Stop-Time (2020)

Stop-Time Frank Conroy Stop Time First published in Stop Time was immediately recognized as a masterpiece of modern American autobiography a brilliant portrayal of one boy s passage from childhood to adolescence and beyond Her
  • Title: Stop-Time
  • Author: Frank Conroy
  • ISBN: 9780370006420
  • Page: 260
  • Format: None
Stop-Time Frank Conroy First published in 1967, Stop Time was immediately recognized as a masterpiece of modern American autobiography, a brilliant portrayal of one boy s passage from childhood to adolescence and beyond Here is Frank Conroy s wry, sad, beautiful tale of life on the road of odd jobs and lost friendships, brutal schools and first loves of a father s early death and a son s exhiFirst published in 1967, Stop Time was immediately recognized as a masterpiece of modern American autobiography, a brilliant portrayal of one boy s passage from childhood to adolescence and beyond Here is Frank Conroy s wry, sad, beautiful tale of life on the road of odd jobs and lost friendships, brutal schools and first loves of a father s early death and a son s exhilarating escape into manhood Stop Time is as generous on the subject of growing up lost in America, as moving in its absolute intelligence and compassion, as anywork that has appeared before or since.
Stop-Time Frank Conroy

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    Frank Conroy

One thought on “Stop-Time

  1. Beth

    Stop Time is such a unique book The writing is so evocative, making even the most mundane details fascinating I think if I could make a wish and emulate the writing style of any writer, past or present, I very well might choose Frank Conroy My favorite passage is Conroy s description of how he used books to escape as a teenager I withdrew into myself and let the long months go by, spending my time reading.Night after night I d lie in bed, with a glass of milk and a package of oatmeal cookies bes [...]

  2. Neil

    First I say that I don t much like memoirs and then I decide to read two in a row I ve been trying for a month now to figure out how to describe the very specific emotional state that Stop Time put me in every time I read a chapter and I guess I m not going to come up with it.I first heard about this bookwhen Conroy died, and as advertised he s a fantastic writer I would read a passage and think, Wow, what incredible writing and then would go back through it and realize that there were no rhetor [...]

  3. AC

    Conroy writes well In fact, he writes too well So technically proficient, that he became a teacher of writing for many years at the Iowa Writers Workshop Yet this was his first and only so it is said highly successful book There is something Mannerist about it, in its proficiency.The book is a memoir that reads like a novel, broken into a series of short stories It has honesty and depth I found the later sections, as Frank turned 15, compelling than the earlier sections He was, however, even as [...]

  4. Ryan

    I m always interested in how we learn about a new book or author What s the best way to get a good book recommendation Is it through suggestion algorithm I would say not From friends Sure, sometimes, occasionally, but we all know the pressure that comes from a friend suggestion and seeing that book stare at you in the face on your bookshelf for months.My personal favorite way is when a beloved author points you towards something that was meaningful to them In the case of Frank Conroy, I was comp [...]

  5. Sue

    My library copy of this almost fifty year old book has been taped together, and the pages are pliable from many turnings The blurbs on the back of the old Penguin paperback call Stop Time an American autobiography, a phrase which gave me pause When did we start using the word memoir When did memoirs become our chronicles of modern life Frank Conroy must surely have been a pioneer, but I have no authoritative assurance of that.Stop Time is a compelling collection of memories, non linear and incom [...]

  6. Kevin

    I like this memoir for its meandering qualities, the lack of plot, and the simplest stories told in a highly detailed style Even the chapter about how he obsessed over yo yo tricks was engaging and fun This is a quiet book about growing up in the 40s and 50s and it doesn t need weighty subplots child abuse, drugs, etc like the memoirs were used to seeing the past couple of decades Even though it was first published in 67, it still feels fresh.

  7. Pamela

    I tried hard to like this coming of age memoir that has generated so many fans over the years It does have some beautiful, vivid writing however, some of it was self absorbedly apologies for inventing a word bizarre and bogged me down.

  8. Kathleen Maher

    I read this book after Mid Air I ve never checked to see if Stop Time is listed as a memoir, autobiography, or fiction The label might matter a lot to the writer in terms of how he or she s telling a story that comes from their memory But memory is so difficult to separate from imagination for me even when I recall something with intense precision, someone else who was there recalls it differently that I read life stories the same way I read all stories do they ring true Stop Time is a classic a [...]

  9. Stephen Davenport

    I ve owned my copy of Stop Time for over 20 years, leaving it unread until just four days ago Every time I took it down from its shelf I put it back, suspicious, as I tend to be of the memoir genre, that anyone who would write several hundred pages about him or herself must be self important and therefore boring.This time, before I put it back on the shelf, I read the Prologue Half way through It is only one page I sat down and before I went to bed that night, I d consumed two thirds of the book [...]

  10. SimanĂ²

    Il traduttore bravo, qui lui non c entra, proprio l autore che mi fa sorridere Jean, uomo di una bellezza gallica quasi insostenibile Aveva un viso dall ossatura straordinariamente fine e proporzionata, appena pi piccola della grandezza naturale , cosa che ne accentuava la delicatezza Una testa di perfezione ellenica, ma priva di elleniche effeminatezze I tratti somatici erano francesi e virili Boh Pregiudizi razziali

  11. Rick

    A strong, stoical memoir, Stop Time, published in 1967, recounts Conroy s childhood and adolescence placed inside two narrow contemporary frames accounts of reckless to the point of suicide homicide driving from London to the countryside The prologue and epilogue are both very brief but reveal an adult who should be responsible and perhaps even happy, but clearly is otherwise disturbed Madness runs, to borrow from Arsenic and Old Lace, in Conroy s family His dad was in and out of institutions Co [...]

