Teen Titans: Rebirth #1 (2020)

Teen Titans: Rebirth #1 Benjamin Percy Jonboy Meyers Jonboy Meyers Teen Titans Rebirth The Teen Titans are farther apart than ever before until Damian Wayne recruits Starfire Raven Beast Boy and the new Kid Flash to join him in a fight against his own grandfather Ra s al Ghul But tru
  • Title: Teen Titans: Rebirth #1
  • Author: Benjamin Percy Jonboy Meyers Jonboy Meyers
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Teen Titans: Rebirth #1 Benjamin Percy Jonboy Meyers Jonboy Meyers The Teen Titans are farther apart than ever before until Damian Wayne recruits Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and the new Kid Flash to join him in a fight against his own grandfather, Ra s al Ghul But true leadership is than just calling the shots is Robin really up to the task Or will the Teen Titans dismiss this diminutive dictator
Teen Titans: Rebirth #1 Benjamin Percy Jonboy Meyers Jonboy Meyers

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    294 Benjamin Percy Jonboy Meyers Jonboy Meyers
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One thought on “Teen Titans: Rebirth #1

  1. Hannah

    ARC REVIEW Story With the death wink wink of Tim Drake the Teen Titans pretty much disbanded, they each went their separate ways One by one Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and the new Kid Flash are all taken but it s not by some nefarious mastermind ok well they are but Damian ultimately had a good purpose for it Damian Wayne wants the Teen Titans to get back together again with him in charge As Robin, Damian is ready to follow in the footsteps of his predecessors he s thirteen now and ready to prov [...]

  2. Chelsea

    This was pretty interesting I m not sure the history of the Teen Titans in Rebirth but I ll definitely read the next issue I love Damian so of course I m in I love Starfire s outfit in this series I m not sure how I feel about Bruce being presented as an absentee father I m sure this is partly to explain why Damian s on a quest for friends Was this written before Super Sons issue 10 of Superman Because he s going to team up with Jon in the new series and he s also going to be a Teen Titan Will J [...]

  3. Batastrophe

    I m a pretty big Damian Wayne fan, so I was excited for this series to start and to see what DC was going to do with Damian in Rebirth I was happy to see that they seem to picking up somewhere along the lines where they left off with him, if the inclusion of Goliath is anything to go on But Damian isn t really in this issue very much, so let s move on The issue really focuses on introducing the other four members of the Teen Titans Beast Boy, Starfire, Raven, and Kid Flash It honestly wasn t ter [...]

  4. mike andrews

    I was on the fence about collecting this but I m glad I got the first one Great into and awesome characters.

  5. Amber

    What a fucking dorkI m not so sure on the character designs, but I m digging the vibes, and definitely digging the cover art Great opening issue

  6. Fireured

    Started off really interesting with the new character introductions of your classic and not so classic characters You find out some of these new Titans have seen some stuff already, enough to make them hesitant to be apart of a team The story is good albeit a different villain could have been chosen for a first enemy due to how easily such a well known and powerful character is taken down by five teens who just met each other, something that is very unbelievable The switching of artists also hin [...]

  7. Kaotic

    I ve been a long collector of Teen Titans comics, so I had to get this when it came out And it s not bad so far Damian is the little brat we know and love, and their all dealing with inner demons And the death of Tim.A good start.

  8. Vinton Bayne

    My love for Super Sons 1 led me here looking for as I wait for issue 2 There was a lot of good humor here and some good introductions but I m not sure that I would be excited about continuing this title if I wasn t already a big fan of the Teen Titans from other media and of Damian from other comics That last page was a really good hook though.

  9. Wayne McCoy

    Teen Titans Rebirth 1 by Benjamin Percy with art by Jonboy Meyers is a chance to get the team together again.The story has individual stories of what some of the former members have been doing Beast Boy is partying and spending his uncle s money Starfire is looking into human trafficking Raven is checking out an art museum after hours Kid Flash is stopping a thief if he doesn t get suspected of the crime first They will all come together at the end of the issue, but how is for you to find out.I [...]

  10. Andrew

    4.5 5Really, really enjoyed this Sure, it s just an introduction to the team, but each little nugget we got for each character interested me, enough that I wouldn t necessarily mind reading a whole comic arc just on that And if that s how much I enjoyed just the individual introductions, I m really excited to see where this series goes with all the characters together.

  11. Julio Bonilla

    What a coincidence Damien Wayne just went from Robin, THE son of Batman, to the villain No wonder Robin s series ended I lost interest, didn t read last issue

  12. Jordanne

    I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Just awesome, need to read DC comics, I tend to stick to Marvel but this has changed that.

