The Lady By His Side (2020)

The Lady By His Side Stephanie Laurens The Lady By His Side A marquess in need of the right bride An earl s daughter in search of a purpose A betrayal that ends in murder and balloons into a threat to the realm Sebastian Cynster knows time is running out If he
  • Title: The Lady By His Side
  • Author: Stephanie Laurens
  • ISBN: 9781925559019
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback
The Lady By His Side Stephanie Laurens A marquess in need of the right bride An earl s daughter in search of a purpose A betrayal that ends in murder and balloons into a threat to the realm.Sebastian Cynster knows time is running out If he doesn t choose a wife soon, his female relatives will line up to assist him Yet the current debutantes do not appeal Where is he to find the right lady to be his marchioA marquess in need of the right bride An earl s daughter in search of a purpose A betrayal that ends in murder and balloons into a threat to the realm.Sebastian Cynster knows time is running out If he doesn t choose a wife soon, his female relatives will line up to assist him Yet the current debutantes do not appeal Where is he to find the right lady to be his marchioness Then Drake Varisey, eldest son of the Duke of Wolverstone, asks for Sebastian s aid.Having assumed his father s mantle in protecting queen and country, Drake must go to Ireland in pursuit of a dangerous plot But he s received an urgent missive from Lord Ennis, an Irish peer Ennis has heard something Drake needs to know Ennis insists Drake attends an upcoming house party at Ennis s Kent estate so Ennis can reveal his information face to face.Sebastian has assisted Drake before and, long ago, had a liaison with Lady Ennis Drake insists Sebastian is just the man to be Drake s surrogate at the house party the guests will imagine all manner of possibilities and be blind to Sebastian s true purpose.Unsurprisingly, Sebastian is reluctant, but Drake s need is real With only debutantes on his horizon, Sebastian allows himself to be persuaded.His first task is to inveigle Antonia Rawlings, a lady he has known all her life, to include him as her escort to the house party Although he s seen little of Antonia in recent years, Sebastian is confident of gaining her support.Eldest daughter of the Earl of Chillingworth, Antonia has abandoned the search for a husband and plans to use the week of the house party to decide what to do with her life There has to be some purpose, some role, she can claim for her own.Consequently, on hearing Sebastian s request and an explanation of what lies behind it, she seizes on the call to action Suppressing her senses idiotic reaction to Sebastian s nearness, she agrees to be his partner in intrigue.But while joining the house party proves easy, the gathering is thrown into chaos when Lord Ennis is murdered just before he was to speak with Sebastian Worse, Ennis s last words, gasped to Sebastian, are Gunpowder Here.Gunpowder And here, where With a killer continuing to stalk the halls, side by side, Sebastian and Antonia search for answers and, all the while, the childhood connection that had always existed between them strengthens and blooms into something so much .First volume in a trilogy A historical romance with gothic overtones layered over a continuing intrigue A full length novel of 99,000 words.
The Lady By His Side Stephanie Laurens

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One thought on “The Lady By His Side

  1. Kat Valentine

    I enjoyed reading Sebastian and Antonia s love story Once again Stephanie Laurens has taken us on a journey were the cynster s and now their children are coming of age and falling in love and serving their country and in this new tale the mystery is to find out were barrels of gun powder are being kept before the bad guys use them Theirs mystery, great sex and a great love story,all the things that we come to expect from the cynster s and the powerful families of the haut ton

  2. Sam

    The Lady By His Side was surprisingly much better than I thought it would be or at least a whole lot less annoying than Laurens recent work It was definitely a significant improvement over the preceeding Adventurers Quartet series, which in my opinion was appalling.The good By this point, I pretty much read Stephanie Laurens only to see what situations plots she puts her characters in It s interesting to see the political happenings of the periods she writes about, and how she incorporates them [...]

  3. Chitra *CJ*

    The Lady By His Side is the story of Sebastian and Antonia.Lord Sebastian Cynster, Marquess of Earith, is the oldest son of Devil and Honoria, and now in search for a bride as his age advances to mid 30s His plans seemingly come to a halt, when Drake Varisey, eldest son of the Duke of Wolverston, and a servant to the crown asks his aid.Drake had received an urgent missive from Lord Ennis, an Irish peer and convinces Sebastian to attend the latter s house party with the help of Sebastian s childh [...]

