Lord of Pleasure (2020)

Lord of Pleasure Erica Ridley Lord of Pleasure In the Rogues to Riches historical romance series Cinderella stories aren t just for princesses Sigh worthy Regency rogues sweep strong willed young ladies into whirlwind romance with rollicking adve
  • Title: Lord of Pleasure
  • Author: Erica Ridley
  • ISBN: 9781943794058
  • Page: 330
  • Format: ebook
Lord of Pleasure Erica Ridley In the Rogues to Riches historical romance series, Cinderella stories aren t just for princesses Sigh worthy Regency rogues sweep strong willed young ladies into whirlwind romance with rollicking adventure.Nondescript good girl Miss Camellia Grenville only ever opens her mouth when forced to sing at her family s musicales That is, until the night she infiltrates the toIn the Rogues to Riches historical romance series, Cinderella stories aren t just for princesses Sigh worthy Regency rogues sweep strong willed young ladies into whirlwind romance with rollicking adventure.Nondescript good girl Miss Camellia Grenville only ever opens her mouth when forced to sing at her family s musicales That is, until the night she infiltrates the ton s most scandalous masquerade ball on behalf of her sister, and finds herself in the arms and the bed of the one man she d sworn to hate.Irresistibly arrogant and unapologetically sensuous, infamous rake Lord Wainwright always gets his way When he accepts a wager to turn his rakish image respectable in just forty days, he never anticipates falling for an anonymous masked loveror that discovering her identity would destroy them both.
Lord of Pleasure Erica Ridley

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    Erica Ridley

One thought on “Lord of Pleasure

  1. Heather K (dentist in my spare time)

    I m a big Erica Ridley fan, and I think she really nailed it with Lord of Pleasure I have to admit, I was a tiny bit disappointed in Lord of Chance It wasn t bad, but I just didn t connect with the storyline, and I was afraid that the entire Rogues to Riches series wouldn t work for me I m thrilled that I was wrong Right away I was in this story I absolutely love a reformed rake story, and combine that with a masquerade plot heaven Both characters really worked for me From the good girl trying t [...]

  2. Dianne

    Known as a rake and a despoiler of young ladies, the Lord of Pleasure, Lord Wainwright wearies of the erroneous reports and the fa ade the Ton expects from him Sure, he has his wild ways, but the cartoonists have had a field day exposing his every move, real or not and that s how a wager was made, that he could keep his hands clean for forty days He is determined to win that wager, no matter how boring it will be Besides, there are always the very secretive masquerade balls where anything goes a [...]

  3. Andrea

    ARC provided by WebMotion via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I want to be bolder It s the one thing about my life I would alter I can grant you that wish Be fearless here Tonight With me My first full length book by Erica Ridley I ve read a few of her novellas and liked them, so when I saw this I jumped at the opportunity to read a longer story by her This was a very sweet, emotional, Cinderella inspired story 3.5 stars Michael Rutland, the Earl of Wainwright, always seems to be misj [...]

  4. Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookviews

    This review was originally posted on un Conventional BookviewsLord of Pleasure was a delightful read with masquerade balls, a scandalous rakish Earl and a mousy, but respectable lady I had such fun reading this story, and can t wait for in this well done seriesLord of Pleasure was a delicious treat to the senses The masquerade balls were such a perfect opportunity for both Lord Wainwright and Miss Camellia to actually be themselves, not the person society had forced them into by labelling them [...]

  5. Karen

    I can happily say that I liked this book than the previous book Lord of Chance There was so much suspense and a slow burn romance that I was craving and Camilla is the eldest sister of the Grenville Family, she has always loved singing but she is very reserved and quiet Never asking for anything for herself but for her two younger sisters, who are both seeking trouble and are very blunt at times Being the eldest, she has to be the responsible one, the one who takes care of all situation Which [...]

  6. Alison

    Michael Rutland, Earl of Wainwright is universally known as the Lord of Pleasure, real and imaginary caricatures of his conquests fill the daily scandal sheets fuelled by his wayward past and his shocking good looks No matter what he does or doesn t do, he is portrayed as a debaucher of women, a cuckolder and a philanderer In desperation he enters into a bet with some of the fellow members of his club, that he can last for 40 days without scandal.Miss Camellia Grenville is the oldest of four sib [...]

  7. Julia

    I really enjoyed this book Quirky characters, funny banter, a bit of Cinderella.Do they dare to become the person that is hiding behind the mask Can the wallflower tame the rake Or will the rake seduce the wallflower

  8. AnnMarie

    Lord of Pleasure is the second book in the Rogues to Riches series by Erica Ridley It can easily be read as a stand alone book, but after having read the first book, I have to admit that it was a treat to have a little catch up of a couple of the characters from the first book in the series, The Lord of Chance.Miss Camellia Grenville finds herself soon to be betrothed to a much older man, one she has never met, but one that her parents are happy to have accepted his proposal from on her behalf S [...]