  13. Kiarra

    Ugh, I really wanted to like this The New Teen Titans was my first comic book experience besides the manga of my pre adolescent days and I have such a deep love for these characters It s hard for me to see a Teen Titans without Dick Grayson or Cyborg, but I was willing to look past that Or so I thought This was entirely the Damien West show, which sure, he s Robin, but is he really that all powerful I didn t like that he overpowered everyone else so easily especially Starfire because she is my l [...]

  14. Maurice Jr.

    The story was great, but the artwork in my opinion was horrible That should be reserved for the TV cartoon, not inflicted on comic book readers.In any event, this was a good look at Damien Wayne post Rebirth as he seeks his destiny It s his 13th birthday, and as he sees the rest of his life stretching before him, he has a threat from his past to deal with before he can make any long term plans He gathers Beast Boy, Kid Flash, Raven and Starfire in an attempt to resolve both issues deal with the [...]

  15. Helen Kord

    Review copy provided by NetGalleyThe story of this book is not original a group of people who barely know each other have to overcome their differences to defeat their enemies The only thing that saved it from being completely forgettable was Damian and his character arc He was well written, his goals and relationships clear and touching He went from cocky self assured lone wolf to someone willing to sacrifice himself for his friends He easily stole the whole book and every page with him was a j [...]

  16. Miguel

    Wonderful art meets a promising premise as Damian organizes Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and New 52 Kid Flash in a new team of Teen Titans Drawing some clear inspiration from animated iterations of the team, this issue does a fair job of presenting solid background for each newly recruited team member Though Starfire s recollections about Dick don t exactly line up with the concurrently running Titans series, I imagine Percy and Abnett will get their stories straight as Teen Titans continues.

  17. Brad McKenna

    The I read about Damien the I like him Here he follows in previous Robins bootsteps and forms the Teen Titans I like how DC took a page from the Flash TV show and made Kid Flash blackough I m not sure who he is.Raven was my favorite character from the TT animated series Beast Boy is a fun character, with a little depth than I expected Starfire, though, seems a little out of place How can she still be a teen In any event pitting the new Titans against Ra s ah Gul made for a very entertaining b [...]

  18. Higor Hebert

    Fui a pra a para chorar sozinho e acabei comprando isso e lendo de novo Acho que gostei mais do que a primeira vez Damian ainda n o nunca ser t o bom quanto na poca que o Morrison escrevia, mas at que n o passei raiva com ele dessa vez Talvez porque estava lendo em um momento que estava sentindo o mesmo que ele senta na primeira edi o Ainda odeio como ele re ne os tit s, mas aprendi a aceitar Tamb m acho estupido o Ra s ser o primeiro vil o deles, mas tamb m, aprendi a aceitar no contexto da coi [...]

  19. Ben

    This was my first rebirth trade, and I think I made a good decision in picking it up.Percy has a fairly good understanding of Damian as a character and illustrates his development well Jonboy Meyer s unique artstyle appealed to me, whereas the rest of the artists were subpar Good characterization of Kori, Raven, and Wally, and okay characterization of Garfield.

  20. Darlene

    I love the direction the Teen Titans are taking with Robin Now, I can see how he is like batman but has to overcome the shadow of him, to become his own person I look forward to other issues of this to read.

  21. Emily

    This was so perfect Loving on the new direction for the characters and completely obsessed with Jonboy Meyer s artwork

  22. Youssef Almkari

    Loved the art The first issue build up is forgettable Just kind of setting up the scene Might come back to this when it is a full story arc graphic novel.

  23. Fabian

    The new Robin, who happens to be the son of Batman himself, is leading a team of sidekicks That s reason enough to check it out

  24. Dr Rashmit Mishra

    They define Prejudiced as having and pre conceived idea about I had one , still do , I hate , absolutely hate Damian Wayne So When they announced that the Teen Titans rebirth will feature the Robin Incarnation of Damian as the team leader I was sure that I won t read it and yet at the book store when I checked the art just for the sake of curiosity I was stunned I Mean we be been blessed with some brilliant artists since the Rebirth title and man this was absolutely another addition it was simpl [...]

  25. R.C. Rejino

    First things first I am a total fucking fanboy for the Teen Titans I loved the cartoon show from the early 00s growing up, and this comic seemed like it could be taking inspiration from that for its Rebirth reboot, albeit with Damien Wayne as the leader and Kid Flash replacing Cyborg.And I loved every second of this comic.I don t know what Beast Boy or Starfire have been up to in the New 52, I have only read 1 issue of Raven so far, and I m behind on Flash, so I don t know how much Wally has en [...]

  26. Peter

    1.5 Damien Wayne kidnaps Starfire and three other dull characters.Funny story I mistakenly read Teen Titans 1 instead of Rebirth and was like, I love how it just starts with Damien having everyone captive, I totally don t care how they got there So, of course, this explained how they got there This issue feels like filler, but at least it doesn t overexpose Damien in a wacky take on the character, because I have no interest in that whatsoever.

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