  4. Barbara Rogers

    Stephanie Laurens has begun another exciting trilogy featuring the Cynsters We ll see all three of Devil Cynster s children marry as well as Wolverstone s oldest and Gyles Rawlings oldest.What didn t I love 1 Sebastian just didn t feel real to me He grew up in the Cynster family that is absolutely filled with strong, intelligent, willful women and he has the wonderful example of his father, fathers cousins and uncle to see how to treat them Yet Sebastian has no clue Sorry couldn t buy that part, [...]

  5. Snigdha Prakash

    So disappointed.Couldn t even finish the book.I just could not get past 60%.I tried really hard because I like the author but this was a major disappointment.I liked the premise a lot but the execution was so dull.Bored me out of my freaking mind.The romance was on such a back burner that it was completely dead.The romance and the chemistry did nothing for me At all.I couldn t just connect to the characters.I wish this was better since it had potential but justCan t do it.

  6. Kristina Deluise

    I want to say that the lady by his side was very well written and the plot was really good I also want to say that having waited almost 20 years for a book, I ve never been disappointed I have been waiting since honoria found out about the bet devils bride I have been waiting for Sebastian s book and did not get the pay off I was looking for The buccaneer books had it but this book did not I wanted FAMILY, i wanted to see devil interact with sebastian, and honoria, finding out he was engaged, o [...]

  7. Cardyn Brooks

    The Lady by His Side launches into the Devil s Brood trilogy about the next generation of Cynsters with Devil s son, Sebastien And as has become a signature element of S.L s love stories, Antonia is as smart and savvy as the man who wants her Hart to Hart transported back in time to the mid 19th century.Political intrigue sets the stage for murder and mayhem among the glittering world of the privileged elites These younger Cynsters and their future mates display as much emotional range and gravi [...]

  8. Pamela

    I really enjoyed this book It is book one of the newest Cynster Triogy Part of the next generation series During this time in England The sons, or daughters of dukes, or Earls, or other royalty, were called to help in any secret threats to the crown Sebastian Cyntser, who is a,marquees, is asked by a spy master, and friend Drake Varisey, who is a dukes son to help him be two places in one Drake needs to head to Ireland, and he needs Sebastian to go to a house party in the country to accept a mes [...]

  9. Minh

    Quick airplane read, going into the lives of the next generation of the St Ives gang Part one of a trilogy our characters are involved in a very shaky murder mystery at a house party, intended to introduce the overarching plot Just did the sex scenes need to be so long

  10. Lissy Liz

    3.5 stars I mLoving these stories by Staphie Laurens, these feisty women crack me up Good to know they have a back bone.

  11. Clarice

    Sebastian is a true Cynster, like all the Cynster males in his family Lady Antonia is her father s daughter Earl of Chillingworth Two Strong Personality Each seeking the mate to the other Shocking things happen when they come together.

  12. Marian Johnston

    Love the CynstersI have read all of the Cynster novels and this one was as great as all the others It is wonderful to see what happens to the children.

  13. BonnieL

    Where, oh where, has Stephanie Laurens gone Her original Cynster series was wonderful well written, great pacing, memorable characters The series began to weaken as she moved to the younger generation and it hit bottom as she brought in all kinds of friends and relatives with tenuous connections to the original Cynsters But now she has managed to make Sebastian Cynster so boring that it s definitely time to end the series Added to the lackluster writing and plot is the latest twist in her novels [...]

  14. Sheila Melo

    FINAL DECISION Good story, good romance, but I wish there was on the romance and less on the mystery These were highly anticipated characters and I wish there was about their journey That being said, I understand it is difficult to write stories about well adjusted happy characters so I appreciate that their story needed E STORY Sebastian Cynster knows that it is time for him to find a wife because the women in his family are never patient about helping the men along if they need it Just when [...]

  15. Jeanine

    The Caveat I will be the first to admit Ms Laurens Quartet series was not my favorite of her series works however, her Brides series had me at the edge of my seat, biting my nails, until the next installment was in my hands With that said, I was a bit ambivalent about her current Next Generation and Devil s Brood offerings.The Tease A marquess in need of the right bride An earl s daughter in search of a purpose A betrayal that ends in murder and balloons into a threat to the realm peaked my inte [...]

  16. Danielle

    Overall, good I gave it 4 stars, because I think it wasn t as strong as some of her other books I didn t realize that the story was going to span over three books and by that, I mean the mystery that the hero and heroine were solving, actually isn t going to be solved until the third book.I was a bit frustrated that the last 8% of the book wasn t actually the book but sneak peeks and other things I read on a kindle, and I really dislike it when this happens with books I thought I had 8% left and [...]

