Birding Without Borders: An Obsession, a Quest, and the Biggest Year in the World (2020)

Birding Without Borders: An Obsession, a Quest, and the Biggest Year in the World Noah Strycker Birding Without Borders An Obsession a Quest and the Biggest Year in the World Traveling to countries in with a backpack and binoculars Noah Strycker became the first person to see than half the world s species of birds in one year In Noah Strycker set hims
  • Title: Birding Without Borders: An Obsession, a Quest, and the Biggest Year in the World
  • Author: Noah Strycker
  • ISBN: 9780544558144
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Hardcover
Birding Without Borders: An Obsession, a Quest, and the Biggest Year in the World Noah Strycker Traveling to 41 countries in 2015 with a backpack and binoculars, Noah Strycker became the first person to see than half the world s 10,000 species of birds in one year In 2015, Noah Strycker set himself a lofty goal to become the first person to see half the world s birds in one year For 365 days, with a backpack, binoculars, and a series of one way tickets, he trTraveling to 41 countries in 2015 with a backpack and binoculars, Noah Strycker became the first person to see than half the world s 10,000 species of birds in one year In 2015, Noah Strycker set himself a lofty goal to become the first person to see half the world s birds in one year For 365 days, with a backpack, binoculars, and a series of one way tickets, he traveled across forty one countries and all seven continents, eventually spotting 6,042 species by far the biggest birding year on record.This is no travelogue or glorified checklist Noah ventures deep into a world of blood sucking leeches, chronic sleep deprivation, airline snafus, breakdowns, mudslides, floods, war zones, ecologic devastation, conservation triumphs, common and iconic species, and scores of passionate bird lovers around the globe By pursuing the freest creatures on the planet, Noah gains a unique perspective on the world they share with us and offers a hopeful message that even as many birds face an uncertain future, people than ever are working to protect them.
Birding Without Borders: An Obsession, a Quest, and the Biggest Year in the World Noah Strycker

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One thought on “Birding Without Borders: An Obsession, a Quest, and the Biggest Year in the World

  1. Katie/Doing Dewey

    I ve always suspected I wouldn t like travelogues, that they d just leave me feeling jealous I m therefore surprised to report that what I really loved about this birding memoir was hearing about the author s travels As the author traveled the world to beat a birding record, he stayed with locals, who knew local birds and local customs It was fascinating to learn about the different locations he visited from this intimate perspective I generally enjoyed hearing about his interactions with people [...]

  2. Victoria Peipert

    Fascinating story As a very casual bird watcher and nature enthusiast the story in this book intrigued me It was engaging and was hard to put down since I was dying to know how everything would turn out at the end of the year 1 star for the editing it could have been stronger.

  3. Alison

    In 2015 the author traveled through 41 countries and 7 continents on his quest to find 5,000 birds in a year long journey I have definitely become an armchair birder as I love reading about peoples journeys to track birds, and also watch the ones that live around me This was a really informative and fun book to read, as it gives us the mindset of a person with a passion to achieve a goal, and not only that of the author, but other birders with as much love of this recreational activity, and what [...]

  4. Dennis Winge

    Noah wrote an excellent account of his big year in setting the record for most bird species seen in a single calendar year He presents a nice overview on his strategy to set the record and then provides a compelling travelogue on his travels and importantly his uses of local birding experts to accomplish his goal The role these various local guides provide in his quest is incredible and Noah gives them great credit for their guidance It is impressive to read about an individual who sets a lofty [...]

  5. Viva

    I m a backyard birder and I quite looked forward to this book Unfortunately it s hard to read I feel bad for my rating, I commend this guy on writing a book on what he loves and I want him to succeed But I don t think he s a natural writer and he might need a good editor.It says on the back this is no travelogue or glorified checklist Funny but I think it would have been better for the reader if it had been either as those were the parts I liked His travel anecdotes were amusing and there is a s [...]

  6. Bookslut

    This was a fantastic reading experience I had a friend once tell me that I wring the most I can out of every book I thought they was a really neat idea If there are books that are well suited to be wrung, this one provides a particularly rich example Noah Stryker designed an unbelievable modern day heroic quest, and the main thrust of the book is following his journey However, the book is not a simple travelogue, because it is replete with background information about a dozen interesting topics [...]