  9. Tracy Emro

    I am voluntarily leaving a review for an eARC provided to me by NetGalley and the publisher Michael, Earl of Wainwright aka the Lord of Pleasure is tired of being the subject of gossip and caricature etchings He has made a bet with his friends that he can clean up his image and stay out of the scandal sheets for 40 days.Camellia Grenville is the perfect daughter, quiet, unassuming, peacemaker and wallflower But Camellia has dreams that do not include marrying the perfectly respectable, staid and [...]

  10. Hannah

    ARC REVIEW Lord of Pleasure is book two of Erica Ridley s new series Rogues to Riches This is another great story by Erica Ridley, the characters are likeable and the whole situation is humorous It s a fantastic Cinderella type story Camellia is the perfect daughter she does as she s told, she sings when they want her too and what they want her to sing, she s also the sensible one, but her parents go too far when the arrange her marriage to a much older gentleman who doesn t even have the courte [...]

  11. Linda

    Lord of Pleasure Rogues to Riches 2 , well I could review this with one word, and probably should Phenominal being that word , but I suppose you would like to know why that word fits.Pleasure to readHandsome LordExtrodinary handsomeNever ending source of gossip Ordinary spinsterMousy DaughterIntelligent womenNice coupleAkward situationLovers to marriage So, I tried but seriously Lord Wainwright is to handsome for words and the focal point of the ton gossip wether it is true or not, but being tir [...]

  12. Joana V.

    I ve received an eARC in exchange for an honest review.Review in Portuguese pepitamagica 20Lord of Pleasure was much better than Lord of Chance From the start, I felt a much bigger empathy with the characters, both Camellia and Michael Camellia is a friendly and protective sister and she feels like she has to compensate her family for her sisters behaviour making her the good girl Michael on the other hand, is seen as a rake rogue playboy, someone that walks into a room and makes all the ladies [...]

  13. Janet

    Nondescript good girl Miss Camellia Grenville only ever opens her mouth when forced to sing at her family s musicales That is, until the night she infiltrates the ton s most scandalous masquerade ball held by the Duke of Lambley on behalf of her sister Bryony, and finds herself in the arms of Lord X who happens to be Michael Rutland, Earl of Wainwright who has insulted her sister DahliaIrresistibly arrogant and unapologetically sensuous, infamous rake Lord Wainwright always gets his way When he [...]

  14. Jennifer Fowler

    You know what they say don t judge a book by its cover Note to the author Please consider changing out this cover, because it doesn t do your book justice Erica Ridley has written than a romance, she weaves her story so well you fall in love with the characters Camellia deserves to find happiness and not be forced into a marriage Lord Wainwright is a man tired of being pigeon holed into a role he has outgrown They both want I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

  15. Ira

    I ve read many books by Erica Ridley already and on the whole I always enjoyed reading them but somehow this book didn t do it for me It is still nice to read but I found myself skipping pages and I couldn t really get into it Alright, many of the historical romances are not very realistic and you just have to cut them some slack because they are just, well, romances Most of them work out for me well despite that because the romance part is the reason why I read those books, I need my HEA and ev [...]

  16. VĂ¢nia Nunes

    The power of fame Are you really what they talk about out there Camillia Grenville has the voice of an angel she is a great daughter and prefers to be surrounded by books and her family than to live with other people.Her two younger sisters, Dahlia and Bryony, seem to have a adventurous life.But Camellia will always be the good daughter.Exactly so, now, she knows from her mother that she will marry Mr Irving Bost.Camellia would have nothing against Mr Bost except that he is mature, respectable [...]

  17. Diane

    Michael Wainwright is known as the Lord of Pleasure but he doesn t take much pleasure in the title He d rather be know for what he can do and who he is not who people think he is Camellia Grenville is the eldest daughter and feels she must be well behaved to balance out her rambunctious sisters.On paper they would be the last two people you would ever expect to put together but they when they attend the Duke of Lampley s masquarade balls they see the person behind the mask the one they really w [...]

  18. Amanda

    Book 2 of the Rogues to Riches Series was even better then the first I absolutely loved this book I really enjoyed the masquerade idea and that two misunderstood people were able to come together as equals Erica did such a good job building up there relationship via risque meetings As much of a rogue Lord Wainwright was I did feel for him I wanted him to find happiness I like Camilla but found that often times she stood in the way of her own happiness thank goodness for her sisters Her character [...]