  17. Kristen Lewendon

    I enjoyed it But then, I ve enjoyed everything I ve read by this author I am from that extremely rare breed that s read Stephanie Laurens work but has never read a single Cynster novel This is my very first exposure to the family, and so I m not disappointed as so many of the long time fans appear to be I didn t walk into this book with preconceived notions of who Sebastian and Antonia were supposed to be or how they were supposed to behave I thought Sebastian was protective and honorable, thoug [...]

  18. Julie Eichelberger-Ford

    I have loved the Cynsters since the first book and Stephanie Laurens continues to create stories filled with love, intrigue and strong characters and plots The Lady By His Side is the first of a new series featuring Devil and Honoria s children This is Sebastian and Antonia s story Sebastian is a true Cynster in that he is a little arrogant, somewhat rakish, overly protective, and about to meet his downfall the love of his life Antonia Rawlings is her mother s daughter in that she is feisty, str [...]

  19. Rosemarie Grainer

    Another great Cynster Next Gen story by Stephanie LaurensThis is the start of a new trilogy about Devil Cynster s children Since Devil and Honoria are their parents, you know they will be devilish, loyal, smart and also stubborn and fiercely protective of anyone they care for This can make falling in love with one of them difficult Sebastian Cynster, Devil s heir embodies all of these qualities Fortunately, Antonia Rawlings has known him all her life and knows how he can be She is than qualifie [...]

  20. Kristen

    I like Regency era stories, and I like some romance books This one just didn t hold my attention, and I did not end up finishing it.There wasn t anything really bad about this It was an okay storyline, with fairly likable characters, and a not bad setting I think that was the problem for me it was just not bad , but there was nothing about the plot or the characters that really grabbed hold of me and drew me into the story, or connected me to the characters.The story was fine, but I realized at [...]

  21. Kelly

    I have read all of the other Cynster books, and this one was a bit of a disappointment for me It was so long, I found myself skimming a lot of the details I was so disappointed when I got to the end and found out the story wasn t closed and I d need to read on to book 2 and book 3 for a resolution And just from a pet peeve standpoint, these Cynster men are so instinctive I used the search feature, and instinctively was used 18 times in a 17 chapter book It is certainly something distinctive abou [...]

  22. Barbra

    I have read almost everything that this author has written, and for being Devil s son, Sebastian s story just didn t ring true for me For one thing the book was a little boring, what with at least 3 chapters of fighting his attraction to Antonia, then the sex scene chapters, to a lot of chapters devoted to searching the grounds of the estate for the barrels of gunpowder, from North to South visiting every hut or outbuilding I believe in descriptive writing, but this was a little over the top I d [...]

  23. Sobia

    3.5 starsIt took me a while to read, but it was much better, than SL s last few books.Only two guest appearances, which just wasn t enough, IMO I wanted to see Devil and Honoria, at the very least Or some Devil and Gyles interaction Grrr.Also there were a few bits where ther just wasn t much going onry slow pacedd I wish I knew about the Young Irelanders, just to get my head around the time period Oh and the cover is awful The next book sounds great, though the cover s not much better.

  24. Carole

    While I did not enjoy the Adventurers Series, I enjoyed the return to the Cynster Books and this was a classic Stephanie Laurens read However I agree with others readers that appearances by the older generation, particularly the parents of these characters, and a touch wit we have come to expect from the Cynster Clan and Bastion Club series would have increased my enjoyment and lifted the story to 5 stars for me.

  25. Beverly

    I ve always found Stephanie Laurens a little iffy in her ability to make me stick to her books This book grabbed me and made me read I liked the blend of romance and suspense However, it is not a stand alone book If you want to find out the ending you have to read the three books in the series.

  26. Barbara

    I was somewhat cynical going into this I know the words the author usesover and over and over Nevertheless, she still writes the best sex scenes in any genre I do like the mysteries with the romance No question the latter is paramount, but the intrigue is decent too.

  27. Arlene Downey

    The future Duke Sebastian Cynster knows he is on borrowed time his mother and other female relatives will start persistent matchmaking soon He is almost as old as his father was when he was married.A long time friend Antonia is ready to admit none of the men she is meeting is doing it for her she is off to a house party with friends to decide what to do with her life if she is not going to marry.A favor for a friend at the Home office sends Sebastian and Antonia off to the house party together M [...]

  28. Kem

    This book has an interesting plot and great main characters Points off for lack of closure The killer is caught, but What about finding the gun powder and the guys who are responsible for that plot The romance part is fun.

  29. Amy Iverson

    Always love Stephanie, have for many years And I can t let go of the Cynstersad they are still here.

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