  7. Suzanne

    Loved it This is a fantastic complement to the blog Noah wrote while on his global Big Year, and it adds about the many local people he met along the way and the situations he found himself in I m so impressed that such a brilliant birder also has such super writing skills It s a page turner.

  8. Esther

    One of the best birding travel books I ve read I appreciated the stories of searches for birds with local people.

  9. kglibrarian

    Loved this So many fascinating details about his time exploring different countries and their birds As a casual bird watcher I m now determined to get a pair of binoculars and take it to the next level.

  10. Erika

    AwesomeI ve read a lot of birding narratives, and this one is a must have With exquisite attention to detail and the people he travelled with, Noah Strycker takes birders on a whirlwind tour of the globe s best birding locations But I read the blog about his trip on Audubon, some say Me too, but this book pulls it altogether beautifully, including a great deal detail and reflection When I try to explain to someone new why I love birding, I m going to recommend this book.

  11. Rob Neyer

    In 2016, Noah shattered the all time record by seeing or hearing 6,042 different bird species Necessarily, this book covers a tiny percentage of all those birds In fact, whole countries are essentially skipped For example the 104 species Noah ticked in Norway The country itself gets one sentence, and not a single bird is mentioned Which is frustrating for someone like me who wants to learn about all the birds But there just wasn t anywhere near enough room in this 300 page book for anything exce [...]

  12. Aubrey

    Engrossing at the start, became repetitive near the end, but a fun read regardless My main criticism is the book didn t feel complete, that it got cut short for some reason I would have enjoyed reading travel stories.

  13. David Holtzclaw

    This is a delightful account of Mr Stryker s journey record breaking bird count Even if you re not a birder, this is totally enjoyable makes me want to buy some new binoculars to hit the trail.

  14. Stacey Lunsford

    I ve read several books about birding that were humorous than this one At first I thought this seemed a little like a listing of, I went here, I saw these birds, I met these people, NEXT I went here, I saw these birds, etc It turned out to have some interesting stories about the countries he visited and the opportunities to see birds in their natural habitats, unlike the stories of people doing Big Years in North America, where they have to race around the country to see rare birds that are in [...]

  15. Chelsea

    3.75 StarsThis found its way on my list because I love vicarious travel, and I have a casual interest it birds Noah Strycker is clearly very passionate and a bit obsessive about birding, so he presents an interesting perspective as he spends one full year doing nothing but birding all over the world He accomplished this by connecting with tour guides and fellow enthusiasts native to the various places he visited, and one of the nicer parts of the narrative was his willingness to occasionally tur [...]

  16. Rebecca Howe

    Noah Strycker and the concept of a Big Year aren t well known outside of birding circles, which is a shame Noah s book is a heartening travelogue of ecosystems and cultures that highlights how people around the world can come together to share their passion A Big Year is a year that a birdwatcher tries to see as many individual species as possible in 365 days, and in 2015 Noah broke the world record for most species seen He travelled through 42 countries and across all seven continents to ultima [...]

  17. Ken

    What a wonderful book But, I am biased I was lucky enough to have been at the Magee Marsh Wildlife Area s Boardwalk on NW Ohio last spring in May for the spring migration Noah was visiting that area and was on the Boardwalk A friend and I got to talk with him for a little while He was very nice to all the birders who wanted to talk with him even though he was mobbed Birders come from all over the world to visit NW Ohio for the spring migration The warblers can be seen at incredibly close range b [...]

  18. Paulette

    If you love birds and you love adventures, this is the book for you Noah Strycker spent a year of his life to see if he could see half of the world s species of birds From Antarctica to Argentina to Africa to India to Taiwan, etcetera, etcetera, Noah with the help of international fellow bird lovers met his goal and then some I found his narrative very interesting and was glad it was not a diary day by day overdetailed account He comments on issues along the way, all to do with birders, the comp [...]

  19. Amy

    I enjoyed reading this The scope of Noah Strycker s accomplishment seeing hearing over 6,000 birds in one calendar year is so large, that it is impossible to cover it all in the length of a book Where the book does succeed Strycker incorporates travel experiences with birding accounts, and I liked reading about the people and places, as well as the birds He selects meaningful bird encounters to highlight in the book impossible to describe them all , and makes a cohesive narrative out of a these [...]

