The Romance of a Christmas Card (2020)

The Romance of a Christmas Card Kate Douglas Wiggin The Romance of a Christmas Card My door is on the latch tonight The hearth fire is aglow I seem to hear swift passing feet The Christ Child in the snow Reba the minister s new wife was spirited vigorous courageous and clever Sh
  • Title: The Romance of a Christmas Card
  • Author: Kate Douglas Wiggin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Hardcover
The Romance of a Christmas Card Kate Douglas Wiggin My door is on the latch tonight,The hearth fire is aglow.I seem to hear swift passing feet The Christ Child in the snow Reba, the minister s new wife, was spirited, vigorous, courageous, and clever She was also invincibly, incurably happy so that the minister seemed to grow younger every year Reba doubled his joys and halved his burdens, tossing them from one of h My door is on the latch tonight,The hearth fire is aglow.I seem to hear swift passing feet The Christ Child in the snow Reba, the minister s new wife, was spirited, vigorous, courageous, and clever She was also invincibly, incurably happy so that the minister seemed to grow younger every year Reba doubled his joys and halved his burdens, tossing them from one of her fine shoulders to the other like feathers She swept into the quiet village life of Beulah like a salt sea breeze.Now she has a plan one involving a few small verses she has penned For there are rebellious youths and some contention in the church that threatens to split it .
The Romance of a Christmas Card Kate Douglas Wiggin

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    375 Kate Douglas Wiggin
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One thought on “The Romance of a Christmas Card

  1. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽

    I came across this 1916 Christmas themed novella while on the search for online short stories about Christmas and the holidays, for the Retro Reads December group read.Highly recommended if you like sentimental, nostalgic stories about bygone days, but it has a few fun sprinkles of spice along with its sweetness The Romance of a Christmas Card involves a spirited minister s wife with a penchant for writing poems and painting pictures, which she decides to turn into a little extra cash her corres [...]

  2. QNPoohBear

    In Beulah, New Hampshire, one Christmas Eve, Reba Larabee, the minister s wife, is struck with inspiration seeing her friend Letty sitting by an open window keeping watch over her twin nephews Reba intends to draw a picture of Letty s quaint sitting room and sell it to a greeting card company Letty has been burdened with the care of one family member after another for most of her life For the last three years she has had the care of her wayward brother David s twin babies Unwanted and unloved by [...]

  3. Amber

    This was a great story about a minister s wife who made two Christmas cards that brought her son and her friend s brother home for Christmas in this great tale of forgiveness.

  4. Colleen Turner

    The Romance of a Christmas Card is a quick, sweet holiday read that makes it hard for the reader not to feel festive and appreciative for all the gifts in their life Taking the reader to a tiny village in New Hampshire sometime in the early 1900s, this story is one of forgiveness, redemption and a powerful kind of love that makes anything, including a popular Christmas card, seem magical.Reba, the minister s wife in Beulah, New Hampshire, was a model of cheerfulness After seeing a beautific view [...]

  5. Victoria Minks

    Aw so sweet I loved the parallel story lines of Dick and David, and the pastor s wife reminded me so much of myself that it was awesome reading it

  6. Elisabeth

    This Christmas story is the very definition of heartwarming and touching If you re easily affected by the books you read, you ll certainly get a lump in your throat reading this one Lonely Letty Boynton, who has sacrificed her own happiness and a chance at love in order to care for her wayward brother s motherless children, unwittingly provides warm hearted minister s wife Reba Larrabee with inspiration for a Christmas card illustration she is working on The minister has his own troubles a son w [...]

  7. Sylvester

    I wanted to read something Christmasy and this definitely filled the bill It wasn t terrible, but it was too sweet for my taste I ll take a little grit and gore, or even swash and buckle with my syrup, please

  8. Masina

    This is a quick read I gave it a four even though it really isn t my type of book.Does all this goodness in people really exist Bah hum bug

  9. Marci

    My best friend sent me this old book, published in 1916 Old books have a feel to them that paperbacks can t match and that are very different from ebooks It s the aroma and feel of old pages, the beauty of gold on cloth boards I don t know I love old books.Well, this is a very sweet Christmas story about a New Hampshire minister s wife named Reba Larrabee who finds inspiration in the view of her neighbor Letty at her window, so Reba paints and sells the idea to a Christmas card company She paint [...]

  10. Cindy Pillatzki

    HeartwarmingA tale of young rebellion and Christmas time reunion to warm the heart God works his wonders throughout the years.

  11. Jo Ann

    This is a short, sweet, Christmas novella that is perfect for a holiday evening at home I was so surprised to find it in since it was published in 1916.

