ruled by priest with really hard rules about what is correct and what not They are the ones blessed, the ones who [...]

  11. Ami

    RED DEATH is an incredible apocalyptic story that kept me up late and turning pages quickly so I could learn about the perfectly described world and characters that are trying to survive there I actually would have given a 4.75 rating if that was possible, because I ve only read a few books in my life that are completely perfect 88 books so far this year alone But, this one is close for me I am amazed at the many threads that are woven into this tapestry so well I am even amazed that the autho [...]

  12. Cheryl

    Despite not being fully committed in the beginning, I still found this to be an enjoyable read I like the world that the author built Very dystopian This is important for readers who are a fan of this type of genre Which I am a fan The world plays a very important part in these books Aaliss is a good, strong female heroine Her brother, Wilky brought a nice element to the story He had this innocence about him that was refreshing This was great because the story as a whole and the most of the othe [...]

  13. Henny Penny

    I was sent this book when I offered to read and review The Ghost King, the next book in this series I have never read anything from this author before, but volunteered to read the Ghost King as the cover looked interesting, I had not read any preamble or heard about either book from anyone, and therefore had no preconceived ideas In fact I would probably not have offered to read it if I had know what it was about, but I would have missed out on so much.I got this book three days ago, and apart f [...]

  14. Gea

    Through this book I got to experience what it s like to live in a different era But not in an annoyingly historical way More like in an awesome way There s suspense, highly contageous disease and fighting Also witches, high priests and kings Even a little bit of romance And of course the search for a cure.It can be read as a standalone but there are a few loose ends which will be in the sequel.I d definitely recommend this I received a free copy and this is my honest review.

  15. Roopkumar Balachandran

    A dystopian world 800 or so years from now, divided and ruled by several tribes The world is affected by Red Death a kind of plague which had wiped majority of human race Purity, Faith and Strength is the motto of a tribe which is isolated on a peninsula surrounded by a river, a religious group named Eden The protagonist of the story is Aaliss a highly trained Guardian and she has two brothers one is elder named Piers and the youngest named Wilky The tribe is ruled by a High Priest and a Preside [...]

  16. Jasmine

    When I was offered the chance to read Red Death by Jeff Altabef, I was a little hesitant While it sounded really good, and I was definitely intrigued, I wasn t sure if A I would have the time to put in to reading it, and B Would I even like it I decided to give it a shot, anyway, and hope for the best Boy, am I glad I did.Red Death is a young adult dystopian esque novel, but to me, it has a very Game of Thrones, epic fantasy, OMG I WANT EVERYONE TO READ THIS kind of feel to it I should note that [...]

  17. Seraphia

    Red Death by Jeff Altabef is book 1 of his Red Death Series In this book we are immediately thrown into a world that is strange and different but still a bit familiar We are immediately introduced to Aaliss and her two brothers Piers and Wilky They live in a place called Eden where Aaliss is a Guardian who helps protect Eden from the Soulless, Piers is a Priest and Wilky is a researcher trying to find a cure for the disease called the Red Death Aaliss captures or kills those who are called the S [...]

  18. Nicole Lopez

    Now normally I am not a fan of the multiple viewpoints method of writing However for this story it absolutely worked I don t see how else you could have explained t be differences between tribes I have to say at first I was leery not sure if I would like this book I didn t just like it, I loved it Now I cannot wait to find out what happens next I plan on getting my teenage daughters to read it as well Thank you so much for giving me this sneak peek into your work I have no doubt this book will d [...]

  19. Kcduchess

    Eden is paradise and Edenites are the chosen people The few tribes living outside Eden are Soulless, doomed to die the horribly by Red Death Or that s what the people inside the thick walls of Eden are taught Aaliss is highly trained guardian, sworn to protect Eden Killing the Soulless is justified, they re mere travesty of human beings, only good for research purposes That s before she starts to doubt Her brother Wilky is a researcher and because of his breakthrough, the whole future changes, f [...]

