Find You in Paris (2020)

Find You in Paris Alix Nichols Find You in Paris This is an alternative cover edition for ASIN B ERZFFSK True spite Fake marriage Real romance If there s one man that fledgling art photographer Diane Petit really really actively hates it s fragr
  • Title: Find You in Paris
  • Author: Alix Nichols
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Find You in Paris Alix Nichols This is an alternative cover edition for ASIN B01ERZFFSK.True spite Fake marriage Real romance If there s one man that fledgling art photographer Diane Petit really, really, actively hates, it s fragrance mogul Sebastian Darcy who stole her father s company and wrecked the man s health in the process.But the arrogant SOB had better brace himself because Diane has vowedThis is an alternative cover edition for ASIN B01ERZFFSK.True spite Fake marriage Real romance If there s one man that fledgling art photographer Diane Petit really, really, actively hates, it s fragrance mogul Sebastian Darcy who stole her father s company and wrecked the man s health in the process.But the arrogant SOB had better brace himself because Diane has vowed revenge.And revenge she will have Find You in Paris is a standalone contemporary romance inspired by Pride and Prejudice Lots of laughs and steamy scenes, a touch of cozy mystery and a healthy dose of alpha billionaire romance No cliffhangers.WARNING Just like in Pride and Prejudice, expect to find one rich, brooding and handsome Mr Darcy and one feisty small town girl who can t stand him Unlike Pride and Prejudice, this book also contains artful nude photos of said Mr Darcy and nights of wild passion in Paris.
Find You in Paris Alix Nichols

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  1. Nissa | Of Pens and Pages Book Blog

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that a young man in possession of a vast fortune must be an entitled SOB born into money First Half 4 starsSecond Half 2.5 starsThis book called out to me, because not only was it inspired by Pride and Prejudice, it s a marriage of convenience story I have never read an Alix Nichols novel, but nothing would could stop me from reading this book image error Photographer Diane Petit has held a grudge against fragrance mogul Count Sebastian d Arcy du Grand Thou [...]

  2. Candy

    Diane Petit is a part time cashier with aspirations to become a professional photographer, she is the daughter of a famous fragrance maker Count Sebastian Darcy is a wealthy Parisian who owns runs Parfums d Arcy Diane s father was not a good business man when his company was in dire straights Sebastian offered to buy the company for market value, but Mr Petit refused When he lost his company his health failed his wife left him Diane blames Sebastian for everything that went wrong in her father s [...]

  3. Catarina

    3,5 Stars A sweet and entertaining reading A little slow rhythm and went a little weird towards the end, though it wrapped up in a very sweet way Overall, a sweet book and a good beginning of a series that I ll will keep following Rating 3,5 Stars Steam Some heated moments Sensible Subjects view spoiler Well, there s kidnapping at some point, but that s pretty much it hide spoiler Love Triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler Cheating view spoiler No hide spoiler HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler b [...]

  4. Sheila Majczan

    I can t really remember why I wanted to read this book I don t see a review by friends whose reviews usually steer me to read the books they have but since I borrowed this one from Kindle Unlimited it was not a worry as to investment of money and in the end also of time It was a fairly quick read.The book is, as said by others, a modern take off of PP, although that is somewhat of a stretch You have to be very familiar with PP to pick up on similarities Although there is one direct reference as [...]

  5. Debbie Brown

    Good enemies to lovers plot with some Pride and Prejudice influence and a bit of mystery thrown in, set primarily in modern Paris Great opening line It is a truth universally acknowledged that a young man in possession of a vast fortune must be an entitled SOB born into money Either that or a rags to riches a hole who bulldozed his way to said fortune, leaving maimed bodies in his wake Along with the obvious homage to Jane Austen, it perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the book and the relat [...]

  6. A little birdie told me... Gardner

    This was one of those books that I decided to pick up because it was advertised everywhere However, when reading it, I found myself easily distracted because, although the writing wasn t bad, I just wasn t glued to it It wasn t bad enough to abandon, but there were problems with the story I won t go into detail, but the Pride and Prejudice connection was not really that strong, other than the hero s last name and a few other details I mean, if you are going to connect to a classic, it should be [...]