  12. Melissa Jensen

    Good but not great It was okay Not what I expected I wasn t able to really follow and enjoy the story like I thought I would

  13. Juergen John Roscher

    I read this short Christmas story, The Romance of a Christmas Card by Kate Douglas Wiggins because I read another Christmas story by the author, The Bird s Christmas Carol , which I enjoyed I think Wiggins is a good, entertaining author from a principled and conservative era early 20th century , whose stories depict an old fashion lifestyle that most have no experience with in this crazy, modern world Moreover, she shares a good Christmas message in her stories.This short Christmas story takes [...]

  14. Gale

    THE FOLKS BACK HOME.Two households in a quaint New Hampshire village experience yuletide joy in the 1880 s when the handmade Christmas cards of the minister s wife are published and circulated nationally This simple tale of family loss will probalby not appeal to gradeschool children, since the main characters are all adults This slender book spirits us gently back to a simpler time, when two village prodigals have been gone for three years, leaving gossip and grief behind not to mention a minis [...]

  15. Lori

    What a charming way to begin my Christmas reading this year I had not read anything by Kate Douglas Wiggin before, but I will be reading in the future The entire story was like a Christmas card sweet, sentimental, lovely, happily ever after The parson s wife has always loved writing verse and drawing pictures She combines the two and sends them off to a stationery publisher Two of her cards are accepted and shipped around the country for sale They are seen by former residents of her small town [...]

  16. Yolanda

    I loved this little book it checked all the boxes for a Christmas read It was like watching a feel good Christmas film with a weepy ending I loved it so much I am going to read it again but this time I will savour every morsel.Loved this You were born courageous Reba said LettyMy blood circulates freely that helps me a lot Everybody s blood circulates in Racine, Wisconsin.Yours, here abouts, freezes up in your 6 months of cold weather and when it begins to thaw out the snow is ready to fall agai [...]

  17. Maria

    I read this off of FreeBooks because it took place in December, but there are so many Illustration Here in the text that I m itching to hunt up the illustrated version.Even if this was a short story, it had quite a few chapters Despite the fact that it was short, I fell in love with Reba and Letty, and could appreciate David and Dick s choices.The idea is so lovely, and I half wish this book had been longer I could have gotten to know them all so much better had the book lasted longer But it did [...]

  18. Theresa

    What a sweet story of coming home again Coming home after a long absence at Christmas.Two boys who were best friends abandoned their home town for very different reasons One of them abandoning his twin babies and heaping them on his sister to raise Such a sad life she lead.The wife of the preacher, who also happens to be the step mother of one of the boys creates two different Christmas cards and purely by chance each of the boys sees one of them Instantly they head for home, and hopefully forgi [...]

  19. Legacy Romance

    New Release just in time for a vintage Christmas Originally published in 1916, The Romance of a Christmas Card is the perfect blend of humor and eloquence just what you ve come to expect from Kate Douglas Wiggin The Legacy Vintage Collection Enhanced Edition has been professionally edited and formatted for your favorite e reader and features new artwork, a glossary, and a very special Christmas poem from James Whitcomb Riley.

  20. Chris

    Surprisingly humorous and sweet story about the residents of a small New Hampshire village called Beulah in the 1880s The pastor s wife designs Christmas cards which find their way into the hands of two people who left Beulah long ago and decide to come back home, looking for forgiveness and a fresh start.

  21. Debra Torgerson

    An nice Christmas read.A nice read from long ago I liked the style of writing and found humor in words used that mean other things now I also see how some things have remained the same, like what causes people s choices to leave their home town and to return A nice light read I say give this book a try.

  22. Melanie

    I ve been in the mood for some Christmas stories This one takes place in a small town in New Hampshire, and the ministers wife gets a Christmas card to be mass produced In turn, it draws back two former residents that play a big part in the lives of the subject and artist of the card It was a nice story, but has a long build up with a quick ending.

  23. Debbie

    My first Christmas read of the season I enjoyed this classic little novella by the author of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm Set in northeast the story of a parson s wife whose two published Christmas cards bring back two young men who left the town most or less in disgrace They each come into possession of the cards and are drawn back to their town.

  24. Kathleen

    This is a sweet, but not very memorable story It also ended a chapter too soon, and I hate it when books do that The setting is Beulah, Maine, so it features some of the same characters as Mother Carey s Chickens I was disappointed the Careys didn t make a cameo appearance.

  25. Elizabeth S

    Long for a short story, but short for a book One of those simple and sweet tales that tells of repentance, forgiveness, and the blessing of giving even when you know there is no earthly reward A nice magic to it, as well.

  26. LiteraryChanteuse

    A very unique christmas story based around a small town and it s array of towns people A christmas card painted of a scene from this town manages to bring it s former residents back and rekindle the love between them and their families Heart warming and perfect for christmas 3.5 stars

  27. Alicia

    I have a very old, elegant, copy of this, that I read as a child, as did my father, and probably his mother I like that the story is passed down and shared, giving us common ground and a shared message of love, hope, and forgiveness.

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