  20. Paul

    By necessity, a Big Year is a cursory affair Seeing as many species as you can means spending as little time as possible on each one Writing about a Big Year is likewise a practice in preterition Noah couldn t possibly fit everything in exotic locales that would make destinations in their own right get only passing mention Even if he were only to mention all the birds he had seen, name by name, that would take some 12,000 words.Appreciating these constraints, which dictate that this is little i [...]

  21. Nance

    I have long been interested in taking up birding as a hobby Since I retired our two backyard feeders have increased to six, and the binoculars and field guides on the windowsill are getting use My husband was at our local bird store and purchased this book to give to me for Christmas I truly enjoyed it, and it has inspired me to get serious about birding I have started a Life List , put the Audubon Birds app on my phone to help with identification, and am following eBirds on Facebook.I admit [...]

  22. VerJean

    This was great Fascinating, just fascinating how many hobbies, quests, interests and subsets of interests that we humans have Seeing 6,042 different birds in one year It s certainly an adventure and remarkable onslaught of 7 continents, 41 countries, and countless local birders aiding the searches The normal breakdowns, bad roads, miserable weathers, etc This young man is also an excellent author Not just a bird nerd book, but well described, no pages of boring overwhelming facts, very insightfu [...]

  23. Roo

    This is an armchair travel book through the eyes of a birder I m an avid birder, so I was enthusiastic hearing about so many different species from countries around the world Beyond that, Noah Strycker s great writing gives a seat of the pants story line You are there with him in touch and go moments and in hairy situations due to weather or places experiencing terrorism All for seeing birds and setting world records of most birds seen in a year Strycker is heartfelt and genuine He expresses gra [...]

  24. chirantha

    Birding Without Borders is a species of one of my favourite genera of nonfiction books There are so many pockets of interest out there that it rarely occurs to me how deep their threads might go Birding is a thing It follows that competitive birding might be a thing But a short lifetime of savings and months of planning to see a record breaking number of birds across seven continents in one year with precarious international birdbrains and unreliable airlines among other equally treacherous mode [...]

  25. Judy

    I met Noah Stryker at a book signing for his first book, Among Penguins, in his hometown, Eugene, Oregon He is a remarkable young man who completed his Big Bird Year in 2015, 6,042 birds in 47 countries and on 7 continents He is a fine writer as well I ve followed his blog and continue to be astonished by how much he has accomplished before the age of 30 This book follows his Big Year where he delights in not only birds, but the numerous people he met and who helped him along the way A true 21st [...]

  26. John Geary

    Excellent book It revolves around the author s quest to see 5000 different species of birds within one calendar year It takes him all over the world to different locations so it s also a travelogue but a travelogue marked by birdwatching Even if you re not an avid birder, if you like to travel and experience different cultures and nature, you ll be able to relate to some of the situations the author experiences and relates in this book It s a story of adventure, a story of the kindness of strang [...]

  27. Aileen Liu

    This covers Noah s whirlwind search for 50k unique sightings in a year The best passages are his descriptions of birds in their indigenous settings as well as the almost equally bird obsessed local guides he meets around the world Toward the end of the book the descriptions are brief as if Noah is hurrying to wrap it up Reading The Thing with Feathers, hooked me to learn how he fulfills his big year At the end he realizes it is the journey that matters and not the number as other birders outdo e [...]

  28. Peg Lotvin

    Great title, really, the birds pay no attention to borders of any kind They wouldn t even be fazed by a stupid wall between Mexico and the US Strycker is quite a writer as well as a birder He takes us around the world in a year touching on the highlights of his amazing quest to see half the known bird species He did better than that, finishing up with over 6,000 species within one year I wish he would write a sequel or an update telling us incidents he had to leave out of the first book.

  29. Howard

    I loved Strycker s story, and he put it together well It would be so easy just to make it a list of achievements, special birds seen, or problems encountered along the way Yet he wove a plausible, interesting and believable account of his project in a way that had me devouring 50 pages on the first day, and great chunks after that He avoids both self congratulatory commentary and tales of woe of which he must have had many , and instead gives great insights to some of the territories he visited [...]

  30. Dugan Maynard

    A fun travelogue Things I liked The author dives right in and sections of the book seem to assume that the reader has at least a passing understanding of birds and birding, it s a nice change from books that spend pages explaining what migration is Things I didn t like the number of locations, species, and people that the author interacts with means that the book spends a lot of time just listing, rather than describing Overall I preferred the narrower and deeper style of A Parrot Without A Name [...]

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