  20. Linda Todd

    Wow an amazing story I thought the characters where fabulously and well thought out I loved banter between the characters this book is a must read story again again a truly exquisite story that I hope to read of I had a sneak peek at the second book The Ghost King and I do like what I see my heart felt thanks to the author Jeff Altabef for the utmost pleasurew and privilege of reading his amazing stories This book I would be extremely delighted to recommend this story to all my friends and all [...]

  21. Parnita Tolia

    I was given a free eARC in exchange for an honest review After reading this I cannot wait to read the NEXT one The story begins, when a young prodigy wilky discovers a cure to red death, a plague with deadly end no one can escape from it a virus was unleashed on the world and destroyed the human world.The surviving humans formed tribes but they are not living harmoniously, there were wars, theres is hostility mistrust the virus is still a problem Nobody has survived beyond the age of 21 It takes [...]

  22. Linda

    I freely chose to review this ARC of Red Death on my own and can t wait to continue the story as Mr Altabef held me spell bound seventeen year old Aaliss was a Guardian in Eden and she killed her share of the Soulless human outside of the zone as per Jacob law, they were diseased and had red eyes to show their infection and she was told they were not human any One day she heard the high priest and her uncle plotting to kill her and her thirteen year old brother and tell the brethren that THEY w [...]

  23. Shay Williams

    My first thought when I read the blurb for this book is that it is either going to be really good or a complete washout I am happy to say that it is really good The characters just seem to come to life off of the pages I found myself rooting for Aaliss and her brother Wilky almost from the very beginning She is so grounded in reality while Wilky is a bit different He is brilliant but not too good on communicating He reminds me of some autistic kids I have met We also get a chance to meet the peo [...]

  24. Marja Coons-Torn

    If you mixed Lord of the Rings with 1984, Red Death might be a bit like what you would get I m sure that s not what Jeff Altabef did, but I deeply admire that he could plot and write this complex fantasy I am absolutely in love with the child genius Wilkie, but it is Aaliss, his sister, who plots and plans and fights for what is right Worlds intertwine and it is good that Altabef has included a cast of characters and a map of Eden He has used a few biblical names, like Eden, and Jacob, but this [...]

  25. KelticKat

    Well crafted dystopian world and characters.Truly and enjoyable and intriguing read Aaliss is a brave and determined young woman who believes in family and loyalty She s no shrinking violet, with crossbow or sword she protects loves her little brother Wilky.The are forced to make an unexpected journey from their home in Eden Wilky has a secret he has the cure Along the way on their journey they meet a host of characters Piers, the Viper, the High Priest, King Dermot, Eamon, Fintan, Gemma, Kalhon [...]

  26. Chad Jansma

    Great readI m not even sure how I stumbled upon this book but I m glad that I did It is an amazing story and I can t wait to start the next book in this series

  27. Isa

    This is a phenomenal novel It s a mix of Science Fiction and Midieval Times which is an extremely interesting World to get to know The worldbuilding itself is also very detailed and well written Normally, I hate different POVs but they only made this book better Also because of the fact that they split up, it was interesting to know what happened to the different tribes people Jeff Altabef is an amazing writer and I m looking forward to The Ghost King book 2 because I m sying to know what happen [...]

  28. Cheryl

    wow At first I had a hard time getting into the book, but I had just finished a steamy romance trilogy so it took my brain a bit to switch gears once fully involved, it was hard to put down even as I read the last page I was searching for , book 2 can t get here fast enough love it when available on paperback I will be purchasing for my collection

  29. Jackie Maloney

    Title Red DeathAuthor Jeff AltabefRating 3 5 StarsI was sent a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review Thank you Summary Everyone who lives in Eden, a small community, fears a disease known as the Red Death, which quickly takes your life The creator , known as Jacob, created this society to protect the people When a cure for this plague is discovered, the leaders of this community decide this is a perfect chance to show their power and do not want to let anyone get in their way This [...]

  30. Maxine

    Every now and then, I decide to read a book even though it doesn t look like anything I will enjoy Most of the time, it turns out I was right, it s not a book for me and I give it up half way through But I continue to do it because then a book comes a long, the book I was looking for, the one that goes against all my expectations, one that surprises me and makes all those false starts worthwhile Red Death by Jeff Altabef is one of those surprising for me books I thought from the cover, it was go [...]

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