  12. James

    This is a memoir that reads like a novel and undoubtedly contains some fiction scattered among the exhilarating stories of Frank Conroy s youth Covering the period up to his entrance into Haverford University this memoir creates a world pain and joy and the often awkward encounters of a young boy with real life I was drawn back into the memoir upon reading a reference to it in David Ulin s wonderful extended essay, The Lost Art of Reading, where Ulin comments on young Conroy s reading habits Aft [...]

  13. Nicholas Moryl

    A uniquely American coming of age novel road travel and fatherlessness feature prominently The memoir focuses on creating an identity for oneself without having a role model In a way, it s almost an existentialist bildungsroman.It s well written and doesn t spare detail to court sympathy The narrator isn t always likeable and he doesn t attempt to justify or apologize for his actions Growing up is awkward and full of things we d rather sweep under the rug, but what matters is what one takes awa [...]

  14. Simone Subliminalpop

    Una storia d infanzia, adolescenza e crescita Una storia di solitudine, libert e ricerca La storia una parziale autobiografia di Frank Conroy scrittore, critico e direttore per quasi vent anni del famoso workshop di scrittura presso l universit dello Iowa Un padre spesso ricoverato e ben presto scomparso, una madre evanescente e un patrigno volubile, nonostante tutto questo Frank riuscir a costruirsi una sua stabilit , minacciata anche dai continui spostamenti sull asse New York Fort Lauderdale [...]

  15. Elizabeth Wallace

    Definitely a fun, easy read Frank Conroy s autobiography reads like a novel wait, it reads like a collection of short stories, each little vignette very well self contained, but interesting for all the other stories that have gone before it And he does AMAZING work when describing people Characters will show up for no than two or three pages and are never seen again, but in that time he describes the most interesting thing about them in casual detail, and you end up feeling like you know them [...]

  16. Christopher Litsinger

    While this book gets better reviewed by most than Body and Soul , to me it stands most interesting as a series of footnotes and behind the scenes explanations of that book The fractured sense of time in the book may have been innovative for its time not really sure about that, just a thought but the lack of a central story to this memoir keeps it from being great to me.In spite of the 3 star, I would still recommend it as a must read, but if you re going to read one Frank Conroy book, read Body [...]

  17. Rob

    On the campus of my alma mater, near the front doors of the library sits a sculpture of a young man, hamburger in one hand and a book in the other He s on chapter 8 of Frank Conroy s Stop Time That was my only reason for reading this book Why I waited nine years after graduating to finally get to this book is beyond me.

  18. Jessica

    2.5 starsThis so called classic ocming of age memoir didn t impress me Some of the prose was nice byt the structure of plain exposition with no revelation was puzzling Maybe it was groundbreaking in its time 1964 but it did little for me.

  19. Erika

    What an excellent book I loved the way it was written and I loved how the story was told The only thing that I think should be improved was the organization of the events I think the movement from past to future was a bit jarring.

  20. David Jones

    I kept trying and trying to let the text take over, but it just wasn t happening It is well written, but something about it I never found compelling.

  21. Marvin

    My disappointment in this, along with I Know Why a Caged Bird Sings, two classics of 20th century memoirs, confirm that memoirs, no matter how good, just don t hold much appeal for me.

  22. Stephen

    I loved this book Without a doubt it is one of the best things I have read this year, and in the last several years for sure It was a gift from a college friend who in his inscription wrote this To Steve in his May 2017 visit to the PRTP People s Republic of Takoma Park All I remember of this great memoir is that it s a wonderful must read I felt as though I had personally experienced many of the events the schools, the people, the troubles, the challenges, the trips, the fun, the miseries etc t [...]

  23. Robert

    Sad funny coming of age story, largely autobiographical Conroy s prose is sharp and his childhood and adolescent observations of America in the 50s and 60 s are right on.

  24. A

    How do we grow up and become the adults we are This memoir gives you a good idea It s a little of this and a lot of that It s all in the telling.

  25. Spencer

    Sometimes I will read a book and like it so much that I will instantly want to start reading it again the second I am done This was the case with Stop Time by Frank Conroy It seems like I had heard the title of the book a couple of times before, but no one had ever recommended it and I never got around to it But then I was reading another memoir which praised this one, and I had to pick it up I ve talked about it a little bit already, I know, but it was that good I actually haven t read a lot of [...]

  26. Gavin

    I originally picked this up because David Foster Wallace mentions it as one of the books that first made poor old yours truly want to try to be a writer in A Supposedly Fun Thing I ll Never Do Again Confirmed this is right up DFW s alley or perhaps correctly, DFW s style in Infinite Jest and Broom of the System so echoes Frank Conroy s own descriptive writing I can claim to see the correlation, anyway.Doing the copyright minus introduction math, Frank Conroy it feels wrong to call him just Conr [...]

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