  7. Judi Easley

    My Disclaimer I purchased this ebook at full price I am providing an honest review for which I am receiving no compensation of any kind All opinions are fully my own Judi E Easley for Blue Cat ReviewMy Review Is this a PP cousin or just a wannabe That s the question Well, it s been many years since I read PP, but I will fix that just as soon as I can However, that doesn t assist me right now I will tell you that Diane Petit is very protective of her family and especially close to her father, as [...]

  8. Elizabeth Bennet

    This a revision of my original review I recently reread this book after buying this new boxed set called the Darcy Brothers I really enjoyed my experience Nichols draws her inspiration from pride and prejudice and says as much This is much modern and definitely not the innocent characters you expect in Austens version The book opens with a prejudiced Diane who believes all rich men are crooks and low life forms One in particular.d Arcy is the family name currently altered by the previous count [...]

  9. Cocktails and Books

    2.5 CocktailsI m always up for a modern day Pride and Prejudice, but this retelling fell short for me The characters should have been likable, but weren t The storyline way too choppy for my liking and hardly any setup of the brother for the subsequent books I m glad this was a KU find.

  10. DawnMarieCarpintero

    Nice3.6 starsI admit I rounded up on this review The story was exciting it wasn t brand new it was patchy at best I would ve loved the author to finish out her thoughts a lot and not have Sebastian jump over spot in the book.I guess what I was looking for was and I didn t get I got less but regardless of that this is a good fast read and is it sexy not in the slightest the author seems to skip over those parts she gives us bits and pieces but not enough at least for this for this reviewer.Hap [...]

  11. Philleys Peters

    Excellent RomanceI really enjoyed this book Diane wants payback and Sebastian has his own agenda The fake marriage between these two, with a sexual attraction that sizzles between them and leads them down the road to love I loved their interactions and I must say, I ve found a new author to read

  12. Danielle Urban

    Find You in Paris by Alix Nichols is similar to Pride and Prejudice, which is one of my favorite all time classics Romance is definitely happening within this book A woman who has nothing versus a man who has it all Everything about Sebastian Darcy irritates the hell out of Diane Petit He has done something terrible that he s going to pay the price Diane is determined to see him ruined Imagine going into a relationship whether fake or not, and end up feeling than hatred for the other personwell [...]

  13. Connie

    I received a free copy of this book and I am voluntarily reviewing it.This was a great story I love the concept of going from enemies to lovers With the character development, the plot was very believable I truly enjoyed this book I will have to go and read the others in the series I also look forward to reading the brothers books as well Highly recommend this book to anyone.

  14. Erin OBrien

    Alex Nichols does a great job of turning Diane s absolute hate for Sebastian into a scintillating story A perfect blend of intrigue, absolute loathing, humor and steaminess Can t wait for 5 stars

  15. Christine

    Arc review For honest review Sebastian is a business owner makes a agreement with Diane to make up for a wrong he did to her father This story is very good.

  16. Gina Smith

    The object of Diane Petit s revenge is Sebastian Darcy She feels Sebastian severely wronged her father in business dealings Sebastian makes her a proposition If she agrees, she will make a sum of money and then is free to go on her way He wants her to act as his girlfriend for a time and then pretend to get married He keeps his reasons to himself At first, she says no but after thinking about it, it may be the perfect opportunity to find dirt that could destroy him Neither of them is looking for [...]

  17. Grass monster

    This is the first book i have read by Alix Nichols, and i am pleased to see this is the first installment of The Darcy Brothers series.In book 1 we meet Sebastian Darcy, Billionaire and proud CEO of a perfume company For months now, he has been secretly investigated by Diane Petit, after ruining her dad s fragrance business, she is hell bent on finding some dirt on him and getting her revenge for her family Diane Petit is a grocery assistant and amateur photographer She hates Sebastian with a pa [...]

  18. Jenn (YeahOrNeighReviews)

    Pride Prejudice fans will enjoy this one As a fan of Pride Prejudice, I knew I had to read this book, and I wasn t disappointed Diane Petit is out for revenge against the man that destroyed her fathers company, resulting in the eventual divorce of her parents after her father didn t handle it well.Sebastian Darcy knows that Diane detests him after what he did to her father, so what better person to propose the deal of a fake marriage to He knows someone is out to sabotage his company, and he nee [...]