  19. Debra Martin

    Miss Camellia Grenville has always done the proper thing for the family She is the good and dutiful daughter and has even kept herself from enjoying most social events so as to not impinge on the family s reputation When she takes an opportunity to go to a masquerade party, her whole world changes Lord Wainwright is known to the ton as the Lord of Pleasure His very presence makes women swoon and he charms every woman he sees When a bet with his friends to remain out of the scandal sheets for 40 [...]

  20. Elsbeth

    This is such a wonderful series About young lovers who choose for themselves, despite social conventions Great to be able to see what those masquerade balls, mentioned in Lord of Chance really are like Loved this book and I can t wait to read part 3 I received a copy and chose to review it.

  21. Maggie Whitworth

    A brilliant romance A rake , wanting to change his ways meets a young woman in a sapphire dress at a private masquerade.A touching and heartfelt romantic story , that will make you swoon with pleasure Michael Rutland Earl Of Wainwright is the Lord Of Pleasure, Camellia Grenville is the Lady in Sapphire.

  22. Phylis Collins

    This story may have been nothing like what I expected but it was absolutely fantastic.A great read with wonderful plot and characters I loved the masquerade balls the mystery and intrigue I am just wondering about her betrothed I am waiting for the next book in the series Thanks

  23. Rachel

    I am loving the Rogues to Riches stories Only by donning masks can our hero and heroine truly be themselves and not portray the facades they are known for This causes the problem of not knowing their paramour without a mask Who are they really How can they be together What happens if they drop the facades in real life This was a great book One that inspired as well as entertained.

  24. Liezl Ruiz

    The synopsis was almost misleading misguided ambiguous if you take it word for word It implied as if Michael Rutland, the earl of Wainwright, was perpetually the bane of Camellia s existence or what she puts in her head currently In fact, there was not much going on to actually make Wainwright her object of hate On that regard, Camellia s sister Dahlia has reason to hate him albeit misplaced If it weren t for the youngest sister Bryony s thirst for misadventures, Camellia would never even cross [...]

  25. Lindsay S

    Phenomenal story telling and romance by Erica Ridley I am an avid romance reader and yet I somehow had never read a book by Ms Ridley I m so happy I have She has certainly garnered another much deserved fan Her writing is sophisticated, detailed and well constructed.Our heroine Camellia, is considered a spinster at six and twenty and has resigned herself to an arranged marriage with perfectly mature and suitable, Mr Bost, a man she has never met and lives a several weeks travel away in Northumbe [...]

  26. Ellen Klock

    Michael Rutland, the Earl of Wainwright, commonly referred to as the Lord of Pleasure, is sick of constantly having his life appear as a caricature in the newspapers It s not his fault that women are taken not just with his title, but also his good lucks All he does is try to be polite and complimentary to those he meets so, why the fuss And if he does consider a tryst with a woman of his acquaintance, it s not with a debutante, but a worldly woman, often a widow He s not the sort to take advan [...]

  27. Wendy

    Full review also on my blog nextbookaroundthecorner.wordpWell, I have to admit, the title of the book made me think of a little hot and steamy, but all together it was a very lovely read We meet Lord Wainwright, the little rascal, who is the favourite target of the gossiping and cartoonists, since he really enjoys the company of the ladies of the ton However, since his friends keep giving him a hard time, he vows he can make his image turn around into a respectable Lord So a bet is made How cou [...]

  28. Theresa

    So enjoyable and entertaining This is the second book in this series, and it is definitely a standalone It s a great story about the masks we wear, and about following dreams before the masks become permanent About two people who are remarkably similar in their experiences and who come together and discover a real connection, even with a mask of anonymity This story focuses on Michael and Caemilla Both have a reputation, and are caught up in it and everything that goes with it until they meet on [...]

  29. Hilary Mack

    I enjoyed Lord of Pleasure, though it took me some while to figure out why I decided it s because it is a charming story.I really felt for Lord Wainwright when I first met him He couldn t seem to do anything that didn t get his name in the scandal sheets He didn t even have to try He was like the little lad who always ends up at the Headmaster s office saying, I didn t mean to, sir, it just sort of happened So now, he is trying to be respectable and keep his nose clean Well, you can bet that mea [...]

  30. Rhonda

    ENTHRALLING PASSIONATE HISTORICAL ROMANCEErica Ridley has earned a place on my favorite treasure list She will be placed on my auto buy read and reread keeper shelf Lord of Pleasure, Rogues to Riches series book two, is well written and transfixes from the first page through to the last This complete romance filled with steamy passion, secrets, mystery, masquerades, tenderness, strength, and trust Excellently written and filled with sexy chemistry, witty funny dialogue, this one will keep you gl [...]

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