Calligraphy Made Easy (2020)

Calligraphy Made Easy Gaynor Goffe Calligraphy Made Easy None
  • Title: Calligraphy Made Easy
  • Author: Gaynor Goffe
  • ISBN: 9780517102039
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Hardcover
Calligraphy Made Easy Gaynor Goffe None
Calligraphy Made Easy Gaynor Goffe

  • UNLIMITED BOOK ✓ Calligraphy Made Easy - by Gaynor Goffe
    Gaynor Goffe

One thought on “Calligraphy Made Easy

  1. Ann L.

    A rating of 3.5 is what I would really give this book This book focuses on the classical calligraphy styles, and features some projects you can use with it A lot of the projects are outdated as the age of computers have taken over in that area, especially in regards to mass invitations, and other projects of that nature Because computers offer some beautiful typography and software that allows you to still be creative, calligraphy is probably the archaic way of performing those particular servi [...]

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