  19. B.

    4 and a half stars I really enjoyed this novel which continues Alix Nichols series of romance novels loosely centered around a Paris bistro, La Boheme In this story, we have a switch on the common trope of a fake marriage between an exceptionally wealthy man and an impoverished soman Billionaire Sebastian Darcy asks Diane Petit to pose as his girlfriend and then as his wife for six months She hates him already for destroying her father s business so she agrees to the masquerade so that she can f [...]

  20. Leslie

    Its this a modern PP variation I am not sure Yes there are Darcys or D arcys Yes they are rich and snobbish and there is a young lady not of their sphere who Sebastian Darcy will fake marry However the young lady s name is Denise and her fault with Darcy is that he drove her father out of business and caused her family to crumble Denise is a cashier at a Parisian grocery and a wanna be professional photographer After being denied a meeting with Darcy she sneaks into a reception and smashes a cre [...]

  21. Jessica Mitchell

    Finding You in ParisAlix Nichols Sebastian Darcy and Diane Petit s storyA story of a fake romance agreement between two people who kinda hate to love each other Its funny and comical about what goes on between the two Until they relize they may just love each other or is that fake too.Diane Petit is the bane of Sebastian Darcy s existence Ever since that stunt she pulled at a lavish party he attended But now he has a plan to expose a nemesis that he believes is after him But to do so he needs Di [...]

  22. T. Rosado

    4.5 STARS Three favorite romance tropes make up Find You in Paris Enemies to lovers, marriage of convenience, and an Austenesque re telling Although a loose re telling of Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice, it still drew me in with the subtle similarities since PP is my all time favorite Austen novel Probably because it was my first Austen read and it spurred my love for romance, but especially romantic comedy Even with some predictable outcomes due to the familiar tropes, I was still absorbed by [...]

  23. Jackie D

    Read January 7th 2017Diane is going to make Sebastian Darcy pay for putting her father out of business, so when she humiliates him at a function she thinks she is well on her way to doing just that, weeks after the incident Sebastian comes to her with a proposition, an odd one, but one that will help her and her family out financially, they dislike each other, but the idea of her being set financially, he being able to take care of some unsolved matters brings the unlikely pair together, they ju [...]

  24. Jena Henry

    I adored this modern day fairy tale, which gives a nod to Pride and Prejudice Meet Count Sebastian d Arcy du Grand Thouars de Saint Maurice He is a billionaire from a long line of French aristocrats, dating back to the Middles Ages And he has a problem He believes he can solve the problem with the help of the egalitarian store clerk, Diane Petit I don t want to spoil the plot at all for you, except to say that it s a fabulous romantic page turner You will love the twists You will also enjoy the [...]

  25. Jacky

    I thought this was going to be the typical fake marriage of convenience, fall in love, and end with a HEA This book had a slight twist There was a little mystery, suspense, and intrigue My initial thoughts about Sebastian changed over time Diane was not my favorite person, but she grew on me after some time I can also envision a story about both of the other Darcy brothers What is the mystery behind Noah never making an appearance What is the backstory regarding Raphael and the girl at the party [...]

  26. Zena

    This is the story of how Diane and Sebastian s lives become entwined in a delightful and very different type of love story There are mysteries to be solved and a blooming, hot and unintentional romance between the two of them.I found myself chuckling quite often at the impossible internal mental war that Diane put herself through and of course, couldn t help falling a bit in love with Sebastian myself.As usual, Alix Nichols has woven a delightful tale with just the right amount of love, intrigue [...]

  27. Christi Fowler

    4.5 StarsAwesome first book to the Darcy brothers series with bonus cameos from love characters from Nichol s Bistro series This book was the perfect mix of suspense and romance I loved the dual points of view between Diane and Sebastian as they travel the country and fight their blooming love for each other I would have loved to have a bit of an epilogue but I m sure we ll see of Sebastian and Diane in the next two books in the series which I can t wait to read Once I started this book, I coul [...]

  28. Elissa

    I am an unabashed fan of Alix Nichols and her snarky, strong heroines and delicious heroes If you are familiar with her Bistro La Boh me series you will recognize many of the secondary characters of this book but, if it is the first of her novels you ve had the pleasure to read, the story and characters absolutely stand strongly alone and the plot is worthy of Agatha Christie as you untangle the clues to discover the villain Meanwhile it is a delightful romance with a French flair that will have [...]

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